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Jonas Blue - By Your Side ft. RAYE

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New single Ft Liam Payne & Lennon Stella, 'Polaroid', out now:https://jonasblue.lnk.to/Polaroid  Album link: https://JonasBlue.lnk.to/BLUE By Your Side Feat. RAYE is out now http://po.st/_ByYourSide Follow Jonas Blue Online http://www.jonasbluemusic.com/ https://www.facebook.com/JonasBlueMusic/ https://twitter.com/JonasBlue https://soundcloud.com/jonasblue https://www.instagram.com/jonasblue Follow RAYE online http://www.raye-music.com/ https://www.facebook.com/raye/ https://twitter.com/raye https://www.instagram.com/raye/ https://soundcloud.com/arayeofcolours
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JonasBlueVEVO (1 year ago)
Watch this Best of Jonas Blue https://goo.gl/NX4fCG Watch this Jonas Blue - Live https://goo.gl/wMr77i Watch this Jonas Blue - Remix https://goo.gl/5raJWF
fauzal azmi (1 day ago)
Anuja Bhadoria (8 days ago)
Jonas blue come to India please please
THUG YOUTUBER (14 days ago)
This song is blowing in my house☺☺
Robson Homs (1 month ago)
Practice make perfect ... i learn to wrote, not to talked & i am not feeling shame but a litle bit insane ... so ... do we have any problem with jonah?, are you jonas it self?, i think thats true if you are the man, he is the man, isnt rite christoooo ...?
Chris CFC Evans (1 month ago)
+Robson Homs don't lie saying that you love Jonas blue because if you did you'd know how to spell the band name properly. It's Jonas blue not Jonah ok!!! Take the shame, and the walk of embarris, anyway I don't
Nitish Das (22 minutes ago)
Best song I have ever heard
Saksham Kawadiya (7 hours ago)
Cause baby,you're a firework ! Oh wait wrong song
norhan elyan (9 hours ago)
Halid Čaušević (1 day ago)
Halid Čaušević (1 day ago)
fauzal azmi (1 day ago)
its magicians
gadgetwala Mihir (1 day ago)
Anyone in 18 may 2019
cak kamto (1 day ago)
Si apa yang orang indonesia like
Mateusz G (1 day ago)
rihanna this is what you came for
SADMAN SAKIB (1 day ago)
Music, lyrics, vocal is really good. But the dance moves are disgusting and the expression of dancer made me vomit.
I love you
livia livia (2 days ago)
Wiktoria lubi tą piosenkę
ajay paraste (2 days ago)
Technical guruji🤣
Utkarsh Patil (3 days ago)
Come here because of sample music in Asus max pro m1
RemoteTVChannel (3 days ago)
Pajhoy Gayo (3 days ago)
Speednight Studios (4 days ago)
This is my fav song now, always usin it for ma vids
ساحر الحياة (4 days ago)
Ahahhaahahhhaahaa wowoowhwhwowhwhw i love
smok fizh (4 days ago)
this girl is weird af
Pedro Rodriguez (5 days ago)
The girl dancing is Raye ? She looks so different in the live performances :/
台南彭于晏 (5 days ago)
nobody care what year you are listening now
FIRSTX GGTI (5 days ago)
Nhật Minh (5 days ago)
great song !!! are you feeling like me ??? love from Viet Nam
Midori AvakinGachaღ (5 days ago)
.Quem veio pela Glenda Crow ???                       --- ---- --- ---- --- n sou mt fã dela,mas é mais pq a dell ( quem criou a parceria) falou mal da aryane :(((( mas eu gosto mt do canal dela msm assim
Aj StuDio (6 days ago)
Pes 2018 players just hear this with closed eyes....This is a great feeeeeeeeel
イエスマン (6 days ago)
ウイイレ 👍
Yudi Andriyan (6 days ago)
`°_•^ ♥2020♥ \•_•/ ◼✖◼✖ ????? ◼✖◼✖
Toonenough27 (6 days ago)
Who else thought the actor was the singer?
TD Berkeli (6 days ago)
khalisee ???
pak ustad (6 days ago)
Pes 2018
Maverik Fiedler (7 days ago)
This Video was published on my 16th Birthday and I instaly fell in love with it. I am still hearing this 24/7 one of the best Songs ever. Still love it for nearly 2 1/2 Years now, thank you!
nothing but trash (7 days ago)
i really hate myself for not checking out the artist from songs i love way sooner 😭
nothing but trash (7 days ago)
i could’ve followed raye for 3 years and see her grow and-
Sofyan Darwis (7 days ago)
From Malaysia? Hye
Ahmed Fathy (8 days ago)
I came from pes 2017 professional patch 😂😂
vinitha G (8 days ago)
Anuja Bhadoria (8 days ago)
Jonas blue this my favourite song of your's
Sebastian Dipanjan. (8 days ago)
Anybody...May 2019!!!!
弟子みかん坊や (8 days ago)
Big Smokton (8 days ago)
I found this masterpiece thanks to PES 2018
yong music (9 days ago)
11 may 2019 always with you janas blue love you bro
Muhammed Kiraz (9 days ago)
PES 2018 den gelenler +1 ;)
Max caulfield (2 days ago)
Ray (9 days ago)
I am so glad that YouTube recommended me this song today.....😆😆
Meshack Drake (10 days ago)
Who's here because of Dream League 2020
ZOMBBO E-SPORTS (6 days ago)
Your high af
Stephen Njuguna (6 days ago)
Dope! Amazing!
keizhahayfa (10 days ago)
MSR Yoked•Rabbit (11 days ago)
does sound a bit like sky full of stars by coldplay Coincidence? I THINK NOT!!!!!
Imam Svoctarina (11 days ago)
Peler kuda
Anonymous 2019 (12 days ago)
Optimis Maju (12 days ago)
CP. JEERAPUN (13 days ago)
Rahul Tiwari (13 days ago)
How this song do not have atleast 1 billion views.
Desy Ayu (13 days ago)
May 2019 ?
lone wolf (14 days ago)
PES 2018 bring me here 😂😂
Doge (14 days ago)
this is really underrated idk why
PES 2018
THUG YOUTUBER (14 days ago)
Who is come here to see comment box (hit the like)👍👍
Fitri Yuliyanti (14 days ago)
Jonas blue is so talented...almost all his song is My Mood booster well done
youtunic youtube (14 days ago)
Melhor musica
Gara Salas López (15 days ago)
Pes 2018 aunque estoy en 2019
方梓贻 (15 days ago)
I like pes2018
Who is from Japan!!
聖戦のボール (16 days ago)
日本人…?( 'ω')/
the truth is i rlly like the song but the women dancin o_o sorry i dont like the video but i like the song :D
Ida Hih (10 days ago)
I was trying to find this comment from the comments cause i was thinking the same thing😂😂😂
+Aman Kaushik i know right
Aman Kaushik (15 days ago)
luciana castellanos arias EXACTLY!😂
Huệ Phương (19 days ago)
from douyin :)
By Dijo (19 days ago)
Eski sevgilim ile bunu dinlerdik I miss you my sweat 😢
lavisha (19 days ago)
April 2019??
Aulia Aulia (19 days ago)
Wow is good song BY YOUR SIDE is emaizing ilove it
Mahmud Hussain (19 days ago)
Here after finding it in my Asus smartphone....
Geryl Marconi (19 days ago)
I'm here 'cause of PES 2018...
ラモスセルヒオ (19 days ago)
I'm Japnese
John HanyFuN (20 days ago)
Who is coming from pes 2018😂😂
Bruno A (20 days ago)
who listen this song on ASUS ?
Bruno A (20 days ago)
who listen this song on ASUS ?
Aryaman Sharma (21 days ago)
If a game is what led so many people to this masterpiece, imma buy every video game there is. Gonna rob a bank now brb.
OS_CORPION_OS (11 days ago)
how did it go bro ? i'll help for 10% :P
Dava Qolby (21 days ago)
I Miss PES 2018 song
Sean Johansson (21 days ago)
Powerful (^^,)
Sean Johansson (21 days ago)
Toni Rozano (21 days ago)
Głosuj na jonasa brothersa
Wisdom AGAYI (21 days ago)
This song remind me of my holidays in Tanzania where I met good friends from Ireland. Nice song
Whenever I hear this, I hear Pro Evolution Soccer 😌😌 I know, I know, I'm a simple man 😅😊.
Kukuh Nugroho (6 days ago)
Nope, i play FIFA broo
Abdiaziz Sheikh (13 days ago)
Nostalgic😍 PES 2018
jordan s (22 days ago)
Damn school ! Asus phone user can understand
reis kocher (22 days ago)
1:18 floss
comedy world (22 days ago)
I am from Delhi I love this. Song
Kamil Zug (22 days ago)
the best song from Jonas Blue
Pao_MB (22 days ago)
wau que buena
veersen singh (22 days ago)
From india🇮🇳❤️❤️
Romeo Zalzarah (22 days ago)
2019?? Press your like button
Umang Sehgal (22 days ago)
Keep me by your side 👫
HAIDAR 21 (22 days ago)
Lovely ❤❤❤
Ravishankar V (23 days ago)
Anybody here after Listening to Pes 2019 songs and realised and came to listen Pes 2018 songs
Kishor Krishna (22 days ago)
남시은 (23 days ago)
Tomas Arancibia (23 days ago)
PES 2018?
El Portuguez (23 days ago)
this music have copyright?
Faiz Bahari (24 days ago)
INDONESIA , kami mendengar ini seperti iklan ulang tahun NET TV ❤️
Faiz Bahari (21 days ago)
Waaah aku baru tau tuh iklan marjan
Dava Qolby (21 days ago)
Iklan Marjan x ah
Dava Qolby (21 days ago)
Deeksha Vyas (24 days ago)
So underrated.
Bumblebee Channel (24 days ago)
PES 2018😘
Juliaeany Silva (24 days ago)
Pes 2018 ,♥♥♥♥
Tshering Subash (25 days ago)
It's my favourite song luv it ❤❤❤
Vgfbjvd5 Higukjgukk (25 days ago)
I love this song 30 may in singapore gesps school i am doing dance on the stage by this song😀 soo cool you come😁 to see your chlid i hope you like it💕

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