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beFour - Magic Melody Lyrics

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beFour - Magic Melody Lyrics
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Text Comments (29)
Mrs Schokolade (1 month ago)
Habe ich vor 10 Jahre gehört 😂
Rafitrii Fitrii (5 months ago)
Lalalala magic.
HiP3R SniP3R (1 year ago)
I love this song Lalalalala the magic melody goes lalala
dark sendokai champions
Blerina Belsanskova (1 year ago)
A land of peace and harmony...;)
"MC" Walter (1 year ago)
i know no one is gonna answer but what became of time
Elina Olegovna Obeh (2 years ago)
Isn't there a song with the same instrumental called sing la la la???
Elina Olegovna Obeh (2 years ago)
+Ilove Servis Oh ok, thanks.
Ilove Servis (2 years ago)
+Elina Olegovna Obeh Dont know they just changed the words 
Elina Olegovna Obeh (2 years ago)
+Ilove Servis Why did they copy it?
Ilove Servis (2 years ago)
+Elina Olegovna Obeh ATC - All around the world
that sheep dork (3 years ago)
omg you have no idea how long i been looking for thus song!!
Emilia Iivari (3 years ago)
I know it's similar to Ruki Vverh's Pesenka but I still love this!
Yi Long Zhong (3 years ago)
I finally found this!!
jasmine jackson (3 years ago)
+Yi Long Zhong ikr!!!
KingdomHeartsBrawler (4 years ago)
It's interesting hearing all the different versions of this particular song - you have the original by Ruki Vverh!, the English rendition by ATC, a swanky '20s-style jazz cover by Max Raabe, and now this techno version by beFour... seriously, I think the mere fact that this song has been covered and reinterpreted so many times is a testament to how great it is.
Daniel Barnes (3 years ago)
+dsve lol ...Wut....?
dave lol (3 years ago)
just keep listening  the twilight  town song  and go back to kingdom Heart, Roxas!!!
interferoMatty (5 years ago)
diesen song find ich voll cool, vor allem wenn man parallel ATC Around the World laufen lässt^^ ....
Klein Kev (5 years ago)
dieser song ging mir voll auf de nerven :o -.- aber was heute kommt ist zum kotzen!! meine Nummer 1 ist & werden immer CH!PZ bleiben *-*
Carmen Ibrahim (1 year ago)
Die Ch!pz waren und bleiben die beste Band der Welt
hanspeter2210 (5 years ago)
so did Carolina Marquez with sing la la
ryan rad (5 years ago)
they stole pesenka beat from ruki vverh and so did atc... get real and write your own shit posers
XxBaNaNaBuNzxX (5 years ago)
Walter Mangione (5 years ago)
carolina marquez sing la la la feat flo rida
TheNothDiaries (5 years ago)
oh that brings me back
Angela Carraway (5 years ago)
luv it

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