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Pro Skater John Rattray - Epicly Later'd - VICE

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Physics scholar John Rattray can't think of anything worse than teaching science to apathetic kids. So, he went with pro skateboarding instead. Caledonia's finest skateboarder discusses thrashing in the Scottish homeland. For more skateboarding action, check out VICE's Epicly Later'd: http://vice.com/epicly-later-d Subscribe to VICE on YouTube to stay updated on our daily releases: http://youtube.com/VICE Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/VICE Follow Noisey on Twitter: http://twitter.com/VICE Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (178)
In1tiate (3 months ago)
R.I.P Roxanne </3
ShiningSta18486 (4 months ago)
hes gonna lose alot more teeth callin ppl pikeys that shits racist
Prime lads 🇬🇧👍🍺
sgtyerface (6 months ago)
I still have a rattray riot zero board I’m riding the thing just wont die lol 10 years strong its a lil beat up but still going
The Dude (7 months ago)
dude so gnarly
Neill alvey (8 months ago)
Stu fn rips Y the F is with that pink tie dye tho
Chris Hague (10 months ago)
Super underrated skater, he's sick
LXNNNIE (11 months ago)
"While I lay dreaming... dreaming of you."
Doomreb (1 year ago)
i like how stu responds when jonh asks him if he would consider skateboarding art. lol that smirk veddymuchso
Doomreb (1 year ago)
Logan is Muska
Bon Rod (1 year ago)
So cool to see a skater from Livingston on Vice. Amazing park
max liddell (1 year ago)
sick episode wanna see more
Foxy Lady (2 years ago)
I thought he hit that pole 0:18
J (2 years ago)
How come the subtitles read "inaudible" when he says "Smolik" and "Turner"  in Brandon Turner?
Gehenna Dogs (1 year ago)
The transcription program can't pick up on that pikey shit
Dave McHugh (2 years ago)
rather see the show on the other skater
Mixy Martinez (2 years ago)
He doesn't like the dentist Lol
Bucky O'Donnàighle (6 months ago)
turgid fungus fake lips, fake tits, fake nose, capped teeth and empty skull is not attractive and the fact that this is the perception of beauty that is normalized in America (and around the world) is sad.
turgid fungus (2 years ago)
Imperfections make a face .Americans need to relearn that.
J B (2 years ago)
livi as anything
turgid fungus (2 years ago)
aye man
Mark A (2 years ago)
"you get the tea,, al get the sugar" aha
Jeff Does Stuff (6 months ago)
Easily his best line. And he had many good lines.
John Lee (3 years ago)
noseblunt on clipper ledge was '99, not 5 or 6 years ago?
Sebastian Gomez (2 years ago)
+John Lee keep in mind this video was filmed ten years ago
easybro Bruv (3 years ago)
all there accents are fucked haha scottish/american
Rolls Reus (2 years ago)
Your dads your uncle
Fuckin love Stu Graham, what a legend.
3times3 Buster (3 years ago)
this was wicked!!
Jay Jay (3 years ago)
stu Graham epic later'd***
Danny Torrance (3 years ago)
Respect to the Scots. From us Irish bastards.
Leroy Wilson (3 years ago)
skate 3 black box park
Jeff K (3 years ago)
Should've just been on Stuart
ricki thain (3 years ago)
Proud to be Scottish would love to meet you guys
Josh Sirvage (3 years ago)
Stuart talks like a skyrim npc
Cracksafe (3 years ago)
Wtf does epicly later'd even mean? Can anyone tell me?
Franco Cooper (3 years ago)
+Cracksafe It's when someone blows you off to an extreme degree. Like "Later..." but epic.
finally a skateboarder who can actually articulate his ideas. You guys should give him more space, instead of dedicating eight episodes to guys who only get stoned and spout three to eight 'like, humm' to every spoken word
steffe689 (1 year ago)
go watch an artsy movie
Noah Gower (1 year ago)
I think he was referring to Antwuan Dixon.
Blues Brother (1 year ago)
Charles Anderson ......surely...u.....jest.........
Chanderson 255 (1 year ago)
you write weird..... blues brother.....
Blues Brother (1 year ago)
Guilherme Alvim Barbosa Garcia .....u fuck!!!!.......R U comparing rattray minil career to kalis' complete body work???.......does been killing shit since 94.....dont b stupid.....and yes, u can have an opinion that doesn't mean it not dumb.....although this comment was made a year ago.....maybe you've reconsidered
Marissa Rene McGivern (3 years ago)
Whoever puts the subtitles on these needs to pay pay attention they always mess up easy shit that any skater should know.  Example 401 in place of 411.. cmon now. I've noticed it in the past 4 episodes ive watched.
Da KAnDyMaNFU (3 years ago)
+Marissa-Rene M i might be wrong but i dont think someone types out the subtitles for youtube videos, i think its a shitty algorithm type system that youtube developed for all videos.
Magus (3 years ago)
+1 if in your head you read almost every comment in a Scottish accent after watching this
Jeff Does Stuff (6 months ago)
Nope, but I did after reading your comment lol.
#FREEEARL (3 years ago)
"Bucksfast for days"
marcus harvey (1 year ago)
#FREEEARL fucking right only thing to be drinking
Rajamitaj (3 years ago)
He sounds sooo American
Le Hornet (3 years ago)
Funny, I aint no pro, I like skating... but I 'm part scottish... cool hope some of his passion and blood run through me. this is profound. peace from the london grime.bzzzzzzz
skatechatham (3 years ago)
Shoutout to the mid-90's bristo crew, Wee Joe, Ewan, Logan, Paul, Benji, Scott, Wayne, and so many other guys I haven't seen for years. Gonna be back that way this summer, first time since 97...! I still have the video part up on this account from my old visits if anyone wants to see some classic footage. - Chris from Canada
TobiasJLogan (3 years ago)
+skatechatham Bristo crew (this generation). Big shame it's being knocked down, that was my childhood right there. -Toby from Edinburgh
Mathias Fruhmann (3 years ago)
Wish he talked about blueprint
max liddell (1 year ago)
yeah that would be sick
Jack C (3 years ago)
+Mathias Fruhmann they should do a whole episode on Blueprint
Zing (4 years ago)
Where in Scotland is he from?
Rolls Reus (2 years ago)
Livingston? not sure though.
skatechatham (3 years ago)
Aberdeen I believe
jon doe (4 years ago)
whoever did the subtitles for this must not be good with english
livibam (4 years ago)
enjoyed that.. not see Stu in years, was good to see both him and John are getting on well. 
livibam (3 years ago)
+BryGuyTube aren't you the cutest little troll.
snokey (4 years ago)
wtf is that "no rollerbladers" sign at 8:30 ? :D You plankers must really hate bladers, aye? 
Bobbylight45 (3 years ago)
Yeah " plankers" over fruit booters any day haha
K- Kidd (3 years ago)
fucking fruit booters are not as bad as scooter kids.
LILBAUHAUS (3 years ago)
benjuminfranklin (4 years ago)
soylent jesus (4 years ago)
Mateusz Chojnowski (4 years ago)
Hahaha I loved it from 8 mins onwards, Stuart is an absolute legend!!
Dominic Irigoyen (4 years ago)
i really wish that we could have a full episode about stu!!!!! cmon patrick we need it!!!
Dominic Irigoyen (4 years ago)
he's the tightest dude!! i live in sd and watch him skate washington all the time, he rips
Ivan (4 years ago)
Hell yeah, that would be the most interesting episode to date. 
permanent dysphoria (4 years ago)
Just realized The Black Box Park from Skate 3 is that skatepark :P
LUNATIC FRINGE (4 years ago)
brokenupbeat (4 years ago)
this was an episode about a bald dude essentially. not one of the better ones.
brokenupbeat (4 years ago)
i dunno i was probably high or drunk. i don't really even care. 
CJ Anderson (4 years ago)
Stu's sick what are you talking about?
jo deasy (4 years ago)
im from scotland and im glad that a pro skater actually came out of scotland cause at least that means there is a chance you can do well in the US even if your from scotland 
jo deasy (4 years ago)
+Joepopa12 yeah true
Joepopa12 (4 years ago)
You gotta be gnarly as fuck.
percyzeppelin (4 years ago)
My mate kingy shared a flat with john at uni,top nice bloke.
chinaeyedbrain (5 years ago)
I was at a creature demo in newcastle england a couple years back, it got rained off about 10 minutes in, within that time stu did a huge air over the vert bowl hip about 5 feet high. It is in CSFU and its the craziest shit i have ever seen. A dude that big flying so high. HESH.
Jesse Morton (5 years ago)
hahaha he skated zeros before he got sponsored by them
himrawkz (5 years ago)
Kinda have the urge to find him, cross out "Was" and replace it with "Lay" on his shoes O.o
Greg Skates (5 years ago)
Scotland's actually quite good to skate, been there loads of times
cwgumby (5 years ago)
hadrians wall, bro
Simpsonwannabe (5 years ago)
The Roman Empire never reached its reign past England.
swuuggs (5 years ago)
wtf are you talking about? the romans dominated scotland but had priorities elsewhere, and rightly so because who gives a shit about scotland
Lee Potier (5 years ago)
Colin Kennedy was my fave skater growing up, dunno what he's doing now though
cwgumby (5 years ago)
scotland will fuck u up. don't mess with the scots. the romans learned their lesson, the hard wa.
cwgumby (5 years ago)
cool, stay away from heroin then.
smok wedsmok (5 years ago)
this guy with the pink shirt reminds me of shrek
El Alfredo (5 years ago)
"a bunch of pickey gypsy fuckers" haha
blank blank (5 years ago)
Inspiring stuff. I'm a skater from Scotland i live not to far from Glasgow actually. I really couldn't care about sponsorship or making money from it but i would one day like to bring my skating to a level where i am as good as the pros.....
staphinfection (5 years ago)
"You pour the tea.... I'll get the sugar."
420protoman (5 years ago)
420protoman (5 years ago)
Dear John Rattray... go F yourself... sell out beeeotch... he's the new team manager for New Balance Skate shoes..... GAY
swuuggs (5 years ago)
u w0t m8 u tink ur mad preper but ur not m8 innit
a wright (5 years ago)
Thats the spirit.
swuuggs (5 years ago)
oi m8 ill slang u 1 in the gabber i swer on me mum innit
Skatemoreeee (5 years ago)
wow - a pro skater who doesn't say "like" every 3 seconds
silas field (5 years ago)
true Britain haha
a wright (5 years ago)
Ya big fanny!
Yung `Azhe (5 years ago)
the earth died screaming'while i was dreaming
Daniel Tittyfish (5 years ago)
kick to kill! manwolfs pdx! MTLIIIIIIFE!
Kenny David (5 years ago)
John should hang out with Richie Jackson
chrisappleyard (5 years ago)
wow, that's fuckin ignorant
HOLZMANTV (5 years ago)
Super classic I want to be bros with these guys!
Michael Figueiredo (5 years ago)
i skated right where he did in aberdeen omg!
John Doe (5 years ago)
I would say to you that the most important thing would be to AVOID pregnancy and marriage until you are absolutely sure thats what you want, AND have your career solidly in place. If youre careful then you dont have to stress about everything else. You can change careers/ girlfriends/ college courses at any time. By biggest regret is now with a family that I wasnt prepared for, I cant experience the world like how I always wanted to. GOOD LUCK
Randall Fisk (5 years ago)
Fuck John is a fucking monster
Randall Fisk (5 years ago)
Never mind stupid question
Randall Fisk (5 years ago)
Is Rattray Scottish or Irish?
John Doe (5 years ago)
I like this. good question. What I do know after 30 years of living, is that it is almost impossible to be "successful" and a free spirit at the same time. Its almost like you can be a free spirited fuckup, or an imprisoned successful man. Cant be both
hendrixonlsd (5 years ago)
epicly later'd TOM PENNY. plz!
Panthrax (5 years ago)
R.I.P Washington St. Skatepark. They took it down unfortunately.
YoungNonsense (2 years ago)
Panthrax wtf really?? man i live in san diego and never got to go there.
Max Email (5 years ago)
My faith in humanity has been restored. Thanks, Stu.
tattat44 (5 years ago)
He's right. Tom Waits is the physical embodiment of America.
thejfactors (5 years ago)
I wish there were more people like this, I wouldn't hate the world so much then lol
chinaeyedbrain (5 years ago)
skateboarddudekid (5 years ago)
slap magazine
maryjanespal420 (5 years ago)
where can i get that bomb hills shirt?
ibeleaf (5 years ago)
fucking yourself burns calories too
MrJOHNNI74 (5 years ago)
If you want to get rid of fat quickly, you should search google for Atomic Fat Loss. That can help you get the body you deserve.
Warex06 (5 years ago)
I saw John Rattray at the Ed Benedict skate plaza, he was killin it, doing switch flip nose manuals on the marble ledges. He was skating New Balance shoes, I guess he is skating for them now and new balance is coming out with a skate shoe, they actually looked alright and seemed skate-able..
franksinbeans (5 years ago)
Epicly Later'd is the fukin best
StickyManMaxxx (5 years ago)
awkwardface (5 years ago)
what a modest dude
4internacional (5 years ago)
maake a stu graaham one pleace
Willswith skillsb (6 years ago)
i would pay £5000 for a epicly later'd with tom penny
Will Conaboy (6 years ago)
there should be a barrier kult episode
lunchbox (6 years ago)
sub titles please

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