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Power Inverter 12V to 230V, 220V, 120V, NEW circuit diagram, very easy, homemade, one unit.

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ATTENTION : REQUIRES TUNING !!! [ NOTE 2015 ] Better with a Toroidal(round,circular)-Transformer 12V (2x12V). PS: An (quality)upgrade at:* Kywdo111 *(YouTube channel), and more explanations. (The transistors remains COLD !!! - at that consumption WITHOUT heat-sinks ! ). (Works also with a 220V or 120V Transformer) PS : New Bias-type, very stable !!! ................................................ Dictionary : *An INVERTER : from DC to AC . *A TRANSFORMER : from AC to AC . ................................................................ NOTE ( !!! May 2015 !!! ) : [ With Tr.:2x12V(5A)/230V, and 3W-LEDs-bulb like load, and 12V/9Ah Battery (source) ] Ab.*** 53Hz *** , on my USB-Oscilloscope, ... I'll try to see the frequency on an other Oscilloscope ( maybe at a work-shop ).
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Text Comments (26)
fahed hamade (3 years ago)
Arief Triwahyudi (3 years ago)
great job and good ilustration
vijay kumar Rachuri (3 years ago)
Good idea Pl propogate
Kaledawit Esmelealem (3 years ago)
I like it I will try
mar carre (3 years ago)
hola podrias dejar esquema que se vea bien gracias
Luis M. Peña (3 years ago)
Sir, how do I do this inverter for 110 volts? The two 400 volts capacitors and the two 2.2 k need to be changed for a 110 volts inverter? Thank you!
Luis M. Peña (3 years ago)
Good. thank you.
ElfNet Designs (3 years ago)
Use a 120 volt transformer instead of a 240 volt one.
Giuliano Contino (3 years ago)
Where is is connected the negative battery?
Alan Rodrigues (3 years ago)
+Son0rOo it's above the lower 560ohm resistor betwen the two transistors
MOHAMMAD FAIZ (3 years ago)
The 12V is from DC??
christian jee Agbalog (3 years ago)
tnx ..it works..
Stephen T (3 years ago)
Good way to show the way it works.
qual a  Potencia maxima (maximum power which?) Thanks
kenneth caloun (4 years ago)
magna59 (4 years ago)
Very impressive . 
Marian Cobirlie (4 years ago)
Frumoasa prezentare
Mr_Electronico (4 years ago)
Thanks for you video.
bakupcpu (4 years ago)
Awesome work :) It's the basic low power inverter I love the simplicity :) Cheers!
so sad (4 years ago)
if you want to replace 2N3055 with the d718 how to?
Tiago NET (3 years ago)
look the current!!! 2N3055 is 15A complementary NPN, 60V, 115W. Verify the datasheet the D718!!!
Mark Soucy (4 years ago)
sure there is a pause when playing but can you at least give us 1 or 2 seconds to read your post be for you change the text .
Tonny Cassidy (4 years ago)
what's the output frequency ?
Tonny Cassidy (3 years ago)
how about the waveform ? pure sine,modified sine,square ?
C B (4 years ago)
it work with neon sign? ? and neon bulbs?
Kywdo1 (4 years ago)

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