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How to Make a Renaissance Style Drawstring Purse / Hat

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In Lesson 4 I'll show you how to make a simple drawstring style purse to go with your renaissance costume.
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tough evillover (2 years ago)
can you tell us how to make this? https://www.pinterest.com/pin/99219998012546715/
Naiko Sommery (3 years ago)
ooh, i like sso much ur originalrenaissance reticule! where can i buy reticules , from which shops?
MRLBEAST25 (4 years ago)
Making these now for the high school choir Renaissance Festival. Thanks!
Lisa Davidson (5 years ago)
I also added a 6" plastic canvas disk inbetween the two layers to make a stable bottom, and make it more like a reticule! ;) Thanks alot for the tutorial!!
simonewarrior (5 years ago)
I really like your video! If I might make a suggestion, after turning the fabric back right sides out the last seam I found could be easily hand sewn with a ladder stitch to actually hide the thread from view and give it a real clean look! Happy sewing! :)
Aidath (5 years ago)
What size eyelets did you use?
Sandra Reed (5 years ago)
I'm addicted to making these now!! Great tutorial, thank you.
iamchelsea87 (6 years ago)
If you decide to do another how to video I hope you will make a cloak.
iamchelsea87 (6 years ago)
I love your videos they are awesome, thanks so much. I already made the skirt and am going to make the shirt and purse/hat next.
kawaiililkatze (7 years ago)
Thank you so much. I used this to make a bag to go with my more gothic outfits. I added handles and by using a dinner plate as my circle I made a smaller version as a coin purse. This tutorial was very easily to follow.
mimi cc (7 years ago)
Very crafty!!! Looks easy to do too. Can't wait to try.
Ms. ASMaRvel (8 years ago)
Would you be able to make a tutorial on Arwen's red dress in Lord of the Rings? Or any dress of that sort? Thank you! I got the material but am so scared to take scissors to it! I've no idea what I'm doing! lol
Megan Rogers (8 years ago)
I think it looks good as a hat. :)

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