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Black Slave Owner and Breeder in South Carolina ~ The Interesting Story of William Ellison

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https://www.facebook.com/hiddencolumbia/videos/10150197461001481/ ....William Ellison was one of the wealthiest men in the South as well as being a black, former slave. He owned cotton gins, plantations, and 68 slaves. And from accounts of the time, he wasn't very nice...At the peak of slavery in the United States, large numbers of free Negroes owned black slaves; in fact, in numbers disproportionate to their representation in society at large. In 1860 only a small minority of whites owned slaves. According to the U.S. census report for that last year before the Civil War, there were nearly 27 million whites in the country. Some 8 million of them lived in the slaveholding states. The census also determined that there were fewer than 385,000 individuals who owned slaves. Even if all slaveholders had been white, that would amount to only 1.4 percent of whites in the country (or 4.8 % of southern whites owning one or more slaves, however, around 30% for free blacks owned slaves). In the rare instances when the ownership of slaves by free Negroes is acknowledged in the history books, justification centers on the claim that black slave masters were simply individuals who purchased the freedom of a spouse or child from a white slaveholder and had been unable to legally manumit them. Although this did indeed happen at times, it is a misrepresentation of the majority of instances, one which is debunked by records of the period on blacks who owned slaves. These include individuals such as Justus Angel and Mistress L. Horry, of Colleton District, South Carolina, who each owned 84 slaves in 1830. In fact, in 1830 a fourth of the free Negro slave masters in South Carolina owned 10 or more slaves; eight owning 30 or more.
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Anthony Stanton (8 hours ago)
As a black man,If it wasn't for the role that Africans played in the trans Atlantic slave trade there probably wouldn't be a single black person in America,these are the ones that sold us out. And anyone of us could have been from a tribe that engaged in the trans Atlantic slave trade by capturing other Africans and selling them to slave traders who imported us to America etc. As black ppl our problem has always been a case of black on black victimization starting in Africa just as it is today in America. So how proud are you now about your African,and native American Indian heritage, because Indians we're also slave owners and produced cazillions of babies with African women,which is why so many of our have Indian blood in them.
Anthony Stanton (9 hours ago)
Hold it, hold it,as a black man.Have you ever thought about what the Africans did to each other in the jungles of Africa ? Well brutal black on black slavery had been a common practice for 1,000's of years. And tribe's like the Dahomey African warrior kingdom became dirt wealthy by selling cazillions of Africans to Arab Muslims,and Dutch slave traders who imported them to various countrys.So the Africans who were enslaved in America we're first enslaved in Africa by Africans. And if you think that was bad the first slave owner in America was a black man,and if you think that was bad,there were 3,775 free black slave owners in the South. And if you think that was bad, Some of the native American Indian tribe's we're brutal slave owners, which is why most of our ppl have Indian blood in them. The good news though,is that white abolishnes ended slavery in America and Europe.And instead of showing appreciation we denounce them as racist and demand reperations !
Darin White (12 hours ago)
White people will try all types of shut to take they asses out the fire you Jews and Arabs got it coming now it may not be from us but the universe knows wuz up 💯
Majestic (19 hours ago)
My greatest wish is that white people become enslaved and experience the EXACT same shit that they burdened black people with.
Marjorie Tillman (21 hours ago)
One or two black families trying to exploit this horrible sin, will NEVER whitewash it from the white man’s hands. Heaven has witnessed the millions of lynchings, beatings, rapes, throwing of dead bodies into the ocean over 4 centuries during the middle passage. And the black soldiers who were murdered on the spot who tried to surrender as pows to the South during the Civil War. And certainly no record of slaves who were murdered for 400 years with the blessings of white law enforcement by ordinary white citizens who claimed blacks were acting uppity towards them. So you tell Blacks to stop talking about Slavery, while you do EVERYTHING you can to go about revising it, editing it, leaving out the truth and even teaching the next generation that Blacks came here as immigrants, which is such a bald face lie. Yes, you don’t want Blacks to talk about History because they tell the truth, while you will be dishonest about it. You can’t accept the great evils of the past and how many whites have benefited from that past, therefore, you are certainly not going to own up to any collective racial thinking either! Only 4% of whites may have owed slaves, but they encouraged the remaining poor racist whites to help do the killings, slave catching, supervising telling them they were still superior to blacks. That’s why racist thinking is pasted on. You won’t teach any contributions of Blacks in the history books, but get angry if they have to learn it by studying African African History. You only want the good things that whites have done past ed down, only pass down negative things about Blacks, hence your racist mind!!!
gapeach14 (1 day ago)
I don't believe this especially when it's coming from a white person...White people try to take the fact that their ancestor probably owned slaves out of their conscious because it makes them uncomfortable so they try to project a situation like this back on to us to make themselves feel better.
Isaac Willis (1 day ago)
Slavery started long before a handful of inbred white folks built plantations in N. America.
Danny Montes (1 day ago)
No se henojen conmigo hermanos me gusta ber todos estos bideos con respeto como se lo merecen porque en esta tierra bendita todos somos hermanos cuanto me duele de ber el sufrimiento que todas sus jeneraciones pasa hique Dios los tenga en su santa groria sus almas no crean que hami megusta ber estos bideos yo soy un ser humano que siento todo el dolor de todos sus antepasados 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🌏🌏🌏🌏🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊🕊Gracias que La Paz este en sus corazones ♥️ Dios lesbediga cienpre sus familias
Didi Vreedzaam (1 day ago)
Of course you have such black people among us there are many more of that kind today jesse lee peterson is one of uncle tom are their names all of them who live with white women their punishment is in God's hands Deuteronomy 7: 3
M L (1 day ago)
The whites look at this as a way to redeem their ancestors sins.
nthnpark0 (1 day ago)
M L That's the point. To twist facts around to pass blame. It doesn't matter to them what half-truths, distortions and outright lies they have to tell.
Mark Pedroza (2 days ago)
History humbles you.
nthnpark0 (1 day ago)
Mark Pedroza And that's why the people behind this video had to twist and distort facts for their agenda of trying to pass blame. Fortunately, there are many people like myself who see what they're trying to do and call them out on it.
Xnathious Crisillian (2 days ago)
White folks tell nothing but lies straight face from old ass grand paw to grand maw they lie so much there breath smells like shit.
Bushwacken Bubba (2 days ago)
Either he was a genius or the rest of those white slave owners were all idiots! One moment he was a slave and the next his got 68 slaves. I guest the slaves were free for former slaves!!! Black brothers and sisters we need to challenge all these bullshit stories that pops up behind political motives! These people have been lying to us for four hundred years and about everything!!! The United Nations has judged that the US owes descendants of slaves trillions of dollars, and now we are told by them, the former slave masters, that the first slave owner and the largest slave owner was a black man masquerading as his former master! A story unheard of 20 years ago! All lies once again!!!
antitribaliste (2 days ago)
The first black conservative.
Aniyah di Lioness (2 days ago)
Judgement Time for all the wicked !!!! 🔥🔥 👏🙌
Propaganda!!!! I don't fault white or black slave owners because it was written in the Bible that this would happen because of our disobedience, The Most High allowed our enemies to rise up against us (but only for a season). FYI...you must first read with understanding who the true Isrealites were to understand the curses that were put on them. FYI ..not the Jews as the world has been decieved into believing because we don't read the Bible for ourselves. None the less what I do have problem with is the white man is the most devilish creature to ever roam this earth and they ALWAYS find a way to try to diminish their role in anything. That sure sounds like a serpent to me! Sad part is most of them believe their own illusions of "good" in their minds. It's going to be a sad day when they leave this world and meet their TRUE maker.
Sherri Solomon (3 days ago)
What proof do these people have that this guy wasn't a BIRACIAL men that may have inherited his slaves from his White father. Wht wasn't he buried with the White or Black people that had expired.
nthnpark0 (2 days ago)
Sherri Solomon Different tribes looked out for themselves, there was no sense of "we are all black, we are all African" at that time, especially if other tribes were your enemies. If you were a tribe and whites approached you offering guns and telling you that your enemies next to you were also getting guns from them, you'd probably accept the whites' solicitation too. Native Americans had the same thing. " *The increased rise of the gun-slave trade forced the other tribes to participate or their refusal to engage in enslaving meant they would become targets of slavers.* " https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_among_Native_Americans_in_the_United_States
Sherri Solomon (2 days ago)
nthnpark0 I hate to say it but I can't look over the fact that there were African Tribes that willingly helped with the situation as well. In fact I now firmly believe they were the initiators and offered Whites the opportunity.
nthnpark0 (2 days ago)
Sherri Solomon They have to tell half-truths and distortions to push their agenda of passing blame onto blacks. Just like with the transatlantic slave trade when they pretend that whites were just out on a cruise in the Atlantic Ocean when Africans popped up out of nowhere with other Africans and forced themselves upon the whites and gave them instructions of what to do with them. No mention is made how it was whites who went around to different enemy tribes on the coast with guns to get them to trade, something whites also did with Native Americans. If you mention that to these people, they get quite real quick.
Sherri Solomon (3 days ago)
I mean a BIRACIAL mAN?
deanthony jones (3 days ago)
The first slave owners were black! at that time, they were already selling slaves to Portugal, Spain before Trans Atlantic Slavery began. This is why Black People debate Malcolm X and Dr. Martin Luther king Jr., Who was RIGHT??? The answer is "BOTH MEN" White Anerica has many stands on race, religion and politics, and the same applies to Black America, despite the fact that Malcolm X hade a very valid argument it is about the Theater of the Possible. History has shown that many of the negros in America still inject race when it has no validity in the problems in the Black Community. The SELFISHNESS of our men and WICKEDNESS of our women is the problem. Black America still will not admit that Dr. King did not fail, Black America "DID", affirmative action opened doors for negros in the workforce all over America and yet, you "STILL" abandoned your children, do NOT respect one another which is why you MURDER one another every day in America at a alarming rate, BUT, Black Lives Matter, YAH RIGHT, as long as Black America keep playing this game, you are going to continue on this path of self destruction.
stupidstuffpplsay (4 days ago)
You got to be a new kind of dumb to believe any of this BS, black folks got killed and hanged or whatever the white man felt like doing just because he wanted to but they allowed this ONE black man to own slaves, property and be wealthy and successful GTFO even if this was true they would of killed him before he could even afford his first slave.
TG ARMY (4 days ago)
Damn coon👎🏾
Wayne Wright (4 days ago)
This is how the pale face blue foots try to justify their disgusting behavior I hate these pale foot blue foots they should all go back to Europe where they come from filthy vile race indeed.
Delroy Washington (4 days ago)
In Mauritania only black slaves , owned by black africans , evan now , saw it with my own eyes , shocked me but they all seemed to live with it,
RobertsDigital (5 days ago)
Glock_fan 313 (5 days ago)
Gtfo.... Yea let a white man say a black man help start slavery
Blake Heitzman (5 days ago)
Slavery is the most evil activity of human beings. But no single ethnic group can be identified exclusively as slave owners or slaves. Here are some facts. You can check if you don't believe them. The United States accounted for about 5% of the slaves that were brought to the Americas. Muslim raiders took over 5 million Europeans from their villages along the North Mediterranean coast and sold them in to slavery in North Africa. At least that many and probably several times more Eastern Europeans were taken as slaves by the Ottoman Turks. By comparison about 500,000 Africans were slaves in the US. There are many accounts of primitive tribes going on raiding parties for the purpose of gathering slaves. The Aztecs took slaves by tens of thousands to sacrifice to the sun god. We could go on for pages.
nthnpark0 (2 days ago)
Blake Heitzman You must really like hearing yourself talk, don't you? Since what you said is completely pointless.
L C M (5 days ago)
This is fictional, first off there was no way the white slave owners would have been ok with a black slave owner with more land or money than them. Their jealousy and arrogance would have drove them to take his land and enslave him. Example: Rosewood, anytime a black person had any kind of success it was destroyed. History is exactly that His (white) Story and they are steadily trying to rewrite it to make themselves feel better. Problem is they have forgotten all of the information out there already. Good old common sense will tell you this story is a lie. Nice try
nthnpark0 (2 days ago)
L C M It's a half-truth used to try to pass blame. Just like with the transatlantic slave trade when they pretend that whites were just out on a cruise in the Atlantic Ocean when Africans popped up out of nowhere with other Africans and forced themselves upon the whites and gave them instructions of what to do with them. No mention is made how it was whites who went around to different enemy tribes on the coast with guns to get them to trade, something whites also did with Native Americans. If you mention that to these people, they get quite real quick. There were two communities in South Carolina and Louisiana (known as "creoles" ) where some single white men with biracial children would recognize and leave money and property to their children or have other whites take them in as apprentices, (in contrast to most other biracial children who were kept as slaves) and these creole children were allowed to have (in some cases) plantations. Quite a few of these creoles were even allowed to intermarry into the local white population, and most whites with black ancestry today got their black ancestry through them. That's the detail, but if you actually go into this detail, it would ruin the agenda that the "black slave owner" claim is trying to do, which is pass blame for American slavery onto blacks and call blacks "hypocrites" So what you'll see these people do instead is just pretend that black slaves somehow freed themselves and came up with money to become plantation masters out of the blue.
CIGARA ST CISTAR (5 days ago)
Much is missing from this footage lol he was my mulatto and he was given a trade by the slave which most highly was his father.... sometimes they would give their offspring's real estate to live a pretty decent life and give them their freedom papers. Many times the Freeman of mixed race would own his family members to keep them from being sold and to keep the family together. It was also sad historically that he was for the Civil War... or acting... mask on to stay in good standing as such... maybe no acting at all.. his way of life how he was raised... all he knew. It doesn't make it right but it is history and for the most part he probably was playing the long game to keep his family together.... he did not have the workers in the best of conditions publicly....Will never know what was in his mindset. Because of his mixed race and his wealth he was able to worship alongside white families at the historic church and statesburg which is also where my great-grandmother is from . In my family we have mixed race mulatto people and my 5th generation grandfather was fathered by a slave owner and he was given real estate as a slave... but many who had the access do to their Birthright, owned their families ... which kept the family unit together because Freedom was nowhere in sight. Slavery.... a horrific time yet resilient ones endured.
NumChuck Lee (6 days ago)
load of crapola
Young Skyler (6 days ago)
the bible says you will sale on ships back to Egypt for bond men and bond women google Emanuel Bowen 1747 map of Judah and Africa its also called the slave cost Joel 3:6 the children also of Judah and the children of Jerusalem have ye sold on to the grecians that you might remove them far from their border. limitations chapter 1 verse 3 Judah is gone into captivity they kidnap the real descendants of the Hebrews prophecy fulfilled its all in the books people
DaveBraga (7 days ago)
Another reality. Slavery is long over. Let's end discrimination. All discrimination. Diversity and affirmative action are the new discrimination.
nthnpark0 (2 days ago)
DaveBraga *YAWN*
S. C. (7 days ago)
You will disgrace your self until your end. You have lied, stolen, and falsified the truth in this video because you are that covetous one that hates the fact that those who tarried under hard ship labor thought out the ages under gentile rule have with stood this horrid brutality that will never be bought to the public eye by you. Every lie hidden in the dark will surface!
Mildred Marcelin (7 days ago)
Let me give thanks to my ancestors 1804, Bookman, Toussaint, Dessaline, Neg Maròn, etc... 🇭🇹🇭🇹🇭🇹 Thank you I was born free. White people always looking for a Excuses for what their ancestors did to us. Little that they know Africa is a continent not a country I don't think just one king can sold more than 12.5 millions enemies of people from different cultures to Europeans, only kidnappers with animations can achieves this. America is for Americans we can't denied that racism is still there. Africa is for Africans ,even what the media is portrayed about Africa right now if we don't move fast we'll miss the boat of opportunities there. Africa 2019 Ghana here I come!!!.
white wizard (7 days ago)
RiceIsMyFav (7 days ago)
"When he bought is freedom or whatever."
javalin2213 (7 days ago)
They can twist this shit however they want to, but if this story is true I'm willing to bet that this man didn't have no say so in those matters involving slaves while being surrounded by white hateful society.
BILLY BOBCAT JR (7 days ago)
I worked with white People and they’re greedy,cutthroat and evil.
BILLY BOBCAT JR (7 days ago)
White People never stop amazing me with their stupidity.
BILLY BOBCAT JR (7 days ago)
Whites are getting desperate and will do anything, never trust them and Coons!
BILLY BOBCAT JR (7 days ago)
WHITE PROPAGANDA FEEL GOOD VIDEO. If they found some letters left by black people they would have white architecturalogist all over it to make sure it’s real.
BILLY BOBCAT JR (8 days ago)
Next white People will find a letter saying black People started Jim Crow and Lynched ourselves. He was just your typical Uncle Tom.
Anon Gammer (8 days ago)
I think the first slaves happened when man kind was like... ''Holy shit I can put a leash on it!'' Legit.
LAL L. (8 days ago)
It would have been cool if he would got the slaves and actually treated them well
sergio peralta (8 days ago)
who the heck cares? That’s the past, stop bringing the past back and start doing something about the present and the future for the kids. BY BRINGING THE PAST ALL YOU IDIOTS ARE DOING IS POISONING THE KIDS NOW DAYS. Look at society now and all the homosexuals showing their affection in public poisoning the kids mind, making kids think is normal for 2 gay man or 2 gay women to kiss in public. All that nasty crap needs to stay inside their own private place not outside ruining our kids. I’m going to wait for the homosexuals to respond to this post defending the un defendable.
Faith Thornton (8 days ago)
Fuck what you heard..AMERICAN SLAVERY..changed the game on ownership of any period time in fuckin history..yeah everyone had slaves..but the treatment of those slaves reflected on the owner..the ANIMALISTIC TREATMENT of African Slaves..to their European Owner's..will never be outdone.. NEVER
Camiel08Erin11 (8 days ago)
This is complete bullshit
Nichole Sanders (9 days ago)
That doesn't excuse the Slave Trade. By far the largest Holocaust in known History.
Clayton Murvual (9 days ago)
This story smells of twisted facts. After all we know the brutality the white race have inflicted on others, is it not possible that they will lie, or twist facts.
bill091086 (9 days ago)
I wish I had me a slave, but them damn Nigras are just too damn lazy, uppity, and dishonest.
Debra Combs (9 days ago)
Perhaps you ought to stick to sites that cater to ignorant people like yourself.
Heavena Wilson (9 days ago)
Blacks ...a few were slave owners too..but it is all sad..black or white..or with any other race of people..
Cinnamon an Spice (9 days ago)
I will always say and believe blacks was why slavery thrived. Look at Africa today. They are still capturing and kidnapping their people and selling them . 2018 and nothing changed.
Amalgamaite (9 days ago)
ANTHONY JOHNSON looks like he is East African. 98% of American slaves were taken from WEST Africa. The fact that the East Africans were not "as Black" as West Africans, placed them in an elevated position to do something like this. This still goes on in Africa, the brown-skinned Africans (called light-skinned) are considered BETTER than black-skinned Africans, and in Mauritania they own Black slaves and treat them horribly.
nthnpark0 (1 day ago)
Amalgamaite Lewis Hayden "looks mixed race" because *he was mixed race* , according to Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Hayden Again, the purpose of this video is to pass blame for racial chattel plantation slavery in America, as well as other bad things that happen with race, onto black people and call black people "hypocrites" and make false equivalencies. Historical accuracy is *NOT* the goal of these people (because it would contradict their agenda), who are generally associated with neo-confederates and other conservatives like the alt-right. So *of course* they just grabbed an old picture of any old black man they could find, and tried to use him to depict Anthony Johnson. They *WEREN'T* going to actually fact check who the man in the picture actually was (a former slave and abolitionist, and not some black man who just became freed and became a plantation owner out the blue) *NOR* were the even going to actually fact check *WHEN* the photo or image was taken (in the *1800's* and *NOT* the *1600's* when Anthony Johnson *actually lived* ) They were not even going to take a second to *look at the clothes the man is wearing in the photo* and ask themselves *if anyone in the 1600's would actually be dressed like that* . As for the real Anthony Johnson himself, these people also could care less what happened to him later on, like when a white man forged a letter and basically stole 100 acres of his land https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Johnson_(colonist)#Later_life
Amalgamaite (2 days ago)
He may very well be, but he LOOKS LIKE a mixed East African who ancestors came from Ethiopia or Somalian region. He is DISTINCTIVELY not from the same tribes that most African Americans were taken from because they looked NOTHING LIKE THAT. In fact, he resembles the half Black half White slaves back during slavery. That's what the first light-skinned people looked like. That's why it would not surprise me one bit if he were indeed Mulatto. And take into consideration that the picture at 3:43 is of a middle aged man.
nthnpark0 (2 days ago)
Amalgamaite Hold on a second. The man depicted at 3:43 of this video is a black abolitionist named Lewis Hayden. I don't know why conservatives who twist facts about American slavery try to use his photograph and claim he was Anthony Johnson, who lived about 200 years prior and had no depictions of what he actually looked like. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Hayden
Maurice Aila (9 days ago)
Lies all the time. I do not understand how he became the first slave owner? You mean first slave masters in America were black men as at 1660s? This mean black people people migrated to A merica long before the Atlantic slave trade?
Maurice Aila (2 days ago)
nthnpark0 (2 days ago)
Maurice Aila First of all, the man depicted at 3:43 of this video is a black abolitionist named Lewis Hayden. I don't know why conservatives who twist facts about American slavery try to use his photograph and claim he was Anthony Johnson, who lived about 200 years prior and had no depictions of what he actually looked like. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Hayden As for Anthony Johnson, there was a case involving a white man named Hugh Gwyn decades before and he, Hugh Gwyn, is technically the first slave owner in what was to become the United States. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Punch_(slave) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthony_Johnson_(colonist) Obviously, this is another alt-right half-truth and fact twisting to pass blame. Just like with the transatlantic slave trade when they pretend that whites were just out on a cruise in the Atlantic Ocean when Africans popped up out of nowhere with other Africans and forced themselves upon the whites and gave them instructions of what to do with them. No mention is made how it was whites who went around to different enemy tribes on the coast with guns to get them to trade, something whites also did with Native Americans. If you mention that to these people, they get quite real quick.
BUTLERU (10 days ago)
People forget that some free blacks owned slaves and Cherokee Native Americans, too. Whether this story is true or not, it is still so disturbing that other Blacks would own their own as labor.
Derek Lowery (10 days ago)
See what happens when you totally sell out yourself and your people? Yeah you become extremely wealthy lmao
Derek Lowery (10 days ago)
Catcher Freeman??
JC JC (10 days ago)
The only issue is there’s no one here to tell his side of the story. I find this very hard to believe especially since the white bankers often stole money from blacks or destroyed anything thing that remotely looked like wealth or power for blacks
fernandus lewis (11 days ago)
this is true....african slaves and black people were separate during does times...history was changed
Debra Combs (11 days ago)
I have to admit that ANYTHING is possible, but they lost me when they just casually mentioned that Ellison's slaves were treated worse than their counterparts owned by white people. That's simply not possible. Perhaps they should educate themselves with some of the 19th century slave narratives. Who wrote this drivel- the Grand Dragon of the KKK?
James Mitchell (11 days ago)
44TH LEGACY (11 days ago)
Inaccurate information.....
Alehia klorian (12 days ago)
What is hard to understand It like Stockholm syndrome. Its when you hate the skin your in. You ve been taught that blacks are worthless and you act accordingly.
Will Loggins (12 days ago)
Good old common sense, will tell you this is not true, along with good honest research, if it was against the law back then for slave's to read or write, who wrote the letter's, just saying!!
wayne clark (12 days ago)
Gerald Steward (12 days ago)
How could he be the first slave owner in America, when the story said he purchased his freedom, this whole story seems fake, trying to turn the tide of slavery in America, not buying this garbage
Keisha Clark (13 days ago)
Child hush...........................
abethomas100 (13 days ago)
I don't know what ya bitching about or what video ya all watched but what I watched was a Blackman owned these slaves didn't say none of the crap ya gripping about
Anwar Alston (13 days ago)
I have not seen one picture of "April" aka William Ellison. More chicanery of white academic elites.
DCW (3 days ago)
No, he was just biracial. They are attempting to pass someone who was given his father's slaves as Black. https://historyengine.richmond.edu/episodes/view/6699
mallavetti (13 days ago)
Devils aways re"WHITE" history.
suprsnips (13 days ago)
Black people were enslaved by democrats, in the southern states. So why are black folks still mostly democrat?  Martin Luther King was a republican, and I'm sure there was a reason for it.
Debra Combs (11 days ago)
You really need to open a history book, and stop spreading hatred.
Sally May (13 days ago)
A breeder of humans. Those words make me cringe. It sounds like what an alien would do or say. In this day & age it seems so barbaric. 200 years ago it was considered a good paying job. This country has come a long way & has influanced the world both good & bad. I still love my country
Diallo Abdou (13 days ago)
Fuck all white man
Gina Jackson (14 days ago)
Chosen One (14 days ago)
Pure fictitious BULL shit story.
Corey Walker (14 days ago)
And the is black man that they are talking about is an indigenious black American that was already here before anyone other race was.They now call this man and people like him in America, African American. This is why we need to do some research because when you listen to this and think about slavery in America, there is something that they are not telling us.Something is missing in these stories. African Americans are not Africans but the original and only Americans of this land.
Corey Walker (14 days ago)
You have to remember that the first slaves here in America was white.They won't release thoughs facts. Europeans emptied out their jails and sent them over here to do the work and be slaves.Look it up!
Maurice Parham (14 days ago)
Why is it my black people been abandoned for so long
BeachMiguel sobe (15 days ago)
what you talkin bout black slave masters owning black slaves. that explains everything.
Hugo S (15 days ago)
This report is very suspicious. See the stamp at the end, "Political Correctness must Die"? While this story may be true, I suspect that it might be used to perpetuate some type of excuse for racism or another ignorance.
bill091086 (6 days ago)
If Nigras weren’t so damn lazy and such thieves, I’d like to buy a few to help keep things in order around my yard and gardens. It was a good idea back in the day, but they were just too lazy to make it worthwhile. If we’d have known then how those jigs would be all uppity and ridiculously dramatic in the future about all the “abuses” that they suffered, we’d have picked our own damn cotton and sugar cane. 👨🏿👨🏿. I must admit, though, that I always liked good ol’ Uncle Remus when I was a kid! He was one of the few good ones.
TheJanka51 (15 days ago)
and to think , too lazy to pick their own cotton would eventually destroy America
Sunshyne W. (15 days ago)
We dont come from Asia. Asians hate Native American Indians. I'm around Asians alot and trust me, they hate natives like the rest of the people in the world.
shjakes (15 days ago)
When "House Negroes" get power they sure kick "Oppression" up a notch...
Tony Gambino (15 days ago)
Holy shit. How come this isn't publicized more... that black people themselves owned slaves.
Tony Gambino (15 days ago)
And nearly all of their slaves were sold to them by black Africans. What were these guys supposed to do? They thought that it was part of African custom to do this since the Africans were the ones selling them.
Debra Combs (11 days ago)
A comprehensive history book might provide you with some perspective
Lynette Henry (15 days ago)
I like a lot of Others don’t Believe it. You could not Work in Peace because of Jealousy and Envy so, how could you raise Slaves. NOT TRUE!!!!
The Dude (15 days ago)
FACTS - the movie America by Dinesh Dsouza - wakes people up to the TRUE FACTS of America, there were 3600 Black slave owners in the south.
Connie Treloar (15 days ago)
Wait. We have a picture of a man from before photography was invented?
Jones Jones (16 days ago)
White death
Swamp Stalker (16 days ago)
Slavery should still be in motion useless blue gummed coons needs worked to death in chains
Craig Jones (17 days ago)
Stockholm syndrome, its normal..
Relentless Seeker (17 days ago)
This is bad news white black indians or whatever race etc its a shit starter
John Hodge (17 days ago)
Actually this story is false in many ways. He was not a slave but an indentured servant who actually inherited his slaves. Yeah with just a little research you could find out more of this story. He also freed many of the actual slaves that he inherited and many of them chose to remain working for him because he was actually good to them. Word of wise to everyone watching this NEVER trust a story esp about slavery from a white person.
Debra Combs (10 days ago)
John again, I couldn't agree more. You hit it out of the park with the truth of your comment. I gave you a thumbs up ONLY because I could not give you a standing ovation! Peace.
John Hodge (11 days ago)
Debra Combs I know and it's so sad that people or a system has to be this way. It's more of an elite thing than a white thing because just like with non white the elite also hate the poor which includes poor white people as well. To stay in power you need a poor base opposition. During American slavery and even before Africans where an easy target because they did not care for resources and wealth as much. They did just not enough to commit genocide.
Debra Combs (11 days ago)
As a white person, I couldn't agree more. This 'reporter' clearly has an agenda.
Edward Sanders (18 days ago)
If he was the first slave owner he burning in hell like all the white men that came after him
moncorp1 Inc (18 days ago)
Native americans owned each other before whitey ever got to the Americas. Once blacks were introduced as slaves in the Americas, indians would go on to own black slaves at times too.
Jaymiel Rashaw (18 days ago)
Fake news white propaganda media promoting and pushing the white racist agenda at the expense of the black nation of people.
Donovan Hudson-Sims (18 days ago)
Oh so they are going to rewrite the stories to convince me a black man was the richest and most vial shave owner in history? Pfft gtfoh
Jerry G (18 days ago)
Typical B.S., phantom  letters and all, never take responsibility, lie at all cost because they know how trusting some are.
BrotherWillsmith (18 days ago)
Be smart viewers. How can any black man in American have a name Anthony Johnson? Let's take a look at how blacks got thier last names. Johnson belonged to the slave owners would that man not have gotten his name from his master? Who in the slavery era kept property? Was it blacks ? Who in the south? Just as things are evident from the war and the entire black south just 70 years ago that blacks only had what they were given. They were not allowed to do anything . So let me give you something to think about. A white man who wants to be rich and not to look like a slaver only needs to put a black man in charge of his plantation and this is also why that said plantation was able to remain . Surely no white man would allow this place to be free from their control unless it was really owned by a white man. Now do your diligence. And look at what took place even amongst freed black men all over the colonies. You will see the skin of the man made him marked for slavery free papers would only do him good around law abiding people. A black could be taken just because his papers were not with him. A slave all over again. Wake up people. Don't accept these false videos without looking into the truth. Remember the skin of a man in the south made him what he would be . The color you had put you in the chains or in the pits or in the fields or in the grave or in the tree for the birds to eat. How could any black man have so much rich stock and not get taken ? The answer? He was not black. The truth owner was white. Wake up
Ray Hudson (19 days ago)
Slaverey is still going strong in the Middle East and North Africa but nobody seems to care.
Edgar Betty (19 days ago)
Y'all stop it.

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