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VIZIO XRT132 TV Remote Control - www.ReplacementRemotes.com

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**NOTE** Prices in the video are subject to change at any time. - R.R. STAFF **Click below to order** Click here to buy this remote from our secured and trusted website: https://www.replacementremotes.com/vizio/buy-xrt132-basic-098003062670-tv-remote-control Product description The original VIZIO XRT132 Remote Control carries a 60-Days Warranty. Model: XRT132 Part Number: XRT132 Catalogue No.: 90593 This remote control controls units : TV Battery Required : CR2025
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CelticFreckles (10 months ago)
You've made remote control replacements much more interesting...lol. Seriously though, I just sent my direct tv control back to them and trying to set up an apple tv device so pulling out the original remote and it's not working.
ReplacementRemotes.com (9 months ago)
Thanks, if there is a remote you need I may have it.
Jacob Dix Dix (1 year ago)
Hahahaha this is pure comedy!! He pulls his old remote out from under his couch, scuffed as hell in the pictures btw, takes a few pics of the turd and tries to sell it to you for $20 used hahaha! New its $50 which is a huge mark up.....but the damn thing doesnt even have a menu button. Next time dont have your mom sing the company name at the end either

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