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Mosfet Handbook iPhone App

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This app will guide you to know, choose, select and design your next board masterpiece using that mosfet you weren't remembering With Mosfets Handbook you will see the design, the kind and all the aspects of more than 16.000 mosfets, the application will provide the following info: Name and Code Maximum power dissipation (Pd) Maximum drain-source voltage (Uds) Maximum drain-gate voltage (Udg) Maximum gate-source voltage (Ugs) Maximum drain current (Id) Maximum junction temperature (Tj) Rise Time (tr) Drain-source Capacitance (Cd) Maximum drain-source on-state resistance (Rds) Package type (no image) Similar Datasheet online (requires an Internet Connection) You can also use the embedded search engine to search a mosfet for its name or power. The coverage of the mosfets is about the complete catalogue of the N-Channel and P-Channel. The series included are: 2N, 2P, 2S, 3L, 3N, 3S, 3U, 40, 4N, 5L, 75, 7N, 8N, A4, AL, AO, AP, AT, AU, BB, BF, BL, BM, BS, BU, BX, C2, CE, CP, DK, DM, EC, EF, EK, EM, F5, FA-FD, FK-FM, FQ-FT, FW, GF, GM, GW, H5, H7, H8, HA, HE, HI, HN, HP, HS,HU,IP,IR,IT,IX,J1-J3,JA,KF,KP,LK,LS,MC,ME,MG,MK MN, MP, MT, NC, ND, NI, NT, NU, NV, NX, OM, PH, PM, PN, PS, PT, R4-R6, R8, RA, RC, RF, RH-RM, RP-RX, RY, RZ, S2, SC, SD, SF, SG, SI, SJ, SK, SM, SP, SS, ST, SU, SI, TA, TF, TJ, TK, TN, TP, TT, U1, VB, VE, VH, VK, VM, VN, VW, WP, WT, XP, ZD, ZV, ZX. http://itunes.apple.com/app/mosfethandbook/id593303172?mt=8
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