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First Car Buying Tips!

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My Facebook Page! https://www.facebook.com/BladedAngels/ My Twitter Page! https://twitter.com/BradedAngeru Heavily Requested Video, Finally did it. The video was actually longer, but I deleted the super-edgy takes. You can still watch them on Facebook though! Like what I do? Patreon Virtual Tip Jar! https://www.patreon.com/BladedAngel Music Used Super Beaver Rashisa Instrumental Snail House x In Love With A Ghost - Journey https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTpcy7EGPYY&index=9&list=PLcZdbW0McgT0n5HLzFMR3KXEGHPnYIqiT
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Bladed Angel (1 year ago)
This video was originally longer, but I went Edgelord Overload. If you want, visit my Facebook to watch the Deleted Scenes! https://www.facebook.com/BladedAngels/videos/2063671373856008/
zzz (2 months ago)
Make an Instagram
M.V.P. (2 months ago)
Cars are not a expensive asset they are an expensive liability...
Victor Barcelo (5 months ago)
Please get Instagram too
Preston Moore (7 months ago)
Your car speaks to me I’ll give you $43,690
Jake Allen gaming (9 months ago)
Excuse me I would hate to waste your time but I'm 15 and I'm getting a first car in a year and that's coming up in a few months so do you think that a Mustang would be a good first car
Victor Pelini (2 days ago)
"a car that starts up and runs" *Show a gergous volvo 240 wagon* SMH I WANT ONE TOO but why these cost soooo much 😢😢😢
Isaac Green (2 days ago)
Daniel Cupa (7 days ago)
I want a Yugo 65 , not these pieces of shit
What’s tha car at 3:20?🤨
Metazoan Canine (16 days ago)
What about a 1991 Nissan 240sx for $3000 for a drift car
spiritfire storm (18 days ago)
Hey i need an ae86 in ice white anyone know where i can find them
Rulio 69 (19 days ago)
1:42 yeah guys imma just taste my car real quick
Noah Hai (23 days ago)
OldNewSweetRides (29 days ago)
I'd always recommend a Civic, Accord, Camry or Corolla. Coupes of those cars would be a *fun* choice.
DriftKingz (29 days ago)
If u don’t have space in ur car get a trailer
alex espinoza-medina (1 month ago)
And read the owners manual so you know how to take care of it
alex espinoza-medina (1 month ago)
Get your favorite car
Jan Kunc (1 month ago)
if you want first car and u dont know what to chose....just remember...miata...is always the answer
The Firebird Flock (1 month ago)
Me: *watches first car tips videos from different youtubers* Me: *buys 1983 firebird*
ProjectMX5 (1 month ago)
I really wanted a Renault Twingo 1.4 as my first car. And my project car being a Mazda MX-5 Miata NA.
Bonnie The Bunny (1 month ago)
My dream car is a 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STI. Though they're like 30 grand where I am.
hardcarbon1 (1 month ago)
okeh my fisrt car will be a used nissan 350z
471ll4 BG (1 month ago)
I'm a simple man. I sense miata. I click.
Lyn Perrine (1 month ago)
but facebook and twitter are not worse?
Mr_ChugleGlugle YT (1 month ago)
Why am I a 10 year old boy watching this oh yeah in 6 or 8 years I’ll have my driving license
Why is his twitter bradedAngale
Jun Yu Tan (1 month ago)
Meanwhile here in Singapore we need to buy a piece of paper with our car thats sometimes more expensive than the car itself and basically have to get a new car every 10 years or renew the piece of shit paper
Special Dude (1 month ago)
YOUR MONEY?. I'm fucking weeazing
Spin Dragoon (2 months ago)
Is it OK if I want a ae86
Rice Dogg (2 months ago)
3:54 that's the car that I want except in the standard wrx trim, the first thing I'd do to it would be a, sti trunk swap
Ali Virk (2 months ago)
I want a supra Its faster than a lambo ferrari and buggati Its faster because the you thought you where going fast and this happens
Elias Van Loon (2 months ago)
i'm a car enthousiast but i can't choose what type of car i want...
Tyler Kelly (2 months ago)
I'm 17 and a Mustang GT is my dream car....
Trash Boat (2 months ago)
Miata is 1#
Fire Bird (2 months ago)
Ok I’ll stop watching the other video and complaining about it. I’ll just continue watching it for no reason
Do you need to do trackdays every weekend? get a MIATA Do you need to have lots of space for shopping every weekend? get a volvo Do you need to do both? get a lancer evo station wagon
Igor Blyat (3 months ago)
Thinking about a 1999 Audi s4. Awd, 240hp, 6 speed manual
VEGETA XP (3 months ago)
My first car is a 1988 camaro it cost $7600
Mike Speed (3 months ago)
The evo is the best car
Power Point Pleb (3 months ago)
Miata niBBa
Ex0tic Br4d (3 months ago)
Ex0tic Br4d (3 months ago)
Has all my criterias met
saturnday (3 months ago)
Get something fun before you get married. Your wife will be mad if you get a manual transmission sports car if she doesn't know how to drive stick. Teach her before you get married and it will all be great.
Daniel Trinh (3 months ago)
Average 13 year old: I want a Lamborghini, Ferrari and a Bugatti 13 year old who has watched anime: I want a Toyota AE86 GT-S, Mazda RX-7 and a GTR
Daniel Trinh (3 months ago)
An old Camry like everybody does
Gabe Gramblicka (3 months ago)
I want a brz
Dav3der (3 months ago)
Lol, I'll have like 1000 bucks for my first car... I think imma get a BMW e36, I see them going for like 7-800 bucks
bradstercivic (3 months ago)
I want an ek civic as first car. Reliable, Fun, Handles well, Cheap and practical. And no there is not going to be a bi plane wing on it
OOF Gaming (3 months ago)
I want the audi TTRS as my first car. (2013 version)
Waddling Cucumber (3 months ago)
Prius FTW
The Mighty Shaggy (4 months ago)
I want to buy a bmw 328i
Mad Joe Mak (4 months ago)
I'm 17, have no money, and want a 4 door rwd sedan that's sporty and cheap. I was thinking maybe e36 316 but I'd rather have something rarer. Any suggestions?
Connor Paul (4 months ago)
I'm twelve and I want to own a 2011/2012 Volkswagen Golf. Or gti.
03Chubs (4 months ago)
I want a g8 😭 I’m 16 running out of time
Mega Savior (4 months ago)
There’s a guy near my school who has about 8 bikes in his garage has a GT-R, Evo X, Evo 8, rx7, and a 32. Everyday before school I always on purpose take the long route so I can see the beautiful cars 😍
GM Beatz (4 months ago)
I was just wondering today how to pick it! Although I know this video is old, you're here right when I need you, thanks Bladed!
Do The M.E.D.S (4 months ago)
I picked the Mazda RX8 in 2004 I've only put 80,000 miles on it it's my toy car with a large turbo and supercharged system, if you think you can't put a supercharged on a rotary you're wrong so don't try and type that and took out the catalytic and tuned it and changed out the transmission. it purrs
Captain Dodds (4 months ago)
Mord Fustang
Simple Frankie (4 months ago)
I have accord...why?? Modified any way I want. Cheap parts. Reliable. Fun to drive. 4 doors more whores.
Antonio Alas (4 months ago)
1:45 no joke I actually sneezed before he said that I’m being 100% honest
Stormer248 (4 months ago)
First car was a Mk4 VW Golf. It wasn't an enthusiasts car by any means but there are few choices that are better as a first car. Because when you get a first car, people always want a car that's more fun over commodity (Miata), but usually regret that when life takes over and you have to use it in situations that don't entail you having fun in the freeway or down back roads. The Mk4 golf was optimal for me because: -it was very cheap ($3000) -it was a survivor, having 230,000km, and all I had to replace was the fuel filter. -it's very small, nimble, but also tight on the steering. It's great for getting comfortable with driving in the first place -the trunk space is phenomenal to say the least -is performance is abysmal, but it still sounds good -they're built for the cold, which is really important for us Canadians. My brother's focus hated the winter, but my golf loved the snow. I remember driving home from work in snow storms as other people's cars, and even some trucks were stuck in ditches both left and right, yet the golf persevered with a bit of sliding. -the dash lights, nuff said So yeah, if not a golf, a hatchback in general is the only car I'd recommend to someone as a first vehicle. Even though I'm still salty that I never got that Porsche 928S as my first car, I'm actually glad I didn't.
Crossfire SFM (4 months ago)
How did you know I wanted a Mazda MX5 Miata Mazdaspeed as my first car?
Sakarias Karlsson (4 months ago)
I need over 170 hp, a drink holder for summer days, a decent sterio system so i can pump music. Thats about it if it would look like a multipla id be fine with it
Arun Parkin (4 months ago)
I want my first car to be either a Morris Minor or a Morris Oxford VI/Austin A60 Cambridge. Problem is the A60 Cambridge is hard to find since its 50 years old and the Morris Minor has a top speed of 77mph.
DR shag (5 months ago)
I ain't gay but for your voice im willing to be gay, no homo ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Kevin Becerra 5445 (5 months ago)
I want a Scion FR-S
My first car will just be a Civic or a Corolla
Takumi Fujiwara (5 months ago)
I got my first car (subaru wrx sti 2000) years ago and its my daily driver still today, Best gift that my dad bought me.....THANK YOU SO MUCH FATHER
Al-Fa (5 months ago)
I'd be getting a WRX STI.
Would a 350z be a good first car
Takumi Fujiwara (5 months ago)
I want an s2k
PowAndWow (5 months ago)
I want the Seat Mii
Vector Rector (5 months ago)
How much should 1 spend for their first kar
Shirlohka (5 months ago)
'95 mustang V6 manual. Sure, driver side floor pan is completely rotted out but I can fix that. It's a V6 so it won't use very much fuel. It's a mustang so it's engaging and will most definitely put a smile on my face. It's manual, it's fun. It has four seats for my friends. It has enough space (just) for my bass guitar and amp in the trunk. It's cheap, being sold for $2000 (CAD) it's the cheapest car that I like that I've seen so far. My dad says that if the floor pan is rotted, I should walk away. But I'm not going to do that. I want that mustang. I want to fix it up and make it my own. Life is too short to settle for a pontiac grand am, damnit!
Juan Manuel Penaloza (5 months ago)
What if it's like Soviet Russia and car picks you?
WesTu (5 months ago)
does it even matter? if you enjoy what car you have, is anything else even important?
xd almar (5 months ago)
I think a Subaru Impreza wrx sti would be good in the condition
Victor Barcelo (5 months ago)
No isnta!
Jdm Supra 1600 (5 months ago)
I hope I get a g35 as a first car
Stan Cars (5 months ago)
Good luck though don’t turn it into a vaydor
IDK (5 months ago)
Thomas Scheffrahn (5 months ago)
im thinking of an alfa 159 sw what do you think?
Iwana Dai (5 months ago)
I just chose a Hyundai Genesis G70
FaZe ghost (6 months ago)
For my first car I want ether a right hand drive R34 skyline or a Evo x just got to find one
ramon cantano (6 months ago)
Is a 1987 camaro z28 a good first car?
jman507 gaming (6 months ago)
When I’m old enough to drive, I want a generation 4 Mustang. Is that a bad idea?
jman507 gaming (5 months ago)
Stan Cars Ok! Thanks for the reply
Stan Cars (5 months ago)
No it isn’t
0-5 leader [REDACTED] (6 months ago)
Want a lancer EVO x
Ben Dover (6 months ago)
helpful video but in my world we call you casuals
Dan R&R (6 months ago)
I can't wait until 2023 I'll get a Skyline GTTurbo from 1998 with a GTR Body Kit. Its the perfect tear for me since i don't need like a 1000hp i just want that sexy GTR R34 body😍 and the RB25NEO engine its strong and reliable and it comes with a single turbo.
Lakatos Subaru (6 months ago)
I want a honda s2000 as a first car or a gti golf 4
BeterBan (6 months ago)
My first car is a 2007 Scion tc spec package 2door hatchback. I'm absolutely in love it. It's not a super fast car or my dream car but I love driving it and looking at it cause I know I worked hard to get the money to buy it
Shshsbdvs Shshshxbdgs (6 months ago)
Guys I just saw bladed angel’s car on the road........... YESSSS
Yakushi Mikatsu (6 months ago)
How about a WRX as a first car?
pcmrsage (6 months ago)
B-b-but where's the miata?
iDrakeZz ِ (6 months ago)
i want something fast but practical, so a Dodge Charger Hellcat
Praestes (6 months ago)
I bought a 370z for my first car, and so far, I fucking love it!
pngn (6 months ago)
4:05 hey a toonie!
Kuba Gajda (6 months ago)
My first car is gonna be a Volvo 850, because of that 5cyl. engine sound 😍
Casper Bengtsson (6 months ago)
Now the problem is to find the car and Which car
Gustavo B.Cervantes (6 months ago)
Guys I'm planning on buying a Mitsubishi Eclipse...is it a good choice ?
Archnemest (6 months ago)
Do what you need to know modding a lease
ZEPHYR (6 months ago)
*Damn should've watched this vid before letting my dad buy a e36 m3 but it's not bad*
Tubbs Tubbs. (6 months ago)
This video literally doesn't say anything
Stan Cars (5 months ago)
Okay deaf bitch
Pͥhuͣnͫ (6 months ago)
For my first car I’d want a Ford Fiesta st or a Nissan 350z
TheFantasyVlog (7 months ago)
I haven't even started watching the video and I'm deciding to buy a CORVETTE as my first car

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