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Summer hat hair styles (long hair)

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In this video I'm going to show you two romantic ways to style your long hair when wearing a sun hat. Enjoy your summer! #longhairstyles #longhair * Music: The Youtube Audio Library * HD - Watch the video in High Definition by clicking the second 'wheel' icon in the right down bar of the video and changing the quality to the highest number :-) * subtitles - This video has subtitles in English and Dutch! Depending on your settings these should automatically be shown in your language, but you can also turn them on/off manually by clicking the 'CC' icon and choosing your preferred language Connect with me! * Use the hashtag #CraftyRenate on Twitter & Instagram Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CraftyRenate Instagram: http://instagram.com/CraftyRenate Twitter: http://twitter.com/CraftyRenate Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/CraftyRenate Snapchat: CraftyRenate Instructables: http://www.instructables.com/member/CraftyRenate/
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Text Comments (6)
"Warts 'n' all" (2 years ago)
Beautiful hair, gorgeous smile, and a joy to watch.
CraftyRenate (2 years ago)
Thank you very much! You're too kind. :)
Bill M (2 years ago)
From what I've read, sun protection is very important for hair as well as skin. So this is an excellent way to show that. BTW you look GORGEOUS as ever ♥ Enjoy your summer!
CraftyRenate (2 years ago)
That is true! But your head as well if you don't want to suffer a heat stroke ;) Awww thank you so much, you sure know how to give great compliments. :)
Michael Orabona (2 years ago)
Wow your bangs have grown. Very nice. Great video.
CraftyRenate (2 years ago)
Yeah, I keep cutting them to keep them longish but not too long. ;) Thank you!

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