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Our Mosfet products

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See our full line of Mosfet regulators rectifiers here : https://www.rmstator.com/en_ww/list/high-performance/mosfet-voltage-regulator-rectifier
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Jake Charleston (4 months ago)
Your animation still shows the mosfet being a shunt, is it a shunt or series?
RMSTATOR (2 months ago)
All of our MOSFET regulators are shunt type. The difference is a MOSFET regulator uses efficient transistors to do the shunt switching for regulation. Standard regulators use SCR's (Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) to do the shunt switching, which are much less efficient and generate significantly more heat.
Painter D (6 months ago)
I found that the Mosfet regulators are far superior to the shunt style regulator. My Honda Shadow had the shunt regulator from the factory and it was junk. It ran too hot and didn't keep the battery fully charged. I replaced it with the Mosfet FHO20AA off of a late model Yamaha R1 (got a used one off ebay) and it took care of all my charging problems. It runs 13.5 at idle and 14.5 when reved. I can use all my accessories (heated grips, radio and driving lights) now with out a problem and I have a fully charged battery now!!
RMSTATOR (2 months ago)
That's the benefit of MOSFET regulators! They run much cooler, and provide reliable, accurate voltage regulation under all conditions!
Scottish Yager (1 year ago)
do you guys make one for a 2015 vegas 8ball
RMSTATOR (2 months ago)
Sorry, we don't have a Plug & Play regulator available for the Vegas yet. Our universal MOSFET will work fine however, you can see it here: https://www.rmstator.com/en_ww/products/universal-mosfet-regulator-rectifier-50-amp-for-atv-motorcycle-snowmobile-watercraft-rm30510h

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