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Cool and funny SSBB pictures!

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These are some pictures I've taken on Super Smash Bros Brawl. The first lot in the video are just cool looking ones, and near the end are funny pictures. Most of these were taken by accident :) Music used- What I'm made of from Sonic Heroes and Living in the city from Sonic R. If you like these pictures, then please comment below or subscribe :) Thumbs up if you like the giant Jigglypuff!
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H i n a - (5 years ago)
where is the slot?
H i n a - (5 years ago)
yeah what he said
Silvernazo97 (6 years ago)
@DBZForceAttack1 lol really XD there should be a slot for it somewhere.
DBZForceAttack1 (6 years ago)
@Silvernazo97 oh ok lol to be honest i didnt think i could put the sd card in the computer lol
Silvernazo97 (6 years ago)
@DBZForceAttack1 Well actually, I made this when I was unexperienced and just took photos of them with a camera lol XD I just put the SD card in my computer and uploaded the pictures to my computer really :) But I think the better way you can do it is by putting the SD card in your wii and placing them on there which is probobly easier.
DBZForceAttack1 (6 years ago)
lol funny pics. oh how did you get the pics onto a computer tho?
Silvernazo97 (6 years ago)
@wyzzup I agree, Super Sonic would own little Mac!
Wyatt Olson (6 years ago)
Uh super sonic would kill little Mac instantly there's no contest.
Asrender1 (7 years ago)
between super sonic and little mac I'm going for little mac. P.S. First comment :)

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