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LAMPHUS StarDust SDRL14 12W LED Rock Lights for Offroad - Product Video

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https://www.online-led-store.com Regardless if you’re an expert rock crawling adventurer challenging Mother Nature or a weekend back-country explorer seeking for a peace of mind, having your four wheeler adequately equipped will not only elevate every journey but also satisfy your hunger for building the ultimate machine. The LAMPHUS® StarDust™ SDRL14 Series LED Off Road Rock Lights does JUST THAT. The unrivaled brightness will conquer any boulder, or any loose sand in the darkest nights. The four High Intensity Ultra-Wide Angle LEDs are put into a low profile but high durability IP67 weatherproof aluminum housing, making this LED rock light a REAL dream come true.
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Text Comments (8)
Robb A (2 months ago)
So is there some kind of module that all of these lights tie into? Surely you're not expecting six individual switches to power these rock lights on and off.
Zach Novosad (1 year ago)
Is mounting in wheel wells a good idea?
Zach Novosad (1 year ago)
+Admin OLS sweet! Looking forward to it!
Admin OLS (1 year ago)
No we won't, but we will be coming out with a nanoflare mini light bar soon. Stay tuned!
Zach Novosad (1 year ago)
+Online-LED-Store very true. Will you guys be coming out with a linear mini light bar soon?
Online-LED-Store (1 year ago)
That depends on your ride, how much room you have between your wheel and your wheel well. If it doesn't look like there's enough room there you shouldn't install it there, and it's probably not off road ready :)
Zach Novosad (1 year ago)
+Online-LED-Store isn't there a possibility for the wheels rubbing up on them?

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