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Creed Aventus vs Armaf Club De Nuit Intense For Men

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Creed Aventus vs Armaf Club De Nuit Intense For Men Aventus: http://amzn.to/2ix8il4 Club De Nuit Intense Man: http://amzn.to/2js48dS Club De Nuit Intense Man: http://amzn.to/2jvghhL Noir De Noir: http://amzn.to/2j4AZlK Aventus Samples/Decants: https://www.perfumesamplesanddecants.com/products/creed-aventus Club De Nuit Intense Men Samples: https://www.perfumesamplesanddecants.com/products/armaf-club-de-nuit-intense-man-samples-and-decants Instagram: https://instagram.com/lookfeelsmellgreat/ Facebook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lookingfeelingsmelling/ Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/lookfeelsmellgreat Twitter: https://twitter.com/LFSmellingGreat Creed Aventus vs Armaf Club De Nuit Intense For Men This finally is Creed Aventus vs Amraf Club De Nuit Intense For Men video I shot with Kara. Kara and I had shot a video a year ago comparing Tom Ford's Noir De Noir with Armaf's Club De Nuit Intense For Women and it was time to do this comparison as well. Watch to find out what we both think of Aventus vs Club De Nuit Intense Me. Our thoughts are pretty similar in that we both agree one is so much better and the other is not good at all. I'm sure you can guess which but please watch to find out if we like Creed's Aventus or Armaf's Club De Nuit Intense Men. As always please watch, rate, share this video and please subscribe to this channel https://www.youtube.com/user/LookFeelSmellGreat if you haven't yet. Bottles of Creed Aventus and Armaf Club De Nuit Intense For Men were purchased by me with my hard earned money. The views and opinions are all my own and Kara's. Watch Tom Ford Noir De Noir vs Armaf Club De Nuit Intense For Women video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgC98jj4pS4 More info here: http://lookingfeelingsmellinggreat.com/2017/01/18/creed-aventus-vs-armaf-club-de-nuit-intense-for-men/ https://youtu.be/7RslgmkHbWM
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Text Comments (205)
Fashionbalr (1 year ago)
Finally someone who has a NOSE. All these other reviewers don't really know what they're smelling. Thanks for your honest video about it. Club de nuit intense man is disgusting.
KingdomArtz (3 months ago)
Look at these Aventus idiots who are butthurt because there's a cheaper alternative with even better longevity (older batches) than aventus and you get by far better lady reactions and compliments with cdnim. I own both (little sample of aventus) and can confirm that 100%. I get AT LEAST 1-2 compliments EACH time I wear it. For aventus by far less. I think it's because of its more smokiness and manly vibe to it. Of course aventus is quality wise ahead of cdnim. But what counts is how the ladies like a scent, don't fool yourself it's the main reason peope looking for attractive fragrances. And CDNIM does a better job on that. If you want to be a unique snowflake and feel cool because you sprayed on a 300bucks fragrance then have fun being a retard and stop crying on people who doesn't care about the money of a fragrance but the smell and compliments.
Terabyte Memory (6 months ago)
Probably a “HAPPY” aventus owner
Rozzjd (8 months ago)
FlexYoFace Chase For a broke ass like you, CDNI is nerfect, I mean... perfect 🍷 CDNI is a synthetic mess,bitter, lemony. Drydown is just ok.
Michael Rodriguez (11 months ago)
Fragrance Station That’s your opinion. If you don’t like it then just say that you don’t like it. Instead of trying to belittle people who do enjoy the scent.
Bloke (5 days ago)
i fell for the bloody hype and after a long thot i decided to go for armaf .. rubbiish.. wasted my money..after hearing abt it being a compliment magnet etc. from various ppl i expectdd it to be much better than an average clone.. but its not.. smells like a $15 all along.. i will never believe reviews again..learnd a lesson
rr M (30 days ago)
I don't like either, but theyre almost identical on dry down, the armaf on the other hand has the worst start you expect from a fruity fragrance it starts harsh in a cheap bad way
GermanBoy00 (1 month ago)
I didn't watch the video but the petulant way you react to people's advice to rate not only the opening of both in the comment section makes you very unlikeable and unprofessional. Everyone knows, that the opening of CDNI sucks but the mid- and drydown can very well compete with Aventus. I have both and I better apply CDNI and wait an hour and have a perfect Aventus smell for 15 hours than actually wearing the real Aventus, which is nice in the opening, but lasts only 4 hours. And really none recognizes the difference. For the money I bought Aventus I could have better buy 3-4 other top fragrances. So I kinda regret the purchase. I think most people stand to Aventus because of prestige and get salty when they hear that there are clever people who are smelling the same but payed only 1/4 of the Creed price.
Chopinfan R (1 month ago)
You don’t say nuit with the t...... it’s just nui....noowee
Daniel San! (1 month ago)
Insurrection pure 2.
write.drunk.edit.drunk (2 months ago)
ok, so I pretty much bought into the hype surrounding CDIFM and got myself a bottle. To me, CDIFM smells so generic and synthetic, it's almost overbearing. I used it for 2 days and already looking to give it away :S
That's what I say! :)
Pwnvidz (3 months ago)
I tested both and cdnim is a more synthetic version of aventus .. Aventus is better and much better quality but i dont like either .. amouage reflection man or invictus aqua any day over aventus or its clones IM pissed cdnim smell is still stuck on me from earlier today and giving me a headache lol .. hortible buy for my tastes
ARON RAM (3 months ago)
One of the best Channels on youtube
Rex Marinus (5 months ago)
Be careful of what you are buying. Club de Nuit intense (from France) is a perfect clone of Creed Aventus. Club de Nuit intense (From India writing it's made in France) is a bad clone of French Club de Nuit intence. So it's actually a clone of a clone. There are also Genuine Creed Aventus batches which are not as good as others.
indraadi (5 months ago)
Guys wait for sometime and review,Club de Nuit does hold it's own....and yes we have 👃
Tyrone E (5 months ago)
All things considered CDNIM is flat out better than Aventus. They're 90-95% similar (dry down is spot on smokey Aventus), it's a fraction of the price, performs better, no crazy batch variations and I get a compliment almost every time I wear it (not the case with Aventus). This fragrance makes Aventus an after thought for me.
Peter Cortez (1 month ago)
Tyrone E what batch you got?
Ashwani Sharma (5 months ago)
yes in opening its way different but you should have waited for the dry down and then you can not tell the difference
Reg Lockyer (7 months ago)
Heard all the Hype about Creed Aventus, found an upmarket department store, had a spray.....Nothing!!!..The demonstrator was saying how it would last all day, i explained to her that no way was i paying £250 for 100ml and i had no idea what it smelt like because i couldnt smell it...Emperors new clothes....Then my son ,who has had Aventus, bought me the Club de nuit for xmas..i can smell it initially as it goes on, then i immediately cant smell it at all., but oh my god, the comments i get all day long from women saying how much they love my aftershave...i wish i knew what they were experiencing!!!!
October rhode (2 months ago)
Reg Lockyer that "aventus" dna causes extreme olfactory fatigue. Your experiencing going nose blind.
Nicholas Holloway (8 months ago)
I love my CDNIM..... dont give a fuck what people think.... i refuse to spend hundreds on the real deal
Rockfly 007 (9 months ago)
Actually I didn't like CDNI either, I love aventus (smells perfect for me) but I think the air means from far away CDNI is quite nice and people seems to like it but again aventus is aventus, great review
A H (9 months ago)
I would say Aventus is worth buying a decant instead of a larger amount of a clone. You got to get the real deal.
Chang Liu (10 months ago)
I've never tried Aventus. I have a perfume which is called Amber of Laboratory Perfumes, which I enjoy a lot. Some people have said that it's similar to Aventus ...
Thomas Cleveland (10 months ago)
It's Aventus light.....but stronger. hahah
Thomas Cleveland (10 months ago)
what kind of bottle is that Aventus? Looks different
It's the bottle that goes inside the Creed atomizer!
Rafael Balarezo (11 months ago)
Great video Sebastian, I was wondering what batch of Aventus you have in that Flacon?
I'm in the Fragrance game for 27 years now and I can very well spot a Metallic tone... I'm usually very impressed with your videos but this one is totally biased in my humble opinion. Although Fragrances are very subjective but the review bashes Cdnim as if it's a garbage scent which it is not. Over a million people are using it and they all cannot be wrong... but in the end it's your opinion that's it and nothing else
For 35$ what do you expect?
Jose Morales (1 year ago)
I love your reviews, They are very accurate and helpful. Can you please do more recommendations for women's perfume clones (possibly armaf)? Thank you again
Amat Mulisha (1 year ago)
CDNIM is 80% similar to aventus after the drydown.trust me.you have to wait a bit before the notes start develop.the only downside is the perfomance.so fcking weak.its just hold bout 1/3 hour on my skin then its start fade away.mine is 2017/made in france.anything thats produce in 2017 is the worst ever.first and last.even though its a good alternative for expensive aventus.😕
Fahed Naser (1 year ago)
Or because am walking outside for hours here in paris so the smell flys away?!
Fahed Naser (1 year ago)
Hello Mentor ! I just bought Aventus creed from the Duty Free with good deal ! 120ml But am not sure about its projection and performance .. does the projection toned down in 2016 batch ?
Zeeshan Rahman (1 year ago)
u need to spray cdnim atleast 30mins before to notice the similarities with aventus. It has a very different opening to aventus.
Seriously wait 30 minutes with nastiness? There are better things to do than wait for Armaf to smell better! LOL!
Raj Singh (1 year ago)
I ordered my cdni and it smells very musky. my wife could not stand it. very strong projection. could it have been a bad batch?
Theodor Diaconu (1 year ago)
I own the 2/2017 batch and the top notes are nice with an elegant lemon, nothing harsh or disgusting, and the drydown is much smokier and lasts longer than my Aventus J01 batch. Great replacement for Aventus, it's just wow. Aventus is still better than it because it's more refined and you notice these small details if you are into fragrances, however people around you won't know the difference after 30 minutes :) An absolute great buy, I am now open to try other Armafs :) If I would ignore the price: Aventus - 10/10 Armaf - 9/10
Steve Dell (1 year ago)
Dude you have to spray that on your skin and wait for at least 20 minutes in order to review it as a clone of Aventus or as "Creed Aventus vs Armaf Club De Nuit Intense"! Spray it on your skin and let it dry down! It's like approaching a woman who looks alike Angelina Jolie!! ;)
Zaid Hikmat (2 months ago)
Read the comments it's so obvious he is paid by one company to bash another one. You can tell by the eagerness to downplay CDNIM. If not he could've just sincerely stated his opinion
Blood Lust (3 months ago)
John Howard i agree, this reviewer is very much as you described
Condre Adams (4 months ago)
Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews you must be smoking some good weed if you think that this garbage
John Howard (5 months ago)
You really are up your own arse.
Nick B (1 year ago)
The mailman just dropped off my armaf and after spraying it on me it seemed too strong and pungent. As I'm sitting here watching this and looking through comments the smell is becoming very enjoyable
Autry Welch (1 year ago)
Boy oh boy you people fighting over nothing. Sometimes ALL of you take yourselves WAY to serious. What's the point of some of you bashing CDNI? It overwhelmingly gets praised...so what? It doesn't matter what you people think. 99% people out there aren't frag heads they just wanna smell good. Get over yourselves. If Aventus works for you great. If CDNI works for you AND you get mad compliments then screw what everyone else thinks. You know what opinions are like!
Rodrigo C (1 year ago)
test the drowndown reviewers come on dont jusdge it for the opening i did my own test and the drydown is almost the same, this is not a valid test on paper and opening even aventus changes in drowdow
Rodrigo C (1 year ago)
you connot judge aventus on its opening either becuase it itself changes not hating on aventus it has a way way better opening by a mile that would please any nose and if you can afford it even better, club de nuit seems trash i though the same my self the first time sprayed it but 30 minutes later they both become the same thing now the question is who wants to wait 30 minutes to smell like aventus vs paying 260 i spray my clubdenuit when i leave home by the time i reach my destination its smelling pretty good.. i cant remember but there is a reviewer on youtube who said that the more you spray the better it got and i think the same way cuase my first spray i sprayed in inside my car and hated it and now i love it who knows.
Garbage should be judged on first spray. Stop it with your wait for the dry down. Why wait for garbage to dry down? LOL!
A A (1 year ago)
I've sprayed Aventus on a card and Club de Nuit Intense Man on another card 2 days ago. On the dry down they smell exactly the same until now! When you're testing two fragrances that are close to each other, you should not smell one and then the other immediately - as the one you smell first will always prevail for sure - therefore there should be at least a minute to elapse before you smell the second to be fair! As I've both of them, I've also sprayed Aventus on my left wrist and CDNIM on my right one; again on the dry down they smell exactly the same!
Dame (1 year ago)
Smelling CDNIM right after spraying it isn't the right way. The dry down is what's compared to Aventus.
Dame (1 year ago)
Looking Feeling Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews I'll definitely check out
Have you tried Vibrant Leather by Zara? I think it's one of the better Aventus Clones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7JmhXv1Bbs and no need to wait for any drydown to enjoy a scent. It smells great right off the bat! :)
Dame (1 year ago)
Looking Feeling Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews there's many fragrances that I despise on initial spray, but I adore their dry downs. I'm also not a big fan of test strips. But you're entitled to your opinion, I feel the dry down is close.
Why wait for garbage to dry down? LOL!
alan jackson (1 year ago)
You can't judge CDNI on first spray. You have to let it dry down for approx 60mins before it smells exactly life Aventus in my opinion.
Why wait for garbage to dry down? LOL! Have you tried Vibrant Leather by Zara? I think it's one of the better Aventus Clones. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7JmhXv1Bbs and no need to wait for any drydown to enjoy a scent. It smells great right off the bat! :)
Ivan Dobrichkov (1 year ago)
Is it me or does this smell like something from the 80s. It just smells dated. Idk, maybe it's because I prefer amber fragrances
I think you can say that when you smell it right off the bat and not in a good way. :)
Joe Luke (1 year ago)
I'd tell you about a new Aventus clone that you can buy on eBay if you search for : FASHION DISTRICT for men. I have owned/smelled every Aventus clone on the market and this Fashion District is doing very well during its first day of comparing. I have the 16A01 batch of Creed Aventus and this is very accurate to the scent, even sweeter than the A01 batch. it is an EAU DE PARFUM concentration so that's plus. I wanted to tell you this because it's reasonably priced at around $30 and does a good job at smelling like a sweet Creed Aventus. I was the first person years ago to talk about Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man back in 2014 on the fragrantica forums. I'm really digging this Fashion District fragrance and Armaf CdNi is my signature scent but this beats it in the opening in my opinion. I figure I'd tell you since you have a channel that can reach out to a lot of people that might want a cheaper alternative!
Joe Luke (1 year ago)
Looking Feeling Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews great! I'm not a shill by any means lol, I just like to keep people informed on what's out there. I'm doing another side by side with Fashion District & Creed Aventus (16A01) and it's still holding up after an hour. the Creed Aventus starts off a little less sweet than FD, but after an hour on skin, they are becoming more alike.
Thanks! Will check it when I get a chance! :)
Sahil Verma (1 year ago)
Aventus is luxury scent.. Smells awesome.. Club de nuit intense man by armaf is not good at all..
Raw Django (1 year ago)
Irritating and synthetic - you guys summed it up pretty well!
Jacob Simoni (1 year ago)
Finally someone who has a NOSE. All these other reviewers don't really know what they're smelling. Thanks for your honest video about it.
Jacob Simoni (1 year ago)
Club de nuit intense man is disgusting.
John Perez (1 year ago)
I have both CDNIM and Aventus. I get way more compliments with CDNIM than Aventus. Dry down of CDNIM is a lot closer to Aventus. I admit that the opening is a bit synthetic.
Alphonse Smith (1 year ago)
Re: Armaf - I hear that the dry down smells better than the initial spray. Is this true?
Jamie Harper (2 months ago)
Yes it takes about 40 minutes to develop. After that it becomes really smokey with a tiny hint of pineapple, pineapple eventually fades away and it's just smokey. Very very nice if you give it a little time.
Yes if you can afford Aventus I would stick to it. But I really like Insurrection Pure 2 for an alternative to Aventus. I have both and enjoy both I just hated the Armaf! :)
Alphonse Smith (1 year ago)
Looking Feeling Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews maybe I'll just stick to Aventus😁
I have no time to wait LOL! But there are others who could tolerate the start of the scent. I prefer Insurrection Pure 2 as it's my favorite Aventus Clone. It starts off perfect right away and no need to wait for it to smell great! :)
Alphonse Smith (1 year ago)
Looking Feeling Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews do you concur?
Gabriele Bosco (1 year ago)
I'm just so so so so so curious to see the reaction of that girl while she's smelling DHI on paper like she did here. I bet she will have a WORSE reaction than CDNI men.
Why wait? LOL! And the stories from everyone who commented. Takes 15 minutes to become a great fragrances. 30 minutes, an hour. Oh some say it takes an hour some even said it takes 3 hours. It's total garbage. Don't have time to wait for something to become something I have to enjoy when I have to wait through the chemical mess that it is the first 15/30/60/120 minutes. I'll stick to my favorite Aventus clone and that is Insurrection Pure 2 or stick to the original! This one is just not worth waiting for unfortunately! :)
Gabriele Bosco (1 year ago)
DHI on a paper smelled close it's the real mess and I have both :) Anyway you should judge the whole performance of a fragrance, CDNI starts developing after 15min on the skin, before that it's only harsh lemon.
I don't think so!
Shay #93 (1 year ago)
Opinions are like ass hole everybody have it i don't agree with you Club De Nuit Intense is very very close to aventus after 30 m the opening is a tar lemony notes which i like it to this fragrance is my top compliment getter
Opinions are like assholes everyones's got one. Exactly! :)
Sung Kim (1 year ago)
I own both, but for a $23 fragrance this is a banger. After the synthetic mess disappears, the dry down is very beautiful and very similar to CA.
Martin Wer (1 year ago)
Wow you are generous on the sprayer! Great vid!
shtupman (1 year ago)
I tried Club de Nuit Intense at my fragrance wholesaler. The saleswoman told me her son adored it, Aventus for $30, etc, etc. What a mess! I politely passed, because I hated the sharp and bitter synthetic opening and dry-down. After an hour, I took another sniff and surprisingly enough it was pleasant, but frankly who wants to smell like a chemical waste dump until then? I'll save the $30 and invest in a gallon of Brut before I buy Loud Club at Night!
caseydog3 (1 year ago)
haramain l adventure smells more like aventus than cdnim
Carvel Bettencourt (1 year ago)
I totally agree CDNIM opening and first hour is pretty horrendous.  But after hour one it turns into something way better.
Blissful Sorrow (1 year ago)
Which cdnim batch you got?
Pards S (1 year ago)
Huh, every other reviewer says it's one of the best Aventus clones. If you wait 20 minutes it smells near identical to Aventus. Not on paper. Anyway still great channel.
Tanzim Ibthesam (1 year ago)
Would love to hear your thoughts on Tag Him vs Blue De Chanel. N also about Pine Apple Vintage. Whether it is better than black xs or not.cheers.
Tanzim Ibthesam (1 year ago)
Looking Feeling Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews cool Can you tell whether I should go for a reformulated version of La Nuit De Lomme.Thanks.
Maybe we'll check them out. Thank you for reminding me! :)
L8bro (1 year ago)
Hail Aventus.
Jassim Dagher (1 year ago)
Mark Avento Homme is 99% Creed Aventus.
GentleGuy (1 year ago)
It smells absolute disgusting for the first half an hour after that it smells like 90% Aventus but i can´t stand the time before that
Dee Kuz (1 year ago)
Armaf is gross!! Stick with the real thing. Adventus!
Dee Kuz (1 year ago)
Looking Feeling Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews No problem Sebastian:)
LOL, thank you for agreeing! :)
Dor child (1 year ago)
One thing I'm sure of : When I wear Armaf CDNIM I get many comlements. You can't just spray a fragrance and immediately judge it. If you do so, than Dior homme intense whould not have passed the test of immediate sniff.
Oh man DHI smells best right on initial spray. CDNIM is garbage! Sorry when I'm at Macy's or other department store I'm passing through I don't have time to spray and wait for a fragrance to develop for me to decide on. Who freaking has the time? So I have to spray and wait at the counter for it to start smelling great? If a fragrance does not smell great on first spray I move on. Again CDNIM is garbage I can wear fragrances that start out smelling great rather than spray something and suffer with it and wait for it to smell great much later! :)
Fragrance with Steve (1 year ago)
Cool video Sebastian!! You know how much I love Aventus and yeah I agree with your pov. To me, since I hate the concept of clones, I will always prefer the original. But glad to know they didn't do a complete knock-off 😈
Smurfygurly (1 year ago)
So glad to have my feelings on this Aventus clone validated, I really don't like the first 30 mins and there is no fragrance I would give the time of day to if it doesn't please me fairly early on in its wearing. Nice one both of you!!
Everyday Products (1 year ago)
17 oz Aventus cost $865 , so if you buy a big one you get 1 oz Aventus for $50
Jose Isaias Peña (5 months ago)
Everyday Products where you buy a authentic creed aventus?
Hikmat Sher Afridi (1 year ago)
Insurection II Pure is a truly clone of Creed Aventus. I have Rasasi Pour Lui which is another great copy of Creed Aventus but here Club De Nuit Intense is more popular. Thanks for the review.
EDMlover (1 year ago)
CDNIM smells like synthetic bomb...it smells cheap, harsh and just blahh, while aventus smells smooth, natural and well blended
Mr. Shlock (1 year ago)
You guys couldn't be more on target. On principle I will never buy a bottle nor even decant of Aventus though it is one of my favorite fragrances -- it is inappropriately and embarrassingly expensive. Club de Nuit Man Intense is a little harder to wear at any price but is fairly close in many respects if you ignore quality. One of your colleagues here suggests spraying a little pineapple on first and layering the Armaf over it. Creed Aventus ($26/10 ml via factory samples). The Armaf Club de Nuit Man Intense ($35/105 ml) was probably the closest clone of Aventus once though -- I mean, I can barely distinguish them apart though the Armaf eventually becomes a little more astringent by comparison. It is rather synthetic and the bottle is gaudy AF. The Vintage Pineapples seem a grade (or two) above Armaf.
Derek Greene (1 year ago)
Great video Sebastian! I guess it just depends on what a person likes and wants to spend in the difference of both frags..God bless and I'm glad you made it back safely from your trip
Elwin (1 year ago)
CDNI is just like Aventus, if not better than Aventus. Especially after 10 to 15mn. Good alternative if you like Aventus. Save your money!!
Mohamed Emira (1 year ago)
Guys you are dreaming. After 15 minutes nobody could tell the difference on the skin. Good for you to pay the $300. In fact Armaf lasts more. Anyway, I respect your opinion.
Handball (1 year ago)
Looking Feeling Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews I care about how the fragrance smells after half an hour because that's when I get to work. If both smell the same after half an hour and I saved $250, I'm good. Also I love the performance of CDNI. Tbh, you might have a better nose than me.
Why wait for a fragrance to shine? LOL! Insurrection Pure 2 smells great on first spray I don't have to wait 15 minutes for it to start smelling great. It's as cheap if not cheaper than CDNIM. You might try it and see! :)
Your Two Scents (1 year ago)
Great review and I will say I like CDNIM as an alternative. I will have to say that it took several wearings where it smelled closer to Aventus (like the juice in the stem may of been stale? is that possible?) Flex Your Face Chase second part of his review of CDNIM mentioned this as well.
Aidan Shaw (1 year ago)
i had a simalar prob wit cdnim.tink my nose got too used to it.so left cap off.wen i went back later i cudnt smell a ting lol,agree wit the leting bottle breathe bit,but not leaving cap on for long time aint good:)have u tryed insurrection 11 pure?
Your Two Scents (1 year ago)
I did 6 sprays and yes for an hour or so let it (breath?). It did seems to smell better after that little ritual.
Aidan Shaw (1 year ago)
hey mate u didnt leave cap off did u?>
Cash Money Jambro (1 year ago)
i had to watch your review...knew you would tear it apart...especially the bottle haha. however, you judged it on the opening alone and every single person agrees, the opening is how you described it... BUT imo the dry down smells good, is similar to aventus and gets me as many compliments as Aventus.
Arian Carlsen (1 year ago)
I like this review. I mean, I disagree with their opinions on CDNI, but it is harsher and darker in the first hour and maybe there's something I can't smell that puts Sebastian and Kara off. I appreciate their opinions though.Also what's the deal with the hostility in the comment sections on frag videos lately? Is there some fragrance war I have missed? Ps. Sebastian, can you do review of Agua Fresca by Adolfo Dominguez? Saw you mention it on a list once, but I'd love to hear your full thoughts. Keep going strong, man.
Rafael Balarezo (1 year ago)
I had the same vibe as you guys when I sprayed on a paper strip, then when I sprayed on my skin is totally different story, I love Aventus but seriously when you spray on your skin all the birch and smoky that this synthetic cologne has it.
equizikal (1 year ago)
Having cheapies makes me feel so cheap. That's why I threw them all out last summer.
equizikal (1 year ago)
Guinea54 it was my reason, and your approval/opinion is non-cared for. some day you might understand my reasoning. or not. who cares... lol
Guinea54 (1 year ago)
threw them out? How about give them to someone? Thats a pretty lame reason to throw something out just cause its cheap..
C Demer (1 year ago)
hello Sebastian I own both of them and my sister know about aventus and she know i love wearing it so one day I had on cdnifm and she said you got on aventus I said yes it does smell like aventus to her and other that my not fragrances like you and I lol a great review Once Again
Ginny Giniver (1 year ago)
You two are so great together, I so enjoy watching you do videos together. Please do more.
Michael Greene (1 year ago)
great vdo sebastian, cdn intense men is really tough t wear...i love aventus clones this one is jst so terrible, it's harsh and burns my nose and smells of chemicals liks chemical lab or hospital pill room. so i say pass on the arm off lol...
Mohamed AlJilani (1 year ago)
I have oil clones of aventus and I have also aventus I hardly can distinguish between them
nytid1 (1 year ago)
yea you need to give it about ten minutes and it will smell like Aventus.
емилио (1 year ago)
trash vs. garbage
Francois Makhoul (1 year ago)
haha nice one guys, arm off (Y)
Jim R (1 year ago)
I have Club De Nuit Intense for Men, along with eight other Aventus clones, and I never understood the hype behind this one. Sure, it smells similar to avents...but a cheap copy. To me, Insurection II Pure and Afnan Supremacy Silver are so much better clones. But what can you do...much like 85% of the people who should not have a drivers license (they cannot drive safely and in a courteous, professional and expeditious manner) most people have no clue what they are smelling. LOL! Enjoyed the collaboration, as usual.
Jacob Simoni (1 year ago)
True. Armaf is disgusting.
Aidan Shaw (1 year ago)
where did u get them figures?lol expensive doesnt mean better.
Guinea54 (1 year ago)
michael have to check out the glen perry's unpredictable adventure... I have some L'aventure and its very good... Its more fruity like the blackcurrant .. but i like it.
Tomas Av. (1 year ago)
cry more. Armaf costs 4$ to make. Aventus 8$ that's why aventus better smell.
Aidan Shaw (1 year ago)
insurrection 11 pure blows um all outta the water:)not as long lasting but sublime.
Christopher Stein (1 year ago)
Pure Insurrection II is the best cheap Aventus clone. CDNIM is only ok to me.
I agree it's my favorite too!!
Adriano Bello (1 year ago)
I really do not like club de nuit, its just nowhere near the quality of Aventus. I know there are some fans, but I really dont touch it at all, and really off puting.
Sam Alfellah (1 year ago)
the CDNI worked really well for me that I got more than one bottle and I do notice a batch variation and it smells synthetic yes but talking about longevity, Armaf takes the lead
LexGame (1 year ago)
I have Aventus, and as nice as it is, I'm not shelling out the cash for another bottle. Club De Nuit Intense for me. I'm a broke ass motherfucker with a hairy asshole.
Thomas Cleveland (10 months ago)
get Insurrection then. It is a better clone than CDNI
lj6583 (1 year ago)
Thanks Sebastian and Kara for the great review!
Stephen Wood (1 year ago)
Die, Aventus, die! I really can't stand the burch in Aventus. I think everyone should just buy Aventus if they want Aventus. Save your pennies and buy the real thing, forget the clones. Even though I don't like Aventus, I do think the real thing is so much better than any of the clones, so why settle? I'm curious to see how the new Viking from Creed will smell...
landshark321 (1 year ago)
I just sprayed each, one on each arm, and your point about Aventus being fruitier and CDNIM being more bitter is certainly valid, at least on my skin. Generally speaking, I find that only next to Aventus do CDNIM and Insurrection Pure II seem "off"
Jacob Bonilla (1 year ago)
Great review! I'm with you about Insurrection pure. When I don't want to waste Aventus on a work day Insurrection is my go to. Because Insurrection is so close I have no desire to try Club whatever ,let alone this new way late to the game Vintage Pineapple.
Peter Rivera-Pierola (1 year ago)
Thanks for the comparison! I agree with you that CDNIM has a harsh, bitter, almost offensive peppery opening. "Synthetic" is kind of a misnomer as most fragrances are composed of synthetic elements. Poorly blended or composed perhaps, unpleasant for sure. The real comparison, for me, happens in the dry down. Where Aventus clearly starts out fruity and less smokey than CDNIM, the dry downs (1-2 hours in) became almost identical to my nose. In fact, CDNIM performed better on my skin, projecting farther and for twice as long as Aventus. I don't know what batch I had of the latter (it was a sample), but I plan to test another sample soon. All in all, I found CDNIM a respectable clone of the Aventus dry down and a reasonable alternative overall. The Aventus opening is magically fresh and fruity, but alas, short-lived on my skin. Want to try Insurrection Pure 2 next! Thanks!
FallingSnowy (1 year ago)
I have to agree is really sharp and metallic, but to my nose it smells masculine and clean.not bad on the other hand insurrection 2 is smoother more vanilla more natural. I have got more complements with Insurrection 2. But Club the Nuit is more masculine. perhaps is why is more popular. And also I dont find the Original aventus to be that awsome in my opinion.
metalalloy419 (1 year ago)
Fragrances change so much over the course of wearing them. Wouldn't an accurate comparison be of the entire progression/stages of the fragrance? (Top, mid and basenotes)? I've never smelled CDNIM but one consistent them from what I've read is that the opening is really harsh, and it's after the top notes have burned away that the resemblance to aventus is apparent. I've tried the women's version, and it's a good alternative to Noir de Noir in my opinion.
We love the Noir De Noir version and think it's a good alternative. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgC98jj4pS4 This one is pretty harsh throughout it's entire life. Very metallic and not fruity at all. Couldn't stand wearing it.
Andre Szymanski (1 year ago)
Using CDNIM correctly: 1.Apply on your skin. 2.Wait an hour.
KingdomArtz (3 months ago)
Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews you idiot do your research before reviewing a scent. Stop trying to be the special snowflake disliking a very good fragrance because it's popular and is almost the same as the overpriced "big brother". Everyone knows you have to wait for the drydown of CDNIM. There's where the magic happens. Geez is Jeremy the only guy who knows his job? What incompetent idiots are doing a review of CDNIM on the opening wth
DD DD (11 months ago)
Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews, I think you didn't get what he tried to say. Club de Nuit Intense really is terrible for the first 30-60 minutes. But after that, it really develops into Aventus. I mean really really. Try it again on your skin. Literally follow Andre Szymanski's instruction. You will see where all the hype came from. Peace!
WOW to me Insurrection Pure 2 is the fruitier Aventus as the pineapple shines. I get a sweeter pineapple which I really love! Go figure skin chemistry! :)
Andre Szymanski (1 year ago)
Sebastian Al Dur is the cheapest clone and the best in my opinion. You should be able to find 100ml for under 20 bucks. I do own Insurrection Pure 2 and it's something I wear on a lazy day at home ;) I find it's... a greener version of aventus... less smoky. More woody. It's not bad overall.
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 year ago)
I like pure II and CNIM. I didn't like CNIM at first, but I came back to it and it was better. I feel that these are solid frags for their price point. aventus is a $300 fragrance or more. I applaud both pure II and CNIM for so many people saying it is even SLIGHTLY close. that's a phenomenal achievement. great video. do more👍
ShaveNontheDarkside (1 year ago)
Looking Feeling Smelling Great Fragrance Reviews yeah...now that was good!
I think Insurrection Pure 2 is the best Aventus clone. To me it's the closest. This was just garbage to us. But we both though CDNIW was pretty darn good clone of Noir De Noir! :)
Guinea54 (1 year ago)
. I have heard there was a batch or bottle variation on this fragrance.. Maybe that can explain it... The one I tried was about 98 percent the same as aventus on the dry down.. I compared them side by side and there was hardly any difference. The main difference was the opening and even that was pretty similar.. The nuit had a slightly more metallic scent but as soon as it dries down it gets more and more the same. What was the batch code on your bottle.. was it made in france? The original made in france batch is the one to get. I found it better.. I actually found the insurrection pure has more of a synthetic pineapple smell than CNI
Aidan Shaw (1 year ago)
yes a non scented one,i use it wit all stuff i wear.locks down the scent.or u can squirt a handfull unscented moistereriser in ur hand then spray ur cologne  in it and rub on all over:)ul get an extra 2 to 3 hour projection:)
Guinea54 (1 year ago)
Sounds like a good idea.. Interesting that u put moisturizer over the club nuit... I bought pineapple oil from amazon and experimenting with adding it to club nuit.
Aidan Shaw (1 year ago)
hi:)ever thought of layering the 2?:)i do and works fine.cdnim 2 sprays.then sum unscented moistereruiser on top of cdnim.then 5 sprays off insurrection:)have just over 30 mill off aventus left so these 2 can b worn every day at [email protected] fly too:)cheers from ireland..
The other way around for me. I hate this. I love Insurrection Pure 2. But both Kara and I loved CDNIW. We both thought it was a great clone for Noir de Noir! :)
RyzFragz34 (1 year ago)
Great to hear your take on both of these:)
kwaaddo (1 year ago)
Aventus is not worth the hype anyway. Have a decant of it and al haramain laventure. Both are ok
Brian Elswick (1 year ago)
My bottle of Aventus will last me a long time, so it's worth it for me.
Albert Wesker (1 year ago)
what scent did she say her husband picked out for her and is now a favorite?
Albert Wesker (1 year ago)
Nice! Thank you.
Albert Wesker Rudis! I ❤️ it too!! 😄

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