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The War to Live in London: Regeneration Game (Full Length)

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In the run up to the 2015 general election, a war is going on for the right to live in London. Rapid gentrification – praised as "regeneration" by local councils and property developers, derided as "social cleansing" by critics – is breaking up established communities. In some cases, families who've lived in London for generations are left homeless; in others, they are forced to move across the city or out of it completely. Meanwhile, the real estate opportunities are making lots of people – many of whom do not actually live in London – very rich. Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice
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Text Comments (1373)
D Wood (4 months ago)
Global Agenda 21. The cost of living has skyrocketed in every major city. Stack and pack human into small box apt., roll out 5 g network for the Skynet police state.
joseph gelin (7 months ago)
who the hell is that guy.. british Donald trump
slcmt2 (7 months ago)
She is adorable
K R (7 months ago)
The rich get richer....The poor get poorer.
Check this out too
J D (8 months ago)
Same happning in Copenhagen and its greater area. I dont get it demands for normal housing normal workers can afford is sky high, yet all is being build is prestige building only high class can afford, why whos the puppet master that do this?
Having lived in two countries for a significant amount of time and in several states of housing I have formed an opinion that government and some people are trying to impose a standard of living that increasingly is decreasing. If these officers would only look at what’s on offer you could see for example beautiful outside houses and communities but inside the houses people are living like well shit. That is why I became disillusioned with the outwardly beautiful but ugly on the inside that lurks. Imagine the many family renting already but still need other strangers to rent with them. This is not uncommon. Some people seem to be living in an outmoded view of how communities should be.
DON W (9 months ago)
Ever since black monday and the "refugee" crisis Soros has been destroying the U.K.
sam mark (9 months ago)
Gentrification is a form of Racism segregation  and classism , Rich developers are pushing the poor and working class Londoners out of the city where people were born and its wrong destroying communities which have lived in London for centuries its wrong and disgusting pushing people out of London to other parts of England in which people don't want to move , your destroying peoples families and lively hoods and its morally wrong and unjust.
Nancy Smith (9 months ago)
The name Dennison seems familiar. They own a lot of parking garages and who knows what else in Indianapolis, Indiana USA. Hmmmm.
Jay West (9 months ago)
I'd honestly rather be in the gentrified version of London than a shithole dump. At least with all the regeneration happening it doesn't like a slum anymore.
Stringbean (9 months ago)
You just don't fucking get it do you!!!
muramasa24 (9 months ago)
The mayor of London has got to be the shadiest guy I've ever seen in my life.
DB Cooper (9 months ago)
That girl is fit as fuck. She can move in with me 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
c carville (9 months ago)
Polite totalitarianism.
The Snow Nigro (10 months ago)
Am I the only one who wonders where all the fathers are?
Oskars Arājs (10 months ago)
i'd like to see that girl in blue building a skyscraper
Jake Dean (10 months ago)
They should ban people from buying when they only use the property as an investment, and should ban buy-to-let too.
Jake Dean (10 months ago)
I don't see how people who hardly or ever work can claim to have the right to live in the most expensive city in the UK. There should be affordable housing in London for people that work full-time, but not large enough for them to have a bunch of kids.
Katie Harvey (10 months ago)
Agenda 21 -30 depopulation under Zionist rule look in to operation talipot wake up the g20 UN behind this hole plan
blackblather (1 year ago)
the reggae at the end, killed the vibe
Little Tangerine (1 year ago)
"Housing is a right." Really? First time I heard that one.
j walkin (1 year ago)
Why is it that man creates civilization, but he can't house every civilian in it? There must be something fundamentally wrong with civilization that goes against shelter.
Suggestive Biscuits (1 year ago)
My issue with this is that people like me had to move out of London for generations because of economic reasons, why should these people be allowed to stay at half the cost of everyone else? i don't agree with selling new developments to investors and there could be regulations for that but I had to move because London got too expensive so my question is why does the same logic not apply to social renters?
nutella906 (1 year ago)
omg... during the first seconds you hear '' during the last year the price have risen of 20% all across london THEREFORE there is a lake of housing'' When in reality it's the exact opposite. BECAUSE there is a lake of housing THEREFORE the price rise.
Why youtube why (1 year ago)
I wonder how much cheaper it would of been to remodel and how many more jobs it would of created
Off the Mic (1 year ago)
We asked comedian Jason Patterson about growing up in London and his thoughts on gentrification: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLMj9WtnGfk&t=2s
Philip Cahill (1 year ago)
Where's the programme the history of brick lane I'm in the programme I'm Philip Cahill I seen it recently people have said they've seen me.
TheGodParticle (1 year ago)
This is depressing, as soon as I receive my inheritance im out of England. what a overcrowded cesspool.
MsKerryanne (1 year ago)
I thought she was going to speak up for the poor people.. She never said a bloody word in fact she was all up their arses.. Why bother saying she was going to stick up for them when she had no intention to do so...
Fuck gentrification!
Beth g (1 year ago)
The mayor has a beer belly
Beth g (1 year ago)
What a waste
Steve Steve (1 year ago)
The people should be looked after, they need to get the balance right... Nice to get the new buildings up, they need to work it out where everybody a winner...
Mike K. (1 year ago)
instead of a forced buyout, the law should be that the person who's getting kicked out because the land is being redeveloped for new housing, they should be guaranteed a property inside that new building that's of equal size. that way, both sides win. the land can be more densely developed by the developer, and the person who's getting kicked out will have a home in the same area.
David Herron (1 year ago)
Its as simple as this ..the land and the property these people are selling and dealing in is STOLEN property. Most of it was redeveloped after the Blitz in ww2 by the tax payer using a 60 billion pound loan from the USA we finished repaying in 2007. it was unlawfully deregulated and privatised by thatcher when she schemed to get rid of the responsibility of providing working class homes. people fought and died in the war and in the Blitz for these homes and these people. It was grenfell tower every night x 100 for 11 weeks , the community's housed each other fire fighter died in fires bitter rivals opened up spare rooms for each others families. And london survived. If the blitz happened today it would be over in a week, no community all the homes stolen by corporate fascists we fought to defeat in the war. if it keeps going you are going to invite working class socialist movements to grow and they won,t be sensible ones like the J Corbyn train it will be thugs with bats.
K. Ganesan Ganesan (1 year ago)
War to live in starts from London... With world community support. God bless us.
Benedict Allbrooke (1 year ago)
Thanks Vice for not mentioning that Darren Johnson, who rightly criticises Labour's demolition of peoples homes, is a Green Party AM and presents a powerful alternative vision for London
fred durst (1 year ago)
UN's Agenda 21 is to change London and every other city in the western world thru gentrification
Kate Green (1 year ago)
all comments about Boris...anyway...plan required...how bout...get some land and grow veges???
Jack The Lad (1 year ago)
it is only recently i have become aware of this. i realise this is the reason why local people are no longer receiving social housing in the north. i see new faces of people with southern accents being granted priority for housing that families for generations should be getting. communities slowly drip by drip being segregated. i realise now that either we all stand together or one by one our communities will be run rough shod.
NM PK (1 year ago)
Some fools really need a reality check. Every big city (specially one with a population of 8 million+) needs people to do all those low paid jobs. So where are they supposed to live? In slum conditions with 10 other people? Or 30-40 miles away? And how do they get to work or afford to? The UK has some of the most expensive public transport in the world (per mile) and it's very overcrowded and far from perfect, specially around London. Can't drive either, congestion charge, expensive parking, traffic jams, high car insurance This is why this housing is so important. So when you see a block of hundreds of flats that have been empty for years you can understand why people are so pissed off.
Stephen M (1 year ago)
You take them blocks away, you take the spirit of London away.
Ely one (1 year ago)
London nothing like the rest of the country and its been run by clowns and traitors for far to long.. Drop a bomb on it and do us all a favour
Barbara Stepien-foad (1 year ago)
Batteries not included....exactly the same is happening worldwide, from London to Penang to Cambodia to etc etc etc, it's Chinese and Russian investment....
peter frost (1 year ago)
Got to make room for the gimmigrants
eaglepies (1 year ago)
Fucking disgusting. Buying and owning homes just to keep them empty and valuable. Should be illegal. Come on Corbyn!
Ekaekto (1 year ago)
And then things like the Grenfeld fire happen - this is what happens when government doesn't give a flying fuck about the people living in the country.
Sam Westmacott (1 year ago)
if you havent worked hard in school u cant get a good job. then if you want to live in london you need a good job and not just want to live there. and jasmine stone f off
Who is regeneration for? Certainly NOT the working class locals! !!!!
Omg...I'm in tears. That sweet old lady broke my heart. See...shite like this is WRONG! :-(
The same thing is happening here in America. Expensive high rise condos and townhouses that myself and any other working class cannot afford!!! The affordable places are being sold, torn down, and rebuilt into these expensive homes. I've been trying to find a place closer to work as I took a position in the company that is an hour away because my local company closed down. Rents have gotten so high because property owners got greedy. Huge corporations are coming here and yes it increases our economy but they are also bringing a bunch of their out of state employees that need housing too. Their incomes are higher than ours, property owners know this, so therefore they have raised rents by $300 + more per month. More than ANY of us regular working class locals can pay! I feel like I am being pushed out to make room for the rich! Well our working class taxes have helped finance alot of this growth. Now we are basically just shite to the local, state, and federal government!
NekoMouser (1 year ago)
Cities HAVE to evolve. And they're going to do so with the portions that are cheapest and producing the least (current) value to the city. That's entirely natural and not cruel in and of itself. That said, to create a working society and economy you do need people at all levels be able to afford to live there. You can't expect to live in a big fancy condo tower with a Starbucks and Dry Cleaners in the 1st floor if no one who works at the Starbucks or dry cleaners can afford to live within ten or fifteen miles of it. How is it so hard to say "you can 'regenerate' this estate, but you have to not only maintain, but increase by 10% the number of social housing units there. If you are tearing down 300 units to build 1000, 330 of them need to be at the same income status as were on the site originally."
nicky jones (1 year ago)
you cannot demand affordable housing for all when youre bringing in hundreds of thousands of poor migrants who all need affordable housing.... 1+2 does not equal 4 you retards.....
Katie Meeks-Hyde (1 year ago)
Grenfell tower 😢 r.i.p.
Imantas #7 (1 year ago)
This is queen's land you have no rights wake up.
theandroids (1 year ago)
What I've been saying for years is happening everywhere. The wealthy wont to push the poor out to the sticks, and build their wealthy utopia in the centre. That's why they make it harder to get loans for education so you cant educate yourselves and get a better job and more money to live said by said with them. Its a lot of little pieces to the big picture and things the government are doing to destroy the poor.
BlackedOutKilla SJ (1 year ago)
Whats the point protesting? The rich always get what they want in the end, and they are willing to kill for it. Until something serious happens to the mindset of the day time tv watching, social media obsessed lower classes then nothing will ever change and we are all fucked.
Pedro Hernandez (1 year ago)
Gentrification at its finest unfortunately many US cities are suffering the same fate. Brooklyn and area's of New York having similar problems. Democracy and Republic are dead our world is run on Oligarchy and Plutocracy society.
FUTURE LIFE101 (1 year ago)
London - the city for the rich, and the rich only rest of the people are been pushed out like Rats
Paweł Słomiak (1 year ago)
It's not ok to evict people who were already using these flats and not causing any problems, but on the other hand i don't see the point of "fighting" by those who can't afford a f-ing flat, not to mention other costs of living... I'd be a moron to choose to live in london on welfare, everything is more expensive there so they're just not thinking about costs of living because they're "entitled" to live off the normal people who're paying taxes and by which they are giving the money to the poor, who're just wsting it on drugs and alcohol. People who are really in need of these benefits are usually not willing to fight for it because they're not capable of doing anything by themselves so we can mostly see young and stupid people who're too lazy to work, and too stupid to know that living on welfare is not a good choice for lifestyle... No wonder they're fighting for free stuff, they're thinking they're entitled to it...
Laz Low (1 year ago)
sweetrowanne (1 year ago)
Amazing docu - I think this young woman in this video needs an award for journalist skills & delivery.
TEMPLE of FLESH (1 year ago)
British women are the best lovers, im American and have had 2 british girlfriends, one im still with and there is no comparison
TEMPLE of FLESH (1 year ago)
standard tactic is to label the ppl so you take all emotion out of the ass raping ur giving them
TEMPLE of FLESH (1 year ago)
Daisy May you can come stay with me while you wait luv ;)
Charlie (1 year ago)
It's spreading out of London now, I live in a town which is 45 minutes on the train from Waterloo Station (Westminster), I earn an above average wage, but because my parents have no money to hand down I've been priced out of buying and can barely afford to rent in the area, and may need to look at relocating further from London. This is England under the Tories, benefits for the rich and their kids, and the rest of us are left to struggle.
Sadik Meah (1 year ago)
Why do people who live in social housing think it's their god given right to stay in London?
LasVegas Showgirl (1 year ago)
We are not entitled to have others take care of us. Why didn't these people try to find ways to make more money, save and buy themselves a home?
Ian Holden (1 year ago)
England is no longer England
IRAMO (1 year ago)
In the the end they're only playing themselves because it's the working class people that are the soul and culture of London
Ur Mum (1 year ago)
I like vice but the reporter was clearly pushing her personal agenda whether it's right or wrong it's not reporting
A _ (1 year ago)
Council houses need to be changed and re designed, everyone knows on every block, every block on London yeh there'll be drugs, gangs, etc
1LALaw (1 year ago)
Are these people prohibited from purchasing or renting a residence, and instead they are seeking to permanently live in government housing?
Charlie (1 year ago)
Rent in London is out of the price range for most, let alone unskilled workers
John Martin (1 year ago)
gentrification is a code word for white privelidge and no blacks, I should know as I have grandaughters in London
Parysk (1 year ago)
im not racist but brits seem to be fucked in the head
english1midlands (1 year ago)
Moving one group out and another group in because it has more money is disgusting.Lets hope someone with the power does something about it before its too late.
William Cholakian (1 year ago)
Every city is like this now. Los Angeles only has "luxury apartments" even with no microwave.
CapiTen10 (1 year ago)
what about ethnic cleansing london of cockneys? funny i didn't see these leftists wankers say anything when the labour scum were practicing housing discrimination against whites in newham & tower hamlets
truth (1 year ago)
London was bought by rich Arabs and now belongs to Muslims Londoners have had the rug pulled from underneath them Should of listened to the BNP no good crying over spilt milk to late now
Clark James (1 year ago)
i'm not from London but another major uk city, I have a pretty good job but i dont think it's anywhere near enough to live in London, not that I really have much interest in living in London anyway. I can see why people that are born and bred London don't want to be pushed out by gentrification, but on the flip side you're competing just like everyone else, just because you have history in London doesn't give you some automatic right to live there, right now I live in an area in another city that is on the cusp of regeneration, so I suspect I might be pushed out by increasing prices or just flat out evicted as we have out flat renovated, as much as i've made this rented flat my home, nothing stopping me from doing the same elsewhere- have lived in 10 flats across 5 cities now so i'm not scared of change or upending, I 100% agree about social housing being necessary but I dont think central London is the place for them to live- besides why would they even want to live in London anyway it's expensive as hell!
SkinoReturns (1 year ago)
The nwo is right around the corner
Tipsylou (1 year ago)
So glad I fucked off from this place 3 months ago. London is a mess. The council estates are basically slums and need to be torn down, frankly, they're hideous and dated. But they haven't worked out where the poorer residents are going to go. In a way, I don't really care, I'd rather they did a massive fucking cull to work out how many of them are ACTUALLY in need of benefits and how many are just lazy baby-machines looking for a free place to live. Put the actual benefit-needers (disabled, elderly, veterans) in newer buildings, tear the ugly buildings down, and let the rest of them figure it out on their own like the rest of humanity has to. There's just too many people there. Far, far, far too many people. If attention and money started spanning to other locations, it would be a massive benefit and release some of the pressure off of London.
Proteus TG (1 year ago)
Hmm, so they force the eviction even though the land was privately owned. Give the owners a low value price. Rebuild and jack up the price. Government should be renamed MAFIA.
Veruca Salt (1 year ago)
Vile comments,you do all know that these people are human beings?and that every person deserves basic human rights?what is the matter with you all,everyone deserves a home not just the rich
azkrouz reimertz (1 year ago)
why arent people just squatting the shit out of these buildings?
Norma Thomas (1 year ago)
greedy shameful Tory's money grabbing souless bastards
nino gucciani (1 year ago)
the English reporter for vice in this episode is super hot
nwlman (1 year ago)
Wembley is the worst flats everywhere all too expensive for anyone to afford
paolo allesio (1 year ago)
Lets rock the Rich badly Boris Jonson was a clever idiot and a his legacy was loads of tower blocks and bikes that 's all.hey its about time we rough the rich up
paolo allesio (1 year ago)
Watch yourself local councillors. You treat people badly and it bcomes back home to you. Representative of people you are not Never were god only knows why people vote for you
morty_ falch (1 year ago)
britain... loveu and want u in shape
goddessnadiya (2 years ago)
I don't know if London has considered what they are doing in Canada. They found that these housing projects created slums, so instead what they've done is created tax incentives for private buildings and cooperative buildings to offer some of their units as social housing, with guaranteed market value- subsidized housing. It's a win win, with even the government saving money from having to maintain entire neighbourhoods. They found that when people are integrated into buildings like these they do much better, they are more motivated to pursue income and education, and feel part of thriving communities filled with successful, productive people. It's been a big success in Toronto, much more ideal then creating these isolated low income complexes. High crime areas have been greatly diminished... lack of low income housing is not the fault of any foreigners, it's entirely about putting smart and effective policies into place.
starlightlake (2 years ago)
Men in suits only interested in money. Regeneration? Have you seen these new plastic and glass slums? They will not last the length of the mortgage. All about short term profits at the expense of the community. I say leave and let London wealthy rot in their own indolence and laziness. This is the modern version of the the enclosure act of KIng James I. who took over the common land and displaced the peasant class leaving them homeless and jobless. That is the real meaning of REGENERATION. More obscene lies from the men in suits and those in power who do not care a flying F for the people of this country
Android Kenobi (2 years ago)
i wonder if Brexit has made it easier for people to get their homes back?
Matt Peck (2 years ago)
This is like a fight between two creatures, one called socialism, another called capitalism.
Finley Castello (2 years ago)
00:44, nice necklace
Cj Kash (2 years ago)
where do they find all these mothers to stand around while a 15 year old smokes lol 10:00
Landon Harrington (10 months ago)
Cj Kash it happens here too in the US
Saunya Harris (2 years ago)
I bet there was no housing crisis until the UK council allowed foreigners into their country. And that is the case here in the US. The US govt displaced Americans who lived in govt housing and put the foreigners in those units. Now Im working to provide shelter for people that hate Americans. The US govt is nothing but the devil and trying to destroy its own low income citizens.
Le rerpule dino La swag (9 months ago)
Saunya Harris Get the fuck out the US if you aren’t a red indian then. Don’t have a go at me because that’s what you have just said.
trashbasket (9 months ago)
Saunya Harris so gtfo you non aboriginal fuckwit
Weareallbeingwatched (9 months ago)
Dude, you must be *insane* to think that's the case. #1 London had huge slums in the 19th century, like many cities have today. Open sewers, no public transport, no schools, no healthcare etc. This is the case plenty of places today. #2 London was heavily bombed during WW2. We have done excellent work in the UK to create a post industrial model that works for all strata of society, *not* just the rich. Much of the "decent housing for the poor" was built in the 19th century and early 20th century. A lot of building happened in the '50s and '60s after WW2. It certainly is a disgusting move by the government to transform ex-bomb-sites turned into modern affordable housing into "private developments". It is social cleansing. The conservatives in the '80s were caught doing social engineering to get rid of the poor with the Shirley Porter scandal and the "building stable communities" campaign. What we have post-credit-crunch is similar but more aggravated.
Norfolk Enchants (2 years ago)
Saunya Harris (2 years ago)
How dare me what? Foreigners need to keep their asses in their countries., period.
JibeddyHibeddy (2 years ago)
As a Londoner it's very upsetting seeing this happening. This 'regeneration' isn't sustainable, this will all crumble when the penny drops that London needs people from all walks of life. House price crash, investors leave and housing prices normalise. The sooner the better
ShelbyCurtisRay (2 years ago)
So interesting to watch. The 1% rich taking over again.

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