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How To Buy Used Car From Dealer For Cash Tips

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Text Comments (35)
B R (1 year ago)
Two hours before closing? It will be dark by then. One needs to look at the paint job in daylight, to spot the dings, and paint jobs.
David Pedder (1 year ago)
B R so go look at the car the day befor
Clark (1 year ago)
As a car salesman, this guy is an idiot. I won't make a deal with people who actually use this idiots ideas. There are no more secrets in car sales since the internet you idiot. LOL they got your Chevy for about $100. You got ripped off! lol KBB isn't the way to value your car.
AnhYeuEmMaiMai69 (1 year ago)
solid advice outside of the buying a really old used car part...you want the newest used car you can afford from a safety point of view....
Brisk4cityGz (1 year ago)
when these is no money there is no other option than to finance bro
Mohamed saeed (1 year ago)
thanks great advice
tommy hu (2 years ago)
thanks for good tips..god bless you.....
Beth Bartlett (2 years ago)
FYIB- advice for buyer - pick out several comparable models - DO NOT BUY W HEART - BUY W HEAD Never allow dealership to finance - use a 3rd party if necessary Do not give them any info about what you have to spend or your monthly payment need Always say lower if ya can't keep this quiet when you finish and they want to take you to finance - have them make out the price in writing on a contract and then say- I will ask my parents - Make a call - pay in cash to secure that price! They are LIZARD LIARS! BEWARE!
Casey Lee (2 years ago)
Beth Bartlett
PWC222 (2 years ago)
Good tips, man. Thank you n
DaRedLight (2 years ago)
Did this guy just say he bought a 1997 vehicle...?! And for 4K? WHAT?! You got jerked! 1997!? I do not care what corner of the country you are in...you walk into any sales place an hour or so before closing on a SATURDAY! Demanding 40% OFF and wanting to test drive everything...KICK ROCKS! I got cold beers waiting for me at home! lol! 😂 😂
Ron Stone (2 years ago)
Also, not everyone has cash for a car if it is new. Then, financing is the only option, either through your own bank or one of the dealer's "floor" banks. With a used car, I might check first at my bank to see what they have to offer. My step-grandfather bought a few used cars through his credit union, back when banks would sell defaulted loans to another buyer. Thousands off the new price and a managable payment with your account in their bank as a credit ref.
Ron Stone (2 years ago)
Same goes for new car sales. I knew ahead of time what the fair price was and it matched the sticker. And I knew what I was willing to trade and what I was willing to put down in cash down. And was completely prepared to walk away. This changes your whole demeanor. From how your face looks to how you walk and talk. Even whether or not you "smell like desparation." Let the car salesman sweat. That's his or her job. All you need to do is buy or not buy. That being said, realize that both buyer and seller need a good deal. If everyone is happy, fine, drive home in your new car or newly purchased used car. It also helps to know generally what kind of car you want, while not getting totally smitten on one car.
Trey Pruitt (2 years ago)
If you came onto my lot and asked for 40% off the 15 year old car while you're paying cash late on a Saturday, I would tell you to fuck off mate. The industry isn't like what was in the 90's and years prior. You need update your video like you did your Tahoe and get into the 21st Century.
Nice2347 (2 years ago)
So essentially this guy is saying you can only buy a car if you have that cash amount available at that moment. Well for most people, if they're lucky, they're looking at a $10,000-$15,000 car tops. Sometimes financing in order to get a reliable vehicle is fine. Especially if you have good credit and the interest rate is low.
KryptonZombie132 (1 year ago)
Nice2347 you work at a dealer
Face Off (2 years ago)
weird ending the video.....
Rob Roy (1 year ago)
George Lewis talk about a cliff hanger
Alucard (3 years ago)
I won't speak on the rest, there's decent advice here but Tip Number 6 is WAY OFF. Maintenance is just that, maintenance. Oil changes, air filters, etc. It's not that expensive. Even with a new car, it's still pretty manageable as long as you take it to an ASE-certified, trustworthy shop with fair prices. Now if you're talking about repairs, generally yes, they can be more expensive but that still depends on the brand and type of vehicle you have. Conversely, a 97 BMW 328i may be far more expensive to repair than say a 2006 Nissan Altima 2.5. There's no rule that says you have to buy an older vehicle. Trust me guys, I've owned new and old alike, worked for various independent shops and OEM dealerships alike. As far as plugging in a scan tool as the Lew Wys has stated, it's not that simple. It won't precisely pinpoint the problem, but will lead you in a certain direction. Don't take this advice as law.
Paul Vess (3 years ago)
this guy is an idiot.
Joseph Powers (2 years ago)
I agree!!!
Casey Hanson (3 years ago)
giving car buying advice when you've clearly never been in the car business and have no idea how the car business works.
Mike Weiland (3 years ago)
Is that a picture of Butthead in the background?
Selcuk Yilmaz (3 years ago)
So you're recommending buying an 18 year old car? c'mon bro!
Cryptic_0-0 (1 year ago)
Selcuk Yilmaz my car is 18 years old and it runs great even after 13k miles later
Wesley Thomas (3 years ago)
My 1995 has a computer!
e M (3 years ago)
You saved money when you bought you car, but you wasted on gas
curlywolfone (3 years ago)
What if you have no other choice than to finance?
Hector Parada (3 years ago)
you should finance some dental work. you deserve it
Yu Miao (3 years ago)
Tough up!! That's right;) thank you~ this is really helpful!
Martin Price (4 years ago)
There is a lot wrong with what this guy is saying.
Nafis Muhammad Rifat (4 years ago)
I'm not sure but ,if anyone else    wants to learn about   how to save money when buying a new car  try *Awsomic Guitar Tutor* (should be on google have a look ) ?  Ive heard some great things about it and my buddy got great results  with it.
Sergio Garcia (4 years ago)
Great video 2 thumbs way up
danzbutrfly (4 years ago)
great info....thanks...
Dennis McBride (4 years ago)
One thing I agree with.  Even when I was selling cars, I knew that people aren't there looking for "friends".  They are there to get a car and get the hec out of there.  I sold many cars without the customers even knowing my name.  When I buy cars, I am the same way.  I am not there to discuss fishing or the weather.  I want to get a car and get the hec out of there.

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