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Funny Pictures That Will Make You Say WTF!

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Funny pictures that will make you look twice! (THIS IS DIRTY) SUBSCRIBE TO JOIN THE FAMILY! Background Music: ON AND ON by Nicolai Heidlas Music https://soundcloud.com/nicolai-heidlas Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Audio Library https://youtu.be/Skxx0KnGGHw Outro music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hfFQl2iEi8
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Text Comments (603)
Kaitlynn czz (1 year ago)
pin me charmx please :)
Anonymous S (3 months ago)
Kaitlynn czz you are naruto how couldn’t he pin you
Mr. Probz 7 (7 months ago)
brett thejet (1 year ago)
Charmx2 please subscribe to me and pin my comment
nowbro now (1 year ago)
JayJay Hoogkamer (1 year ago)
Juan Perez who sais he rapes kids, have you seen your name juan Perez, are you from Marroco or some shit man all these guys rape more than toby turner does
DMSINMYHOUSE 445 (6 days ago)
This was when charmx wasnt a pansy and sweared
The Gaming Guy (10 days ago)
We all remember those times when charmx cussed
ConnarTheCup (1 month ago)
I missed it. When he started to cuss now he is kinda clean and kinda not
0:03 *ROASTED*
Ashley Escamilla (1 month ago)
Epic gamer 2 (2 months ago)
Which in 2018
deltaduxdan (2 months ago)
3:51 close your eyes and listen. That's what she said.
FadeBuX (2 months ago)
Waffle (2 months ago)
0:18 that’s not the girl’s arm that’s another persons leg. The picture is meant to fool you Edit: Charmx figures out nvm lol Another Edit: All if the. Are like that god dammit I’m dumb
vx cx (2 months ago)
Im not bleive charmx say what the fuck
Nancy Henry (2 months ago)
Kill me
Botchy Memes (2 months ago)
1:46 he *thicc*
Scorpion Mations (3 months ago)
Give this comment a heart if you love your fans
Death and Despair! (3 months ago)
Did charmx say fuck
Werty Pearl (3 months ago)
Charmx2 is the best out of all three!
Slashyboi123 Number029 (3 months ago)
DID HE JUST CURSE? now I’m commenting this after I’m ungrounded
ChoasKeys (3 months ago)
Pin me please or i will unsubscribe scrub
SeanFTW - gaming (3 months ago)
Xcatti (3 months ago)
this is the only place where charmx can swear
Default Skin (3 months ago)
Back when Charmx swore
Bob Builder (4 months ago)
Back when charmx cussed and didn't blur anything, man, these were the good old days
Scary Jerry (4 months ago)
Damn you really used to curse but you changed cause YouTube changed
OctoSai SSG (4 months ago)
This was befor he started censoring his videos
TheMemeingGem347 (4 months ago)
The old Charmo
Coastylz East (4 months ago)
At 1:38 that boi is thicc
Dom Productions (5 months ago)
1:33 how can he do that position
Abby The Xenomorph (5 months ago)
I have the most dirtiest mind any 10 year old could have... Help me
Hermenetor 456 (5 months ago)
5:01 What do you mean?
SAYORI (5 months ago)
Fuck miss the old charmx
Pikadroid Animations (5 months ago)
What the funk
Justin Wright (5 months ago)
Justin Wright (5 months ago)
Pin me too
Justin Wright (5 months ago)
What tho fuck is this
Gabphin 136 (5 months ago)
I don't get 4:50 wtf, it looks normal
ThePhantom (6 months ago)
2:12 That face Lol
Nala_ Needs_NUGGETS (6 months ago)
Sees first comment starts crying* 💔😭💔 he never pins my comments 😿😿😿
mr. wild_samsquanch (7 months ago)
my eyes are once again violated and i didnt really expect as many *****
Eh T0bor8 (7 months ago)
When charmx said shit and fuck
Cameron The hacker (7 months ago)
Subscribe to my channel it’s called Cameron the goatman 👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹👹 pls
Pablo_ honeyy._. (7 months ago)
I love uncensored charms. He's so free
Jjacob869 (7 months ago)
0:56 "what the F**K" he cussed ON CAMERA
Bowen Chafe (8 months ago)
🐋you are the best and funniest youtuber ever🐋
The Recording Box (8 months ago)
When charmx swore
Yahir Parra (8 months ago)
At 1:34 that is not a toddler... that is a midget
Lily Stevens (8 months ago)
Hi I'm still watching this lol
Alex Games & More (9 months ago)
Why you swear charmx
Todderina (9 months ago)
1:37 THICC
CUBE 75 (9 months ago)
And I thought I was dirty mined
Arconis The Wolf (9 months ago)
charmx before he went soft and censored everything
Wait...how is this not age restricted
How he said WTF killed me
F1nthehuman720 Gaming (10 months ago)
* sees this video * *W T F*
F1nthehuman720 Gaming (10 months ago)
* sees this video *
What the fuck!?
OG Lemon (1 year ago)
I missed the old charmx
CuteToyFreddy4455 (1 year ago)
The one that look like a three leg girl she has a vase in her hand
Alison Aia (1 year ago)
The toddler with a booty defect would be perfect for pedophile lures.
toxic troll (1 year ago)
........ Like if you agree
Chernobyl (1 year ago)
Mastiffs are huge doggos
Sdrf Drt (1 year ago)
2:36 I thought he stuffed a doll down hi pants 😂😂😂
YoloRam (1 year ago)
4:56 dont get it
Duprem3 Supreme (1 year ago)
Can anyone pin me?
The M MeliV (1 year ago)
3:10 she is holding a pot what r u stupid
Patrick Star (1 year ago)
3:03 shes holding a vase
Shane Browning (1 year ago)
The girl with three legs one was a vase
Photo Negative Jim (1 year ago)
Dragonwings206 (1 year ago)
3:10 a wise green screen filthy Frank once said "ur a fucking idiot"
please im beging you pin me
Dravint (1 year ago)
3:07 she is holding a vase that makes it look like she has 3 legs
Wow. Sad (1 year ago)
2"01 is photo shopped
Wow. Sad (1 year ago)
the one before it
Greavie (1 year ago)
At 3:02 She has 2 legs and she is just holding a vase..
0:03 you probalby just thought that thru 3 hrs
weeb-a -tron (1 year ago)
Why dose he samt toddler its a baby
Shauna Emery (1 year ago)
u mean bum bag
PussyDestroyer 69 (1 year ago)
you can still see the dog's dick 5:17
jack7m (1 year ago)
3:03 she's holding a jar
Sparrow HD (1 year ago)
my dream is to get pinned
[Y.K Draws] (1 year ago)
Is this the new Reaction Time?
Dell Verse (1 year ago)
Pi in a Pie (1 year ago)
shadow Xッ (1 year ago)
visi menesiai angliskai
Dalton Cote (1 year ago)
3:05- she is holding a vase
FrosttYT (1 year ago)
79k subs and 139k views?!?! You really deserve more charmx
Makina Douglas (1 year ago)
Rex Almén (1 year ago)
The dog thinks "mmm hotdog"
DJ ST4RF1RE (1 year ago)
1:41 Thicc, with at least two Cs.
Vaipuna Kaulave (1 year ago)
3:03 that's a vase she's holding charm
Sqizilix (1 year ago)
Charmx original used to be Charmx2 Charmxnati confirmed!
Dead channel (1 year ago)
charmx you have a dirty mind
Kenny (1 year ago)
Extreme Julio (1 year ago)
his laugh sounds so fake
Die nervigste Person (1 year ago)
0:37 do you see the dick on the other Leg
11 Alecoo (1 year ago)
Your laugh is wierd
Mandy MCcreadie (1 year ago)
spiderboy909 9 (1 year ago)
prepared to be fooled
sneeky d's new channel (4 months ago)
spiderboy909 9 nope. Didn't get me.
Drowsy Dervish69 (1 year ago)
that laugh tho! cool vid
Diventional (1 year ago)
Charmx you always make me happy even though the darkest of times. I want to say thank you for everything you do and how much work you put in your videos. Keep up the good work!
Erika Larsson (1 year ago)
What is wrong with having really hairy arms?
Pigglyjuff (1 year ago)
3:09... really charmx? You seriously can't see the vase? :|

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