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Can GIRLS GUESS the SIZE of a guy's PENIS?

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Can girls guess the size of a guy's penis based on a first impression? These 5 girls have decided to give it a shot. They're surprised by the results! Can you do a better job at guessing the sizes? SUBSCRIBE to FRENZY: http://bit.ly/SubsribeToFRENZY FOLLOW us on INSTAGRAM! https://www.instagram.com/frenzy.channel/ LIKE us on FACEBOOK! https://www.facebook.com/Frenzychannel/ Life is full of challenging moments. Get distracted!
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Text Comments (859)
Patty Patty (2 hours ago)
Those girls r dumb
osx holunman (1 day ago)
The tallest has the longest one
Badass Frank Henry (1 day ago)
Wow...how sexist!
Abhishek Tripathi (5 days ago)
just wondering how dumb is current generation of usa
pgoughy (6 days ago)
So when do we get to guess the length of Women's labia?
gungineer TF2 (6 days ago)
"I think you have a decent penis" - A random whore
NightFlutter (6 days ago)
now a vid of how deep each girl is
Sebasgaming Channel (8 days ago)
Mine right is 1 centimeter
Abhi sheik (9 days ago)
never misunderstood skinny guy.. danny d
Pratap Kutty (14 days ago)
Always remember , the smaller the penis size,.. the more he tries to fuck , the more pussy he gets and eventually thats how you end up with two of the world's largest populations. Also who wants to fuck any of those black women in the video. Yuck.
7620313 (17 days ago)
black people misidentifing an indian guy for a black guy oh wait, they're dumb sjws
7620313 (17 days ago)
sjws are ruining the media
97warlock ismyname (22 days ago)
iBFP (22 days ago)
When the best is sleeping you'll never know the real size of it 😏
chief 1 redwolf (23 days ago)
I am the way the truth and the life no one comes to The father but by me
chief 1 redwolf (23 days ago)
For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son that who ever believes in him will not perish but have everlasting life
Alex Cronin (23 days ago)
Hi size 47 shoes is a us 12 not a 14
A. S. (24 days ago)
I'll take the blond into a closet & have her measure mine with her throat.
Trigga Finger (24 days ago)
Nah bs that guy in the orange is Indian ain't no waaaayy!!😂
Sara Qasem (25 days ago)
How did i end up here ? 😂
bdon esem (25 days ago)
They real size of this guys is what they said - 1 inch
Marketing Int (25 days ago)
I would have been at no 1, if I was there
House JEDi (25 days ago)
I disliked this video. Sorry, but this is objectifying and TRASH. If you put women up there and guessed which ones were "tight," you'd have Rose McGowan and her "whatever" Rain Dove marching on Washington!!! Such hypocrisy.
zippy39008 (26 days ago)
4.75689421765407217" YEAH BOY!
shoelesblondlady (27 days ago)
Studies show most guys lie about it so this proves nothing quantifiable
Apu says : (27 days ago)
Just flop it out, then that's the real sizes.
SoyDaddyy✔ (27 days ago)
7.2 here, wbu guys
Mac Clark (27 days ago)
Karreil2525 (28 days ago)
Sooo penis size does make a difference. "Dammmm son; I look at you differently now" 😈👀
無限のゼロVlad (28 days ago)
This shits gay
strive (28 days ago)
543621 incghes
Daniel Bradshaw (29 days ago)
0:56 the guy on the left looks like he forgot he hasn't got a penis
Silly Goose (29 days ago)
I'm only 2 inches..............from the ground!!!
FC CORTEZ LEON (29 days ago)
I have a bigger penis then all of them and I’m only 14😂💀
DarkStar (29 days ago)
Adam (29 days ago)
I am 4 inches
Cláudio Ferreira (30 days ago)
"yu know what they say about blacks" If I was there I would like to see what they would say
CantFind MeNow (30 days ago)
And all of them were approx 1" shorter than the paper was saying lmao
LucKie (30 days ago)
The point is who measured them?
Vinod Balakrishnan (30 days ago)
what is the point of this video
SiMoN SeZ (30 days ago)
The most sensitive part of a Vagina is the initial 3.00-3.50 inches..After that, penis size be 5.0" or 9.0" - its just the male ego to be satisfied.
whitevandriver 1 (1 month ago)
Are they hard or soft sizes
Henes Agritiani (1 month ago)
Through the penis enlargement technique *4PenisEnlargement. Com* , you can learn more about the methods to enlarge the manhood. Males who have little penises tend to be less confident with women. Well, I like the fact what we have here tips for penis enlargement.?
Citizen 1 (29 days ago)
donofdesire.. I'd rather be satisfied than just stare at his statue. 😏
Matthew Bulic (1 month ago)
I LEFT MY NEW GIRLFRIEND because she said she would only go out with a guy who had a 7” Penis, had to be exactly that size. I told her there is no way I’m getting 3 inches surgically removed just to please her 😏
Quabledistocficklepo (25 days ago)
Molly Wop, "Quabledistocficklepo Did you get rejected by a black woman or something"? YouTube sometimes makes it difficult to respond to comments but I finally found you again. Anyway, I just reread my remarks and I was impressed at how wise they are, almost brilliant, if I say so myself. Anyway, I have never had the experience you describe, but I have been pursued by black women, well, one black woman. She was after me, but I kept rebuffing her. Actually, I always react that way towards women of any color. I'm the man, and it's up to me to make the advances. I can't tolerate a woman making the first step. If she does, count me out. However, If she's too easy, that's not interesting, either.
Norman Hughedicko (1 month ago)
Wyatt Graham (1 month ago)
6 whores**
Yung Mar (1 month ago)
Good waste of time
So this video is trying to encourage stereotypes
Del piero Champione (1 month ago)
The "black" dude is not black and that about black guys is fake as fuck , I'm Nordic and I'm pretty sure my dick is bigger than many but many black guys
Robert Devoy (1 month ago)
Usually guys with a big package show little or no signs of it thru their pants. Women looking for a clue will most likely find none. Generally speaking, you will not know what you are getting until you get it erect. A guy with a flaccid 3 inches could grow to 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 inches. It varies from guy to guy. In a way, I feel sorry for women because there really is no definitive way to tell what a guy is packing. If a guy wants big breasts it's usually pretty obvious and easy to confirm in advance. However, if he likes big inner labia how can he tell in advance? Generally speaking, I think women want to know in advance if a guy is too big or too small. Maybe women don't realize that a guys pants are cut to allow extra room for his package. But that extra room varies from one type of pants or brand to another. There is no way to know how much extra room has been allowed. So one pair of pants may show a bit of bulge while another will show none... on the same guy. I suppose some women have encountered both situations and have been disappointed or scared or relieved so I feel for them. Another variable is the type of underwear the guy is wearing. Some push his penis and balls up and out while others do not. Oh well, life has challenges that can never be resolved.
theFareulookinat (1 month ago)
That dude isnt black hes beige
Assrar Ahmad (1 month ago)
Mine is 8.6 inches
Michael Juãrez (1 month ago)
Hmm how fucked up lmao ? Have they done a video where guys guess how loose a girl is ?
German Quiñonez (2 months ago)
Im an average 5.5 so yeah im only 16😭
DEN (2 months ago)
talk about sleazy, people have their minds in the gutter these days,
Otto Vuori (2 months ago)
Who says schlong?
Ronnie Rioux (2 months ago)
They all had over 6 inches, not a true measure
Kristen Dougherty (2 months ago)
rigged where is the irish
TREVOR PEDDICORD (2 months ago)
What’s the fucking point?
Frederik Rasmussen (2 months ago)
That guy wasn't black, he looked more like Matthew Perry.
TechnocraticDreadnought (2 months ago)
No evidence
sonyak47 (2 months ago)
🤔Can the guys do a pretty pussy version!?!? Tell which girl has roast beef hanging or nice tight looking no lips hanging pussy😋🤔
Steamboat Will (2 months ago)
people with small dicks are getting so salty lmfao
Tim Shufflebottom (2 months ago)
i have a big white cok , add me on skype to see it tedytedy793
Musiqali She'rlar (2 months ago)
Fuck you what the fuck. Bitch
Joker MH (2 months ago)
2.0 micro dick bitches
total freedom (2 months ago)
I'm 6.7 and pretty thick, normal condoms don't fit for the girth so i use king size lol
R3k (2 months ago)
I have a dick as big as a horse dick
The Triggering (2 months ago)
I was mentally raped by this video. #metoo
Winner Booker (2 months ago)
Guessing the intelligence of these people i don't need any time to think. Instead wondering why should we accept this kind of videos what growws the superficiality and ineptitude. Tell me, to say the black man (who is obviously not black but any other coloured race) have bigger than white is not a racist manifestation? Nobody care these human being who act like woman, treat these mens like animals in a pet shop? This is not the regular behaviour of a man to accept these treatment and pathetic assortment by seemingly dumb and controlled thinking woman. The normal behaviour to spit on the whole bunch of paid monkeys. And yes this is on the screen is the pure sexism by woman. This is what woman hate to facing from man. In reversed case is acceptable? Pure evil and disgusting double standards you want to put into your brain! At the end the say "I am looking at you very differently now" this is makes me vomit. Nice future of the woman reign. This is what we all want, right? Accept then the new values!
Luther Olayemi (2 months ago)
I am 6.2 inches
Casper_Skitzo (1 month ago)
Women complain about shampoo ads objectifying their body's. Now watch this video and tell me why this is ok ? I'm fine with it myself but just making a point . Could you imagine ladies ,if there was a video of groups of men gussing how loose or tight a group of women vaginas were and LITERALLY judging them based on how they look while they hold cards against their chest , then are told to line up in order to find out ...and it was fine to put up on you tube. I know it's difficult but try to think this over in a reversed setting ...can you even begin to imagine the hysteria that would come of such a video ? Now you know what it's like living as a man in today's "P.C when it fits me"/ "total degenerate all the other times " world.. this is the compleatly hypocritical world men are living in . Hopefully one of them gave all the men a bj ... sorry...that's not offensive is it? 🙄
David Knox II (26 days ago)
Because, double standards exist. But besides that, men like the attention their penis brings.
ulf ulf ulf (27 days ago)
Bikini or wet tshirt contest?
Genther Gilborn (30 days ago)
This needs to be done just for the comedy factor.
Exalted Nevaeh (1 month ago)
Casper_Skitzo Objectification that makes the ones being objectified uncomfortable is the main issue, not necessarily objectification in general. In other words, so long as you're not being an ass about it and the people in question are okay with it, no harm no foul.
derf ferd (2 months ago)
Mines 10”
Antonio Colangelo (2 months ago)
Yung Flexer (2 months ago)
7'9 holy shit is that a drill
Desalvo the don (2 months ago)
Seriously? What a waste of 3:59 smh
Benjamin Collins (2 months ago)
Damn no packers
MysticGamer (2 months ago)
Back on the weird side of YouTube
Jane Doe (2 months ago)
Everything feels bigger when you use the metric system.
the metapod (2 months ago)
Fuck women
Stevo1361 (2 months ago)
Because length is all that matters, right ladies!
SinLess_Yash (2 months ago)
Fuckrap Music (2 months ago)
i'm 14 and my dick is 7 and i'm 6 foot
Christopher Rodriguez (2 months ago)
The guys have ligma
Coryx kenshin (2 months ago)
I gottta big bick
if they can I'm screwed
Physcolo Jay (2 months ago)
M.F. RA (3 months ago)
And what about if they lied... I mean not the guy with orange t-shirt he definitely looks like a big boy but what about the others
Dre Bugz (3 months ago)
Typical millennial shit !
Jdjsjsk Ksksksk (3 months ago)
So all these guys got big dicks, doubt it
eric demoniacx (3 months ago)
When is the episode about which woman has the tightest, cleanest vagina??????
Thanako (2 months ago)
eric demoniacx i wanna see that as a woman too.
Kinderek (3 months ago)
what da fck is this content ?
kynx unknown (3 months ago)
Biggest bullshit
MBD (3 months ago)
I'm a teen and I am 6 inches still growing...
Carlos Solis (3 months ago)
I'm 13 yet im bigger than them💀💀
SDS (29 days ago)
My penis would largely be the smallest one among them lol...
Vincent (3 months ago)
Michael Regis (3 months ago)
Why is this on my recommended? I'm only 15 YouTube.
Mr Morocco (3 months ago)
Next game, how loose are their vaginas

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