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Volcom Mini Ramp Jam at ASR 2009

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At ASR last weekend, Volcom helped kick off the tradeshow by hosting a mini ramp jam, with a pretty sweet ramp courtesy of ASR and Jim Bell. - Music - Song: "Bullets" Artist: Goons of Doom Release: I Hate My Hair and Want to Die iTunes: http://georiot.co/Ew0
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Text Comments (30)
Anthony Morse (5 years ago)
I think this is the most happiest suicide song, EvEr
micah gilbert (5 years ago)
"Mini" ramp
Nick R (6 years ago)
Mute button how i love yoooouuu
snowboard 801 (7 years ago)
i watch these videos on youtube. go outside telling myself that im just gonna go big and start landing new things. i fail a kickflip. go back inside. admit defeat. come back to youtube.
099fred (7 years ago)
@guitargrinder1 Boob.
guitargrinder1 (7 years ago)
stlbbb (7 years ago)
why they are wearing hawaii shirts? its really cool and funny, but there are a lot of skaters wearing like this..it was planned or maybe some special day?
raider2661 (7 years ago)
dude that ramp looks like so much fun
weakassnow (7 years ago)
How can 4 people dislike something volcom? Thats just wrong haha
dburton16 (8 years ago)
Nick Peterson (8 years ago)
the guy that does the hurrican that you guys said was ryan reyes was not ryan rees ran rees did that back blunt at 3:17
Steven James (8 years ago)
This ramp is fucking sick, just like the video. :D
barfvestam (8 years ago)
thats like the best mini ramp ever!
Diego Alonso (8 years ago)
hahaha i laughed so hard at that crash!..
Ruben Tevreden (8 years ago)
haha that loui guy is awesome
carlo (8 years ago)
Edgar Martínez (9 years ago)
louie lopez picked up mnay chicks ! imagine him when he's like 20 or smth !
InSaiyan1301 (9 years ago)
where is dustin dollin?
BobBurnnquist (9 years ago)
i smoke hella bud wit da homie LOOIE LOPESS!!!
skate leons (9 years ago)
0:54 is that benny?
Albert Azjan (9 years ago)
o kurwa
vahina91 (9 years ago)
Mikey Leven (9 years ago)
yeah son
boardguyz (9 years ago)
the song is cool whats the name of it?
Isaiah Lelea (9 years ago)
Woolly Manmoth (9 years ago)
sickest ramp ever!
Dennis Corrigan (9 years ago)
thats a big mini rAMP
Steezilla (9 years ago)
The volcom stone piece is awesome!
Ceetflash (9 years ago)
boardguyz (9 years ago)
3:39 ouch

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