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SQL: Data Manipulation Language INSERT / UPDATE / SELECT / DELETE

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This screencast will demonstrate how to use the SQL DML statements to manipulate the data in your tables: INSERT / UPDATE / DELETE and SELECT. Watch this screencast and take the fearsome out of the "fearsome foursome"
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Text Comments (12)
Tamim I.Z (4 months ago)
Thanks, but make sure the mic is set up collectedly.
John Juanda (1 year ago)
amazing. you are incredibly clear and do an excellent job. keep up the good work.
Steve Clarke (1 year ago)
Thanks Michael nice video
wajda humeira (1 year ago)
Yue Hern (1 year ago)
thank you !! amazing video
Ethan Gwapo (2 years ago)
thanks a lot
TheRasta25 (2 years ago)
Make more video man
TheRasta25 (2 years ago)
You good bro thx
Sanchria (3 years ago)
nice video, i learned much, but next time, dont be so close to the microphone :)
Benjir Ahmed (3 years ago)
Hey I Need Data Insert Delete Update IN Relational Table .Please Make it
M00nShad00w (3 years ago)
You all over the place
Sreeram Valavala (5 years ago)
I like that ha ha ha in the conversation 

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