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ebay | How To | I haven't received my item on eBay

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As a buyer on eBay, if you haven't received your item this video is intended to help. We will show you how to verify the estimated delivery date, how to reach out to your seller and if needs be, open up a case. eBay YouTube Customer Support Hours are Monday – Friday, 6:00AM – 6:00PM PST. For help outside these hours, please contact eBay Customer Service at http://ebay.to/2elcv5C
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Text Comments (994)
Manuga Lakdinu (1 day ago)
When I click the i didn't receive my item there is no any links for a request
Jose O (5 days ago)
I ordered an item form Ebay but I never received it, it appeared as "Delievered" according to USPS but I never got it. I was going to use Ebay money back guarantee program, but I found out that the money that I was going to get back, was from the seller, not Ebay. Since the seller sent the item and it wasn't his fault, I decided to just lose my money and I ordered again from the same seller.
Kaiden Plays (7 days ago)
I order a wwe figure about 2 weeks ago it says it is sent it was due on 29th August can u help me please?
Kuma Does (8 days ago)
I paid 3 weeks ago for an item and it still has not been shipped lol
This has happened to me! The seller is not asking my emails!! 😡😡 I cant seem to open a dispute on PayPal
tony dove (15 days ago)
I noticed a comment that said,"Some Ebay sellers don't use tracking." Could you explain that more?
ebay (11 days ago)
Hi Tony! Some sellers will ship light items with just a stamp. That's perfectly fine. We don't require tracking to be used on all orders, but we do require proof of delivery if the item ends up not arriving. So, you'd need to be prepared to issue a refund on occasion if you don't use tracking. For most items, we'd definitely recommend using eBay labels that come with free tracking. Let us know if that leaves you with questions. ~Lori
tejanochris (15 days ago)
Background music is too loud.
Dillon Ruddle (16 days ago)
My purchase says unavailable, and won't let me click on it. eBay apparently removed the seller and now I have lost $26.99 and have no way to contact the seller. What can I do?
major gods tv (18 days ago)
Please don’t say I got scammed. Why can’t I check my delivery date on iOS but only on pc and if it doesn’t come before September 10 2018 I need my money back
Answer= Use Amazon
My item was supposed to come yesterday and i was so excited to recieve it…but it never came……so can i ask if an item was supposed to come to the day its due and it hasn't arrived, is it possible that it will come the next day?
Kaiden Plays (8 days ago)
Kawaii Neko Love 子猫 yes it happens to be all the time the day it’s due and comes th next day
Dxpressed Wordz (22 days ago)
lawl that girl hot tho what that number dooo
Swagachu _ (22 days ago)
What if the seller has set no returns what happens now?
Mariam Dermenjyan (22 days ago)
Hiiii! I bought an item on ebay and i haven't received. I ordered on April 27th and today 30th August. I havent received until now. It's been 4 months. Every time I asked for refund, they told me to wait a few more days for the delivery. pls help! What can i do?? I cant wait anymore
zLymax98 (24 days ago)
ebay i'm a buyer and i bought like 4 or 3 items with visa card after a few minutes my card was out of money even if the items i bought were around 60 dollars and i had 120 dollars in my card please fix this issue please
atta uae (24 days ago)
Hello My item estimated date over but item not come .so please need your help
Sophia Davis (30 days ago)
Hi i ordered a gallon of glue on August 10th but now its the 22nd of August and it still isn't here! The person isn't replying back either and i want a refund to get my money back please help ebay
David Alino (1 month ago)
Hi ebay, its been three days since I have purchased an item and the seller has not delivered. I asked him questions but there were no answers. What do I do?
Tonny Milfiger (1 month ago)
it's been about 45 days... my supplier can't track the item. i can't track the item can i get my money back?
ebay (1 month ago)
Sure thing. If your item has not arrived within 30 days of the estimated delivery date it is possible to open a claim to obtain your full refund if the seller is not responding. Often they are able to provide tracking. In either case if you need us to review the specifics of your account be sure to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. Alternatively if you need immediate assistance you can also give us a call. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to assist with this. ~Mark Y.
ebay (1 month ago)
Sieng Dinh (1 month ago)
So if a seller refunds me does the seller need my consent or do they just refund me Because this seller relisted there item after I bought it and told me that they would refund me buuut i dont have enough time on my hands can the seller refund the buyers item without there consent? Pls reply
ebay (1 month ago)
Hi Sieng- We always expect sellers to complete a transaction after payment has been submitted. In the rare occasions that doesn’t happen due to no fault of the buyer there are seller performance metrics that are impacted. You also have the opportunity to leave appropriate feedback based on the experience you’ve had. If you haven’t gotten a refund yet, know that you also have additional protections available. Check out: https://ebay.to/2k9PDKB for more info. ~Heidi
Vito Scaletta (1 month ago)
Well I think I’m done using eBay I may have just got scammed by a seller 😒 for the 2nd time
ebay (1 month ago)
Not quite sure how that works but you are able to reach out to our teams on Facebook/Twitter so we can take a closer look. We look forward for more details there. ~Mark Y.
Vito Scaletta (1 month ago)
ebay it was just USPS bot tracking
ebay (1 month ago)
Odd. We'd appreciate more details on this. Have you been able to take advantage of our protection programs? Be sure to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter so we can review your account and explore the ways we can assist. We're here to help! ~Mark Y.
Lindsey's gaming (1 month ago)
I havent recived my item but it claims that it has been delivered and it is the estimated delivery date please help i am really sad!!
ebay (1 month ago)
Not a reason to worry. We have protection programs to assist in those situations. In order for us to review the specifics of this case, be sure to send us a private message on Facebook or a DM on twitter with more details. We'll be happy to review. ~Mark Y.
Angel Martinez (1 month ago)
When the item is removed there is no option and i don't know if they send it or refund my money
ebay (1 month ago)
Hi Angel- We'd be happy to help with this! Can you email us at [email protected] from the email address you have on file with your account? Include the item number in question and we'll see what we can do. ~Heidi
ScoopexUs (1 month ago)
1:50 So... if you didn't receive it, you should *not* select the "I didn't receive it" option?? Most. Illogical.
Vedrana Pejčinović (1 month ago)
I need help. I ordered backpack from ebay 4 months ago and it never came. I contacted seller and he didn't respond so I opened the case and message :Hang on, we're still reviewing your case. We'll be in touch with you soon. That was month ago. That s not soon. Is there anyone with similar problem. What can I do now. Its too expensive to call ebay costumer servise from my country.
ebay (1 month ago)
Thanks for giving us the chance to assist. We look forward for more details. ~Mark Y.
Vedrana Pejčinović (1 month ago)
ebay thank you. I will do that
ebay (1 month ago)
Not a reason to worry. You can provide the details of this purchase on our Facebook or Twitter accounts if you are not able to call. We'll be happy to evaluate your specifics and assist you there. ~Mark Y.
Rachey M (1 month ago)
Ebay it has been past the day I was supposed to get my package and I have not got my item yet. I can't track it or do anything about it. Also the seller won't respond. Please help me.
ebay (1 month ago)
No reason to worry. Our protection programs are in place exactly for these situations. If the seller doesn't respond, be sure to follow the steps in the video. If you run into any difficulty in this process, be sure to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or over the phone. ~Mark Y.
kd_techniques_official (1 month ago)
She is so Cute...
Avishay Nundoo (1 month ago)
Hi..I have a situation here. I made a purchase at the end of March 2018. After the elapse of the estimated delivery date, I contacted the seller and he said that he would resend the goods. However I have still not get it. Upon contacting him he is ignoring the message. what should I do since it has been nearly 4 months now.
ebay (1 month ago)
Definitely odd. Our protection programs would only cover the original item (any re-shipments would not extend the timeframe). Because this item seems to exceed the maximum timeframe for coverage through our protection programs, you will want to explore the options available through PayPal as well. ~Mark Y.
JohnMX (1 month ago)
I have bought 2 ps2 controllers 1 ps4 controller 2 smartphones .(65€).The seller deleted the items 5 minutes after i purchased all these and all the items deleted from purchased history.Just i never bought something from ebay again.Please help!
ebay (1 month ago)
I see. If the seller is not responding you will want to open a claim in the Resolution Center (https://resolutioncenter.ebay.com) . If you have difficulties in this process be sure to reach out to us on Facebook, Twitter or give us a call! We'll be happy to assist in any way we can! ~Mark Y.
JohnMX (1 month ago)
ebay i have contacted many times the seller with no response
ebay (1 month ago)
Fortunately we have protections in these situations. Have you been able to contact the seller and open a case if needed? ~Mark Y.
JohnMX (1 month ago)
ebay i dont have received my item
ebay (1 month ago)
Not a reason to worry. We have protection programs in these situations so your funds remain safe if you don't receive your item. ~Mark Y.
Richard Cerio (1 month ago)
my problem is different. I bouhjt a $465 computer. Used paypal credit 12 easy payments. Seller received his money, but never shipped the computer. He communicated with me one time and said item was shipping on a Saturday but ebay showed no tracking number and no item shipped. Seller stole my money. Anyone know what I do now?
ebay (1 month ago)
Hi Richard! You are protected in the same way. Be sure to let your seller know you never received it. If they can't help, open a case using the menu beside the item in your Purchase History. That way, we can step in later if needed. ~Lori
Rittmer (1 month ago)
Never buying from ebay again lack of communication is terrible
ebay (1 month ago)
Thank you for reaching out to us here! We'd love to see you back on eBay. Did you have a problem with your purchase? Let us know. We'd like the chance to help! ~Lori
Yu Narukami (1 month ago)
Help! I ordered a 3ds xl and received cheaply made headphones instead... what do I have to do to receive a refund or get a new 3ds xl for the price I bought it for. Help eBay! :(
ebay (1 month ago)
Anytime! We always want to help in any way we can! ~Lori
Yu Narukami (1 month ago)
Thank you Lori! :D
ebay (1 month ago)
Oh, no! That's definitely out of the ordinary! Yu, be sure to notify your seller if you haven't already in case it was a shipping mistake. If not, you'll want to open a return. If your seller doesn't respond or can't help, you'll later have the option to ask us to step in. Let us know how it goes! ~Lori
Athena May (1 month ago)
Hey ebay! I was just wondering when I could get my refund back after the seller cancelled my order on the same day I've purchased it. I've already been waiting for 6 days but I wasn't able to receive any confirmation email from you. I hope you can answer this ASAP thanks! p.s. I used my debit card on purchasing the item
ebay (1 month ago)
Athena- We're sorry to hear the order didn't work out! We definitely expect you to receive your money back. It can take 10 days for the cancellation process. If that doesn't happen, you'll be able to open a case once the estimated delivery date has passed, Keep us posted! ~Lori
Radioactive Tea (1 month ago)
Ah,i have a question.It appears when i ordered some things from ebay for my adress i put ave rather than drive and im not sure what to do.Will my orders still get to me cause ave is the back of my home.
ebay (1 month ago)
This will depend on how your carriers delivery the packages. In most cases with the correct zipcode and no other street with the same name you will be fine. You can contact your post office directly to obtain more details on how this works. Be sure however to update your address on file to prevent this from happening in the future. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to assist. ~Mark Y.
Maria Hidalgo (1 month ago)
When i was on eBay I bought a account off a seller. Then I changed the password and a few days later, typing the password correctly, kept saying invalid password. What should I do? Seller won't respond too!
ebay (1 month ago)
While our platform is best suited for tangible items (those that can be delivered by mail) if you purchased a virtual item (such as an account or a code) it would be best to contact the seller directly. If they do not respond you may be able to reach out to the payment processor for the transaction. I hope this information helps! ~Mark Y.
Wyatt McFarlane (1 month ago)
SOMEONE PLEASE HELP I purchased a laptop and before the expected delivery date the buyer took down the item after I already bought it so now when I click the tracking number it says the item has been taken down what should I do because I cannot contact the seller without the item page?
ebay (1 month ago)
Hi Wyatt! Not to worry! You are still protected! It sounds like eBay may have removed the listing. We do that when we have concerns that the seller may not be following our policies. Look for the "I didn't receive it" option in the menu beside your order. If you have any trouble opening a case, email [email protected] from your registered email address with eBay. We're here to help! ~Lori
Carmen Tran (2 months ago)
Hey ebay i recently bought an item 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't arrived yet and when i bought the item i clicked on cotiune as a guest
Carmen Tran (1 month ago)
ebay ok thanks
ebay (2 months ago)
Even as a guest you’re still protected. When you bought the item you get an email letting you know the details and the steps to take if there are issues. If you are having trouble please send us an email to [email protected] from the email address you used at checkout. Thank you for your time! ~Jasmen
Hongleang Hoy (2 months ago)
Another problem comes up. I paid to bidding for a pair of shoes. Then the item has removed. I asked for refund, but eBay said the item I bought hasn't paid yet. But I'm sure it was paid already as my buying also marked as paid. Please help.
Brayan Ynaez (2 months ago)
1. Check item Estimated Delivery Date 2. Check Address & Contact Seller 3. Contact Ebay
Robloxian Noob (2 months ago)
if I buy something and to use this money back thing I have to wait 30 days after shipping date if it doesn't a rrive or when I receive it when it's broken?
ebay (2 months ago)
Hey there, with the Money Back Guarantee you can open a case as soon as the estimated delivery date passes if you didn’t get it. Or you can open a case as soon as you receive it if there’s an issue, you just have up to 30 days to do both of those. Let us know if you have nay other questions or concerns! ~Jasmen
Hongleang Hoy (2 months ago)
Sorry, I bought an item and eBay checked it as scam and removed the item. I paid already by credit card and eBay allowed me to get fully refund. Now it about 3 weeks after the answer from eBay. So how long will it take to get the transfer back to my credit card?
ebay (2 months ago)
I wouldn’t know for sure without looking at the transaction. You can email us like mentioned but if you want a faster response time I would encourage you to call in. ~Jasmen
Hongleang Hoy (2 months ago)
ebay excuse me, I really don't know how the refund process. I think eBay will transfer back to my credit card. Because I used credit card to pay. How does eBay return the refund to PayPal? Or I need to make a PayPal account?
ebay (2 months ago)
Hey there, sorry you’re having trouble. Was the refund already processed to PayPal? If so you can contact them to transfer it. If you’re not sure please email us all the details to [email protected], thank you! ~Jasmen
Milumbe Joseph (2 months ago)
manage device (2 months ago)
Hi Two months ago I bought graphic card (4 GB 1050 ti) from China on eBay. After I got it, I have had a lot of problems with it. I talked with seller about it and he told me that he will provide me some solutions for that but he didn't provide me any solution. Finally I found the problem that graphic card is a fake and the real specifications for it (only 450 gtx 1gb) for more information about these cards https://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/b5558/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1050-ti-fake-card. So I told him that and he said that he will send me another graphic card with high quality. After two days he gave me tracking number and he said this tracking number for my graphic card. Finally the item was sent to someone in Florida and i live in Ohio and this seller was laying. Then I asked him for a refund but he didn't answer. So I need help in that. Here is the item https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F142754738541 Here the seller information https://ebay.com/usr/wholesaleparts*2014
ebay (2 months ago)
That's good - our teams will be able to go through and review them to take appropriate action. ~Tyler M
manage device (2 months ago)
ebay I have reported a lot of them
ebay (2 months ago)
We work hard to keep our site a safe place for everyone to buy from. We don't allow the sale of counterfeit items, and if you find anything you feel is not legitimate I encourage you to report it to us for review by using the 'report this item' link. Thanks! ~Tyler M
manage device (2 months ago)
What about others I have seen a lot of these graphic cards on eBay
ebay (2 months ago)
Hi there - that's definitely an upsetting situation, I'm sorry to hear about what's happened. Our coverage for items arriving not as described is for 30 days from when you receive the item. As it's been past that time the best course of action for you is to consider contacting your payment processor. For most people that is PayPal, and they have a longer period of coverage than we do. Thanks! ~Tyler M
a Bear (2 months ago)
Who decides the estimated delivery date? Is it the seller or is it automatic? I'm wondering this because I bought two of the same item from different sellers. The first one I got after 4 business days from posting and on thr other one it says est. date will be between june 7th and 18th? Why is the other one taking so much longer? Oh and the sellers were both from the United Kindom so I don't believe it's about the location.
ebay (2 months ago)
Oh, that's great news! Thanks for the update. Have a great rest of your day! ~Lori
a Bear (2 months ago)
ebay Oh I see that makes sense. Thank you for answering! I actually already got the item yesterday which was a nice suprise!
ebay (2 months ago)
Hello there! eBay will actually calculate the estimated delivery date based on the seller's handling time, selected shipping service, and historical data. If you don't receive the item by the last estimated delivery date, be sure to alert your seller. We'll be here for you if they can't help for some reason! ~Lori
Super tenchoo (2 months ago)
How to know if the seller are prime seller
Super tenchoo (2 months ago)
Thank you
Javier Jaime (2 months ago)
So you are the robot I talked to
ebay (2 months ago)
We do have a ShopBot (https://shopbot.ebay.com/) that assist you finding the right item you need. Yet, our Customer Service team is still very human. If you need to share with us a specific concern regarding your eBay account or transactions aside from calling you can reach out to us on Facebook and Twitter. We're here to help in any way we can! ~Mark Y.
Neyber TO (2 months ago)
Bought and iphone 7 on eBay for $350, and the seller said she sipped it but I don't it doesent say on tracking info
SLAPSNHATS (2 months ago)
What do you do if the seller claims their in amarica but they are not, provides a fake tracking number, and it is beyond the delivery date???
ebay (2 months ago)
That's not the experience we want for you! We require sellers to list the correct item location, and expect you to receive your item by the estimated delivery date. Since you haven't, be sure to alert your seller. If that doesn't help, you'll want to open a case. Look for the "I didn't receive it" option in the menu beside your order. We're here to help! ~Lori
Raul Urena (2 months ago)
how TF do you ask ebay to step in?!!!!!!
ebay (2 months ago)
Hey there! The option will come up after 3 days have passed. If you’re having trouble finding it you can also call in or email [email protected], thanks! ~Jasmen
Costa Drillz (2 months ago)
hai I bought an item I never received it ,.,it has been over a year and the seller told me they cant help me because its past their warranty time.. how can you help me
ebay (2 months ago)
Sadly, we aren't able to step in on purchases that are over a year old. If you should run into other questions in the future, don't hesitate to reach out. ~Lori
Costa Drillz (2 months ago)
ebay I explained to the seller but they won't understand
ebay (2 months ago)
Costa Drillz- We're sorry for the disappointment! For future, please know we have your back if you don't receive an item within 30 days of the estimated delivery date. While PayPal offers protection for up to 180 days from the purchase date, it would be too late for that protection as well. If you haven't already, be sure to let your seller know that you didn't receive the product rather than looking for warranty protection. ~Lori
Dell 15 (3 months ago)
I have been suspended for no reason, Big pain on me
Dell 15 (2 months ago)
People have said that Ebay wants non profit sellers to get out of Ebay, thats probably what im seing.
ebay (2 months ago)
We don't make such decisions lightly. Our offer to help clarify our position stands if you'd like to send a direct message to our Twitter team (http://bit.ly/2jLDkoz) or Facebook group (http://on.fb.me/1Majx6t) with your first and last name, registered email address and ZIP/Post code. Thanks! ~Tyler M
Dell 15 (2 months ago)
Already called and it was a final decision, not right and not fair
ebay (2 months ago)
Definitely an odd situation. We'd love to have a better understanding of what happened. Have you been able to reach out to us on Facebook/Twitter already? You can also give us a call. We'll be here to help in any way we can! ~Mark Y.
Dell 15 (3 months ago)
Ebay and Omidyar are the the worst people, very weak on there policies
Charles Lee Ray (3 months ago)
What does it mean when you buy something and it says unavailable item removed and there’s no picture anymore I paid for the item though and now I only have the receipt from my checking account but no way to contact the seller
Charles Lee Ray (2 months ago)
ebay thank you beautiful eBay lady ❤️ eBay refunded me immediately with no issues thank you for your help and replying ☺️
ebay (2 months ago)
It means the listing was removed because there may have been an issue with the item or the seller. Please know you’re still protected and can open a case even when this happens. All you have to do is click on More Actions next to the item in your purchase history. ~Jasmen
Overwatch D.VAbaby (3 months ago)
is it possible for the item to arrive earlier than the date? Please answer
ebay (2 months ago)
Certainly. Most packages on eBay already arrive within the same time that other companies promise for a "subscription fee". Depending on your location and the location of the seller, these times may vary as specified in the estimated delivery date. I hope this information helps. ~Mark Y.
Jessie Harbin (3 months ago)
@ 1:32 “impor-int”?... 🤔
Jose Briseno (3 months ago)
My eBay doesn't work after I put my information. Then it doesn't let me buy anything.
ebay (3 months ago)
We'd love to have a better understanding of what happened. Reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter so we can assist you. You can also send us an email or give us a call. We'll be happy to help in any way we can. ~Mark Y.
A G (3 months ago)
Seller treated me like a thief. I was very patient and tried to work with them because although my package shows up as delivered, I didn’t receive anything. I waited was patient tried to compromise, but the seller went ahead (without consulting me) and opened a case against me (which the knew they would win considering the item is marked as delivered). Customer service obviously ruled in their favor, and now I can’t even leave feedback. No item, no feedback, so much frustration.
eBay SocialCS (3 months ago)
Sorry to hear that happened, have you tried working with the delivery service to see where they may have left the package? Unfortunately when tracking shows delivery you’d have to work with the shipper directly. ~Jasmen
Wolf Humphrey (3 months ago)
Hey I ordered an item but I didn’t get an email back what should I do
ebay (3 months ago)
Hi Wolf! If you haven't yet, be sure to check your spam folder. If you purchased the item while logged into your eBay account, you should see the item in My eBay>Purchases. If you ordered as a guest, we can try to resend the order confirmation your way. Send us an email from the email you had placed the order to [email protected] We're here to help! ~Lori
Riaan du Preez (3 months ago)
I have lost so much money on items not received, ebay protects its seller and it is a huge hassle getting resolution.
ebay (3 months ago)
Riaan- That's not the experience we'd expect for you! What's been happening with your packages? See http://ebay.to/1razplm for more about protection. Let us know. We're here to help! ~Lori
CupofMilk 19 (3 months ago)
I ordered something on ebay about a week and a half ago. It was never shipped, i tried to communicate with the seller and he/she has not answered. I already paid for the item. What do I do?
CupofMilk 19 (3 months ago)
ebay ok! Will do 👍🏼
ebay (3 months ago)
Make sure to open a case so we can step in and help! ~Jasmen
John Wade (3 months ago)
ebay lies ! I was supposed to get my item on the 5th of june still havent got it , getting the run around from the seller and ebay last time i buy anything on ebay they ripped me off !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ebay (3 months ago)
Sorry to hear you didn’t get your item, did you open a case so we can step in and help? Make sure to open that up right away! ~Jasmen
Vaishali More (3 months ago)
Is Australian seller real or fake .
ebay (3 months ago)
We have many seller’s from Australia! ~Jasmen
DominNate (3 months ago)
I bought a ps4 controller a few weeks ago and tomorrow is the last day which i hope my item will arrive. When I check on the item, it says "item not listed". I remember right after the item was shipped, I checked to see my item and it said "item not listed". Do you know what this means? Will i get my item? Please reply. Thanks!
ebay (3 months ago)
I hope that they arrived! But just in case they didn't you should consider contacting the seller of the item (http://bit.ly/11HNqVo). If they aren't able to resolve your concern you can open a request with us (https://ebay.to/2qMjGuv) so we can help! ~Tyler M
Unnamed channel (3 months ago)
Yesterday i got headphones from ebay And they didn't work. Both of them +_- I Hope il get refund
Biohazard Skunk (3 months ago)
What do i do when i buy a item but later on its unavailable. Plus i cant contact the seller.
ebay (3 months ago)
Hey there, you can open a case through the PayPal transaction or give us a call and we can manually open one for you! ~Jasmen
full sun , 해찬 (3 months ago)
i bought an item in DECEMBER , the seller didnt reply to my messages for TWO months. and when she did she apoligised and said she would send them out again. and still no item or response from the seller. they marked the item as sent and delivered so i cant open a request again , please help
ebay (3 months ago)
We're sorry to hear you've still been waiting. To be sure, the seller wouldn't be able to mark the item as delivered. Is tracking showing delivery? If so, you'd normally want to double check the address on the order details and check with the shipping carrier. Since it has been some time, it will be past the time eBay can step in. For future, please know you have 30 days to open a claim. The good news is PayPal offers protection for up to 180 days from the purchase date. We'd recommend checking with them at this point. Let us know if you have other questions in the future. We'd love the chance to help! ~Lori
Fernando De Jesus (3 months ago)
I’ll been waiting for a item weeks, is telling me This item hasn't been paid yet ..... I want my refund, the seller scammed me
ebay (3 months ago)
Hey there, do you see the transaction in your PayPal account? If so you can open a case directly from the PayPal transaction! ~Jasmen
Evan Arango (3 months ago)
What if the seller doesn’t respond at all?
ebay (3 months ago)
You can escalate the case after the 3rd day of opening it! If you need help you can always call in to our customer support, thanks! ~Jasmen
Robertson (3 months ago)
My item never arrived and there is no tracking number provided... I contacted the seller upon the purchase if there is a tracking number but the seller doesn't provide anything... The ETA is 19th of April to 10th of May... Now, it's been 1month and 3 weeks but the item still hasn't arrived... Why is that?
ebay (3 months ago)
Sorry to hear you didn’t get your item, please know you can open up an item not received case as soon as the estimated delivery date passes, but you only have 30 days from that day to open the case on eBay. I would advise reaching out to PayPal as they have a 180 day window to help you get your money back right away. Thank you for your time. ~Jasmen
Valerie V (3 months ago)
What if you purchased an item on may 20th and the seller still hasnt even shipped your item and the estimated delivery date is may 29th ..... this is bullcrap!!!!!
ebay (3 months ago)
Valerie- That's definitely frustrating! Since there's still a chance your seller shipped the item, be sure to send them a message. If you don't receive it tomorrow, you'll be able to open a case. We're here for you! ~Lori
brucedodmj (3 months ago)
How likely is ebay to side with the seller if they step in to review? I sold and shipped something and the tracking shows it was delivered. I bought the shipping through ebay so i didn't touch the address the buyer provided. Post office says they delivered to the right address and cant help me. Buyer says item not received so wants a replacement or a refund. If the buyer is lying to get a free item or if the mailman delivered it to the wrong address, how is that my fault? Why should I be penalized when I did everything correct for my part? I am willing to take a loss 50/50 with the buyer but he wants all of it. It's annoying
brucedodmj (3 months ago)
ebay thank you, that's good news 👍
ebay (3 months ago)
Hey there, if tracking shows delivery to the address provided by the buyer you’re protected! Make sure to upload tracking to the case that way if it’s escalated it will be closed in your favor. ~Jasmen
fork me up (3 months ago)
I bought something on the 20th but today is the 23rd and by now with other people I would have gotten it or it be on the way but they haven’t even shipped it and other people said that she never sent the item so I’m worried, there’s also this other girl that is doing that as well and they won’t message me back and the delivery date is in 3 days but they have NO COMMUNICATION.
ebay (3 months ago)
Sorry to hear that’s the case, but know you’re protected! Once the estimated delivery date passes you can open a case so we can help get your money back right away, thank you! ~Jasmen
nipple ni paul (4 months ago)
Why are your items are wrong when buying?
ebay (4 months ago)
Hi Paul! We're sorry to hear you ran into trouble. What happened? Let us know. ~Lori
Agoraphobic News (4 months ago)
My tracking number an is not working. What should I do? The esimate delivery time is on this day, May 15th and I don't have an option "request refund or more information"
ebay (4 months ago)
That’s strange for sure, do you get an error message? Have you tried it on a different browser? If you still have trouble please reach out to us at [email protected] with all the details and we can open it for you! ~Jasmen
Agoraphobic News (4 months ago)
The problem is that when I click "I didn't receive my item, I can't click on "request a refund or more information". The estimate delivery date was May 15th.
ebay (4 months ago)
Be sure to contact the seller to obtain the tracking number. If you still do not receive your item by the estimated delivery date, follow the instructions in this video to open a claim. If there are other questions or concerns be sure to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter and we'll be happy to assist. ~Mark Y.
Jose Gonzalez (4 months ago)
She Fine
Jalil Reynoso (4 months ago)
Here's my situation: I ordered an item quite a while ago, and it was estimated to arrive around 28th of april to 10th of may. I didn't realize until AFTER I'd ordered about 5 more items that my shipping address was incomplete, so, I contacted the seller and explained. They said they couldn't do anything, since the package was already shipped to my country. What do I do? or at least, wherw do I go get my items?
ebay (4 months ago)
We're glad to hear you caught that! We'd recommend checking with the shipping carrier to see if there's any way to forward the package. If your address is simply missing a unit number, you may want to alert the office manager. We cannot hold a seller responsible for loss when they ship to the address on the order details. Let us know how it all goes! ~Lori
Aroze Yt (4 months ago)
Do you have to be a certain age to sign it?
ebay (4 months ago)
Hello aG! We require members to be 18 years of age or older. Is this what you meant? If not, let us know. We're here to help. ~Lori
luzciel musica (4 months ago)
eBay is suck 2 times I didn't receive my stuff 😡
ebay (4 months ago)
Sorry to hear that, make sure to open a case so we can help get your money back ASAP! ~Jasmen
Timmy (4 months ago)
I’m a buyer and got a delivery notice and my package is not here. I hate mail delivery people. Like drive-though workers. Never get it right!
ebay (4 months ago)
Be sure to contact your carrier for more details on how the delivery was completed. Be sure to also check the tracking with the seller. If the delivery was incorrect you can also open a claim in the Resolution Center (https://resolutioncenter.ebay.com) . If there are other questions or concerns be sure to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter. ~Mark Y.
Νίκος Σ. (4 months ago)
I ordered a refurbished iPhone 8 about a month ago and the seller hasn't even shipped it yet. The estimate date of it arriving will end in 2 days from now as welll. I tried to contact the seller, but he never responded. Will I really get my money back? I'm really worried because this is a lot of money and I haven't been in a situation like this before.
ebay (4 months ago)
Not to worry! We've got your back if the phone doesn't arrive as promised. If you have other concerns, you can click "report item" within the listing to be on the safe side. If you don't receive it in 2 days, you'll be able to open a case. Look for the "I didn't receive it" option just below "more actions." If you run into any questions while waiting to hear back, don't hesitate to reach out! We're excited for you to get the phone! ~Lori
hollywally is alive (4 months ago)
dude it's been like a years wheres my stuff
ebay (4 months ago)
We definitely don't want to keep you waiting! If you haven't yet, be sure to alert your seller. If the estimated delivery date has passed, you''ll be able to open a case within 30 days. If it has been longer than that, PayPal offers protection for 180 days from the purchase date. Let us know if you need more help. ~Lori
Hello World! (4 months ago)
Question to eBay? Can eBay sellers track items they sell to buyers when in transit?
ebay (4 months ago)
When you print a label on eBay you're provided with the tracking number which can be used to track the delivery of the items as needed. If there are other questions or concerns you can also reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter (@AskeBay) and we'll be excited to assist. ~Mark Y.
Gurukul More (4 months ago)
Ur recent ebay trasaction may be from compromised account .i order at low price should i wait n y ebay cut that order or cancel it how i can get refund if it not coming pls reply fst
ebay (4 months ago)
Sorry to hear that your transaction may not have worked out! We'll always make sure that you have all your options spelled out for you in the email we sent. If the email seems unclear please consider reaching out to us on Facebook (http://on.fb.me/1Majx6t) or Twitter (http://bit.ly/2jLDkoz) and we'll see what we can do to help clarify! ~Tyler M
Nigel Twelvetrees (4 months ago)
What a cutie thanks for the advice!!!
Lunar (4 months ago)
Thanks so much some one smcammed my mom with 80.00 Dolla BOOTS!! SHE DID. NOT SELL IT OR SHIP IT TO US SO I WILL PUNISH AND DO WHAT I MUST DO XD
ebay (4 months ago)
Hey there, make sure your mom opens a case so we can help get her money back, thanks! ~Jasmen
reiji zik (4 months ago)
i have a big problem :( i sent a payment to buy a laptop and the seller said to me 17 to 21 days but then his account is been deleted and i didn't receive anything it"s about a month now :((((
ebay (4 months ago)
Sorry to hear that, have you opened a case so we can help? Please see the video to learn how to open a case. If it’s easier you can open the case from the PayPal transaction as well! ~Jasmen
Damian Montes Vargas (5 months ago)
I received an incomplete package, I contacted the seller and was told the missing piece was already sent but it is past it's delivery date and I still haven't received the missing piece, please help
ebay (5 months ago)
Sorry to hear that happened, make sure to open a return for missing parts so we can step in and help! You can start the process by clicking on More Actions next to the item in your purchase history. The seller has 3 days to fix it, if they don’t you’ll be able to escalate the case to us. Let us know if you have any issues, we’re here for you! ~Jasmen
Natalia Petrova (5 months ago)
I paid for my item 12 days ago but the seller still hasn't given me an estimated date of delivery. What should I do?
ebay (5 months ago)
Hey Natalia, the estimated delivery date will show up in your purchase history next to the item! ~Jasmen
Jithu Wilson (5 months ago)
Like in this video, Refund check box not appearing in ebay website. This video is 2 years old. The website was updated. Then how to do it?
Jithu Wilson (5 months ago)
ebay (5 months ago)
Are you on eBay India? This site is for details on the Us eBay site, if you need help with eBay India please use the Contact Us link on your eBay page. Thank you for your time! ~Jasmen
Jithu Wilson (5 months ago)
I brought an Item from ebay before 1 week and I got AWB number. Only 2 days remaining for last date. I already paid money but seller not delivered the item yet. Consignment details not found in Indiapost. AWB No: EK359308109IN
Jithu Wilson (5 months ago)
In current ebay website, Refund check box not shows in the place prescribed in this video.
ebay (5 months ago)
Hey there, what are you trying to do specifically? Keep us posted, we’re here to help as much as we can! ~Jasmen
dennis swift (5 months ago)
i opened a case for an item i didn't receive, and the seller agreed to resend. do I close the case now or wait until I receive my item? If I close the case I lose the right to reopen? I cant find anything on ebay about this, and I cant find phone support numbers anymore.
nick hennick (5 months ago)
Her personality is amazing...and so are her looks!! :)
Sammi Frombp (5 months ago)
It has already been paid for. Estimated arrival time has passed and the order was never shipped. The seller tells me they are having issues with their manufacturer and cannot ship at the moment. Am I protected?
ebay (5 months ago)
Yes you are, make sure to open an item not received case ASAP! ~Jasmen
bryan carrizales (5 months ago)
I order a iphonex and it didnt come so i want my iphonex
bryan carrizales (5 months ago)
Cool do you now cj so cool he is are family member
ebay (5 months ago)
Oh! What happened? We definitely want to help in any way we can. For privacy reasons, we don't have access to order details here. If you have trouble opening a case, send us the details from your registered email address with eBay to [email protected] ~Lori
bryan carrizales (5 months ago)
And havea good day
bryan carrizales (5 months ago)
Ok im just going to move to amazon ok
ebay (5 months ago)
Since we don't carry inventory, we give your seller a chance to make things right with a replacement or refund. If they aren't able to help, you can open a case where we can step in to help you receive a refund. If you have trouble opening the case on eBay, you have options to open a dispute on PayPal. Let us know if you have questions. ~Lori
Mitch Vogt (5 months ago)
I paid for an item. The Dude canceled it. And now they wont give me my refund. I DIDNT RECEIVE AN ITEM AND I HAVENT GOTTEN MY REFUND!!!
ebay (5 months ago)
Sorry to hear that happened Mitch, we’re here to help! Please send us a private message on our Facebook, or Twitter page. We’ll step in and make sure you get your money back ASAP! ~Jasmen
Nathan Wiechmann (5 months ago)
How do you ask eBay to step in if you are on a guest account
ebay (5 months ago)
You can still ask us to step in, if you need help please call in or send us a private message on Twitter/Facebook and we can help from there too! ~Jasmen
TimeWithMaiha (5 months ago)
it has been 2 moths that my item didnt recieve
ebay (5 months ago)
Oh, that's wonderful! Thanks for the update! Let us know how it all goes. ~Lori
TimeWithMaiha (5 months ago)
but shipping was from USA to maldives by the way thank you for your reply and im getting my item next week
ebay (5 months ago)
Oh, that seems like a while! To be sure, was the item being shipped from a different location? If so, that could affect the estimated delivery date. Be sure to check out the shipping section of the listing and contact your seller for an update. If that has passed, you can open a case on eBay within 30 days. If it's been longer than that, you'll want to open a dispute with PayPal who offers protection for 180 days from the purchase date. Let us know how it all goes! ~Lori
Kprcrn Nrcrpk (5 months ago)
Shi Tindy (5 months ago)
I ordered many iterms since September but I never received anything till now
ebay (5 months ago)
Hey there Shi, I wish you reached out to us sooner. We can only help open a case if it’s within 30 days of the estimated delivery date. PayPal can open them within 180, but after that it’s too late for us to step in and take any action. ~Jasmen
Cecilia Gutierrez (5 months ago)
What about items that are not authentic even though the seller said it was? I asked them multiple questions about it and told me it was 100% not a knock off, but it was. I would really like to get my money back.
ebay (5 months ago)
Hey there Cecilia, we actually don’t allow fakes on the site, if the seller isn’t working with you please make sure to open a case ASAP. This way we can step in and help no problem! ~Jasmen

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