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Chris Rock about black slaves

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Chris Rock about black slaves xP love it
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Tekoa Rea-Hedrick (12 days ago)
If black people are so physically impressive because of slave breeding why are they so afraid of police brutality? If they were as badass as he claims they would just beat up the police every time and police brutality would be a non issue. Truth is there are just as many great white athletes as black ones and the myths of black men being physically superior in any way were invented by people looking for a way to look impressive.
Jeganath James (1 month ago)
I am just wondering how much of this video is applicable for india,the country I come from.Chris talks about 1600s to 1964.Back here that number is close to 2 millennium
Its all fun and games until that genetically modified super slave black athlete runs into a southern, cornfed super white dude or the Goddamn super Russians.
QuikYeh (1 month ago)
Did it better than Kanye :D
Slyguy threeonetwonine (1 month ago)
So punish me for shit I didn't do? Gotcha, my grandchildren will punish yours for what you are doing to us with "Affirmative Action"(Institutional Racism). I was denied a college education because of my skin color. You better believe either you, or your grandkids will pay for that! The cyclical nature of history is a bitch. Just remember that when your grandkids aren't allowed a higher education because of their skin color.
LOVE PIE (1 month ago)
Fucking genius
charissecoal (1 month ago)
Smh at all the ‘im-not-racist-but’ people hiding in the coments who spend their days on youtube clicking on any video with the words “black” and “slavery” in the title just so they can run down people of colour while excusing oppressive whites of any wrong doing. Fuck y’all but do carry on giving videos like this one views and keep conversation alive, y’all always shitting on yourselves
Citizenthirteen (1 month ago)
From Wiki: "Selective breeding between slaves with the aim of developing particular physical traits was uncommon however,[3] as most slaves were unrestricted in their choice of sexual partners" So bullshit #1. I highly doubt they killed slaves for being intelligent . Slaves were valuable. They might have beaten them, not killed. Bullshit# 2. Fake news all around people.
Steve P (1 month ago)
Didn't Jimmy the Greek get fired for saying the same thing
loveld Lu (1 month ago)
So you think you can just slide on his radar on being Eddie Murphy's raw and when I say bye see this is why you don't get your customers so you never will you think that you're on touchable and nobody has to come in and do better for customers than you wow that's so petty and so small for Facebook to act like this and that's the true you thanks for letting me know how you really are
puttputt524 (1 month ago)
People forget all the time: Tiger isn’t exactly a big strong black dude. He was a scrawny, fast asian kid.
tu padre (1 month ago)
America's history is a corrupt, bloody reality. Till this day the white man continues to enslave people... just look at the kids getting separated from their parents at the border and placed into cages.
ALBER PAJARES (1 month ago)
black no thanx,.. divisive, pro-war, irrational,..
Patrick Dunn (1 month ago)
Why do the blacks in the media cling to the past? Because they are paid to. We are all being played.
Don't Be A Dumbass (1 month ago)
With out the British causing slavery be in Africa starving to death😖
Alex Lerma (1 month ago)
Not swimming
Eddy Somz (1 month ago)
Actually latinos dominate baseball lel
Little Cripple (1 month ago)
Crippled Hispanic here. Apart from being ironically racist itself affirmative action harms those who it's meant to help, as well as harming society as a whole. Eg universities have diversity targets, if they do not meet these targets (depending their location they can be next to impossible) they go on mostly unsuccessful drives to recruit "minorities". When they're unsuccessful they start lowering the bar which they have to do again and again until those targets are met. The consequences being those who are capable are excluded and those who had that low bar set get saddled with a shit load of debt. And because of affirmative action we've never seen such a high failure rate!! University is far to late to address the causes of poverty and social issues, people from broken homes and receiving subpower education in their youth needs addressing instead.
Joex51 (1 month ago)
he is a comedian are his facts right not entirely but people get heated about this BS way to easily
Squishy Potato (1 month ago)
*I don't believe in human rights but this is sad..* 😔
Jack Daniel (1 month ago)
breeding slaves is a joke said by a white sports caster b4 this act r & was fired. Chris makes a skit & makes millions. so whites killed smart blacks? that's as real as institutional racism
peteyguitarguy (2 months ago)
Chris Rock is a racist himself.
Tom Barge (2 months ago)
Jack Spivey (2 months ago)
Cana box (2 months ago)
Racist cock sucker
mergingbutterfly (2 months ago)
Oh that really breaks my heart the fact that what he said was true think about the ones that could read and write and had to pretend like they could not and had to hide the fact that they could We take so much for granted now.
mergingbutterfly (2 months ago)
hackberry flat First of all I could give a rat's ass about what the literacy rate used to be or was is what it is now in 2018 and the fact of the matter is people do not like to read to do not want to go to school yeah people are graduating more than he was back in the 80s at the minimum C and D Plus that don't mean s***yeah people getting into college with financial aid yeah people getting GED that don't mean s***the fact of the matter is people act like it will kill them to read or study when people back in the day used to die and being whipped for trying to learn how to spell their name you read up that history. Like I said it breaks my heart to acknowledge the truth in his joke because it is true. You can take that to the bank. And before you say something smart sweetheart okay I'm speaking on a voice translation and it's kind of messing up my language little bit but if I felt like it and if I wanted to type I can do so very write well and I don't feel like getting this out no putting my periods where they belong prime example we don't give a damn about education today I'm saying this to you and I'll prove it to you for that. Well oh well literacy just fell. Oh well but back then people honored writing and reading today we don't again I don't give a damn about putting this. The end of my sentence because that's how much it does not matter anymore and to think that people killed and died for the chance to be able to go to school bothers me just for us to day do you say screw my paragraph screw my sentence watch me not put a period at the end of my sentence
hackberry flat (2 months ago)
You need to read much more history; biographies, diaries, unpublished manuscripts...the literacy rate for all people was much higher than anyone thinks...you're like most people and think in absolutes.
mergingbutterfly (2 months ago)
Auhhhhhh lawwwd !!!!
Berkshire 88 (2 months ago)
You haven't seen anything yet lol.
Dallas More (2 months ago)
That was the policy of the southern "Democrats" not the policy of the United States! If you remember right the Republican party was created to free the slaves, and it won, but even afterwards Andrew Jackson presided over reconstruction, the democrats created and enforced segregation, Jim Crow laws, and the KKK, the KKK was the political enforcement arm of the Democratic party!
lostcompass (1 month ago)
Dallas More and then, the southern Democrats (dixicrats) left the Dem party to align with Republicans. Why? Because the Civil Rights Act was signed into law. Tell the whole story instead of manipulating facts to fit your worldview and explain your allegiance.
David James (2 months ago)
Very funny...however there is still slavery all over the world in many different forms. House maids/helpers in Middle East and Asia who come from SE Asian countries like Philippines, Mynmar, Indonesia and others.
David Anewman (2 months ago)
Who invented all the sports?
Roger Jordan (2 months ago)
What about the whites that risked it all to teach the blacks how to read and write.
F Vids (2 months ago)
Funny thing is your still killing each other today
Victor James (2 months ago)
16% of humans that complain and fuck up 80%
Kid Splash (2 months ago)
Waiiit. Since when did blacks dominate baseball. If anything that shit pretty diverse. Heck we even got asians.
Perdido Atlantic (2 months ago)
wendell worth (2 months ago)
Ya, black people dominate sports, cause sports do not require having a brain.
stevenator0281 (2 months ago)
Jimmy the Greek said all of this and was vilified and lost his job! That sounds like "institutional racism" to me!
Adrian Swaby (2 months ago)
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Stafford Stafford (2 months ago)
Remember that time Chris found out the owners of his ancestors were native Americans lol
Jimmy Rustled (2 months ago)
Greatest day for niggers was when whites brought them to America.....and when the black filth do more than destroy cities, you can have equality.
android user (2 months ago)
Black people only act civilized under the crack of a whip. No that they are free the just rape and murder
Beaky Turf (2 months ago)
Now we are all slaves....thanks black slaves for fucking it up for all of us.
Kris Wright (2 months ago)
Jimmy (the Greek) Snyder would be proud
christopher flynn (2 months ago)
This is some dumb ass shit... Chris rock is a fucking sell out he made his Carrier off whites made his fame off whites made his money off whites but now at the end of his Carrier and no movies are calling him it's back to supporting the very people he turned his back on years ago can anyone say hypocrisy?
franciscomoniz84 (2 months ago)
Heated jockey ring 😂
Patrick EH (2 months ago)
The US gov't didn't raise the slaves. They were considered private property. Now, the slave holders DID breed them to be stronger and stupid. Which is why the average black today in the USA is more physically able and much lower IQ than an average white person. But, the average sub-Saharan Afircan has a much lower IQ than those of European descent.
joe chrow (2 months ago)
Best NFL player today = WHITE..Best baseball player today = WHITE..Best tennis player = WHITE..Best hockey player = WHITE..Best golfer today = WHITE...Wow you guys have "basketball"..bouncing a ball up and down go you!
Ro G (2 months ago)
Percent of players that are black based on 2012 data. NFL is 66% MLB is 9% NBA is 78% Soccer is 25% Given that the US black population is about 12%, you can conclude that blacks have higher representation as professional athletes.
Brian Fike (2 months ago)
Chris rock. Racist piece of shit. Flat out said on stage he wants more white kids killed.
Howzyer Bippy (2 months ago)
Dominate nothing but sports
Howzyer Bippy (2 months ago)
The best thing that ever happened to the desendents of slaves was slavery itself... With no slavery then no desendents of slaves.
AussieBlokeGordo (2 months ago)
Wouldn't that be a TURKEY SLAP shot?
Thomas Letroll (2 months ago)
well it's 2018 now and time to get rid of affirmative action
meatyboititlord (2 months ago)
A person who was never a slave whining about being a slave, hahahahaha
Tom Palmer (2 months ago)
Blacks don't dominate amateur wrestling. Check it out.
trebor trahrebe (2 months ago)
Howard Cosel said the same shit and got in trouble
Canus Lupus (2 months ago)
Then why is the whole of Africa a shit hole
1 Spirit (2 months ago)
Realist most def. Either way a nigga losing but ignorance is bliss so thats how we had to kick it. Lmao! Gotta laugh to keep from crying.
Charles Jones (2 months ago)
Get the fuck away from politics and race baiting. You're a comedian. You only show your lack of skill by pandering.
Ling Austin (2 months ago)
I don’t know anyone else on the planet who can make slavery funny
hillary ilinsky (2 months ago)
how about the whites killed by blacks, you seldom or never hear about that.
Ro G (2 months ago)
What is your point here exactly? That we need more coverage of people like Dylan Roof? Oh that was a white guy who killed nine black people. My bad.
hillary ilinsky (2 months ago)
ro g , thanks ,but how about the 16% no one hears about? i'd sure like to get a 16% pay raise now that i think about it.
Ro G (2 months ago)
From 1980 to 2008, 84% of white murders were done by white murderers. Page 13 of the BJS report. https://www.bjs.gov/content/pub/pdf/htus8008.pdf You're welcome.
Charlton Burrows (2 months ago)
His jokes a really well thought out. I was waiting for the I don't know how to read punchline but instead I got who taught you octagon.
Max R (2 months ago)
Kanye be like: that sounds like a choice to me
You1TubeExaminer (2 months ago)
this nigga stupid AF
regressive thoughts (2 months ago)
Don't act like everybody had slaves. Like it was a common thing to have. It was about 3% of the population who had slaves. Btw those slaves were sold to the white man by black Africans, who kept slaves for centuries before. But no one's talking about that. Today about 1% of the country are descendants of slave owners, so don't be punking everybody for what happened back then. You shouldn't even hate on the 1%. They had nothing to do with it either.
Dan S (2 months ago)
swimming mma hockey no different races ha e diffrent body types. white men tend to have larger torsos and longer arms which makes them better swimmers. blacks tend to have longer legs and bigger sprints. so no one race isn't better then all the others. but our society perpetuates racism everywhere since we were little kids.
regressive thoughts (2 months ago)
That's because black people from nature have physical advantages. Not because slavery, lol. All those poor multi millionaires dominating. That's racism! Shiiiet.
Sea Level Cain (2 months ago)
niggers enslaved niggers
Most Hated (2 months ago)
Knock it off. Blacks sold prisoners to white slave-handlers to save their societies from total entrapment.
Johnny Manny (3 months ago)
Kanye needs to see this
J. Watson (3 months ago)
Well I don’t feel to bad for black people anymore they have it better here than Africa for sure. Does white people like them? Not necessarily but no more or less than Asians or Mexicans and dare I say it the Native Americans or now its First Nations. And that feeling is mutual back to whites. It is what it is. Me personally I know good and bad people in most colors
Mikkel Rasmussen (3 months ago)
I though is was Aziz Ansari in the thumbnail
Denise Branch (3 months ago)
gonna hit the puck w his dick..LOL
hillary ilinsky (3 months ago)
maybe if blacks weren't traded to anglos by other blacks this horror would never of happened.
Most Hated (2 months ago)
Africans sold criminals to white slave traders to avoid their entire tribes from being destroyed. Staying out of Africa and not buying slaves never occur to you _Christians?_
hillary ilinsky (3 months ago)
most white people and ,or their ancestors had nothng to do with slavery and came from countries where they were treated like shit and when they got to the U.S. were treated like shit here.if you were from southern europe most if not all anglo's considered you black. probably you didn't know that they hung white 's they considered almost black and inferior.but you think all white people are racist. how about the 600,000+ white people that died in the civil war .where the ones from the north also evil white racist? maybe you should look in the mirror to see who the real racist is.
T Poppy (3 months ago)
hillary ilinsky maybe if evil white people didnt purposely make policies designed to oppress black people black people wouldn't still be stopping about slavery the way they are.
theARK designs (3 months ago)
Tutorial for #KANYE #YEEZY
Wade Sharp (3 months ago)
This is why Chris Rock is great! Innovation at its best..Gets people argueing about his style. Well done bruv
Paul Sullivan (3 months ago)
I miss the days when Affirmative Action was the most divisive issue in the US. Nowadays, it seems like the most divisive issue switches every other week.
Zil Osorno (3 months ago)
Except for Soccer, and Swimming.
normie x (3 months ago)
I hope Kanye West watches this video soon!
Ricardo Alarcon (3 months ago)
Jimmy the Greek said the same thing........ Then he got fired and black listed. No pun intended
james heyer (3 months ago)
How do you explain so much violence in the black community. Is that the white mans fault too?
Beverly Beverly (3 months ago)
hillary ilinsky (3 months ago)
jimmy the greek said what chris rock said about the slave breeding and was blackballed .
Most Hated (2 months ago)
Jimmy the Bookie Felon wasn't a comedian nor were his comments appropriate for an all ages sports program.
Chris Owens (3 months ago)
That's all that iz (3 months ago)
Kanye should listen to this...it might JumpStart his brain
Shawn Farley (3 months ago)
The meaning of life the universe and everything is getting your dick sucked 5 times 42
MKrip808 (3 months ago)
That was pretty weak as far as Chris Rock and his stand up is concerned.
Johanna Aquino (3 months ago)
Neo Khesa (3 months ago)
Al Mendoza (3 months ago)
Paint everyone green all the dark green people go to the back of the bus!!!!
Antonio Bromelini (3 months ago)
It would not surprise me if President Donald Trump was to put forward a solution to the problem of discrimination of black people. It would be their forcible repatriation to Africa "for their own good" And he'd make them pay for the journey!
ffp08 (3 months ago)
Lol nigga fuckin large
David Goldin (3 months ago)
What's that sign say Boss?
David Goldin (3 months ago)
Oh Chris, you're a Baaaaaad boy.
Greg B (3 months ago)
Ignorant moron trying to pass off myth as history.
Angel Urbina (3 months ago)
Greg B ah, that makes sense
Greg B (3 months ago)
To start, affirmative action is not the most divisive issue in America. Also, blaming slavery, which was made illegal over 150 years ago, for the current problems in the black community, is Bovine Scatology. in addition, the government did not breed slaves to produce super-slaves, or kill smarter blacks.
Angel Urbina (3 months ago)
Greg B what myth? (this is a genuine question)
Ndonue Takwi (4 months ago)
Respect From Cameroon this guy is hilarious
Manuel Ruiz (7 months ago)
Slapshot bitch!
M. Marcus (10 months ago)
THIS is the GUY who took Richard Pryor's crown! Not no damn Kevin Hart #StupidMillenials
Jerry Neutron (10 months ago)
4:02 the Kaepernick situation in a nutshell
jamestoni (1 year ago)
Billy connoly then chris rock
Mikal San (1 year ago)
funny part is hockey was started by runaway slaves who made it to canada in the town of novia scota

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