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The Biggest Ass in Brazil

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A few years ago we went to Brazil to find the Watermelon Woman, who has arguably the largest and most impressive ass on the planet. Hosted by Harry Cheadle | Originally released in 2009 at http://vice.com Watch The Real, a brand new series by VICE: http://bit.ly/The-Real Subscribe for videos that are actually good: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://www.youtube.com/user/vice/videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (15054)
Jace Harnage (1 hour ago)
You haven't seen mine, and it's all natural!
romario aklilu (1 day ago)
imagine if she farts ............
Tony Ace (1 day ago)
Pearl Chiappine (2 days ago)
Go to Miami she has nothing!!!!
Louis Sebastiane (2 days ago)
4:03 the best place to park my cock
Light Moe (2 days ago)
I cant read the translaition and look at her ass at the same time
skalante55 (3 days ago)
18 million views of researchers from around the world hahaha
the detroit (3 days ago)
Where is her porn video
Blake Williams (3 days ago)
Biggest “white” Brazilian ass- there, fixed it.
ssabmud people (4 days ago)
she isn't good looking at all and to be honest her ass isn't that great
Ana the Guy (4 days ago)
This size of butts is okay, but if you enlargen it, then you better go back to the hentai realm
She's pretty too. And she looks very friendly.
Frank Baumann (4 days ago)
So you may be a useless American but speak for your self you America hating fuck bags.
Jemmie Xie (4 days ago)
maarij hassan (4 days ago)
Do one on biggest tits!
How she taking about her ass in front of a person that she does not even know
Nash Nasha (5 days ago)
Her ass would not stand out in Tesco
constanta262 (5 days ago)
No one is here to listen to what you have to say slut
Alexander Wunderling (6 days ago)
wtf is this
Dralora (6 days ago)
It's a little embarrassing to be Brazilian when all that people know about our country is stuff like this.
Ricky Davis (6 days ago)
Damn VICE this sum fuck shit
MIK3 W3ST (6 days ago)
Her ass looks stanky
bionik Cruz (6 days ago)
i con ese dinero se esta haciendo las uñas y el culo! que ricooo!
Justin Taylor (7 days ago)
Groundbreaking journalism, Vice. Harry Cheadle looks like he died inside a long time ago.
Rushi waghmare (8 days ago)
porn fuckboys thinks bigg ass means having 600$ surgery ass..... she is all natural so stfu
Lucy Ckyfile (8 days ago)
Qim is number 1
AMOL RATHOD (8 days ago)
Too much knowledgeable series to handle......
this feels very superficial.
housecat442 (8 days ago)
Very nice one on her
zap Branigan (8 days ago)
Her thighs are bigger than her ass
doointhedoo (9 days ago)
yeah I've seen black Brazilians with rounder, bigger asses than that. She's more like a "cantaloupe woman" than a "watermelon woman".
BLAQK ! (9 days ago)
_What the hell!_ 👀👎
How is that the biggest ass on Brazil. Damn, even here in Turkey 1 out of every 40 woman would fucking destroy her ass.
Peace Lover (9 days ago)
And suck my dick and let me fuck your ass
Jutas Jutas (10 days ago)
This is not what I subscribed to Vice for! lol
Lenny Tompkins (10 days ago)
That is a really nice ass, BTW.
日本の名前Mr. (10 days ago)
I came here to study about stuff leave me alone
Bigni Ggamemes (11 days ago)
Not even a minute into the video and Vice attacks Americans for literally no reason
Sebastian Boudreaux (11 days ago)
I would put my mouth in that ass boy.💦💦💦🔥👍
Selly Chia (12 days ago)
Airgun Geek (12 days ago)
Damn Nina got ass too
MrsRickSanchez (12 days ago)
I don't get it. Her butt looks like your average normal fit one🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️.
Todd Toure (12 days ago)
C'mon, This is NOT THE BIGGEST ASS, Not even Close. Plenty Sisters out here with WAY JUICIER, Round and mega fatt.
Knives (13 days ago)
Krazz mash (13 days ago)
My butt is way bigger
Earl Rogers (14 days ago)
I'd bet that with 3 months of daily training, she could easily bench 500lbs, and squat a camel lololol
Waffle T (14 days ago)
turn on the caption to english 😂😂
bryan_wenhe (14 days ago)
the person at the intro looks like godam cb shit ass pervert retarted af
Grey Agrein (14 days ago)
i think so
Hindustani (14 days ago)
who came here for the hot ass
El Ali (14 days ago)
She is not aware that her ASS is Average. Ha ha. Very funny these Brazilian Divas. They want Afro Asses. That's one Asset they have to REALLY work at. As you can see.
Mojtaba Mombeyni (15 days ago)
if ur going yellow then at least be good at it that ass is not big ffs
Max Bart (15 days ago)
Greatest video ever😀
Hans M (15 days ago)
She definitely has some steroid features to her. She obviously works out and is gaining an unnatural muscle mass in the shoulders and thighs. But anyway i'm a fan of a big ass and feel unnattraced to her. I prefer a shapely smaller frame female, so in other words a more feminine female lol.
mich sles (15 days ago)
..and vice loves being pretentious junkie cunts.
Saimen Arthofer (15 days ago)
Reginald Richmond (15 days ago)
I seen bigger asses at my gym!
josh stamps (16 days ago)
John Dunham (17 days ago)
They couldn't have chosen a creepier dude for this lmao
Jose Fontanez (17 days ago)
Yes i SEEN MUCH BIGGER...!!! But at the SAME TIME you GOT to GIVE her credict that she HAVES a NICE ROUND NO stretch marks and dimples EVERY WHERE...!!! Not SAYING there's SOMETHING WRONG with THAT but that do COUNT GUYS...!!! Ya KNOW I'm FUCKING RIGHT...!!! Ya want SOMETHING like this or SOMETHING REAL BIG but ALL sloppy dimples with stretch MARKS EVERY WHERE...!!! Blacker as more DOWN...!!! COME ON MAN...!!! Give me this one ALL FUCKING DAY... Ya COULD stay with "PINKY" FROM PORN HUB...!!! 😂😂😂💯💯💪💪...
Mario Quinones (18 days ago)
A big ass is nice to look at but it doesn't mean the pussy is any good.
Dylan Odenthal (18 days ago)
2018 anyone
Bushwacken Bubba (18 days ago)
Big Ass is Black Thang! Our women have the biggest and most beautiful asses in the world, hands down! This is a bullshit video!
GuillotineStare (18 days ago)
Imma say, in 2012 maybe this is something worth documenting. In 2018, shes just anther instaThot
Renee Barnes (18 days ago)
*Lоoкing for а girl for seх?* *Уоu herе ►* http://youteen.online/sex?x=AYA9twQXBq8 💪
Zdanivsky (18 days ago)
At least this woman is friendly and has a personality. Try and carry out a conversation with an American woman of the same stature and see if you get half as far with her as VICE did with this woman.
ChefGiovanni (19 days ago)
This was suggest because i eat a lot of watermelon. That ass is way to fat for me. I could train her t the gym, like shape it tight. The watermelon recipe gets me hard fast ; https://youtu.be/NaUgHA5bi0o (youtube video link)
mehmedalija111 (19 days ago)
i love to fuck that bitch in ass
gxd000 (19 days ago)
tfw my gf has an ass like that
sensualeye (19 days ago)
Matheus Game Playd (20 days ago)
Me is brasilian
Regelwerke 93 (20 days ago)
14:03 This is, ahhhh, for a friend
Tim Hill (20 days ago)
I would still give her a rim job
yoder bird (20 days ago)
i take strange comfort in knowing that somewhere, out in the great ether of the beyond, a person makes a living off of having a giant ass.
adnan tariq (20 days ago)
An inspiration to all the scattered ass all over the world. #metoo moments bitches, take notice.
Serenity Autumn (20 days ago)
mines bigger than that and it’s all natural....
Raymond Sawe (21 days ago)
Eudoxie from Ghana has 60 inches of man eating ass and an impossibly skinny waist for her size....Top that Brazil.
Ropeman Muzik (21 days ago)
I live in Miami.... her butt is like a 4 on a scale from 1 to 10 down here
Be Big (22 days ago)
Im 13 my friend is 12 and has a bigger butt than this girl.
Rodger benson (22 days ago)
she should be used by NATO forces to get isis out ..
FJ707 (22 days ago)
watermelon woman is thick but I've seen thicker ladies than her with a pretty face but she can get tho
Chris Kelly (23 days ago)
My girls is bigger and better than that wish I could post a picture
Alfonse Catiis (23 days ago)
fuck it up🤪
Jayden Harris (23 days ago)
lostin translation (23 days ago)
Also it looks more thigh than ass just saying
lostin translation (23 days ago)
It looks normal size to me compared to all the fake asses we’re constantly shown
MY Boring Life Videos (24 days ago)
WTF i just watched
Smog of Chernobyl (25 days ago)
HAHAAA!!!!! finally someone said that "americans love just being fat sacks of useless shit" That's 100% truth
LMA TV lovemyall.com (25 days ago)
Me You (25 days ago)
What a claim to fame in life.......... living off a body part that you sit on and shit out of. Such talent. Bet you that mutt can't even read or write. Fucking mutt
The changling 101 (25 days ago)
abdelilah Atlas (26 days ago)
Please go to Puerto Rico and Africa see real asses
Desmond Low (26 days ago)
The vibration is so strong I can even feel it in Singapore
Jordan wang (26 days ago)
I mean any average black ass can beat this anyday. I guess the title should be the woman who has a big but beautiful ass, cuz there's lot's of woman out there who's ass are bigger than hers
likeakid_qwe (27 days ago)
I’ve seen gurls at my school with a bigger ass than that
K.G. B. (27 days ago)
Is there a reasons to put down Americans in the intro?
Afro Goon (27 days ago)
Come to South Africa, you'll see big butts.
Sin Siner (27 days ago)
mama mia mrnjauuuuuuuu :) chikitaaaaa
Taran Jenkins (28 days ago)
Taran Jenkins (28 days ago)
Wow! I can’t believe vice hired harry “child molester” chiedel! This guy spent time in jail for touching children! Whats wrong with you, vice?!

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