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Rise of the Sex Robots

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Advances in computer science and engineering mean that sex robots are no longer just science fiction. The first sex robots, with animatronic movement and artificial intelligence, are due to go on sale by the end of the year. Jenny Kleeman crosses continents to meet the men who are making sex robots, the customers who want to buy them, and the critics who say they are dangerous. Subscribe to The Guardian ► http://is.gd/subscribeguardian Become a Guardian supporter ► http://bit.ly/GDNmembers The Guardian ► https://www.theguardian.com Suggested videos: Erica: Man Made ► http://bit.ly/EricaManMade Battle for Mosul ► http://bit.ly/MosulDoc Radical Brownies ► http://bit.ly/RadicalBrowniesFilm Desert Fire ► http://bit.ly/DesertFire 6x9: experience solitary confinement ► http://bit.ly/6x9gdn Gun Nation ► http://bit.ly/GunNationDoc We Walk Together ► http://bit.ly/WeWalkTogetherFilm The last job on Earth ► http://bit.ly/LastJobOnEarth Patrick Stewart: the ECHR and us ► http://bit.ly/PatrickStewartS Guardian playlists: Guardian Bertha Documentaries ► http://bit.ly/GuardianBertha In my opinion ► http://bit.ly/InMyOpinion Owen Jones meets ► http://bit.ly/CorbynJones US elections 2016 ► http://bit.ly/elections2016gdn Guardian Animations & Explanations ►http://is.gd/explainers Guardian Investigations ► http://is.gd/guardianinvestigations The Guardian's YouTube channels: Owen Jones talks ► http://bit.ly/subsowenjones Guardian Football ► http://is.gd/guardianfootball Guardian Science and Tech ► http://is.gd/guardiantech Guardian Culture ► http://is.gd/guardianculture Guardian Wires ► http://is.gd/guardianwires
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Text Comments (5058)
The Guardian (1 year ago)
If you like this, have a watch of our documentary, Erica: Man Made https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57Maw9Sn89w
Mr Omarion XxX (9 days ago)
It's spectacular ... I would very much like to have one of these.
Lil Daws (23 days ago)
Greg Chase (6 hours ago)
I'm sorry but if they try to control or ban such a product, first they'll be reminded of the 90/10 rule (women find 90% of men unattractive) then they'll be voted out of office. The chubby 'robo ethicist' gal -- by the time this product is walking around and much more affordable (as all tech product tend to do with economies of scale) - probably in about 10 years, that robo ethicist gal will probably be in a nursing home. She doesn't look healthy as it is right now, all that weight. Diabetic probably. In 10 years 90% of men (the 90/10 rule) will own one of these. They'll be made in China and sell for $199 . . .
Rodrigo Solo (7 hours ago)
I wish this robot someday will be like a real women walk talk think care.. like a true human..
That One Chris (8 hours ago)
This chick is dumb. Worried about inanimate objects having no freedom? Seriously?
MF DOOM (12 hours ago)
lol what is that fat girl on about? She rather have men repressed like she knows its human nature to have sex and males have a higher sex drive why not just give them something that will help out their sexuality espically when they want to have sex they will no longer look for women but rather their companion (sex doll )
JohnDaWhale3 (12 hours ago)
1:54 You telling me pornstars aren't real women???
Key Llor Vanquish (17 hours ago)
everything was fine until skynet took over.
Turboman 1776 (1 day ago)
God bless these comments. Where is my popcorn?
Andrew Heck (1 day ago)
the ugly woman is mad about it cuz her mold was not wanted
Mr. Partisan (1 day ago)
Ok so another biased and ridiculously off based hit peace by “The Guardian” Tabloid. The reality is the power of these feminist and their leftist corporate and central banking trash backers, is quickly coming to an end.
Spiffster (1 day ago)
Bruh shes so jealous of the dolls cuz theyre 10x hotter than she'll ever be lmao
Valeriy Blinov (1 day ago)
Beauty!!! Super!!! SEX!!!
DWORLD 2019 (1 day ago)
I’d bang every woman featured in this video: AI or real. 😱😜😅🤔👀
sierra juliet (1 day ago)
Golddigging "goddesses" you can be replaced by robots and if you make trouble you can be dealt with. Feminazism ist kaput !
Morteza Ahmadi (1 day ago)
It's a great invention no1 will cheat n most importantly no sexual disease
Victor Nthamburi (1 day ago)
Are these robots soft?
1:02 — thanks to self-centered feminists women are no longer needed. Calm down. 😉
doopydoop (2 days ago)
The guy with the 3 wives has taste, damn
Adam Streeter (2 days ago)
Basically, they're trying to make you BUY your wife, or girlfriend I'm single and would like to find that specific kind of thing.
James Kreinheder (2 days ago)
When it comes to sex, it's always the obese, ugly ones that will complain. 'Oh great, another reason for me not to get any!'
Chongo Nsama (3 days ago)
The last days..i can't be surprised...!
erink scotenn (3 days ago)
all of these people have serious issues dude!!!!
erink scotenn (3 days ago)
LAWD HAMERCY JESUS!!!! i knew it ..i just knew it
Master Chief (3 days ago)
At 14:00 that’s a dumb argument. You come at this argument at a perspective of assumption. For example “because you kill someone in a game, then it gives you the urge to kill someone in real life” which is entirely false, i think we need to keep certain morality for everyone to have freedom, but the fact that they argue from the point of If you act this way then your action will be implemented exactly the same way. Those who are normal usually find ways to make life simpler for them whether it’s physically or mentally. A robot won’t change you to lose morality and demoralize women, the biggest problem it could cause is neglecting women and the human population, that’s about it. Those who have thoughts of physical or morality abuse against women are already suffering mental issues, a person who would act violent towards a women would do it with or without a robot, in fact i think having a sex AI helps relief those urges on something not life threatening to others.
Christina Bai (3 days ago)
their aresome disability people cant have normal relationship,doll is great option for them。
life is good for me (3 days ago)
I have one
Rohan Das (3 days ago)
In someway this thing looks something new and interesting but this doesn't feel good in someway also
Feroz Awan (3 days ago)
So ugly and also useless🙄
chris mcglothan (4 days ago)
I keep thinking of will smith screaming at that doll why wont you talk to me!!!!😂😂😂😂
torrace12 (4 days ago)
incapsule the feminist hag in silicone!
Norma Austin (4 days ago)
I totally love this idea. I would love to have a man robot.
victormanx (4 days ago)
stuff like this is not due to "pathetic men" , or at least i think, is more due to how women are now a days, they basically want all the freedom, all the pros, but none of the responsibility..... and i do make this clear, NOT ALL women are like this, im sure there are a lot of kind ones that wan something more equal for both sides , but the risks for men are just way to high, to be cheated, to be stepped on, to en up in a divorce and her taking at least HALF your money and stuff... of course there is also some bad things that could come from this tech, but also a lot of good ones, it could be used to help people with social anxiety and the like....
Hardcore Play_73 (4 days ago)
Like si estas en 2080. Lo se hay que volver a repoblar la tierra :'v
Success For Men (5 days ago)
Women should put more on the table instead of complaining to withstand this competition!!
oh my god the interviewer is annoying. of course there's negative aspects to technology....there's negative aspects to everything. jesus.
provishky (5 days ago)
That's going to take so much power away from a certain type of people
Dave Keeping (5 days ago)
his hair says it all
Angel B (6 days ago)
Freddie Felcher (5 days ago)
Good one ball itch!
US president (6 days ago)
Real girl:Please use me.
Bigi O. (6 days ago)
Sick! It really makes you delusional. Not better socially
Guigley (6 days ago)
This makes me utterly sick.
Rab Shan (6 days ago)
Dude buy a real whore with that kind of money
saif Malik (7 days ago)
Why can women act like robots
Ayush Anand (7 days ago)
Her expression ar 2:27 is priceless. 😂😂😂
Pink unicorn Lover (8 days ago)
People say that women are useless now 🤦🏻‍♀ ok the human race will die out without us. Man created things because woman were "not supposed" we many women back then had no education. So sorry for not inventing the airplane earlier guys. Women have done a lot to society, plus we repopulate the earth so stop saying women are useless now
Jack karlsson (8 days ago)
then, she Went deviant
rbwannasee (9 days ago)
1:01 - err, okay, so what's your point!
Mr Omarion XxX (9 days ago)
It's spectacular ... I would very much like to have one of these.
Margaret Oloroso (9 days ago)
Seriously ...yeah for those who guy's really addicted to sex...non stop 😂😁...good for them..
Dr.Feelgood's Lab (10 days ago)
14:35 "People and objects are not interchangeable, you cannot substitute a person with an object" - If what you say it's true, then why lesbians use strap-on ? Obviously you can substitute a person with an object.
James Maher (10 days ago)
how does one invest in this industry? 30 billion and no companies going public.
MercyY 450 (10 days ago)
why did i get a boner watching this?
Freddie Felcher (4 days ago)
+Ma r Pound away freak boy!
Ma r (4 days ago)
+Freddie Felcher I also got a boner. But thats because I prefer sexbots over women :)
Freddie Felcher (5 days ago)
Because you're horribly desperate and easily aroused.
PWesky (11 days ago)
Sex robots are still just masturbatory tools
kagetsuki23 (5 days ago)
Every sexual act that is not for reproduction is masturbation.
Vanya004 (10 days ago)
masturbatory tools that feel better than the real thing?
Pixelshayan (11 days ago)
As I'm done with lots of people and tired I might need one! But it's just a little creepy
kagetsuki23 (5 days ago)
Wait until 2030, then the real deal will be out.
Jo mic (11 days ago)
"open the pod bay doors HAL" open the pod bay doors HAILEY
Nevzat Çınar (11 days ago)
baba bana karı al
paul1mdrn (11 days ago)
In my day we would penetrate a warm apple pie 🤪
kh Khalid (12 days ago)
Sick people
vladlashing (12 days ago)
I like how the ugly women once again are threatened. A man cant ignore me! If you make a sex robot we'll have no game! No one can have what they want! ... well in this day and age of everything a man does being labelled wrong, I can see a vast amount of men taking the robot and there goes your financial support ladies.
Thunder 221 (12 days ago)
Dear Santa...
MarGim1 (12 days ago)
Stupid people !
TanakinSkywalker (13 days ago)
That davecat guy REALLY needs help badly. He’s talking about a doll like it’s a real woman. When he said before she entered my life as if it introduced itself to him was crazy. He’s so creepy and he’s the reason why he’s single
S M (13 days ago)
This sexbot looks like a blend of two skanks I knew. At least they're being put to good use now.
William Hinojosa (13 days ago)
Uhm, pornstars are real woman. Maybe not average, but for sure real.
Jaqen H'ghar (13 days ago)
El Guapo Ben (13 days ago)
Its ok girls, they are creating male dolls as well for us ;)
Freddie Felcher (5 days ago)
Ride on and ride hard!
Yuneth Wijenayake (13 days ago)
Well when men are being constantly criticized for their biological needs I guess they'll start replacing women with something that wouldn't do so.
Freddie Felcher (5 days ago)
Great point, idiot.
Can you make her not have that dim witted look on her face? I like a sex doll with an intellect.
هل يوجد عرب هنا 😅 لايك لنشوف كم عربي😁
julio igleseisi (14 days ago)
I kind of like this idea. I mean women are great, I mean real women are great, if you could just get them to shut up
charlotte quillen (14 days ago)
few can see where this going. Stephen King or Alfred Hitchcock on their best day, couldn't write anything as scary. the 50-year feminist reign of terror is late in the 4th quarter. but they literally have no idea. they cant realize that all the free, tyrannical reign is about to end for good, forever...its not just the bots, its the massive permanent unemployment that algorithm automation will cause. watch the dr oz episode on sexbots, look closely at the women's reactions and they were just shown some b/s current sex doll you can buy at any sex shop. the Japanese have already stated, you wont be able to tell their model from real women....takes them about a new york second to realize, its all over. and they don't like it one bit... pull up the moley automated kitchen, artificial wombs, the full-service fembots. kiosk ran banks, restaurants, receptionists, even doctors and nurses. the 50-year plan was to let women run amuck, destroying and literally taking everything manhood offered and grind it under their high heels and they,ve done that very thing. that way when men are given their authority back, they,ll remember the merciless, ruthlessness of the way women treated them and their families. God help women then....experts calling for 70 million additional U.S. women to be unemployable, their jobs no longer exist at all, look closely at the lopsided ratios of manbot to fembots being assembled...the manufactures know few women will have the capital for a manbot. economist/scientists predict they will be homeless unless they can join the harems that will form. but many men will go for the sex/fem/bots wanting nothing to do with women. not far from that now without sexbots. the U.S. has now joined the rest of the world in non-replacement birth rates. groups are forming such as MGTOW. add to that the food supply has been completely tainted with synthetic estrogen through plastics. they no longer have the ultra-drive of testosterone [watered down with estrogen] and it's allowing the big head to choose for the little head for the 1st time in history. they are becoming rational, thinking creatures that are happy to stay home, out of society instead of mindlessly chasing tail- no matter what the consequences...the proof is literally everywhere, all you have to do is look through unblinded eyes. those same experts guarantee in no way will many women have the capacity to accept this, they say female suicide will be rampant. mens suicides are at an all-time high right now, does anybody really care other than... Dr Helen Smith or Dana Loesch?
Vanya004 (12 days ago)
this was planned for sure, the future is certainly machine and man, those women who are useful to society may still be kept around, unfortunately they're less than 10% I always said that females can soon be replaced, and most men will probably be replaced in 150 years as AI reaches singularity, when China takes the superpower title from the US by 2030, I expect a 1 Child Policy worldwide and mass sterilization of low IQ unproductive individuals, either that or some form of parental license, the future sure looks promising for the planet and ecosystem...
Rx M (14 days ago)
sex robots will only leave us extremely lonely, because a toy or a robot can never be someone's soulmate truly. we humans are perfect with all emotions that we hold in our heart. the problem is with us. emotions are powers that we can't control. but once we learn to control it, things will far more better than it is now. we always want happiness, never pain. we don't realize that there is no happiness without pain. although men treats women badly, women are not different . we need to sort this out in humanly ways, not with the help of technologies because techs are already making us non humans. techs are really destroying emotions, making us robot like without emotions.
Fermion (14 days ago)
C'mon Japan. If any country can perfect this, it's you. We're all counting on you, now get to work!
Not any time of activist or gender hater but isn’t it funny that most of the comments are men. Women will get male bots or even female bots too so don’t think this is to solely fulfil your needs. This is a psychological and medical resource and yes some will buy just for the sake of it but it’s ultimately unhealthy to have a romantic relationship for a computer and even though they probably will soon be heavily implemented in normal culture, they won’t replace women or men because not all people feel comfortable with having one for various reasons.
вeYOUтιғυl тrυтн (59 minutes ago)
Ma r yea and they’re against it for the wrong reasons tbh.
Ma r (4 days ago)
When those sexbots will become really realistic, and affordable to average men (made in China) - it will not matter to us what women do or not do.... The funny thing is just that most ppl who are against the sexbots are women... feminists women :)
Danny Groening (15 days ago)
We don't need girls anymore. I will get this who else
Michael Hinchey (15 days ago)
If u were creating the perfect lover, you would leave out the voice box .
studi0205 (16 days ago)
I want my sex doll to yell at me to take out the trash and tell me she has a headache when I'm thinking of banging. Then when banging told to slow down because I messed up her back from banging too hard. Then snoring when I'm trying to sleep.
Lmao the feminist is just mad that she’s not going to get any man.
IronCurtainPrepper (16 days ago)
These are way cheaper than real women and the best of all: no talky talky!
89Ano Nimbus (17 days ago)
I cant wait.
kothalo as (17 days ago)
Humans in course of evaluation becoming less humans.
Angar Bati (17 days ago)
The end off the women (world) everybody..
billy vandory (17 days ago)
11:05 she’s hot.. thick
Chiheb Ezzi (17 days ago)
This type of dolls are made for losers and sick people
Alejo Gonzalez Pedrana (17 days ago)
of course the fat ugly feminist had to be against it...
K world (17 days ago)
I think someone who wants an artifical body with no soul imitating a woman, also has a void in is own soul.
Johny Watkins (17 days ago)
Hey there's over 100k app downloads every day that focus on keeping a constant companion just a swipe away on your phone. They cannot die they cannot leave and it takes away a lot of people fear of being alone in the world. Along with agressive man hating feminist and fear of whomever you hook up with at the bar being under age now it's actually to a relief to see something ment for people who are scared of the world. There's even a video here on YouTube where a feminist is trying to sue the man who kept here from choking to death because he performed the heimlich maneuver on her, people returning lost phone are being arrested for doing the right thing, in general leaving your house today is just a bad idea to most people.
Pubg Gameplay (17 days ago)
New world order coming soon ..and antichrist
Zip Exe (18 days ago)
10:58 under his hand🙃
Orleanborn Lyngdoh (18 days ago)
This is fuckin crazy!!
Vocally VEVO (18 days ago)
Yow thats crazy" she know damn well thats crazy
Scott Shoe (18 days ago)
So gross chicks are reeeing, and hot chicks are oblivious. The middle must be scrambling to lock down a beta orbiter.
Mr. J (19 days ago)
Men buy this because they know nowadays women love Social Media more than their husbands
Cedella Shikuku (19 days ago)
Yow!! See the type of guys creating these dolls though 😐😐😐 big L
Cedella Shikuku (19 days ago)
The spokesman guy, Dave... of course you would 👏🏾never👏🏾 get a woman with that kind of hairstyle! 🤦‍♀️ smh
D. J. (19 days ago)
Women are in competition with a piece of plastic with no emotions, and are losing.
dee jones (19 days ago)
Not gonna lie I came here to see how Davecat was doing.
Junior Santiago (19 days ago)
being single is the 2nd best thing that ever happened to me, SINGLE LIFE = EPIC LIFE
K G (19 days ago)
This is sad.
GTA120GTA (19 days ago)
i don't understand, what's wrong with real women !!!

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