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Jonas Blue - By Your Side ft. RAYE

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New single Ft Liam Payne & Lennon Stella, 'Polaroid', out now:https://jonasblue.lnk.to/Polaroid  Album link: https://JonasBlue.lnk.to/BLUE By Your Side Feat. RAYE is out now http://po.st/_ByYourSide Follow Jonas Blue Online http://www.jonasbluemusic.com/ https://www.facebook.com/JonasBlueMusic/ https://twitter.com/JonasBlue https://soundcloud.com/jonasblue https://www.instagram.com/jonasblue Follow RAYE online http://www.raye-music.com/ https://www.facebook.com/raye/ https://twitter.com/raye https://www.instagram.com/raye/ https://soundcloud.com/arayeofcolours
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JonasBlueVEVO (1 year ago)
Watch this Best of Jonas Blue https://goo.gl/NX4fCG Watch this Jonas Blue - Live https://goo.gl/wMr77i Watch this Jonas Blue - Remix https://goo.gl/5raJWF
Yeremi Miranda molina (8 days ago)
JonasBlueVEVO ooooooo
Emily Pellegrini (1 month ago)
Dewi Rachmi (1 month ago)
+Nathan van Eijk di vu dalam hal nomor! Investasi
Pratik Warekar (2 months ago)
I heard this song before playing pes.... But pes made me addictive to this song
Tallyta Luna (2 months ago)
Chrisanthima Fernando (1 hour ago)
Marcelo Silva cardoso (4 hours ago)
Esta musica e show
RCK 11 (5 hours ago)
Backsound PES 2018 good
PES 2018( I LOVE YOU)♥️♥️♥️🎵🎵🎵
Yapi TNX (13 hours ago)
doge lieks cookies (13 hours ago)
Just somebody who hasn't come from PES passing through
võ dinh (18 hours ago)
Pes 2018 đã đưa t tới đây
Bagus Adi Prayugo (22 hours ago)
December? Who?
gangster keely (1 day ago)
health is wealth (1 day ago)
Keep me by side by by side by by your side keep me by your side 😘
Naison Shava (1 day ago)
Kp me by yo side luvin it
Zaki Benali (1 day ago)
pes 2018
Abdulazizz xx (1 day ago)
Throw back to 2016 :(((
Beti Rudolf (1 day ago)
zahin naufal25 (1 day ago)
1 days for pes 19 👇Thumbs up
Tech science (1 day ago)
This song deserve more view
Farah Nuraisyah (2 days ago)
Saya bingung, lagu berkualitas begini kok viewer nya sedikit??? 🤔🤔
Farah Nuraisyah (22 hours ago)
+Ari Andi masa iya YouTube salah ngitung ya . Hahhaa
Ari Andi (1 day ago)
makan nya itu gua juga bingung
dilip jain (2 days ago)
scattered hearts*
dilip jain (2 days ago)
1:42 ......... scattered glass ....... its beautiful
it it (2 days ago)
くるみん (2 days ago)
สอดอ วะ
arya ghazzy (3 days ago)
wow amazing song
vishwas kushwaha (3 days ago)
The video is shitty but the song is good.
Pensei que fosse a RHIANNA que cantasse essa música
Tito One (3 days ago)
pes 2018
Arya Firmansyah (4 days ago)
Pes 2018 😊😁😍
fizardi rifai (4 days ago)
by no buy ? rite
oyun portalı (4 days ago)
İ from Azerbaijan.Hellooo🤗
Muhammad Akroma (4 days ago)
i like this song.
ahmed_meshi (4 days ago)
_Angel _ (4 days ago)
Uwielbiam tą piosenkę 😍
Rezandy Yossy (5 days ago)
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Manash Jr (5 days ago)
Sherelyn Nn (5 days ago)
where is it? can someone tell me the location where they are make this video?
Sherelyn Nn (5 days ago)
in 01:23
Chief Choose (5 days ago)
#2018❓♣🔻 #DECEMBER💢🎵🎧🎶 ________________________ #Anyone❓❗❓❗♥
brajesh moorthy (6 days ago)
Keep me by your side Keep me by your sid Keep me by your si Keep me by your s Keep me by your Keep me by you Keep me by yo Keep me by y Keep me by Keep me b Keep me Keep m Keep Kee Ke K
Afternoon bot 123 (6 days ago)
Wow a great song
Mohd Muzrb (6 days ago)
ممكن اسم المغنيه ابليييييييز
Taeguk Jams (4 days ago)
Debora Souza (6 days ago)
Abhi Singh (7 days ago)
Pes long live
Eloi Santos (7 days ago)
Diyar kumek (7 days ago)
where this channel abone time bro :)
Risonete Franacisca (7 days ago)
Linda musica
Diyar kumek (7 days ago)
clean :)
Sabrina L (7 days ago)
My heart 💜
Doni Suitela (7 days ago)
Good song while i'm choosing my player at PES 2018
Carmela Lucy (7 days ago)
Lailatus Suraya (7 days ago)
I love this song
SARJANA Gaming (7 days ago)
Desember 2018?
Simranjit Kaur (8 days ago)
She shouldn't have danced😂
Cristiane Santos (8 days ago)
Pes 2018💞💞💞💞💞
Rizaki Zanuardi (8 days ago)
What is this dance ? Water Bender ? Hahahahah
Loredan 824 (8 days ago)
*I'm from Romania and I love this song* 🇷🇴💙💛♥
Asif Khan (8 days ago)
who is here at 29th February 3600 and will come here at 3601 again?
Ud S. (8 days ago)
Jonas Blue...he just cant go wrong can he?! WHAT A TUNE!!!
Very good
Hafiz Azza (8 days ago)
PES 2018 thank youu 💕💕💕🙇🙇
zcasanovaz Jesus (8 days ago)
Reall __Agy (9 days ago)
cool 😉
PKR TV (9 days ago)
Pes 18
Paris Drummond (9 days ago)
Around 2 mins in it reminds me of black ops 3 zombies . Just me . Yes . Ok . Bye 🥴😊😁
elvis Vitor (9 days ago)
Pes 2018
gangster keely (9 days ago)
Baru Dítě (9 days ago)
Dobrá písnička
Fina janessa21 (9 days ago)
Matthew Gatrell (9 days ago)
Such an underrated song
mahpuza sapna (9 days ago)
Adam Ynwa (10 days ago)
Azfa GARUDA (3 days ago)
Adam Ynwa 13 Dec
Daniel Sanchez (10 days ago)
Valla quien diría que esta canción tan bonita sale en el Pes 19 Ja like si sabes 🤙
M Zhafir (10 days ago)
PES 2018🔥🔥🔥
XXTool (9 days ago)
Jerry park (10 days ago)
Worst music in PES2018 : (
MRしょーた (11 days ago)
主税 (10 days ago)
( ´・ω・`)っはんかち
Linkon Panda (11 days ago)
Pes 2018..??
SHAHIDA P P (11 days ago)
Pes 2018💥💥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Daniel Red (12 days ago)
Moic Arballo (12 days ago)
Pes 2018 <3
galih agusti (12 days ago)
2018 ??
roby Gobbo (12 days ago)
Che bella canzone
POOMY ROCKY (12 days ago)
Jean mer (13 days ago)
Pes 18
Jordon Olsen (13 days ago)
I'm here because it's a great song
seema nargis sultana (13 days ago)
Tara Love (13 days ago)
2019? Hahaha
かっこよすぎる :D
Keep me by your side ❤❤
FourMinutes (14 days ago)
Banyak yg comments pes 2018
Hady Abd Almoaty (14 days ago)
Arjun Marc (14 days ago)
November 2018😍 Anyone ?
hager kamui (15 days ago)
i love this soundtrack <3
Sufi (15 days ago)
Heard this from PES😍
Selma Cherzy (15 days ago)
I love this song and 2016👄❤👄❤❤🇩🇿
Killian Borms (15 days ago)
A Person (16 days ago)
sidharth Pv (16 days ago)
Pes 2019 is comming
Ishaq Naim (16 days ago)

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