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Muhammad Ali on interracial marriage and couples. White girls who like blacks must watch this video!

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Muhammad Ali talks about how interracial marriages are not natural. People of different races should not mix. All white girls who like black men, Asian men or other non-European men, should watch this.
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GNU/LINUX (9 days ago)
What ever white people are doing its always wrong. Even liking and loving black women by white men is wrong. Even loving black males by white females is wrong. It sounds like Ali wanted black people to live in some bubble in this world totally isolated. The fact is that we are here together and much more dependent on each others than we can even guess. One of the results of that evident fact is mixing of "races". Take it or leave but that's the way things are. Better to accept that basic fact because it's much easier for you to breath.
Razah Blade (15 days ago)
Smh foolishness brought to you by the Nation
martini stirred (15 days ago)
As a white man I love Ali for this. I don't hate any other race I do not. But we must have pride in who we are. We must work together. We can tease stereotypes and be competitive but avoid tribalism and promote unity. I want my children to look like me and you should too.
Russ Matthew (17 days ago)
Racist af
Mo Patch (20 days ago)
Great video, where can we get the whole interview?
The Truth (1 month ago)
Shady Fungus (1 month ago)
Now I believe you can’t help who you’re attracted to sure that’s one thing. If you’re white/black and you only like that’s fine. But to say all people should stick to your own is a little outdated. If your an Asian man and you find a white girl attractive and she has all the right personalities I think it’s crazy not to at least take a chance. Let’s not discredit the amazing thing Ali has done but you can’t take everything a person says and glitter it with gold. You have to put the bias aside sometimes and say wait a minute if you truly believe someone is wrong. And I believe Ali said some pretty on point things but I don’t believe this to be one of them. That and he cheated on his wives. I think due to his many accomplishments he lost his compass of some good boundaries. That’s just me.
António Gomes (1 month ago)
I m big Ali fan but !!! Ali was one of the greatest man walk in the planet but he wasn’t perfect no man is perfect!
RBG Warrior (1 month ago)
Ali was the fucking *Greatest* on countless levels
Jack Krieger (1 month ago)
He is right.They all are birds but they have their own race and should preserve it.
Qtap (1 month ago)
why does culture matter so fucking much. all you saying that oh the culture is now ruined oh the race is now ruined fuck off none of you ever gave a single reason or any valid reason for that matter of why it is so important and identity isn't hard either. lets say my parents were black and white what does that make me? it makes me fucking part black AND part white it makes me biracial. theres a lot bigger things that matter about a person besides ethnic/racial identity and fucking culture. if you can't prove your culture's importance quit trying to preserve it and keep it alive and grow up.
Nathan Coleman (1 month ago)
White woman can't seem get this through their heads, but like he said they don't love who they are.
TheMaxer03 (2 months ago)
So many of us have reservations about interracial marriage, and we can't say it for fear of being called racist.  Ali makes perfect sense.
Dayon Mage (2 months ago)
Strongly agree with the comment below me. It is a sound observation. Disagree if you must, but Mother Nature always wins in the end.
modern studies (2 months ago)
Ali prob had some white in him
Brat Baby (2 months ago)
The person w this upload has all hitler vids😑
It's his opinion
SelfAccountable (2 months ago)
Despite his racism, Muhammed Ali is celebrated as a hero in the media...... hypocrites!
MAMA AFRICA (2 months ago)
He’s lowkey racist
Rob Hill (2 months ago)
Never realized this great man not only was the greatest boxer ever but such a realistic speaker. God is perfect so what business if I'm a believer have in trying to mess up as a man what God has made perfect.
Brandon Marks (2 months ago)
Sveno V (2 months ago)
that's right. white women race traitors should listen to this. white people should stay together and negroes need to stay around them own. white power.
Random Dude (2 months ago)
Ali is a big dumbass racist piece of crap
Thatdude101 (2 months ago)
Who the fuck cares if you marry someone with a different skin color!?! Its just a COLOR. You put all kinds of colors on 1 piece of paper in a drawing, right? So why cant 2 people of different colors become 1 couple?! Its a skin color! Its not like youre dating an alien! They have hair, eyes, arms, legs, red blood, and youre gonna say they cant be together just because of the COLOR of their arms and legs and all that other stuff? The world is going to hell in a handcart.
Dorothy Richard (2 months ago)
Muhammad Ali is so racist!!!!
MAMA AFRICA (2 months ago)
Dorothy Richard lowkey
samozafudbal cudaginem (3 months ago)
These man told truth about us And he talk honestly And i love him about that Few days ago i play with beautiful black baby She hug me and i melt I swear i would give anything for her But my child would be as im
SageModeLuis (3 months ago)
I agree with everything Mohammed Ali said. RIP
o o (3 months ago)
Black people are BEAUTIFUL as they are, why would they want to mix? There isn’t an ethnic group on earth that stands out as beautiful as Black people and there are so many just falling over themselves to mix ethnicity because they’ve fetishized other ethnicities.
joel ivey (3 months ago)
i love ali but i do not agree on his views on interracial marriage,it's nonsense in my opinion.
Pat Patrix (3 months ago)
Bunch of libtard Marxist people virtue signaling here. Guarantee the white people here advocating for "diversity" and mixing live in communities completely devoid of any real diversity. The internet is probably the only times they ever actually interact with any people of color.
hd31 (4 months ago)
He’s right
Queen C (4 months ago)
bushbaby 1 (4 months ago)
He was simply talking about culture. We can love each other and respect and help each other .Live together ,but, We are very different ,and there's nothing wrong with admitting that . Cultural diversity is total bullshit. totally !
Razdon (4 months ago)
The world is going to be filled with asian rulers once the whiteman goes away. And blacks will be slaves again look at Jamaica not long now till they cry for the whiteman to help them is it... But what if the whiteman isnt there ... GOODLUCK BUDDY
raspoutin (4 months ago)
what a racist big was Mohammed Ali, Allah panish him right, he deserved it,fake Muslim, fake ignorant bad man he was
Luke Garrett (5 months ago)
He may be the greatest athlete ever but some things he said was upsetting
Michael Gavioli (5 months ago)
What about dogs,they mate with dogs from different breeds.
elliott prats (5 months ago)
Have I taken this stance too far by only dating fellow gingers?
thegentlemanjay (5 months ago)
He’s a racist but i guess it’s ok what he is saying because he was a famous boxer and black
Fritz F (6 months ago)
Totally disagree, you can be with whoever you want
Merlinever (6 months ago)
I wish Heidi Klum had seen this before she married that black man and, by doing so, encouraged who knows how many millions of young, impressionable, clueless white girls to mindlessly copy her monstrously irresponsible betrayal of her own race.
Christie Richardson (6 months ago)
I can't blame Ali, his mind was poisoned and he had a lot of animosity and anger towards what he was seeing at the time. It's wrong but Muslim religion, racism and all the bullshit a man from his time experienced can cause this kind of thinking.
nejolo matrilo (6 months ago)
I’m mixed with Native American, African and European. I guess that means I get to take home three wives.
catsintexas (6 months ago)
Mr. Ali was right. he was spot on. I wish all young blacks could hear this hero speak!
Black Republican (6 months ago)
Whatever Malcom x.....
mikeMcoa (6 months ago)
Damn from this video and the comments I can already tell the type of people that are in agreement and the funny part is both are the same.
gsahrens (6 months ago)
Humans have been mixing since the beginning of times. The modern human is a mix of many different humanoid species such as the Neanderthals and the Cro-Magnons. And hey, just because Ali did so much good for society with the stances he took, it doesn't mean he can't be wrong about many other things.
Melody Erin (6 months ago)
This was a different time...doesnt make it right what he says.
Carey M X Thomas (7 months ago)
As much as I admire the champ, I very much disagree with his take on this matter. To those who agree with him, by default, you would also support bringing back anti-miscegenation laws, as well as bringing back segregation. It’s amazing to see some African Americans supporting white supremacist ideology. Those who adopt the tactics of their enemy, are sure to become their enemy.
Robert Harris (7 months ago)
comparing humans to birds. When have different ethnicities become different species?
milk (7 months ago)
Everyone should love whoever they want to love.
TheHipHopRecords (7 months ago)
I would never date a white woman. I love my black women
Joseph Elmurr (7 months ago)
and they call white people "racists"
Marcus Mitchell (7 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing(as far as blotting out your race and your lineage). It seems like that when people marry outside their race they are mostly saying God made me too ugly to find attractive and/or to want my children looking like that. That's one issue with it. Black men: it's the whole black kid-white doll experiment that is a byproduct of brainwashing and black associating themselves with an object of hate, dislike, or a lesser person. Then, also, add to that, it has been suppressed and depressed until now and opposites attract, so, when it has become more mainstream, it becomes the way of choice! With black women, it seems to be that black men are running away from them and, some, even are like the black men to begin with. With white women, I think they get bored with the mundane(and want spicy and excitement), think black men are better in bed, and/or have been brainwashed into thinking that darkness or shade is manlier than their native beige. With white men, I feel that opposites attract and they feel that black women are better in bed. The more and more popular this becomes, the more that extremely white or black looking people approach extinction. IF GOD SAYS THAT YOU SHOULD MARRY SOMEONE OF A DIFFERENT RACE, THEN YOU SHOULD. HOWEVER, OTHERWISE I WONDER ABOUT IT, BUT I REALLY DON'T KNOW IF I HAVE A PARTICULAR SIDE ON IT.
Stokely Car-Michael (7 months ago)
I completely agree with the champ
Robert Sirca (7 months ago)
how right he was
Mark Jacob (7 months ago)
I agree, blue birds with blue birds..we should not force mixing...it don't mean we can't be peaceful with eachother.
Lazy Lightning (7 months ago)
Black people smell different
Dem Morales (8 months ago)
This interview is stupid all the way from top to bottom. Anyone who agrees with all this shit Ali says is fuckin lost. He talks about preservation of culture yet directly contradicts how it even comes to be made in the first place. People weren't just put on this earth already embedded with culture. It was created by people with open minds and ideas. I'm Mexican and in my culture we love everyone, I wouldn't even be alive if it wasn't for people of different parts of the Earth coming together. But even if that wasn't the case, his statements are still ignorant and narrow minded.
Caramel Savage (8 months ago)
Muhammed Ali is against interracial mareigae but yet he's half white and has a half white wife
lillawicca (8 months ago)
I am pretty sure he is just saying why he is a black nationalist.
acex222 (8 months ago)
Identitarian garbage.
chanell rose (8 months ago)
Speaking facts✅
chanell rose (8 months ago)
London Stax (8 months ago)
He spoke facts! I love my culture, I love myself so I wanted to recreate that, found a beautiful brother and created a beautiful mini US. Anyone who can't understand that and thinks self love is hate certainly must have self hate issues themselves loool. How can self love or appreciation of your beautiful individuality ever equal hatred...you people are so fucked up hahahaha
Steven (8 months ago)
So true.
Dan Harmon (8 months ago)
"You hate your own race." Ali got that right when he said it to that clueless self-loathing liberal jackass TV Host!!
bill anderson (8 months ago)
Well said,ive often said the real racist are the ones promoting white and black genocide through interracial propaganda,and we all know who that is..
iesha faye Rankin (9 months ago)
he says aint no women worth going through more hell then the hell he is already going through. that's sad, because I'm in a interracial marriage and my husband will go to hell with me /for me, as many times as it takes in order to love me.. then he talks about how people of different cultures cant relate and identify with each other feelings. my husband cant relate to having breast and giving birth. and I cant relate to having facial hair and a penis does that mean I should be a lesbian, cause women can relate to me? its called appreciating each other differences physically and culturally. I'm not with him because he is of another race. he was my best friend that I fell in love with that just so happen not to be black. I am not ashamed to be black. I have natural hair, and educate myself on black history. my husband supports me appreciating my culture on daily basis. and I support him. I wish I could have spoken with him myself.
Samuel Burke (9 months ago)
I just thought it was important to point out that, for those who say that interracial relationships are outlawed by the Bible, that in Numbers 12:1, it says that Moses was married to an Ethiopian woman. It furthermore says that Miriam and Aaron spoke out against Moses because of this, and that Miriam's skin was briefly turned leprous by God as punishment for this. I think it is important to note that the verses in the Bible that tell the Jews not to marry other peoples are made on a religious basis (do not be marrying people who worship other gods) rather than on a racial basis.
tin tin (9 months ago)
The funny thing was muhammad Ali was biracial himself.
tin tin (8 months ago)
Dylan Mckay https://www.geni.com/blog/family-tree-tuesday-muhammad-ali-360991.html
tin tin (8 months ago)
Dylan Mckay You need to to be schooled b if your being serious? Look at the brothers features. His mum. Have a look b https://www.geni.com/blog/family-tree-tuesday-muhammad-ali-360991.html
Dylan Mckay (8 months ago)
tin tin no he wasn't
aTurtleDarkly (9 months ago)
To people who think interracial marriage is wrong: nobody gives a shit. Fuck whoever you want. If god didn't intend for different "races" to have children, then he wouldn't have made it possible, innit.
⛈Shut the 🔥fuck up🔥 in the comments section 🌩.God made us all the same, everybody on this planet is related we are all one race the human race🥐🍷. people can mix with black🍗, white 🍔,haspanic🌮,middle Eastern 🥘or Asian🍲doesn't matter it's just un holy to only think you are different when all humans have antsisters from all over the world but you should stop becuse of only color skin .🥋Ali🥊 was the greatest of all times but doesn't mean he was right about everthing.He stood up for black people and made white people relize there needed a change but was blind to the reality of how things can change when we start to relize we are all the same.🙏
VolkColopatrion (9 months ago)
what the hell?
Cyrus MUFC (9 months ago)
Do people understand how America was then and Now in this day Ali probably would have had a white woman
conor calvert (9 months ago)
I doubt it. Its more than just race he saying he wants an American Black woman because she can undertand and relate to him. That is understandable and I respect it.Alot of people confuse people not agreeing w/ interracial dating as racist but it's not necessarily. Its a about cultural identity and being w/ someone who truly understands you and you understand them. Take into account family issues also. Trying to bring a person of another around your family can create awkward moments and it doesn't have to be about race. When I was growing up Haitians were as different from us but just as black but the cultural difference and language barriers made it hard to imagine dating one at the time and actually bringing them around your family
Stacey (10 months ago)
He got his nerve, Ali all your wives were half white or racial ambiguose. He didn't even like dark skin women.
Ed Sexton (10 months ago)
Ali was such a racist I'm glad he's gone, if a white person said that they would be a bigot and a racist but Muhammad Ali's says it and he's the greatest of all time I'm sick of this double standard on everything
Darin Smith (10 months ago)
Oh man I got to tell my wife we need to end what we started it's over, I don't think I will ever stop loving her tho
Mark Sze Chai Chan (10 months ago)
I don't know what to think: Is it Wrong, is it not? If it is God's Will to join a couple from different backgrounds, Amen. If it is God's Will to join a couple from the same background, Amen. 'So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.' Matthew 19:6
ARSHAN Soleymanian Far (10 months ago)
Klay is such those black guys that I respect.
Alyssa Sloneker (10 months ago)
moon energy (10 months ago)
Not wanting to mix with racist people is not racist.
A Musical Soul (10 months ago)
wuwindz (10 months ago)
"Who wants to spot up your people and kill your race?" Truth.
Dario Rolle (11 months ago)
Honestly why do people care what he thought, believe what you want. I personally believe that interracial marriage is perfectly fine, but I'd never take away his right to believe what he does.
LaKayla RaeShel (11 months ago)
I Believe He Said That Because Of What Was Happening Back Then When You Do Step Out Of Your Race.
TheImpetus (11 months ago)
Lol this guy had an iq of 87.
Darkless4X (11 months ago)
Strongly agree with him. People should stop race-mixing & start sticking to their own kind. It's never racist to love your own race.
Mimidoo Tor-Agbidye (11 months ago)
That's so stupid, we are all people, we all breathe air, and we all bleed red blood. So that's enough for me to say that you can marry any race and it shouldn't matter because we're all people. And don't be saying interracial marriage is a sin where in the bible does it say people of different colour cannot be romantically involved with each other.
ali davis (11 months ago)
I agree with the champ its natural for a man to be with a woman of his own race
MrQuestion72 (11 months ago)
Oh man, too much truth for the cucky Brit here. Even back then, whites were so indoctrinated. Thankfully, we're waking up now.
crimsonshadow42 (1 year ago)
He married two mixed race women.... actions speak louder than words.
me (1 year ago)
I think it's natural to want to be with your own. I find White women disgusting look but I also understand they are not meant for me. Same as white man who find African American women u attractive is nature. Me and the most racist white person and this common thing we all agree on. I fell like America would be a better place if all groups stay in there own states. And if you cross over to the wrong state they should be able to jail you because you have Zero rights.
Couch Mayne Gaming (1 year ago)
This interview was when Ali was part of the Nation of Islam. These views are not compatible with traditional Islam, which Ali converted to in 1975.
I'm a black man and I 100% agree with Ali. Why the hell would I want to blood mix and ruin my family's bloodline. Blacks for black and everyone else to their own damn race.
Jlo Hobbo (1 year ago)
Bluebirds and eagles are literally different species. The races of humans are all the same species. Ali didn't know his biology.
Gabriel RAwls (9 months ago)
Jlo Hobbo they’re birds and we’re humans
AJ Muzik (1 year ago)
What year was this interview?
Kelvin Carson (1 year ago)
And this is who some people look up to??? Pathetic. You can be with whom ever you want. This just shows how much hatred he has for white people. I love my girlfriend and yes she is white. I bet he's rolling over in his grave now that there are so many interracial couples in America.
B5 (11 months ago)
The temple of yakub is in nubia where our people come from. Nubia is on the other side of the south pole but it is guarded by nazis who dont want us to escape the plantation they call earth!
Kelvin Carson (11 months ago)
B5 trust me, I don't want to be a part of that kingdom 😂
Kelvin Carson (11 months ago)
B5 just to let you know that I have recently white ancestry 😂
Kelvin Carson (11 months ago)
B5 😂😂😂 ok
B5 (11 months ago)
Millions of years your ancestors survived to create you and now when you procreate with that white devil you will defile millions of years of evolution!
claudette dalton (1 year ago)
i love seeing same culture with same culture love ali an agree with him whole heartdly
Harpy Eagle (1 year ago)
Lol, I love reading the comments. Just the biggest assholes of earth, all racists gathered together (Blacks and whites).

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