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White Girl Having a Black Baby

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Naughty White Girl is pregnant and has a massive belly. She brags about how she cheated on her white boyfriend with a black guy, the black guy is the father and she will never go back to white boys. Abort White. Breed Black.
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Text Comments (78)
Michael Gentry (11 days ago)
Mikey Saw your vid whos a't your house feeding you and the babies those sweet jugs
kim C (14 days ago)
Love your video I love white girl so much for change my life am a gay male it true my girlfriend said black guy are king and beautiful and love your video
BLACK BULL (26 days ago)
It is perfect white wife like to get pregnant by black men
Placebo8 (22 days ago)
Awesome isn't it.
Vikas Bhardwaj (27 days ago)
Wow.....very cute....congrats
sam brandt (28 days ago)
Truth...I came with out touching my self when my parents saw our black baby.... And my wife new it
sam brandt (1 month ago)
I find this so hot...I would love to be your husband
B0omer96 (1 month ago)
I don't understand what is up with this fetish. I know it is pushed hard in the media. But the funny thing is there are more black women dating white men now a days than vice versa. Your obsession with your oversized savage dicks blinds you to what women really want. They want men that take responsibility, are there to raise your own children, and don't try to fuck anything that stands still for more than 5 min. At the rate your women are coming to us you will be faded out of existence in 200 years. You think acting violent, talking loud, and fucking alot makes you a man, but these are poor substitutes for being a REAL man. A REAL man takes responsibility. You will never do this and know deep down that you aren't a real man, so you act out to try to prove how manly you are. Grow the fuck up and BE a man and you MAY be able to get your women to stop coming to us.
K Azaria (1 month ago)
i lov u my girl
334665eric 7788977 (1 month ago)
“...and I can’t wait to give birth to him... so that I can get pregnant again.....”
334665eric 7788977 (1 month ago)
Those boobs are popping out and full of milk...!!!
Sarjan JRR (1 month ago)
yeah..and her black husband suck it everyday
334665eric 7788977 (1 month ago)
LOL.. “does it hurt your feelings that I don’t want your white dick in me anymore..??”
Salimgamil gamil (2 months ago)
Wooow very god frind hhhhh
Pat Bateman (2 months ago)
This is the way it is becoming more and more and will continue to stay this way going forward. White women giving birth to black babies was inevitable!
Lewis Taylor (1 day ago)
Pat Bateman karma's a bitch
Michael Godley (2 months ago)
so true
QueenPlaces (2 months ago)
This is so beautiful! I want one, too! 👶🏾
kim C (11 days ago)
CRPF waheguru de nal milan da sidha treka ::::hi you tell me Born black why ,?? I wish I was born as girl more fun see am a tranny but sometimes I have to hide it to be passable
Yes you should born a black baby
dr awesome (13 days ago)
Wanna make a mix baby
kim C (14 days ago)
QueenPlaces gay guy here love your comments beautiful go for it
Taylor Everett (3 months ago)
Wow this is nice. Plz get another baby in you. Black breeding only
Imranjan78 Khan (24 days ago)
My wife has a black boyfriend and he too is trying to have a baby with her.
Placebo8 (3 months ago)
Awesome isn't it, so sexy.
123 L (3 months ago)
Literally nothing wrong with this.
BLACK BULL (16 days ago)
nice more white women for us you wont get a complaint from me
Miguel Bustamante (18 days ago)
BLACK BULL because no white will want her or pay for her shit hahaha u mad?
BLACK BULL (26 days ago)
once you go black she never goes back
B0omer96 (1 month ago)
Nothing wrong when white women go with you, but when we take your women you chimp out. You can dish it out but you can't take it. You have poor impulse control and act like overgrown children. That isn't masculine. Women find a responsible provider masculine, that is why black women are turning to white men. I personally don't want a black women, hell y'all don't even want them. You don't even realize when you go out with a white woman you are saying in that act that we ARE superior to you. You don't want your women because you want the cream of the crop. Black women ain't the cream of the crop, nor are black men for that matter.
Michael Godley (1 month ago)
123 L true
عمار الامير (4 months ago)
James B (4 months ago)
Seriously, who wants a white baby?
dannysharkDS (3 days ago)
Everyone with a brain :)
B0omer96 (12 days ago)
@CRPF *Citation needed.
Huh in america 60 percent of white women want a black baby not white baby I hope this will be increase in coming day
Manuel Frazão (16 days ago)
B0omer96 yeah these dudes are so idiot... 🤣🤣🤣
B0omer96 (1 month ago)
You realize you contradict yourself. You love white women but find white babies ugly? Where do you think white women come from? X'D
Travor King (4 months ago)
ew a Nasty becky. it makes my stomach crawl
Trey Mann (7 months ago)
Nasty becky
Phillip Gilbert (7 months ago)
Im the black friend...I unleashed the load in her 🤣😂 jk
Christiana Hadlow (1 month ago)
Phillip Gilbert woow
Phillip Gilbert (4 months ago)
jenny hammer 😘😘😘😘
King Jr (6 months ago)
Phillip Gilbert lol
Shune Hunt (8 months ago)
Nasty ass becky
Reala Lover (10 months ago)
It's sad that you white woman think that your going black sad but the thing is your screwed why it's simple. There's a old group called the Jesuits theses evil white man or so called give you that idea and you took it and believe on it through movies and music's and porn videos. As a Christian man bible believing KJV i tell you this the time is coming the end is near repent of your Sin or forever burn in ever lasting fire. Ask yourself this who do you think got rid of the law segregation lost people and the help of the Jesuits And illuminati that's under there control. Don't you get it they don't care about mixing races even though they hate it but there goal is a wide world control they have the power to destroy any race they choose. Plus if you look carefully and it's manipulation they created the Aids,HIV, and many more disease note why do you think they use black people as test subjects for virus and each black man that breeds with woman or mixing that virus pass through why do you think they keep you alive. But only for a time it's sad though this world brakes my heart Just to tell you I am not white or black just Spanish man. They trick you and made you think like that your either strong minded or weak minded it's seems you are weak minded. And please don't talk to me about feeling and love. The true love is the word of God that's the Authorized King James bible.
sam brandt (1 month ago)
Some white men think it's hot. My wife and I have three mixed kids and we love it
334665eric 7788977 (1 month ago)
“Burn in everlasting fire”... haha lol
Michael (1 month ago)
Reala Lover Think the goal is to have 1 race... Not that we don't have that already, but that's another debate...
jack (10 months ago)
Single mom future.
dr awesome (13 days ago)
FREE PALESTINE stfu n yo fuck yo cousins 😭😭😭😭
LOL guo (2 months ago)
This video is fake guys.. I found this video in xvideos
Scottys Back Yard BBQ (2 months ago)
be raising that baby by your self
FREE PALESTINE (4 months ago)
Placebo8 Nigger
LOL guo (7 months ago)
Interracial Future hahaha is serious? Hahaha I'll ask again .. are you retarded?
Emma Lind (10 months ago)
Wow =O
Juan David Vargas (4 months ago)
I' m make a baby with you....
Juan David Vargas (4 months ago)
Emma Lind do you need a baby??
Deeert Asles (5 months ago)
Emma Lind black man are shit
Deeert Asles (5 months ago)
Interracial Future black superior? Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahah omg hahahah u are fuck kid retarded
LOL guo (5 months ago)
Emma Lind You're just a traitorous
Placebo8 (10 months ago)
Oh that is awesome! What a girl and what a turn on, a true role model for all white girls.
Placebo8 (22 days ago)
Yes we do, get them all black bred and end their fathers weak white bloodlines.
BLACK BULL (26 days ago)
we need more white girls like this and pass it on to future generations breed out the pale male
Michael Godley (2 months ago)
i agreee

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