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Chanell Heart: The Industry Prefers Black Girls with "White" Features

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http://www.vladtv.com - Chanell Heart opened up to VladTV about the obvious racial divide in the industry today, and she feels that producers use biracial actors more than Black ones. The famed actor also explained how she feels that biracial women with more white features get more opportunities, whereas she gets featured in strictly Black movies. During the conversation Chanell also spoke about interracial scenes predominantly being a White woman and a Black man. She said that she was told that White men buy a lot of the scenes and they like to see White men with Black women and not the other way around. Check out what else she had to say about the topic in the above clip.
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Text Comments (306)
inRX Setla (3 days ago)
A black girl with white features is a biracial girl? Americans are so dumb, probably never seen an east african girl 😂😂😂
tracks wod (2 months ago)
Just don't do porn. Let those white racist perverts degrade each other instead.
Chuckie Gravesfield (2 months ago)
these pornstars using big words to impress who exactly?
Jheri Curl Jankins (4 months ago)
Cassidy Banks ain't shit! Moriah Mills ain't shit! Alexis Texas (who actually is Puerto Rican btw) won't fuck black dudes on film but she goes on Howard Stern and talks about how one of her fantasies is to be gangbanged by the starting 5 of the L.A. Lakers. Yeah, that bitch ain't shit!
Top lad putin (7 months ago)
She's black because she eats more chicken than the average person. Smh
Drehgab (7 months ago)
And so does every other idustry unless they are playing a slave.
Lawrence V (1 year ago)
she eats chicken a lot... as in meat
David Fuller (1 year ago)
Did Vlad stop interviewing porn stars now. why they stop doing it
Chris Boyd (1 year ago)
I feel like this nigga vlad be lying with these questions like "Why a lot of black men like white women ?" Nigga white women don't even turn me on. I prefer black and latina women
hydrolito (1 year ago)
Lots of whites, Mexicans and Asians eat chicken never got comments about black people and chicken, except for vegetarians who doesn't eat chicken?
the adamant (1 year ago)
so she does porn judgmental fucks,
Paul Jonas (2 years ago)
To prove your blackness you say you like chicken and kool aid...hmmmm
sonpacho (2 years ago)
Why porn stars? I haven't listened to...rap (hip hop died a long time ago) in a LOOOOOONG time (10+ years) so I don't know (or care) who anyone is. I stumbled on these videos recently so I don't know anything about the host guy. Most of the interviews were with rappers or people in the music industry so I thought it was that type of channel but now I see porn stars and don't understand... Does his audience watch so much porn that they would know who these people are? Did some connection between porn/rap develop since I stopped listening? Is he getting paid to promote them? I just don't understand why he's interviewing porn stars...
tákyrá hates humans (2 years ago)
she also explains physical attributes, pay attention to everything not just some pieces
Phon Xieng (2 years ago)
if alexis texas is racist then explain why she does japanese porn
TheGoogler77 (11 months ago)
Oh well. She can fuck who she wants. Stop demonizing her for it.
Ca$H Vito (2 years ago)
She's gorgeous idgaf
shawn taylor (2 years ago)
Chanell's mentality and behaviour reflects the mentality and behaviour of too many blacks, wanting to be accepted and validated by the white race. This is how blacks collaborate with white supremacists in our own demise. To paraphrase Carter G. Woodson, "if you control a person's thinking, you do not have to tell him/her to go to the back door, he/she will do it on his own."
ccfunk1 (2 years ago)
Its companies shit that they get to continue to sell long after you are gone and they still get paid from it and you get nothing from that.
itslauragodwin (3 years ago)
lmaoooo peep at 5:52 her fingers fighting with that weave boy !! im so dead
Kyle Graham (3 years ago)
Yeah I hate that there's not enough people of color in the higher quality porn
sandra bebe (3 years ago)
Wow she's an idiot, she belongs in porn !
YoungKnoccOut (3 years ago)
This is what happens when black girls try to act WHITE. this is what you get when black woman arent conscious.
YoungKnoccOut (3 years ago)
this is why no one wants a daughter
Arthur Rimbaud (3 years ago)
Wesley Pipes: "...there's def not much interest in white guys with white girls..." Haha!  Yeah, okay, Wes...smh
Mo 2k (3 years ago)
Thot please. You did a confederate flag sex tape.
Darrell Evariste (3 years ago)
Slap in the face!   Vlad needs to hire her like Lord Jamar
Darrell Evariste (3 years ago)
Wait to do IR in my butt!!  LOL  classic! I'm laughing so hard my eyes are watering!
xldjvista (3 years ago)
Kool Aid and chicken bitch, really?
Justen Hopper (3 years ago)
Thot but I would still fuck though
Noobbitsyd - (3 years ago)
am i to late for dislike squaaaaddddd?
july95211 (3 years ago)
What they prefer is Biracial and Mixed race Girls; there is NO such thing as a light skin African; so-called lightskinned Girls with Caucasoid features are Biracials/ Mixed Girls.
Triple Stage Darkness (3 years ago)
There is such thing as a light skinned black American because they are an mixed ethnic group. You can't separate the light skinned from the dark skinned too much diversity. It's more to do with parentage and culture than skin colour.
M L (3 years ago)
She kinda look like brandy
skfj67 (3 years ago)
On the issue of white women not having sex with black men on film, from what iv'e heard over the past decade now, some white men don't wanna see that, it somehow dose not look right to them, and to the reverse some black men don't wanna see black girls with white men, to me PORN IS PORN , if it's hot  . . .then just fuckin go with it. Hot action is hot action regardless.
skfj67 (3 years ago)
i know this is'nt exactly related but it's in the area . . .we HOUSE HEADS had the same trouble back in the late 80's thru the 90's in NYC getting into certain nightclubs, it still gose on today and i left out that it went on back in the days of disco where black and latino gay men could'nt party with white gay men, i showed up at 2 spots back in the day(their closed now) and was told we don't play that type of music here and you could hear the music pumpin outside,a funny but serious video see YOU DON'T KNOW ME by ARMAND VAN HELDEN ,yo i never got into any confrontation at these places but others did and that's where (i think) Armand's inspiration came from for the track.
Dame the great 22 (3 years ago)
buy porn lol you crazy
Justin Walker (3 years ago)
Donald Clinton (3 years ago)
Why are we all gathered for this discussion. We are all little maggots consuming this garbage. if your black you should be disgusted and in awe, if your white you should be disgusted and shaking your head in awe.She is so sexy but on the other hand she is in porn, she should not be worrying about racial segregation in that industry. Please disgraceful bitch, this is why the media sees Minorities they way they do.she should have got avreal job than maybe she complain about something.
Kevin K (3 years ago)
All this time I thought I was white. But I guess my love for Kool Aid and Chicken has made me a black man... Holy shit! Now I can say the N word and not get funny looks!! 😃
CoolRex87 (3 years ago)
'Negro bed wench' getting poked by "Massa" 😂 😂 😭 #Dumbniggas
The Dalai Mami (3 years ago)
Vlad trying to fuck 😂
shamory small (3 years ago)
but will she do anal
potlovingchef14 (3 years ago)
Noone buys
Ryan Palmer (3 years ago)
The most intelligent thing this thot has said this whole interview was "different strokes for different folks", which was actually (unintentionally) quite clever.
BlackDynamite1983 (3 years ago)
If a black female pornstar tried to pull that "I'm charging more for ir" shit she would be blackballed. That only works with non blacks.
Stuntman Beatz (3 years ago)
She a no name
Dymez187 (3 years ago)
this bitch is a dingbat.
ScubaDude79 (3 years ago)
1:37 "Porn makes me sick because of that, you know, like that aspect of it"  What about...every other aspect?
freetownmkteer (3 years ago)
This chick just confined being black to kool-Aid and chicken and she wonders why black women are marginalized in her industry
Reign NewEra (3 years ago)
She's very pretty with such a nice skin compexion
platnum960 (3 years ago)
I finally understand why she went to porn because 'i'm obviously black because i like kool aid and eat fried chicken' bitch whet?!
pluckyduck11y (3 years ago)
Right off the bat they got it wrong. White male with black female is considered IR. Skin Diamond should know this. She's one of the most popular stars in porn and she's commonly in movies classified as IR. But it is stupid how they dont consider Hispanic or Asian with white as IR.
corey bendolph (3 years ago)
Vlad is the worst thing to happen to the net..this Mf don't do shit but interview porn Stars & Transgender people..then he compares this to hip hop idk y ...True Culture vulture @ it's best
AYEYO PHILLY (3 years ago)
where do i begin?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Don Killino (3 years ago)
why are we discussing this thotish behavior.
Orochi2345678 (3 years ago)
And she sounds so intelligent and well spoken, and then she mentions chicken and kool aid...SMH damn shame
KODED LUX (3 years ago)
Have y'all realised vLad the only person interviewing these pornstars.
brandon Sims (3 years ago)
The Black Yusuke (3 years ago)
Yoooo true story lol. I've been telling mfs this for a minute
Triple Stage Darkness (3 years ago)
It's a social thing though isn't it? It's not just a matter of belief. If you look at it real close some of the greatest African Americans were bi racial or very light skinned. Back then - you wouldn't bat an eye lid because of segregation etc.
brandon Sims (3 years ago)
MagnoliaSupreme (3 years ago)
Kniccas like porn but dislike pornstars😕. Go figure.
Eureka V (3 years ago)
23mrspattinson (2 years ago)
I rolled my eyes when she said that 🙄 poor girl
blackdragon6 (3 years ago)
How many people were NOT surprised by this? 😒
john d (3 years ago)
You black girls ain't black girls. You're white girls in black bodies. Ya'lls Titties ain't floating in the Nile. If you speak English, you're not trying to fucking real "Niggas," we all want the same type Bitch.
YPeezy (3 years ago)
She cute
dd1ee2vv3oo4nn5 (3 years ago)
Hey dumb asses if you like something you have to support it financially. Nothing wrong with watching tube sites but every now and then buy a DVD.
Shahla Muhammad (3 years ago)
So stupid...you eat chicken and like kool-aid so you a black girl..
E Haynes (3 years ago)
I think it's more of a fantasy of white girl and black guy for black and white ppl...That's why it's more of a niche.
Shasta Sweeper (3 years ago)
Please stop interviewing this slow girl !
Sauce gotti (3 years ago)
I'm starting my own Squad called the flag crew together we'll flag every video on vlad that we don't like who's down
Trollman Deuce (3 years ago)
"I drink koolaide... I eat chicken ALOT!" I stopped watching after that
Jonathan Gibbs (3 years ago)
She has no idea smh
Trollman Deuce (3 years ago)
Society fam.... There are times I just can't...
Jonathan Gibbs (3 years ago)
i did the same fucking thing at the point exactly.  
cold water (3 years ago)
Fuck you vlad im torn up inside knowing theres a girl under 18 watching this woman kick bullshit with a straight face and taking the wrong message. Imma dislike this shit till i die god!
Musa El (3 years ago)
In the words of J. Cole, "DON'T SAVE HER, SHE DON'T WANNA BE SAVED!"
Musa El (3 years ago)
+djvlad You know you just got her black/hood pass revoked? Can't even bust a nut to this bitch no more because all I can think about is the ignorant shit that comes out of her mouth. It so bad I don't even want to see brothers touch it anymore. She make a good bed wench though so im sure European Americans aka "whites" gonna support her but we're done with this simple bitch. I appreciate you exposing this dumb broad though.
HJKWILD100 (3 years ago)
this is stupid !!!!!!
Benji Jones (3 years ago)
Drinking kool aid and eating chicken makes you a black girl? No wonder this shit has more thumbs down than up.
dramabeatz33 (3 years ago)
no one gives a shit *dislikes video* moving on now...
CHA REE CHAN (3 years ago)
Chanell heart is that bitch that puts "No black men please " on back page
Pason Jayne (3 years ago)
Whatchu kno bout that backpage life lool
Mohamed A. Yusuf (3 years ago)
Classic: Great conversation with Chanell Heart: a very intelligent and independent woman!!!
Ryu Panther (3 years ago)
i would smash her to death but imma dislike this video.
Like if you came to dislike this
Milan sanchez williams (3 years ago)
Now muthafuckas in porn want some type of porn civil rights.
Wolfpack8706 (1 year ago)
Milan sanchez Williams I know right.
Milan sanchez williams (3 years ago)
Dumbest shit I've heard all day bruh ...I'm black.
E Haynes (3 years ago)
Stfu, spic....
ginssburg (3 years ago)
SMFH BRUH 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jordan Tripp (3 years ago)
God she is so fine
RugeR (3 years ago)
Had to retract my dislike... This is the first interview from her where she doesn't sound like a annoying, self absorbed, bimbo.
P. Curt (3 years ago)
Dislike squad only dislike videos with chicks in them...you niggas suspect 😅
teamsocom (3 years ago)
Ok buddy, lol.
Julio Thornberry (3 years ago)
Real Shit, 100
P. Curt (3 years ago)
The fact you actually believe in said movement makes you sus +teamsocom
teamsocom (3 years ago)
+P. Curt the whole movement of the Dislike squad went right over your head bro. You suspect. Take your head out the clouds.
Ryu Chase (3 years ago)
vlad is perved out
TheIntrovert83 (3 years ago)
Wtf does koolade and chicken have to do with being black?! This Auntie Tom bitch is a disgrace!
Wolfpack8706 (1 year ago)
Thank you.
Jamaal Windom (3 years ago)
rednecklowlife (3 years ago)
She is a cute black girl! Seems like she is cool and smart!
teamsocom (3 years ago)
129 fuck boys thumbs up this bitch. Dislike squad where the fuck you at? I'm here reporting for duty.
windinhishare (3 years ago)
I guess these bitches dont read YT comments or atleast look at the number of dislikes on their videos. If they did, they'll shut tf up with their stupid ass comments.
MrBlaq (3 years ago)
way too many likes.
coolbuddydude1 (3 years ago)
Did Vlad do her after?
DJ Vladkademiks (3 years ago)
only losers buy porn
DJ Vladkademiks (3 years ago)
Another day, another video, another dislike #life
tone j (3 years ago)
Alexis Texas can get it and I bet dough she fuckin black dudes all day all the time
E Haynes (3 years ago)
+Phoenix Ryz Alexis Texas is ugly asf....Especially without make-up
Dragon Luffy (3 years ago)
+Phoenix Ryz If Lex or some other black performer fucks her, I will shake my head. White pornstars will avoid black men in their prime and then when they're old crusty and wrinkled and shit they decide to do a interracial scene. That's shit is so disrespect to black men that it's not even funny. If's they don't fuck a black man in the first 2 years in the business then fuck em period.
reckless (3 years ago)
+Phoenix Ryz Lmsaoooooooooooo
tone j (3 years ago)
+Phoenix Ryz lmao
tone j (3 years ago)
Where do one apply for the dislike squad lol
kdc19941 (3 years ago)
WHYYYYY must you throw yourself in with these fucking stereotypes of koolaid and chicken cmon I felt bad for you for a second but damn
sandmanofchaos (3 years ago)
"I drink kool-aid and eat a lot of chicken, I'm a real black girl" Whatever you smoked before you came on camera, I want some.
Fygtree (3 years ago)
Why are there so many pseudo-intellectuals in the porn industry? I didn't realise it before these vlad interviews but they all seem to be trying to compensate for their poor career choice by forcing some lame, faux-sophisticated commentary.
anatsu (3 years ago)
all this nigga does is interview prostitutes
Jeremiah makaveli (3 years ago)
How did she go from supporting the white men confederate flag scene to this mentality? This can't be the same girl
Big Dick Clique (4 months ago)
Aaron The Thinker like a lot of black women.
Aaron The Thinker (6 months ago)
She likes white men , but hates white women.

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