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Can GIRLS GUESS the SIZE of a guy's PENIS?

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Can girls guess the size of a guy's penis based on a first impression? These 5 girls have decided to give it a shot. They're surprised by the results! Can you do a better job at guessing the sizes? SUBSCRIBE to FRENZY: http://bit.ly/SubsribeToFRENZY FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM! https://www.instagram.com/frenzy.channel/ LIKE us on FACEBOOK! https://www.facebook.com/Frenzychannel/ Life is full of challenging moments. Get distracted!
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Text Comments (1058)
J. R. (4 hours ago)
After the mind was like, 'You know what's a good song after watch or doing porn? Calum Scott - Dancing on my own. gdfshfgh34 why Christianity? Because all its prophecies should be 100% correct - the true God does this. Eternal life is free, gained by faith in jesus when you die. Can't earn it by payments, good works, following all laws but we still try.
Humza Khan (4 hours ago)
That's like saying a man can guess a woman's boob size
Kong (7 hours ago)
soooo. where is the doctor that measured it for them? those are porn star levels. average real penis size in world is 5.1" so how is it that all of them exceed this? hmm? very questionable. either statistics from research are wrong or the show is bias/men measured their own an lied.
Professor Jmd (19 hours ago)
How about Making a video of how to judge how big is her Vagina .
Shaun (2 days ago)
Thats it. I'm moving to an Asian country XD.
SUPERCELLING (2 days ago)
Imagine men doing this with girl
Ha! Beat u all! Mines 2”!!
Jaydee Eloen (3 days ago)
I feel a lot more confident now. Lol
Beatboxer n (3 days ago)
Mine is 6in and I'm 12
محمد خاتمی (5 days ago)
I didn't know girls guessed right or no ,nobody told??🤔🤔🤔
gregory brian (8 days ago)
Are those flaccid or erect measurements?
Lance Lessard (10 days ago)
20 years of working in urology says you can not tell until you see it for yourself. No other body part correlates to penis size, even their height.
naresh kumar (2 days ago)
Hello sir Please tell me about more about the penis fact My whatsapp number is +918054109451
Albert Demarco (11 days ago)
Comment on be incorrect . Female virgin still beable to become pregnant before penis insert 25 to 50 percent inside her. A theory fact.
PINDA DA PANDA (11 days ago)
Lol these bitches judging but won’t even tell us their BMI ratio
Swag Boy (11 days ago)
my dick number cannot get in this screen video.Because there is no enough space for the number.Ta ta tarara tarara tarararara ra rara ra!
Chop Beatz (11 days ago)
I’m 10 and already at 8inch 😯
Sal Dean (12 days ago)
I got a bigger dick than all the pussy ass nigga lil dick ass
SrmthfgRockLee (12 days ago)
Funny how all results differ by 0,4 only or 1-2 but point is ,5 ,1 ,9... that nearly proves its fake to be such a coincidence.. some1 was lazy while doin that crativity fakin
Jens (12 days ago)
i have 12 cm
Chloe MasterLove (12 days ago)
George Math (12 days ago)
Ladies... hmu to find out my size ;)
John Armenta (13 days ago)
Hey! Let's do this again, but have the men judge the tightness of their. . . . never mind. hashtag meetoo I guess. . . .
yes sir (13 days ago)
That weird voice black girl with the purple hair is beautiful
TSS BEAST (13 days ago)
Bullshit shoe size has nothing to do with penis size fuckin dumb hoe
antonemmmm (13 days ago)
I want to be a contestant!
Harris Pj (14 days ago)
so, did they have a gangbang at the end? That's what we all wanna know.
Dakota Rising (15 days ago)
It doesn’t matter how big your penis is, Fact is no penis can stimulate the clitoris during sexual intercourse and very few women cum during penetration.
Dakota Rising (15 days ago)
I’d like to see a video of a guy guessing how tight women are 🤔
John Cole (15 days ago)
So are we just going off the honor system or... what?
Owen li (15 days ago)
Why this is a vid?
Swango (15 days ago)
Degrading as fuck. I hope the actors really didn’t feel shamed after.
demo tester (15 days ago)
One can only hope they measured NOT by themselves because studies showed that measurements from a neutral person are 1-2 cm shorter. If you take serious studies, you see that over 40% (!) of men are between 14 and 16 cm and the average in white males is I about 14,5 cm (depends on study). 20 cm and above have only a few percent – but of course these few percent are the ones wich are more likely to do porn or naturism or have more one night stands because more of them like to show their penis. So, if these guys are measured correctly (which I doubt), they are NOT an average sample, and shureley they are not representative (if we have 14,5 cm as average, than we have a lot of guys with 12 or 13 cm, and I had with some of those guys sex so this is not a theory). Well, but the question was if these girls can guess. No, they can't. If a homosexual designer with really good feeling for proportions and a certain quantity of sex partners like me can't do it, they can shurely not do it, and you can not do it – except you see the guy in really tight clothes or sport clothes. But, the good thing: not everyone is obsessed with penis size (I'm not and I know a lot of guys who are not).
Jolo Jingco (15 days ago)
Black people have big penis and im black boi!!!! :)
Dilan Eades (15 days ago)
All they care about is big size its like , everyone is obsessed with big butts gosh
Yo Momma (16 days ago)
Next up : Can Guys Guess the Size of a Woman's Vagina? Bc that's fair right?
Aldo Z. (16 days ago)
Hey if you want her to go wild in bed for you, and you think size will make a difference (who doesn’t), maybe try googling Simmy Krotiel’s website. Within just weeks, you can have her having the time of her life by following a simple routine that can make you at least 4 inches bigger.
gogle (18 days ago)
Does lengthy penis gives more pleasure to womens??? My penis touches the end inside vagina at full penetration. I mean what if it touches and then crosses .
We should make a video about guessing the type of vagina a woman has 😂😂😂 would be hell on earth.
Sandy E (18 days ago)
These are some handy tips, thanks! If you're not the shy kind, or don't want to be, you could also head to Jevie Hindlerg's BJ Mastery website for some pretty crazy tricks. It's about assuming control and making him feel stuff he never knew he could.
Kev Campbell (19 days ago)
Im feeling pretty good a 5’9 guy has a fighting shot. Lol. I have to tell you. I used to go to the gym a lot. I was in the army. Ive seen plenty of white dudes with dicks to their knee limp. So I was feeling pretty low. But I married one of the filthiest, sluttiest cum dumpsters thats ever walked. Shes been around for 19 years and we still have sex 2/3 times a week. Im good.
damian vd berg (19 days ago)
Is it normal if im 12 and mine is 22cm?
Certaindeaf (19 days ago)
Wallet is what they're all guessing at.
Anakia a (19 days ago)
Perpetuating porn myths . the black guy had nothing in his pants, in my experience they are showers on top of that. He has a tiny bulge and they mad him wear black pants so you cant see his tiny peepee. Dont experience the discontentedness by falling for this as they tend to be assholes on top of having small dicks that dont even get hard.
Kinnlee Arrowchis (21 days ago)
I feel like someone lied about their size...I dont know though its hard to say
Dylan Maxwell (24 days ago)
There so nervous
Pierce H (24 days ago)
Haha! I beat everybody in this video ;)
love game (25 days ago)
When u r totally useless and u have some illiterate women's with you and some dumb guys who don't have their self respect, u make these type of shits...... Man wtf is this, it doesn't matter how long it is ,we men can make women cry while fucking ,but we don't do so, cause we know women are weaker than u think.....This is the reality ,face it bitches,....7 to 8 fast shots in your cunt and you'll die that's the reality.....
Panda Bear (20 days ago)
love game this is the dumbest shit I’ve ever read
Hunter Alan (25 days ago)
now i know how woman feel LOL goes to show some woman are just as pervy as us males smh
Laymen Ordan (25 days ago)
Is this erect or flaccid?
Harold Weathers (25 days ago)
Rip the three dudes under 7 inches Probably hanging from their fans now
If they did this to women the media would go crazy
vladimir putin (25 days ago)
ChevyBoy (25 days ago)
---_--- they cant really tell the truth tho
Derail07 (25 days ago)
I would have been number one! Huge ego boost
JackSwatman (25 days ago)
This is either BS or they just chose guys with big dicks, average is 5.5ish, these guys are just insecure so feel the need to lie to strangers
Panda Bear (20 days ago)
JackSwatman I don’t think a small guy would be brave enough to do this
Itsonlymany_Youtube (27 days ago)
Y tho?
your dad (27 days ago)
Lol very few guys have above 6.3 inches excluding the blacks from Africa . Average is definitely 4.8-5.5 inch
MistakezWeRMade _ (28 days ago)
Panda Bear (20 days ago)
MistakezWeRMade _ be proud of yourself hun xx our differences make us unique and beautiful
Nick R (28 days ago)
I got mine around 6 inches flat
RS Nambiar (28 days ago)
Tara Mascara (29 days ago)
Fact is.... it's not possible to tell how big a guys dick is simply by looking at him, as penis shape and size is so varied from male to male. From personal experience guys who have longer Flacid penises usually don't gain much length when they get erect, but guys who have shorter flacid penises gain the most noticeable length when they get an eerection (usually double the length when it's hard in comparison to when it is soft. For example I had a boyfriend who was about 4.5 inches soft, but 9 inches erect. It literally varies from male to male and the only way to tell how big a penis is, is to see it when it is fully erect. Now for the other question, can you tell if a guy is Circumcised or not just by looking at him?........often yes because depending what he's wearing you can see the outline of the HEAD through his pants or shorts and the roundness of it which uncircumcised guys will not display.
George Math (12 days ago)
Tara... so true... so do you want to see mine? ;)
D C (30 days ago)
Im average for a small horse...
Nick Jaramillo (30 days ago)
these girls are clueless
kermakarcci (30 days ago)
Danny Waldner (1 month ago)
Those are some big dicks
Coldey (1 month ago)
I’m 14 and I wear a size 14
Need Subscribers (1 month ago)
Mine is 9 inches when I was 17 now it's 10 inch's
Splendex (1 month ago)
They all sucked every dick after this
Besim Tirana (1 month ago)
I have 42 foot my dick is 8 inch 20 cm
Mitchell Sutton (1 month ago)
i feel bad for the 5 9 dude felt so embarrassing to know u have the smallest penis
ANG3L LOV (1 month ago)
Mike B (1 month ago)
My cock is a hero
jogí antoine (1 month ago)
name of the blonde pls thanks in advance
Ariaditya Pramestu (1 month ago)
Black is always the biggest... Not fair
Jeff Gilligan (1 month ago)
bunch of homos
Jonas IDK (1 month ago)
Why is their average like 7"? "
Ian Robertson (1 month ago)
Hey check out Naked Attraction it is shown over here in England and it is a dating game but they are all NAKED Check it out if you like other peoples bits
Ian Robertson (1 month ago)
6 in slack 9in with a hard on
Tom Green (1 month ago)
Theres me thinking imma get a reasonable size but no, they all got monster schlongs
Matthew Bulic (1 month ago)
I WAS DATING THIS GIRL WHO TOLD ME (AFTER 3 DAYS OF DATING) THAT SHE ONLY Goes out with guys with a 9 inch penis and no smaller or larger! I told her that I’m not surgically removing 2 inches just to please you 😏
Dubilyoo (1 month ago)
Objectification much?
Albert Demarco (1 month ago)
Climate weather is affect by man with clouds over Earth travel thur time .
Albert Demarco (1 month ago)
The Earth is cover 100 percent with water
Dom O'Leary (1 month ago)
I'd have a biggest cunt competition with you women, but you'd all tie first.
Dom O'Leary (1 month ago)
What about your cunt sizes you judgemental cunts.? If a guy made a video like this what would happen? Fuckin smegsnorts
Amirfarhang Sadeghi (1 month ago)
7.9 ?? is that a dinosaur?? :))
Nabil Darwich (2 months ago)
Where is the Asian guy ?
mNqHOgjJsY (2 months ago)
This is sexist imagine if a bunch of guys were guessing how big a womans vagina is?
Felisha (2 months ago)
Well they look healthy, even athletic, so chances are they have good circulation.
Kaan Dervis (2 months ago)
Indians have no dick.. so this video is fake
quiltedquickerpicker (2 months ago)
Who checked if the guys were telling the truth...
Alex Vargas (2 months ago)
I have always told girls that I feel insecure and that my penis stopped growing when I was 12 lol their reply has been uplifting cus they've said well for a little kid you have a pretty big d!€k, or no it's a good size and also that it looks good but honestly I have always felt small.
BGB IG (2 months ago)
Is that when erect or what?
George Alderson (1 month ago)
Good point and anyway who measured?
Patty Patty (2 months ago)
Those girls r dumb
osx holunman (2 months ago)
The tallest has the longest one
Badass Frank Henry (2 months ago)
Wow...how sexist!
Abhishek Tripathi (2 months ago)
just wondering how dumb is current generation of usa
pgoughy (2 months ago)
So when do we get to guess the length of Women's labia?
gungineer TF2 (2 months ago)
"I think you have a decent penis" - A random whore

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