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Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man Fragrance Review | Men's Cologne Review

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Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man Fragrance Review | Men's Cologne Review Join The B Gang: http://bit.ly/2teeg03 *WATCH IN HD* Welcome to Big Beard Business, Youtube's authority in men's beard growth, beard care, urban fashion, fragrance reviews, fitness and lifestyle. In today's video Big Beard B of Big Beard Business reviews Armaf's Club de Nuit Intense Man. Purchase Here: http://amzn.to/2fFJAy8 Send Product Review Rates Request & All Business Inquires to: [email protected] _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Discount Codes: •Get Discounts on ScentSplit ➡️Purchase Here: http://bit.ly/2r3FGEh (Purchase Cologne Samples / Decants Here) •Get Discounts on WristSociety ➡️Purchase Here: http://bit.ly/2touvr7 Use code "BigBeard" to save 10% •Get Discounts on Taseyar Beard Products ➡️Purchase Here: https://fbit.co/5XRt Use code "J5DLW7BZ" to save 30% •Get Discounts on Luxury Scent Box ➡️Purchase Here: http://bit.ly/2r3FGEh Use code "BigBeardBusiness" to save $5 •Get Discounts on Maestros Beard Products ➡️Purchase Here - http://bit.ly/2o29Iph Use Code "BBB" to save 10% •Shirt Provided By: Beard Money ➡️Purchase here: http://bit.ly/2oBu9pO Use Code "BBB" to save 10% _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Equipment: Canon 80D: http://amzn.to/2gVOZkX MacBook Pro: http://amzn.to/2uqMV7 Box Lighting: http://amzn.to/2vzrzFn Ring Lighting: http://amzn.to/2gVR6pc Memory Card: http://amzn.to/2gVW4Sx _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ My Beard Regiment: Collagen: http://amzn.to/2s7QelF Biotin: http://amzn.to/2u4h0sk Boar Bristle Brush - http://amzn.to/2rAk7Ik Black Plastic Comb - http://amzn.to/2stWzoG Maestro's Beard Wash - http://amzn.to/2qOKWrf Maestro's Wood Beard Comb - http://bit.ly/2sFBhUo Maestro's Beard Butter - http://amzn.to/2rUKtrP Tom Ford Beard Oil - http://bit.ly/2rHGkGy Killer Beard Oil -http://bit.ly/2sFKqMz Metal Hair Pick - http://amzn.to/2rralKc Olive Oil Hair Sheen - http://amzn.to/2rHFc5Z Honest Amish Beard Wax - http://amzn.to/2rUBJlh Sundown Naturals Vitamin E Oil - http://amzn.to/2qW9aiq _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Make sure you LIKE👍🏽, COMMENT🗣, SUBSCRIBE & CLICK THE NOTIFICATIONS BUTTON➡️🔔 so you don't miss any new videos‼️ Already subscribed to Big Beard Business on YouTube? 🎥 Connect with Big Beard B on Social Media Big Beard Business Blog: http://bit.ly/2rSCtb4 Twitter: http://bit.ly/2mWDkFd Instagram: http://bit.ly/2oiALxh SnapChat: LordKingBuck Disclaimer: All tips, tricks, topics, and advice discussed on this channel are a matter of my personal opinion. I'm strictly sharing my own experiences. Try at your own risk. Presented By: A.G.E. Productions LLC _______________________________________________________________________________________________________
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Text Comments (415)
hamed hilal (9 days ago)
Fuck you
Brandon Dennis (12 days ago)
I just received online bottle.... I DO NOT like this @ all... It is peppery and rough... I smell NO PINEAPPLE OR LEMON
Jonathan Rios (18 days ago)
Just added it to my collection... Got it for $29... so I bought 2. Beast mode!!!! Pretty close to Aventus. Aventus is finesse, CDNI is pure power! Thanks for the review!
Sergio Hernandez (1 month ago)
I got it today. $26.00 on Amazon. Smells AMAZING!
S Dot (1 month ago)
Any key familiar w/ Armaf Voyage Intense? Tried searching for it but this video came up. Not the same Thing. Never heard about Armaf but the lady at the mall was trying to sell it hard. I thought it smelled great but I’ve never heard of Armaf
Paul Hardman (1 month ago)
Mine arrived today on applying this to my skin all I could smell was a chemical smell and NO notes at all I waited 20 minutes and i applied it again to my wrists and let it dry down and again nothing I have worked in the fragrance industry for many years and I consider myself rather knowledgeable about fragrances top notes middle notes base notes dry downs etc I checked my box and it said made in France however on the bottom of the bottle there was a label I think it may be Arabic i was so looking forward to this being a scent masterpiece and I was truly disappointed so I returned my bottle to Amazon for a refund .
Rector Dee (1 month ago)
You are right the opening is far better than Aventus.
lacroix6323 (1 month ago)
I've received compliments on this 10 hours after applying it....good stuff.
Nookie Monster (1 month ago)
Al Haramain- L'aventure is way better! The best Aventus clone I've tried so far. I bought Armaf cdnim and it was disgusting.
World McCrea (1 month ago)
Safe buy?
steve loge (2 months ago)
I'm a broke ass graduate student who recently just got this bottle and damn, the shit projects for like a year and a half. 25 bucks for 105 ml and something that I can have just two sprays of to get me through the day, so miss me with this "oh it's slightly more synthetic and less fruity than my original Creed Aventus batch" bullshit, man this juice is fire 🔥🔥🔥
KowalDW (2 months ago)
Don't buy it. It's reformulated and very weak lol. Nobody will smell it after an hour, they just want your money. There is no quality in this. The smell itself is OK.
Peter Cortez (2 months ago)
What is the year batch of that one?
michael pitbull (2 months ago)
This shit smells good and it last so long!
Brandon Joseph (2 months ago)
Should have took your own bullshit advice, and just get aventus.
Dj Speed (2 months ago)
Man I love this fragrance I get a lot of compliments wearing it too much more than aventus
Muhammad Imran (2 months ago)
You are f***ing great man. I liked your review. I saw many fragrance reviewers but you are great 👍🏻
Glock _The _God XXX (2 months ago)
I bought 4 Bottles of this cologne for $25 apiece.
Asa Nelson (2 months ago)
Just discovered your channel. It's great
pashapash85 (2 months ago)
Grow a bigger beard and hide the colognes in your beard.
Het Ashar (2 months ago)
How much should I apply in a humid hot climate of South Asia???????
Heno Hernandes (2 months ago)
It's cool
Riley (3 months ago)
I actually like this frag......It's strong at the start but dry down it's very pleasant. My friend ordered some and it doesn't smell like mine at all.... We're pretty sure his is fake, though it says it's from France and has a similar date to mine. Who knows
Jason Tate (3 months ago)
Big b ...i get nothing but compliment every time i wear cdni. Out of all my cologne great smell worth the money
Patrick Bateman (3 months ago)
Love it! Great review. My batch is really heavy on the blackcurrant and smoke. There are batch variations on this one apparently
Fat Shady (3 months ago)
All I can say is DIS MY SHIT!! I've never smelled Aventus but this is still the best frag in my meager collection of 24 bottles so far! If you don't have this, just buy it, don't think about it, BUY IT! Yes it's THAT good!!
arki ninja (3 months ago)
Got my order yesterday. This juice gets better on the dry down, smells heavenly plus the fact that it doesn't break the bank. Good alternative to aventus. 👍💕
NormalConcepts (3 months ago)
why do you colour in your beard.
Ronald Erno (3 months ago)
Just got mine today and I love it Man!!!!! Thanks for the review....
Nic (3 months ago)
Some manly shit son
Noe Panduh Pandizzle (3 months ago)
You live in Florida? Where about?
Just copped a bottle
Sadrac Sepulveda (3 months ago)
Yo Big Beard B here is the best site for all of the Armaf fragrances https://armafs.com/ I have found the prices directly from the manufacturer to be the cheapest also if you leave an Item in your cart they send you a 10% off coupon to your email.
Mohammad Kamruzzaman (4 months ago)
কালা মিয়া। আঊলা ঝাউলা বাউলা।Perhaps YSL Kouros is the best cologne for BBB.
Leo Sanchez Coello (4 months ago)
This is the most entertaining review ever
ted theodore logan (4 months ago)
i cant be the only person that thinks this is nothing special
BossHazel (4 months ago)
I love it, I layer my Aventus with it
pspjerry (4 months ago)
Does fake armaf club de nuit exist? I brought a botttle for 50 bucks but I think it has a very stingy nettle smell or something. Is it supposed to smell like that?
T Scott (4 months ago)
pspjerry I've heard people say the opening can be harsh and metallic, but the dry down is very nice and similar to Aventus. I'd like to think knock offs of a $30 fragrance don't exist, but you never know
david029014 (4 months ago)
I agree it the opening does smell like pledge. I'm not sure I like this smell alot, testing this now. I really expected more.
Mar.K (4 months ago)
I got mine today when it arrived on my local post and after 3 hours already i can hardly smell it on my skin and the projection was barely 1 hour.. Therefore really bad longevity and performance. I really don't get it when everyone says it has really good performance. The scent is nice though i got 3 compliments in 3 hours.
OGAesthetics (3 months ago)
reformulated bro. black vs silver cap etc. newer version is weak and fruitier
Mar.K (4 months ago)
Big Beard Business both. I couldn't detect the scent after 3 hours neither my girlfriend, when I asked her she came close but she couldn't smell it. Thanks for responding bro your help would be much appreciated.
Big Beard Business (4 months ago)
Question. Was undetectable to you or those around you?
MadHatter1337 (4 months ago)
$30 on Amazon not too shabby
Alejandro Bello (5 months ago)
UPDATE: Bought it, mainly on BBB's recommendations. First whiff right out of the box: "WTF? It smells like industrial cleaner!" Second try: It starts a bit harsh for my tastes (I come from 80s men colognes, so it's not a tender statement) BUT, and it is a BIG BUT: It mellows to heart notes in about 15-20 minutes. Don't know about Aventus, but this thing ROCKS. AND it stays overnight with a more traditional male patchouly, musky silage. Barely detectable smokiness, but it's there.
nischal shrestha (5 months ago)
Man the way u smash box is cool .. haha u r awesome bro
111punero (5 months ago)
Better of with the body oil bruhhhh I purchased the bottle and I can't get wit it , farragamo black smells better to me .. maybe it's the fact u have to wait an hour for that synthetic smell to go away. I'll send you a bottle of what I'm talkin bout if interested. Keep up the solid work BBB
Nikola Riganas (5 months ago)
i find cdni from notino 67 euros it is good price??
OGAesthetics (5 months ago)
no :p
Brian Beck (5 months ago)
i tried this the other day on my skin after trying it a week before...and if Creed Aventus smells close to this...I never want Aventus. I went home and washed this the hell off...I honestly don't get why this is supposed to smell good...the drydown smells like that girl you kissed after she smoked a cheap cigarette and then licked your arm.
Alejandro Bello (5 months ago)
Spring / Summer (tropical nation's only actual seasons)? CHECKED! Signature Candidate? CHECKED! Runs on the cheap side (ie. Can spray without impunity) CHECKED! Can smash the dingy box right away? HELL YEAH!
Manpreet Singh Sidhu (5 months ago)
The only way i would buy any Creed fragrance is if i was born with a golden spoon.If i had to save bit by bit just to buy a fragrance, thats just crazy.Id pick Club de Nuit over aventus any day.
The Scenturion (5 months ago)
Ok. I just ordered it. If that smells like Pledge, I'm going to go to Florida to spray this on your eyes LoL
The Scenturion (5 months ago)
Voltage that shit is fantastic
Voltage (5 months ago)
Miguel Ramos how is it?
Donte Boone (6 months ago)
I love what you did to the box
Chano 86 (6 months ago)
Just thought ild throw in for any on the fence as I once was, owned both smoke & fruit batches of Aventus, CDN is closest to smoke. Now honestly CDN has received so many more compliments than my creeds from both male/ female... Juice is thunder, ordered a 2nd bottle immediately. Opening is citrus but after 20 its like for like vibe... to my nose anyway. Projects like a beast too, bottle is a bit shit tho.
MC 20152 (6 months ago)
Calm down dude
coolstrings20 (6 months ago)
Like your review brother!! I really want to purchase Club de nuit, but I fear it might be a waste of money. How long do you have to let it dry down before going outside? How many sprays are suggested when applying?
OGAesthetics (5 months ago)
its great bro. apply 20-30 mins and let the opening fade then go out. in all honesty i just apply and go out and the opening is good in the air anyways, its just harsh when u smell it directly
william jc (6 months ago)
I bought a 3ml sample for $9.00. I will be buying the 3.4 oz !
OGAesthetics (5 months ago)
3ml for 9 dollars? thats a scam lol
Zak Hancock (6 months ago)
I heard “When you compare it to the KING!!!!!” And I bought a bottle of Aventus.
Nature Lover (6 months ago)
Club de nuit intense man is the king of AVENTUS clones. It's longevity and projection are all great. It's a beast.
GAUTHIER Nzolanzambi (6 months ago)
It smells so good and very strong too with murderous intentions. perfumewise
Mark Ayres (6 months ago)
Armaf Club De Nuit Intense Man is one of my favorite fragrances. I was told I smelled strong and musky and was told it was a good thing! My brother got a compliment. One of my most complimented. A girl in school said I know what cologne you are wearing and told her friend. I think she was tricked into thinking it was Creed Aventus. Great fragrance overall. 3-4 hours solid projection and lasts a few days on clothes. Affordable, still somewhat unique, strong, versatile and very masculine. If you want a very manly scent I recommed you try this one. My brother bought a bottle of this for $30. Legit and he said it had too much lemon in it. He disliked it. I gave him Dylan Blue and Spicebomb for Versace Eros and Club De Nuit Intense Man. I love the trade! Great video idea! Very well done!
richard rohloff (6 months ago)
I own aventus and I absolutely LOVE club de nuit intense man. I just bought another bottle because I burned through mine in a year. I don't go through ANY bottle in a year. I bought the body spray as well. It's not aventus but it's still super good regardless. Get your hands on fashion district. I think you would enjoy it.
Giovanni Price Sr (7 months ago)
I finally went to the mall today and bought this fragrance, bro let me tell you that this is worth every penny, to anybody out there who’s hesitant about pulling the trigger on this one DONT BE YOU WILL BE HAPPY 😃 I know I am !!!!! What a great 👍🏾 cop !.!.!.!.! Oh and hit the gottdamn 👋🏾Bell 🛎
Mike L (7 months ago)
Great review! Just ordered this online from Amazon. I realize that within a few years when I can afford $400 dollar fragrances that I might have a different perspective on fragrances, but untill then I rock with the clones, cheapies, and designer fragrances.
Brandon Rogan (7 months ago)
And I also purchased a bottle it's on the way now I ordered it off of your word
Brandon Rogan (7 months ago)
I'm going to share this video
Justin Lewin (7 months ago)
Nature Lover (7 months ago)
Really dude, I like the way you reviewed CDNIM. It's really a BEAST in it's line. A true clone of AVENTUS. Here in India is a mix weather but mostly hot and this will work like a king. And lastly BBB I really like the way you reviewed again....
Neanderthal (3 months ago)
Gurpreet Singh bhai ye logo ko psnd ati he? Mtlb kuch frk pdta he ya ainvehe?
Google User (7 months ago)
4:38 I thought you were going to say the box.
.Liam Grogan (7 months ago)
I love this juice
R R (7 months ago)
Got a bottle of this a few weeks back. I've used it about 3 times, since we got a break from the cold with a few warm days. However, the first time I used this, daaaaaamn son. It was dropping panties left, right, up, down, no doubt. I even had a good friend if mine tell me that this juice turned her the fuck on. I had another coworker tell me that I smell delicious, I had my female boss get really really close to me. Yeah cuz! That's the effect I was going for.Damn. Can't let my wife hear this, or I'm sleeping on the couch tonight. Ha!! Anyway. Great opening. I don't sense the harshness that some people say. I do notice the lemon at first, then pineapple next. Another told me that it smells like freshly cut grass, and that was after the dry down. Have Aventus, buying Pineapple Vintage Intense next. Keep up the reviews B. They awesome and really helpful. Smell me mothafukah!!! I smell good!!! Peace B!!!!
Neanderthal (3 months ago)
R R nigga if you're not making this up, imma gonna buy this shit soon.
Panama Jay (7 months ago)
Bought it 6 weeks ago but mines seems linear. My bottle has a black cap and it doesn't last long.
Mhd Kam (7 months ago)
Please What is the defiance between club de niut silver & Black cap?
jay Brown (8 months ago)
I just got this in the mail. I couldn't resist not to by it because of all those reviews on YouTube. Let me tell you, I'm amazed by the scent. This stuff is ridiculously good
Rozzjd (8 months ago)
¿CDNI Opening better than Aventus? Fuck you 🍷
Big Beard Business (8 months ago)
You one of those guys
Lamont Jeffries (8 months ago)
You sold me on this man! Great review as always!
Toronto_NDN (8 months ago)
Got my supervisor come up to me today whispering ..can you tone it down..she can smell it everywhere and shes getting slight head ache. Im sure someone complained haha..smells good but too strong. fkkk!!!
gotbricks ye (8 months ago)
This smells like floor cleaner
William M (8 months ago)
BRUH!!!! this doo-doo smelt like rubber bands. all the way through. from the initial blast to the dry down. something changed. What you described .... smelt nothing like what you described
tom spann (8 months ago)
BBB, I love this stuff. I layer it with Vintage Pineapple Intense and it is a Show Stopper. I wear it at work and in evenings and never fail to receive compliments. Besides that, I really enjoy this fragrance and as a result it has become my signature fragrance. Thanks. Tom
levan beriashvili (8 months ago)
I have such a bad experience with Ed Hardy's Love and Luck, now I keep myself away from clones. I loved Millesime Imperial. On the other hand, there was big hype going on internet about Love and Luck. As a consequence, I blindly bought Love and Luck. The smell was total dissapointment, it really sucked. In this case, is there such a huge difference between the quality and texture of Aventus and Club de nuit?Happy New year
No Fuks (8 months ago)
I have both. And while watching this video aventus on left, cdnim on right. Can’t tell the difference lol. Save your money
Highfly18 (9 months ago)
I ordered club de nuit intense man at notino the sprayer of my bottle is black with armaf logo on it 🤔 sry for my english
just4buddy (9 months ago)
Agreed f......the boxes lol Good job
Big Beard Business (9 months ago)
Much appreciated!
Jay Dot (9 months ago)
Blood way too animated lol
The Ringer (9 months ago)
Threw my bottle in the trash
Johnny E (9 months ago)
You're Fucked up. I just subscribed.
Davide Lecky (9 months ago)
I have this but there's nothing special about it I would rate it a 6
DJ THR33CUPS (9 months ago)
Shot on review. Thanks [email protected]
thembp82 (9 months ago)
Awesome channel man. Just ordered this on Amazon. Subbed
Big Beard Business (9 months ago)
Welcome to the family! Thanks for watching and subscribing.
T M (9 months ago)
this is like 70 bucks on their page now, wtf
Dora Glasberg (4 months ago)
Try eBay, Paid $29 and that INCLUDED shipping
T M (9 months ago)
Armaf webpage on Ebay. Doing a bit of research I did find it around 30 in other sites but shipping kills me (i live in Denmark)
Big Beard Business (9 months ago)
what site?
Victor Pakhomov (9 months ago)
Yo triple b what batch of this u have? France 2017 seems to be harsh af
Big Beard Business (9 months ago)
It's still packed up. I'm not quite sure.
TheLondonCyclist (9 months ago)
This is not Cologne, it is Eau De Toilette.
Richie G (7 months ago)
Cologne - a perfumed liquid composed of alcohol and fragrant oils. Hold this *L*, boy.
TheLondonCyclist (9 months ago)
Big Beard Business Anyone can sit in front of a camera and tell the world what they think of a cheap EDT, where as not anyone can jump on a bike and ride 40mph. Like you said, you keep telling the world what you like about smells.
Big Beard Business (9 months ago)
Correct as in fragrance product, EDC is Eau De Cologne which again I never said it was. I'll let you do the cycling and you let me do the reviews. Thanks
TheLondonCyclist (9 months ago)
"Men's Cologne Review"...
Scotty Haines (9 months ago)
That's actually a good thing. EDCs are less concentrated than EDTs.
calvin0416ny (10 months ago)
Your wife is right. Opening does smells like Pledge. I wish they didn't put that lemon in this fragrance.
Big Beard Business (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching!
GobleGoble (10 months ago)
BBB, I just bought a bottle of this juice after watching your review. Something about my bottle is off. My sprayer is almost clear and came with a removable cap, where others look silver. plus the bottle is poorly made. Do you think this juice is worth faking or am I sniffing to much juice . Thanks dude for your hard WORK.
Big Beard Business (10 months ago)
Based on your description it sounds like you have gotten a knock off BUT its hard to say without seeing the fragrance. In my experience, its not common to see knockoffs of clones.
Jima Banek (10 months ago)
how many sprays do u do
Big Beard Business (10 months ago)
3-5 of this one.
LeRoy Jenkins (10 months ago)
The shape of this bottle makes it difficult to insert rectally 4/10
christian barnes (1 month ago)
Big Beard Business (10 months ago)
Ummmm ok. Thanks for watching
THW (10 months ago)
Is it true that the latest batch (2017) is softer than the previous years? plan to buy 1, is it worth it? I like soft to moderate one, don't really like heavy one
cr8ive (10 months ago)
LOL. . .I "Pledge" my allegiance to this fragrance . . .or I'll cut my big beard business before birthday beverages blows beyond boomerangs by Bali... : )))))))))))
Big Beard Business (10 months ago)
I see what you did there
Enmanuel Gonzalez (10 months ago)
Have you tried isurrection pure II?
Big Beard Business (10 months ago)
+Enmanuel Gonzalez yes I have it review coming soon
Bilal Mahmood (11 months ago)
BBB what can i say. . . you are the first fragrance reviewer who made me laugh. . . ur hilarious doing serious work. . . keep up the good work. . .
Big Beard Business (10 months ago)
Thanks for watching 🙏🏾
Trevor Ek (11 months ago)
Another clone I've been hearing a lot about is Rasasi La Yuqawam. I would like to hear your take on it and how you think it compares to TF Tuscan Leather. Thanks for the Reviews
Big Beard Business (10 months ago)
Ima actually looking to order this one soon
Biz Kindred (11 months ago)
Lmaoooooooooooo awesome review
Big Beard Business (11 months ago)
Thanks for watching ❗️

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