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MACKLEMORE Hair & Style Tutorial by Dre Drexler

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This week we bring you the MACKLEMORE HAIR & STYLE TUTORIAL! Personally our favorite video we have done yet! Let us know what you think by writing a comment below! Be sure to sign up to be a part of our society for free at www.classactsociety.com I do not own any rights to this song SONG: Macklemore x Ryan Lewis x Ray Dalton - Can't Hold Us (Vival-D Dubstep Remix) Vival-D Productions Click here to download song: https://soundcloud.com/maxik-starodub...
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Text Comments (278)
Pickle Rick (2 years ago)
Old Dre so cringey
Ronan Fitz (2 years ago)
When you've done growing yo sides u should totes go back to this hairstyle
Ariel Winns (2 years ago)
what an awesome T-shirt! what´s the brand?
Armand Toll-Tempany (2 years ago)
Amazzing video, loved it :DD
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
thanks so much! ;D
Video Starts At (2 years ago)
I'm jealous of white people's hair
Jordan Sparte (2 years ago)
We do have some pretty awesome hair lmao
77NightshadE77 (2 years ago)
stylish m8s :D nice video thank you guys :]
Techno Cerberus (2 years ago)
Nice Hitler Youth haircut.
BEN x WAINWRIGHT (2 years ago)
All my friends say that to me lol (I have more of a G-Eazy hair)
Makes Obey (2 years ago)
what shoes do you have there??
Grace RamirezDonner (2 years ago)
I love this video haha <3
Grace RamirezDonner (2 years ago)
+Dre Drexler hahah ya
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+Grace RamirezDonner haha this is old school!
rockstar1806 (2 years ago)
hey dude where can you get that jacket from and whats it called? Btw nice video love the hairstyle
rockstar1806 (2 years ago)
oh okay it looks so fresh, anyways keep doing what your doin :)
Dre Drexler (2 years ago)
+rockstar1806 thanks so much! i actually got the jacket about 3 years ago and they don't make it anymore :(
ING Nepal (2 years ago)
Can you do a long length undercut
Kendrik Doughty (2 years ago)
Again Dre Drexler, good video! Hair tutorial was short, but the music w/ the style tutorial was great! Thx for the video!
Richard Vargas (2 years ago)
"Jordan 8s you can get at footlocker" yea Ight nigga
Patrick Ebba (3 years ago)
i have that blue jacket bro lol
Dre Drexler (3 years ago)
+Patrick Ebba niiice dude! :D
TheMrBig8 (3 years ago)
U got ur ears pierced dre?
Shark DJ (3 years ago)
Would it look good if you keep the back hair & do the rest like Macklemore?
Mahmoud Ali (3 years ago)
u got a lack in details bro :3!
horrorjunkie92 (3 years ago)
His name is Andre?
Matt Flattery (3 years ago)
I do!!
i am (3 years ago)
It looks good wts!!!!
i am (3 years ago)
Am a girl and i like this hair tho
daddy (3 years ago)
Do you have to blow dry and slick back everyday to maintain this?
Drago 28 (3 years ago)
If ur barber don't understand Undercut... try tellin him Undertaker, I guess he might understand! ;)
Jacopo._. UrbaNy_07 (3 years ago)
games 2005 (3 years ago)
MOEZY YUUP (4 years ago)
this is so dope i thinking of get MACKLEMORE Hair   Style  =)
Progressive news (4 years ago)
Cool video bro. Great set of locks
Billy JhoNson (4 years ago)
can you tell me the measures?
Elizabeth Rammel (4 years ago)
Where can I get that blue jacket?
K.t. Neal (4 years ago)
RazorPL (4 years ago)
You have a perfect hair. What you use?
KVandMariee (4 years ago)
You're pretty fire mane🔥🔥🔥
Lucian Plamadeala (4 years ago)
Please tell me the name of shoes. I dont understand the words thx
XBL Kingz (3 years ago)
Jordan 8 aquas
VaZZeeR (4 years ago)
Nike Jordan eight. Bro
Donat Saramati (4 years ago)
type of my hair is like you'rs  ^____^  
Nathantorres2002 (4 years ago)
What do I ask my barbers for
Mahmoud Ali (3 years ago)
+thethijsy this is an* undercut ;)
thethijsy (4 years ago)
This is a undercut
JoeyBadass (4 years ago)
My favourite style!
Mr_Cifteli (4 years ago)
How long are your haires plz
HaydnNewman (4 years ago)
Where's theses sneakers from?
Mikey P (4 years ago)
+roooo no u cant shits sell out asap b 
James Collins (4 years ago)
+roooo doe*
roooo (4 years ago)
U cant get em from footlocker tho
ash tyler (4 years ago)
If you actually paid attention...
hatim khetouta (4 years ago)
how muchh time u wait to grown size 5 
Baptiste Becker (4 years ago)
Where did you buy your cap plz ?
Baptiste Becker (4 years ago)
What is the brand of your cap ? :)
MrBlutzIII (4 years ago)
Hey Dre, got a question. if you use this hairstyle regularly and there is a point when you dont have time to style it right what can i do to keep it from looking weird?
Aldrian Bonham (4 years ago)
So cool! Thx man !
Max Haider (4 years ago)
i notice how you push your hair to the left. mine naturally parts to the right. would that work the same way?
Brad Ellor (4 years ago)
When you take your hat off at the start , how do you get that look ?
Lexus (4 years ago)
Who gives the jacket?
Kevin Yukse (4 years ago)
bro do u ever do your eyebrows? and if you do what do you do to them?!?!!
Daniel Henzel (4 years ago)
Where do you have your snapback? Whats the name? You looks great thanks for the Videos! :) pls answer
The Asian Alliance (4 years ago)
what was the size of the top?
The Asian Alliance (4 years ago)
+Dre Drexler thanks bro ;)
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
5 inches :)
Jagged Studios (4 years ago)
All I need is 116
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
To Brag on my King!!!!! ha!
mohd hadzmi (4 years ago)
This is an undercut right ? :)
Dre Drexler (4 years ago)
yes :)
Michael McPadden (4 years ago)
Short back shit the lucky went
Austin Brown (4 years ago)
Looks even better than Macklemore
João Silva (4 years ago)
wasn't it suppose to be a 3 cut in the sides and back ? xD
horrorjunkie92 (3 years ago)
+Atomic_Wizard | Designer I've been using 2 but might go down to 1. 3 is way too long for this style.
3 is what most people do but macklemore gets a 1
callum mccarthy (4 years ago)
This hair is great I cant wait to go to the the barbers.
Hary Dos (4 years ago)
Love it
Daniel Khor (4 years ago)
I'm an asian I cut this haircut looks strange
bill34555 (4 years ago)
Okkkk thanks! And,just saying, this is the best hairstyle u've made and it suits u! :D
Benja Rodríguez (4 years ago)
Nice tutorial Drexler, can you please search for Raul Gudiño (football player) and make a hair style turorial.
bill34555 (5 years ago)
Thanks! And what styling products should I use to make the hairstyle?
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
ByVilain silverfox or hairbond Shaper work great!
Seth Wolf (5 years ago)
I've decided to go back to this hairstyle lol is the back part of your hair the same length as the front or is it cut shorter than the rest?
Seth Wolf (4 years ago)
ah crap....i cut it to short lol time to grow it out again! thanks man! 
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
The front is shorter. The back is only about 3 inches long
bill34555 (5 years ago)
How many cm must the hair be? i have it 9 centimeters. and im using a Wella clay!
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
9 cenimeters works great! 
Cicc021 (5 years ago)
+Brandon Adame thank you sir!
Rob Music (5 years ago)
Good stuff guys!
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Thx bro!
Rob Music (5 years ago)
Good stuff guys!
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Thx man!
killer12345627 (5 years ago)
The back of ur head looks horrible
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
+Ryan Mills I agree with Mr. Mills! Thx bro! ha :) -Dre
R Lilms (5 years ago)
Naaa looks sick.
KrissQu (5 years ago)
You are the best :D 
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Thanks! Appreciate it!
Hampus Hirsch (5 years ago)
I Guess your using by vilain Gold digger
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Yes, gold digger! :) Thx for watching!
Angel Garcia (5 years ago)
Please you make the hair cuy of Ryan Lewis
Cicc021 (5 years ago)
Any alternatives to the Vilain wax?
Paaschii (5 years ago)
+Brandon Adame Oh Yes, thats right :)
Brandon Adame (5 years ago)
+Paaschii Hanz de Fuko Claymation
Paaschii (5 years ago)
American Crew Fiber
DarkendSoulxXx (5 years ago)
Every fucking guy nowadays has this damn haircut
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
You are right! haha
Hampus Hirsch (5 years ago)
Igor Kovacevic (5 years ago)
is it 1 on the sides and what do you do on top?
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Yes number 1 and the top you can leave it from about 4-6 inches!
Zehyn Khansia (5 years ago)
Do you get the sides and top disconnected?
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
yes, thx for watching!
Zehyn Khansia (5 years ago)
Do you get the sides and top disconnected??
theagam97 (5 years ago)
i have this kind of hairstyle and still looks good /: you only looks like douchebag if your face looks like douchebag (my opinion)
Hampus Hirsch (5 years ago)
Oh sorry H&M
Hampus Hirsch (5 years ago)
Where did you get that jacket?
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
H&M :)
killer12345627 (5 years ago)
It looks stupid
J- Rolls (5 years ago)
Like the same guy who commented x)
ron burgundy (5 years ago)
no one wants hair like this idiot...
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Lets keep it cool fellas! We got nothin' but love for each other! :) Thx for watching, mad love to you guys! -Dre
ron burgundy (5 years ago)
why do you still insult me. i´m just trying to help you. i know in a few days will be christmas and its getting hard for you, because you don´t have anyone by your side. but that doesn´t mean that you can offend me and destroy my mood. so sad….
J- Rolls (5 years ago)
+hans franz They are already here you fucking moron, I'm not you, you fucking piece of shit x) Lmfao Dude stop talking you're making me laugh even more than you already are, oldest line in history lmfao Jajajajajajajaa why don't you get some people that like you, you don't know me, you don't know my name, you don't know where I'm from, you don't know shit stop acting like you do, you moron Lmfao
ron burgundy (5 years ago)
hey it´s okay. the time will come when you´ll meet some ppl who really like you. maybe not today or tomorrow but it will happen! i pray for you. 
J- Rolls (5 years ago)
+hans franz Lmfao you're so stupid for real you don't even know who I am and you talking shit for what? to prove that you can make fun of me or some shit? Lmfao WE HAVE A BADASS, do something with your life because seriously your making me laugh way to much Lmfao xD, then people ask why is the world how it is, it's simple because of stupid people like you that don't accept the truth or if some one says something there trying to prove the're the bigger man or some shit xD, poor you, I really feel bad for you that you're using that old line foreal, is the same thing as " that's what your mom said" Lol how old are you? 67 xD
Syhr Noslig (5 years ago)
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Gold Digger ByVilain :)
Håvard Ringnes (5 years ago)
Dd frikinig kul hair style
theultimaterom (5 years ago)
What the fuck is this? Only doucebags have haircuts like this.
xDTATAx (5 years ago)
+Bud Spencer Nailed It Haha
Bud Spencer (5 years ago)
+Dre Drexler thanks mate i tryed a hair like this but i couldn't make it like this.
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
+Bud Spencer bahahaha that was awesome.
Bud Spencer (5 years ago)
ok dr duferschmirtz
Richard Bali (5 years ago)
what is the hight at the top in centimeters?
Leonardo Pompeo (5 years ago)
What's the same of your blue jacket?
LenceTV (5 years ago)
which lights do you use for your video!? :)
affraidbae (5 years ago)
I have the same cut, only offer that not as shaved on the sides and I need the line. If I make the cut I'll make you get the picture .... You inspired me Greetings from Mexico
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Well I would highly suggest hairbond or byvillain products but i found that Aussie mens texturizing wax works okay for the price you pay which is about 5 dollars.
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
It was just a joke lol
Ming Zhu (5 years ago)
what? 16 inches hair on top?
Danial Farhan (5 years ago)
nice aquas
LOPEYBOI (5 years ago)
I have this hairstyle... Cheap products I can use? Also, I like your piercings! What are they? :))
Eric Choke (5 years ago)
Dre Drexler can you do a neck work out video and a quiff hairstyle tutorial
Devenir Mécano (5 years ago)
I try NOW
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Thx for the love and support!
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Blow dryer :)
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Thx for the love! Appreciate it!
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Aw yeaaahhhh
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
GoldDigger ByVilain! :)
Dre Drexler (5 years ago)
I used Hairwax and hairspray

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