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Cigar Shop in Saket, New Delhi

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Know all that you wanted to know about Cigars. Learn about the makers of cigar, about the money to buy your 1st stick. Some of the cigars here are Cuban and are made from hand-picked leaves. Though we must warn you that smoking is injurious to health; but none-the-less; these cigars are a collector's paradise.
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Text Comments (17)
Best video for Indians , we like Delhi , bcoz Delhi is our capital
Code Ropes (30 days ago)
She is a smoker
Kushal Batra (1 month ago)
Or yourself
bruice wayne (3 months ago)
Fake accent at its worst
Kittu Singh (4 months ago)
Worst gift
Adam (4 months ago)
Cheap lady
Aman Kr (6 months ago)
I love cigar
Enrico Memmoli (7 months ago)
0.12" fake Cohiba maduro at his worst ;-)
Swarup Gujar (9 months ago)
people hav lost their minds
Mavatmi Awungshi (9 months ago)
can they sell this to underage kids
Ananta Video Gohain (1 year ago)
1 box cigar price 3000 rupees. Daly Chan smoker wast 50 thousand and more rupees in a month.
Frank Gee (2 years ago)
she said blenders instead of binders!
Ananta Video Gohain (1 year ago)
the London and amrica is chilling cigar in high price. but there people salaries are more . why should india cigar shop are chilling in to more price . the London and amrica every body can smoke the cigars. but india only rich people can smoke the cigars.
Binker the Stinker (2 years ago)
cuban cigars available in India? maybe they'll be available in America now that the government has stopped their idiotic boycott of Cuba.
Rohan Jaina (7 years ago)
tht was some stupid < uneducated < chicka selling them cigars.....i mean NAGALAND dude, WANNABES
burger187 (7 years ago)
stupid video
aceaceshuk (7 years ago)
simar aaaja mere kol...tenu lunn dema..pindu style

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