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KSI vs. Logan Paul - FACE 2 FACE

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KSI and Logan Paul meet face-to-face ahead of their battle on the 25th of August at Manchester Arena. BUY THE FIGHT AND WATCH IT HERE: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aXzQl-Mv6-Q (OPEN THIS LINK ON PC, LAPTOP OR ANDROID PHONE)to then watch the event live on August 25th on any device. Discounted for the rest of July Four brothers. Two champions. It's time... THE BIGGEST EVENT IN INTERNET HISTORY: KSI VS. LOGAN PAUL & DEJI VS. JAKE PAUL KSI's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVtFOytbRpEvzLjvqGG5gxQ Logan Paul's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG8rbF3g2AMX70yOd8vqIZg Jake Paul's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcgVECVN4OKV6DH1jLkqmcA Deji's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ComedyShortsGamer SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE! Watch The Trailer ►https://youtu.be/w_A6aiEOjF8
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Text Comments (81390)
Charlotte Owen (1 day ago)
16:04 I feel like they could be best friends in some alternate universe or something ,,, just me ?
Dark Ninja (1 day ago)
You regretted the second you started that cringey laugh
Mohammad Rana (2 days ago)
When is the fight?
Sully Bsh (1 day ago)
Cmon man
TADPLAYS (1 day ago)
Arizona Olave (2 days ago)
I think logan is pretty spot on here. Ksi has broken the contract and hasnt gotten back to him with the re-match. I think fighting someone with Logan's height and reach did a number on him and he truly dosent want to get into the ring again with him.
austin crandall (2 days ago)
I hated logan for most of my time knowing about him, but he is being really respectful and is knowledgable on the topic that they are on which this is nothing like what I have heard about logan paul.
C Kellz (2 days ago)
Tom Waldron (2 days ago)
Logan should have won - actually performed like a boxer
29 Savage (2 days ago)
Logan was robbed from this match
BiggBoiiDarwiin (3 days ago)
Who is here after the deji beef
balls balls (3 days ago)
Still waiting for the sextape
James Harvey (3 days ago)
How is KSI gonna go pro
Nate Lavoie (3 days ago)
“Oh Logan” lol I laughed so hard
UnKnOwN HuMaN (3 days ago)
JJ was too confident man . "God"
Zidane Clenent (3 days ago)
I think ksi will say over there only
huda Aden (3 days ago)
They are talking like friends that tease each other 😂
Gina V (4 days ago)
Those poor cups of 💧 water
15YZ06 (4 days ago)
How many sips of water does KSI take?
Ameril Saruang (5 days ago)
Does that mean God can't beat Logan?
Ameril Saruang (5 days ago)
So that's why they made this channel, bcoz they know that there's gonna be a rematch.
louismanman4 (5 days ago)
The interviewer seems very unimpressed
MoisesThe1Gameing (7 days ago)
go KSI
cdogcrafter (8 days ago)
Omg logan paul makes me want to die, the cringe is baaaadddddddddd
lukeHADDON 13 (9 days ago)
Anyone cringing at JJ?
Squad Goals101 (9 days ago)
15:23 haha kinda see they could be best friends
Squad Goals101 (9 days ago)
Squad Goals101 (9 days ago)
First parks just awkward 😂😂
MrAnonymous Gaming (9 days ago)
They handle the awkwardness by drinking water...From my opinion
lovingolatunji (10 days ago)
This will be KSI and Quadeca in a few months. Trust me.
DeepLavaTV (11 days ago)
Oh Logan 10:14
Xeno (11 days ago)
In the next fight Logan is gonna be a lot more slim to maintain more stamina but he is not going to punch as hard so there is no way JJ is going down in the next fight
Gurnoor Uppal (11 days ago)
Ksi vs Logan Paul:100 people T series vs pewdiepie : 100...... 000 people
Juan Manzano (12 days ago)
Logan gang gang
Rayj Porter (12 days ago)
It's crazy jake was the only one tht won
Edwin JG (13 days ago)
2:30 I BEEN knowing who ksi was
Papi Franku (13 days ago)
How much water did they drink ffs
Fuf What the fack
tea w/ jess (14 days ago)
HAHAHAHHAHAHA KSI SAID HE WAS BACKtrackIng BUT KSI DID !!!!1!1! lol ksi won but he’s a bit egotistical and it’s making me mad
Nicolas00 (14 days ago)
JLM (15 days ago)
If his match with joe weller was an embarrassment then....why did KSI win
Ruo Guy (15 days ago)
Wrestlingfreak222 ! (15 days ago)
I dont care what ppl say logan is much more fit then ksi logan works out litterly everyday he was in wrestling n mma and he was on america ninja warrior ksi has no experience he litterly started boxing about a year and a half ago
banana man!!! (7 days ago)
10:14 10:14 10:14 10:14 10:14 10:14 10:14 10:14 10:14
George Lewis (16 days ago)
4:52 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ford Mustang GT (18 days ago)
5:22 6:47
Avery Vlogs (19 days ago)
So....ksi was being nice to try to save logans career and...THEY HATE EACHOTHER? I DO NOT GET THIS ANYMORE....
Osama Bin Laden (19 days ago)
Defention of Cringe ahahahah
Conor McGregor (3 days ago)
Osama Bin Laden mate fook u
Charge goo (20 days ago)
Finally found it from flyingkitty
Dylan Farrell (21 days ago)
At 1:33 he says pools instead of Paul’s 😂😂😂
papadokiskosss we love (10 days ago)
Its just the british accent
Johnny Peck (21 days ago)
KSI should have won
Domingo Villanueva (22 days ago)
This video made me like a little Logan. I used to hate him but in this vid he's a little bit different 😅🤔
Hector Hernandez (22 days ago)
I knew about ksi before this fight I didnt even know about the paulers until my brothers and sisters told me about them. And I was never into watching videos on YouTubers until I found out about ksi it changed everything now I watch videos on YouTubers
ro zama (22 days ago)
1:52 notice how logan said imma beat u twice?! The rematch was already plan ahead
Himesh Singh (1 day ago)
ro zama It’s a contract
Ninja Star (23 days ago)
Let’s go KSI
thegreathutt (23 days ago)
Please stop this it takes away much of the credibility of boxing every boxing outlet should stop reporting on that
katie x (23 days ago)
Waluigi (24 days ago)
The Pacific Ocean is in each glass of water
Darkshadow 757757 (24 days ago)
4:44 LMAO 😂😂😂😂
Kacper Błaszczak (24 days ago)
Flying kitty YTP very better
Alfredo Trujillo (25 days ago)
SAVAGE BROS (26 days ago)
16:06 me and my enemy
xGenooo (26 days ago)
vReleventz (27 days ago)
Ksi is better stronger funnier
Big Steve (27 days ago)
I'm gay
Friday Fortnite (27 days ago)
Ksi should've won
Big Steve (27 days ago)
No Logan should of
Ibrahim Miah (28 days ago)
You can tell they would be friends if they weren’t fighting
Jarren Chang (28 days ago)
My cloud **PFFT**
Big Steve (27 days ago)
Anonymous King (29 days ago)
First of all ksi said he's a god not he's god
Sugar X (1 month ago)
KSI should have accepted the MMA fight rules logan offered him which make it all better. but he pussied out. the fight would most likely end either TKO/KO. and i got logan on that one
katy perry (1 month ago)
Am new frnd plz give me like if u here guys😍😍😍😍
Cine media TV (1 month ago)
Knockel1337 Broodah (1 month ago)
why haven't anybody killed Logan yet
Constant Mayhem (1 month ago)
This was better than the fight
Shake hir (1 month ago)
that smile he give Logan at 0:57 is kinda cute its a smile of love...
koopied ninhoed (1 month ago)
This had more views than the real fight lmao
MX Freakz (1 month ago)
there should be a KSI vs Jake Paul Fight, Just so we can watch KSI destroy Jake which I think we all know would happen
rohan mathur (1 month ago)
Ksi is the best
3kingz Forever (1 month ago)
Ksi: I’m gonna knock him out. Referees: Draw
The I'm a God part cracks me up. It goes from being something week s an animal to being all strong and mighty as a god. Hahaha He's not wrong though, KSI won the match and is definitely a god. Logan: I'm an animal KSI: And I'm a god.
Arpit Sarupria (1 month ago)
8:55 ksi predicted logan’s condition
KMS (1 month ago)
1:47 1:48 what did logan mean by iama beat u twice did they know their gonna be a rematch?
KMS (19 hours ago)
+Akmal Danial no one said that.... They just said there is gonna be a rematch because it was a draw!
Akmal Danial (20 hours ago)
+KMS No, the draw was not on purpose. It's just that there's gonna be a rematch regardless of what happens.
KMS (20 hours ago)
+Akmal Danial so they draw on purpose?? You mean they fooled us? Or everybody but me knew there was going to be a rematch either ways?
Akmal Danial (22 hours ago)
+KMS No, it was always planned to have 2 matches
KMS (1 month ago)
+Guessedcard so they fooled us with that draw?
Fuck The Pauls (1 month ago)
Matt Bryan (1 month ago)
9:30 hahahahhahahah
Rajkishore Kisku (1 month ago)
The ugliest person I have ever seen in my life....Ksi
Big Steve (1 month ago)
Lmao 😂
Kristupas Mickevičius (1 month ago)
4:48 Racist alert
Kristupas Mickevičius (1 month ago)
Did Logan said that Jake going to beat KSI? If Jake invite KSI to a fight Jake would be dead man walking...
rhys hughes (1 month ago)
"I finish you off and enjoy korea"
Quick Highlights (1 month ago)
When did he say “ Are you mad “
Owen (1 month ago)
Ksi was nervous because he kept drinking the water
Shade Silver (19 days ago)
Owen they both kept drinking water
Lucas Fear (1 month ago)
16:06 ksi was about to say of course, but logan had other ideas😂😂
Bonzo dog (1 month ago)
When ur nervous your mouth goes dry maybe that's why they were drinking so much water
Bonzo dog (1 month ago)
Is this a water drinking competition or something xd
LHZxICE-_-PRED PS3 (1 month ago)
1:34 I see that little accent Logan lol
Black man hahaha
xCelesteちゃん (1 month ago)
Bro i watched the fight before i watched this cause im late and ksi got called out more then the refs can count.
Bella boo Dragon lover (1 month ago)
I live in England and I didn't even know deji or ksi was until he called jake and Logan out. besides jake didn't take ksi's call because he's saving all this up to bust him up 😜# teampaul x like if u agree
Isma115 (1 month ago)
I'm here after the mental breakdown
Queen A (1 month ago)
It's looks like Logan Paul and ksi are friends
Unfunny (1 month ago)
finnboogiemama (1 month ago)

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