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Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish

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Text Comments (17866)
FBE (7 months ago)
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Ronald Jiménez Torres (7 months ago)
FBE Gracias por los subtítulos en español 💖
Weird LookingPotato (7 months ago)
Lindsay Flores (7 months ago)
Teens react to Billie eilish reacting to teens react to Billie eilish
collin muñoz (7 months ago)
Eulalio Tacuba (7 months ago)
Make a video where the teens react to billie reacting to them
Milliana Kuro (7 months ago)
*Internal demonic screeching* [Insert nosebleed here]
X lushvogue X (7 months ago)
Mills (7 months ago)
She’s awesome man
Classic Society (7 months ago)
shes so sweet omg i love her sm💕💕💕
iyona portobanco (7 months ago)
i want someone to love me like billie loves Darius
evantth (7 months ago)
How old is billie?
ani (7 months ago)
evantth 1️⃣6️⃣
Malachi Potts (7 months ago)
evantth 16
Ezria gacha (7 months ago)
awhe!! I love billie
Jellybomb331kinz (7 months ago)
i love her
Yasmen Gamer (7 months ago)
Billie Elish ❤
Katt (7 months ago)
Love her
Chance Burchfield (7 months ago)
I miss talent
QuikGD /Aidan\ (7 months ago)
Chance Burchfield ?
ILoveChallenges 80 (7 months ago)
Omg!!! I love Billie
Aki ー sama (7 months ago)
omg as soon as she saw darius
jirachi (7 months ago)
She is a big mood
she gay (7 months ago)
she's me watching her
kristal griffin (7 months ago)
Her reaction to Darius is priceless 😂👌🏾
Jilianfaith Odon (7 months ago)
SHES SO CUTE ARGHHH 💕💝💖💓💗💞💘💓💞💗💘💓💖💕💝
Hila Vig (7 months ago)
She’s my favorite person I swear
Hila Vig (7 months ago)
+LittleLexiPro cause i love them both bb
LittleLexiPro (7 months ago)
Then why is your profile picture Melanie Martinez?
Not So Starry Night (7 months ago)
Star Simmer (7 months ago)
Out here theres 12 year old who r deppresed
Ninasimmerstar xox strange world.
Gemma Forster (7 months ago)
Her voice is so pretty!
The Shorty One (7 months ago)
I'm gonna cry she's too.... marry me.
Ioana Grosu (7 months ago)
Billie is just the real girl I ever see She's so natural
Sienna Kennington (7 months ago)
😍 looooovvveee follow her on instagram 😂😂🙏🏽
Kylie Ann Pollard (7 months ago)
Billie is so real! We need this! Love you x
Your Angel (7 months ago)
How can you not love this cutie ! Omg she's so adorable AHH ❤❤💕
Gracia YT (7 months ago)
Shes so Beautiful 😍
PercyJackson Fan (7 months ago)
singel uraty (7 months ago)
cute lil baby
Nikita Jay-lynne (7 months ago)
ok so now I'm waiting for the teens to react to this
Zaina Atif (7 months ago)
billie is so pure
Feiticeira (7 months ago)
So bill is guy
Anna Moriarty (7 months ago)
Why does Billie remind me of an older Riley from inside out
i love how people are still watching this
Gemma Forster (7 months ago)
The girl with the unexpectedly long name that has nothing to do with her profile pic your name is amazing
Ronald Jiménez Torres (7 months ago)
Gracias por los subtítulos en español :')
Mila Vaes. (7 months ago)
Ronald Jiménez Torres omg, fuiste mi salvación, estaba viendo el video sin subtítulos porque no sabía que tenía, JAJAJAJAJA, gracias!!!
Luv- B (7 months ago)
When I first saw her I was iffy about her, but now seeing here on this, I love her! She's so real!
Nina Hermoso (7 months ago)
“nah bro your on teens react your completely accomplished”
Jason Waghela (7 months ago)
Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish Reacts To Teens React To Billie Eilish
Erica F. Brun (7 months ago)
I’m confused
SP R (7 months ago)
She's strong and confident 👌
Macy G (7 months ago)
I’d do anything to be friends with her she seems so genuine
ホメキオM u s h (7 months ago)
precious sweet potato (7 months ago)
Beretta Bergz xD it would just keep on going
S A R A H (7 months ago)
Lance Pena (7 months ago)
she just 16??? *FBE* open the door! see what i did there? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Agent Sarcasm (7 months ago)
Ye, it's FBI tho
Eleni Rannis (7 months ago)
Ugh she’s so fine, help
Brendan Jager (7 months ago)
I love her personality👀
Dimity Bladen (7 months ago)
In only 11 minutes and 22 seconds I fell in love with Billie ☺️
theswamp84 (7 months ago)
They should of played you should see me in a crown
Taylor Madison (7 months ago)
I love her so much & I love how she didn’t take the comments negatively
HeyIt’sHim (7 months ago)
She reminds me of my cousin
Luis Sepulveda (7 months ago)
Lmao her point of view is so similar to mine
Saima _matilda (7 months ago)
Yaaassss QUEEEENNNN!!!
daisy j (7 months ago)
Marwan Nawabi (7 months ago)
Dalia Maldonado (7 months ago)
I just love her ughh shes so cute
Kang daniel is my daddy (7 months ago)
ugh we stan her
Danesa P (7 months ago)
Billie is beautiful
Ari G (7 months ago)
I.Love.Her. We all stan a queen
Kelly Sánchez (7 months ago)
ariana tiukinhoy (7 months ago)
Everyones early
Derreck Reyna (7 months ago)
Billie if ur reading this we love u so much and dont let people bring down on ur dreams we love u 💘
ItchySweater :3 (7 months ago)
The first song is my FAVORITE SONG
Evie Jessica (7 months ago)
Teens react to Billie eilish reacting to teens reacting to Billie eilish?
iSmael (7 months ago)
eu entendi td masoq diabos significa " i mosh"
YT Sheccid (7 months ago)
New favorite video!!!!!
jas (7 months ago)
she’s not even a year older than me and she’s one of my biggest inspirations lmfao. can’t wait to see how far she goes.
VC Channel (7 months ago)
she’s gorg
Cole Michel (7 months ago)
She wack. I fucken love her
Kiki the Freaky (7 months ago)
Teens react to Billie Elish reacts to teens react to Billie Eilish
yon zen (7 months ago)
+SassyBlakkkWoman and then. Teens react to Billie Eilish reacts to teens react to Billie Eilish reacts to teens react to Billie Eilish
SassyBlakkkWoman (7 months ago)
Kiki the Freaky and then. Billie Elish reacts to teens react to Billie Elish reacts to teens react to Billie Elish
Mėł (7 months ago)
Grace Liaw (7 months ago)
I’m like a year younger than her and she looks older than her age
Mėł (7 months ago)
Those people that got in the video and Billie reacted to them reacting to her are so freaking lucky OMG
Queen Shanna (7 months ago)
Damn she’s about a year and half older than me wtf. Is she still in school? Bc I can’t imagine going to school with her like Oml.
Jocelyn Serrano (7 months ago)
i LOVE her
Steve Talsma (7 months ago)
This girl is woke af
Looks at people watching this video because it popped up in their recommendations 1 week later 👀
Roberto tobias (7 months ago)
Do one of teens react to billie eilish reacting to them
Maya Jones (7 months ago)
React to the neighborhood!!!!♥️
Anna Shook (7 months ago)
Maya Jones I love them ahhh
Morgan (7 months ago)
Maya Jones yes
Charlotte Rose (7 months ago)
We need a teens react to Billie Elisha reacts to teens react to Billie Elish.
Jocelyn Serrano (7 months ago)
Victoria Crow (7 months ago)
iii axby (7 months ago)
I lobe Billie eilish! She's my favorite singer I love her songs and she is so pretty and amazing. I wish I could meet her one day. She has so much good advice. I love lovely and dontwannabeyouanymore and the rest of them
Mia Isabela (7 months ago)
Terrimoné (7 months ago)
Billie is so cute not even cute gorgeous creation
Ellohmia (7 months ago)
I love her :(((
Random Tutorials (7 months ago)
I remember she answer my question on instagram 😩😩😩
Abner vazquez (7 months ago)
bro she’s cute af
Maylie’s World (7 months ago)
Hi you can call me :v for reacting too
Hello My name is (7 months ago)
Billie is such a gangster
carly rose (7 months ago)
she seems like such a cool person and i would be her friend, PLUS SHE MAKES GOOD MUSIC OMGGGG EKBSJSKDBSOSHS
Diego Anturiano-Chavez (7 months ago)
I like Billie elsih and the way she said that anybody can be depressed cause I have depression and it’s a hardship
just me bethany (7 months ago)
I feel like if they all met each other they would just mutually geek out about meeting eachother
Autumn Dunavan (7 months ago)
She’s dope
Lana Morecy (7 months ago)
I’m eleven and I have anxiety and depression
Joan Ramirez (7 months ago)
Talk to someone
Mariana Facendo (7 months ago)
Have yall talked your parents? Or school counselor or fave teacher???
Kirstens life (7 months ago)
Bro im 11 and i have anxeity and depression wow im not the only one
Moonlights Here (7 months ago)
noOOoOoOoOoOoOo one asked or cares
alexandra cotut (7 months ago)
despacito is the answer
min yoongi’s bitch (7 months ago)
Skyla Bush (7 months ago)
I STAN BILLIE EILISH ❤️❤️❤️🤪🤪🤪🤪😆😆😆😆😇🙂💘💘💘💘
julio serrano (7 months ago)
She's so cool
Jayla Tello (7 months ago)
Make her surprise them!!
Billiegene (7 months ago)
xeno morph (7 months ago)
Aleiza Nicolas (7 months ago)
+Xavier Lunn I like the username
SiSteR ShOoK (7 months ago)
U mean u?
Xavier Lunn (7 months ago)
Says the one with that username 🙄🙄
MiluAS (7 months ago)
Wow she’s so sweet

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