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Pawn Stars: Pawns Gone Wrong | History

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A statue owner gets a little chippy when Rick questions the authenticity of his item and a Gibson Guitar lover changes his mind after the handshake. #PawnStars Subscribe for more from Pawn Stars on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/pawnstars?sub_confirmation=1   Find out more about the show and watch full episodes on our site: http://www.history.com/shows/pawn-stars?cmpid=Social_YouTube_PawnStars   Subscribe for more from other great HISTORY shows: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=historychannel   Check out exclusive HISTORY content: Website - http://www.history.com Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/History Twitter - https://twitter.com/history Google+ - https://plus.google.com/+HISTORY "Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.
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Text Comments (1096)
Soviet Smarties (3 hours ago)
"that's a insult to the fortnite community" what an outrage
Luna McCulloch (7 hours ago)
Nayuta Kani (8 hours ago)
Vogel Account (10 hours ago)
The first one is hilarious. It says, "Made In the USA" right on it. It's not even a fake, it's a replica.
M S (11 hours ago)
Angry Gandhi
E-Vap (16 hours ago)
*Thats an insult to the Pez community*
Rift (1 day ago)
Mad respect for the Gibson Pawn. As a guitarist that's a piece of history you can't just let go even for a big buck
A C (1 day ago)
“That’s an *insult* to the pez community!”
Christopher Cruz (1 day ago)
What is a chuchez???
Ken (2 days ago)
That security guy is huge
The Dippin American (2 days ago)
Honestly I feel where the Gibson guy was coming from, I got offered 3 grand for my momosuku prelawsuit and I nearly choked, but couldn’t let her go
Nick The Drawer (5 days ago)
Something tells me that guy with the guitar is not the original owner he wouldn’t share his ID
NorsiXa (5 days ago)
hahahahahahhahahahh that Pez part :') I have a box with hundreds of them I never threw away 30 years ago :D I would give it away for 20$ let alone 1000$ :')
シMonique (5 days ago)
Still to this day the pez community has never been the same
Epicplex (6 days ago)
Lmfaoo big niggas security
Jake Baldassarre (9 days ago)
“That’s an insult to the pez community”
Darrel Eddings (9 days ago)
Statue boy almost got racked
LightninLarry (11 days ago)
I don't blame the guy that did not want to sell his guitar. If its your baby then don't sell it.
Fattymatty. (11 days ago)
Why do they pay them in cash? They’re a walking lick as soon as they leave the door. Someone could follow them out of the parking lot and rob them
Fattymatty. (11 days ago)
They should have armed security if they don’t already have it
Fine Supplements (11 days ago)
They already shook hands, wtf?
MiketheYung God (7 days ago)
Fine Supplements still, no bill of sale. He went up to Chumlee to be written up for the sale. That’s why Chumlee asked for his ID. You need something in writing for the sale to be legally binding.
Faizan Boy4 (11 days ago)
I feel the guy with the guitar, it would be hard letting go of something close.
brandon242 (11 days ago)
i mean pez is good fun and everything but a collection?
Ashley king (12 days ago)
It’s a stolen guitar
Villager 101 (12 days ago)
Pez.. Community?
worken360 (12 days ago)
Title should be: when the script wasn't written properly.
The Gaming Ghost (14 days ago)
Ha he said pez community
The Gaming Ghost (14 days ago)
Wait here one second I’m gonna call up my buddy that’s in the pez community who is authorized in pez candy
Braydon (14 days ago)
_that_ is an _insilt_ to the _pez community_
Pro grim _ ll (14 days ago)
2:24 😂
SML/SLL Funny Moments (15 days ago)
Did that dude even have his ID?
silent phantom (15 days ago)
"Hi I'm in here to pawn a super rare antique item that is almost impossible to find anywhere else" Rick- "I'll give you 2 dollars for it"
Hannible 100 (15 days ago)
The guy at the end was right I looked up the Pez things and they are worth over 10 grand!
Rosie Ruiz (16 days ago)
Pawn shops r the reason im not a collector
facts bluboi (16 days ago)
3;16 loser of the century
SupDev (16 days ago)
I bet that Gibson sounds great restringed and tuned up. Old Gibson’s have an amazing sound
Donald Trump (17 days ago)
Legend has it the guy today is still reluctant to sell the guitar
Thisismyrifle (18 days ago)
i feel bad for the second guy, but that's what you get when you don't do your homework and see collectables as investments
Deception Slayer (18 days ago)
There's a Pez community 🤔
Duc Luc (19 days ago)
Some bad acting in here
No Name (19 days ago)
"What do you know about it?" He wants the customer to completely embarrass himself lol.
Kamazui (20 days ago)
Steve Harvey?
Savage Sooner (21 days ago)
They wanted that guitar for 50k, it was probably worth over a 100k... over 500k in 15 to 20 years! Dude was right to keep it
Duggal University (23 days ago)
I m manjeet Duggal from India i have sale my USA one million dollar can you cont me my whats app no and colling +918930006778
Yorac Hunt (24 days ago)
I am the founder of the pez community and this is outrageous
Kaivren The Warrior (24 days ago)
Good God If that security guard walked toward me like that I would have bowed down and sung a song.
joe joe (24 days ago)
Good acting
I am legend Hi (25 days ago)
Take away one of those pez from him he will go into withdrawals
Edward j j (25 days ago)
Finally someone says something to Rick
CoreXYT (25 days ago)
wait... there is a pez community?
Frank Flores (25 days ago)
Mr. Brown..
thenightowldude (25 days ago)
A thousand bucks? Are they taking the Pez?
Max Benson (26 days ago)
4:04 These are very, very collectable, it's a great hobbies, aaaaaaaand it's a great way to stay in shape
“An insult to pez community”😂
Volgax364 (27 days ago)
2 grand is not that bad.
QUICK PLAY (25 days ago)
“ *F*CK!!* “😂😂😂
Dont like Grass (27 days ago)
Ahntwan the man
David's Lab (27 days ago)
An insult to the PEZ community 😂
Kxvy 2k (27 days ago)
"Insult to pez community" you mean just you because the or community population is you. And that stupid guy had 48,000 and did not want the deal because it was 2,000 off 😁😑
adithya malla (27 days ago)
old man : I want 100 RIC : 70 is the most i can offer RIP OLD MAN : (
handsoglue ps4 (28 days ago)
When did post Malone start working at a pawn shop
Ted Mosby (28 days ago)
hello this is ISIS and we are outraged on behalf of the pezz community
Granny Low (29 days ago)
The Pez community. LMAO That man is out of his mind.
Connor solid (29 days ago)
$50 000 dollars!! Good lord 🤑😬😬 should accept that price
TheRubyDragon23 (30 days ago)
“Thats an insult to the Pez community!!!!”😂
Arthur De Oliveira (30 days ago)
The pez community
itsnotatoober (30 days ago)
Choo-choo's don't play with pezs?
gnn (1 month ago)
SUSAN Spencer (1 month ago)
Please buy me a Wig, please please???
Vito Anderson (1 month ago)
None of this is real. All staged all actors. This is a studio next to their actual shop.. but entertaining
Jojo490 (1 month ago)
Tf is a chooch?
Alexander Holmes (1 month ago)
pez community
abandonments __ (1 month ago)
Pezident of the United States is gonna hear about this one
SpeedBridgeBoiii (1 month ago)
cops called in the hood
Jake Pac (1 month ago)
“The pez community”
Leo Messi (1 month ago)
I understand the guy with the Gibson... I would've done the same. 😂
thenameisyosh (1 month ago)
CX Scuffed (1 month ago)
Mr Brown and the pez community got along famously
moon light (1 month ago)
Corey is a fat guy
jackson baseball cards (1 month ago)
insult to the pez community 🤣🤣LMAO
herman_ turkey23 (1 month ago)
Thats an insult to the pez community
SaeHeyKid (1 month ago)
All we are saying is give PEZ a chance!
Broken Wave (1 month ago)
You really don't wanna insult the PEZ community...they slit your throat and shove candy inside
Showery (1 month ago)
Lol I looked up that "rare" original batman dispenser on ebay and found them selling for like 15 bucks lmao
anil2 (1 month ago)
He was taking the Pez 😬
109gnm (1 month ago)
Sir, your French Statue was made in USA.
D.Anthony Franco Jr. (1 month ago)
Pez Community? Population: 1
Oof (1 month ago)
“French, 1888” *Made in the USA*
Potatoe (1 month ago)
The pez comunity sounds lit
jucie box sunny (1 month ago)
That's a insult to pez community loool
Dewa Ari Mahendra (1 month ago)
The last cumly said for that owner guitar : I CAN BUY HOUSE FOR THAT MONEY 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Karl Childers (1 month ago)
They insulted about 10% of the Pez Community by insulting him.
Live Laugh Speed life (1 month ago)
3:20 why does that guy look like a actor selling the Gibson
Okie TC (1 month ago)
Poor Jim
Mark D (1 month ago)
pez community.. lol what a loser... pez off hahahaa....
Gordon Talge (1 month ago)
People seem to forget. The Pawn Stars are there to make money, not to make the customers money.
ron ron (1 month ago)
Legend has it, that the pez community is still outraged to this day
Anal Rampage (1 month ago)
You people still do not know this is all acting?
the mustache ninja (1 month ago)
The pez community?

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