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RTX Performance LEAKS - The WAN Show Sept 14, 2018

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Jord Watches: Enter their giveaway to win a Jord Watch at https://www.jordwatches.com/g/ltt Use Offer Code LTT to receive $25 Off, Free Shipping, and Free Sizing at https://JORDWATCHES.com Spektrum: Save 10% on Spektrum bluelight glasses using offer code LINUS at http://geni.us/U0N8lV6 Savage Jerky: Use offer code LTT to save 10% on Savage Jerky at http://geni.us/savagejerky Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/thewanshow/september-14-2018-wan-show-document Forum: https://linustechtips.com/main/topic/972045-september-14-2018-wan-show-document/ Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh 0:00 RTX shirt 1:18 RTX graphics cards reviews are coming! 3:16 Topics for this week 5:36 RTX @ PAX 9:00 HDR on and off comparison to RTX on and off 13:18 offloading RTX to different cores can it stretch the performance longer on cards? 17:56 6800 GT Ultra launched in 2004 supported until 2015. 20:00 Nvidia performance slides are vague but give some idea of expectations. 25:00 Competitive games will not adopt uneven hardware preferences 26:33 gameplay is king 30:31 Sponsor 1 Jordwatches.com Environmentally sustainable wood! 33:18 Sponsor 2 Spektrumglasses.com 34:23 Sponsor 3 Savagejerky.com (love this stuff) 37:07 jordwatches.com GIVEAWAY! 38:30 RTX ON shirt URL https://www.designbyhumans.com/shop/t-shirt/men/rtx-on-tee-shirt/1007244/ 39:20 Floatplane's dominant feature. Early access to video for subscribers. 42:40 Manual monthly fee for floatplane? Big updates coming! 43:25 Chrome is killing worldwideweb = WWW. before websites URL 46:20 Premier Youtube live streaming! 48:01 No talking about Alex Jones 50:15 Apple has good RMA FAST SHIPPING speeds! 53:50 Notches on phones 55:15 OnePlus removing Headphone jack 58:50 Super chats 1:01:25 Red Phone and early hydrogen 1 email. 1:04:34 CLEAN DENNIS apartment, Here is $200 post it on SUPER FUN CHANNEL! 1:05:18 END
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Text Comments (1573)
Mystery Unknown (6 hours ago)
"honestly 90% of my gaming time has been dubblewubbblewow" wtf lol?
Czeekaj (12 days ago)
Tenser cores are probably great for rendering fractals :)
Missy Lau (13 days ago)
roy from tokyo:)
Cooper Jasmine (14 days ago)
Intel Core i9-7980XE Review: The AMD Threadripper Killer Has Arrived
Alexandre Azevedo (14 days ago)
AMD is on the merge ofl a malor breacktrough. NVIDIA knows and rushed things up.
Death Song (16 days ago)
You still haven't give me that car :/
Assatron McOverlord (18 days ago)
the game Luke can't say anything about, is simply just another shader mod that comes with Minecraft.
Mads Pedersen (20 days ago)
God dammit Jord! You us a Scandinavian name, and place your business outside of EU!? The goddamn fees is enough to not make those watches worth it.
Star of Eden (21 days ago)
star wars demo was run on a rtx card at a mere 22 fps showing ray tracing..fuck that shit
Star of Eden (21 days ago)
rtx cards have a 75 % increase in price and a drop in fps actually. nv went down hill this time. over the years the comparson was 70% increase over previous generation down to 50 % then 30% then less then 20% for rtx cards. a gtx 1070 was faster than a 980ti ..so a 2080 is compared to a 1080ti..that means nv went slower this time with this generation and a 70 % increase in price above that all and a wattage increase too.....fuck nv
LeVo DS (21 days ago)
LINUS, FIX Your Voice Volume! * Try add another mic and angle it to facing toward each of you guys!
NoiseBomb (23 days ago)
Hl3 confirmed!?!???????!???!???!???!?????????? Ah no sorry fuck you gabe ;)
NoiseBomb (23 days ago)
Nope still not over it :D
DarkruneZ (23 days ago)
Fuck raytracing I'm happy with the 30%increase over the last TI
Nik Erlandsson (24 days ago)
Luke: Ive had more fun on my switch for like a long time linus: ... linus: gtfu peasant
greg johnson (24 days ago)
The audio is really janky guys. Whenever Linus gets excited the mic is picking it up way too much. Whispers then super loud yelling.
greg johnson (24 days ago)
Ya have to reply again. Can't finish the episode on speakers at work. Every minute just a random scream.
minj4ever (24 days ago)
What is it there to understand? It's called phishing. https://twitter.com/musalbas/status/1038919152826757122
Michael S. (24 days ago)
Clean dennis's apt and do before and after pic, lol. landlord crisis averted
Stephen Lozada (24 days ago)
14:25 the reason you ended up with bolt was bc your cheap and your wife didn’t let you get a Tesla.
Stephen Lozada (24 days ago)
What’s the name of the game now
Richard Strong (25 days ago)
48:20 The Alex Jones shit is enough me. That fuckhead whips up his base and directs them to harass innocent people and you want to enable that? "We don't care" Go fuck yourself.
Fixx Foxx (25 days ago)
Yeah, they are probably secretly crypto-mining on all their cards for one. Like many games these days.
Gnana Prakash (26 days ago)
Wow I never thought Linus would be this uninformed about lighting/ray tracing. Dynamic lighting has been a thing for a long time now and I sure am ready to bet it is way less demanding than ray tracing to achieve some dynamic lighting.
Toby wallage (26 days ago)
My bet on the game Luke previewed is borderlands, but that’s just because I want a borderlands 3 :(
Mike (26 days ago)
Not to rip on the sponsor but f.lux is pretty great for me. I broke.
Charlotte Larson (27 days ago)
Yeah. Saying you'd give a hatemonger a platform is really inexcusable. I won't be coming back.
Steve Morrow (27 days ago)
Sorry Linus, but you can't just wipe your hands clean of the kind of stuff Alex Jones spews by falling back onto "what your platform is". You need to take responsibility when it comes to dangerous people like him. That's going to be an unsubscribe from me, dawg. Best of luck.
Dom Ex (27 days ago)
@linus For a second there i thought you were wearing a womans boob tube .. once seen i cannot unsee Linus in a boob tube
billyhatcher643 (27 days ago)
fuck u oneplus for removing the headset jack people like them u dont stop doing what other companies are doing i love that samsung still has headset jacks
Brad Jordan (27 days ago)
Yeah the GFE installation process got better, but now you have to have an account and sign in for some reason? WHY?
v3rninate (27 days ago)
Hahah, Love the shirt Linus....
Foton Foton (27 days ago)
So you are fine with people using your platform to disseminate fake news (as long people are paying for it)?
TriMiro8107 (27 days ago)
Nvidia cards are the performance options under Linux too. Nvidia doesn't do open source drivers and they make the rest of the community bend to their way in standards, but the proprietary Nvidia Linux driver performs as good as the Windows one, many wine games would only work on Nvidia, and they have legacy support. When AMD makes fast proprietary driver, they support it for no more than 2 - 3 years and they lag in kernel support. Closed source issues aside, Nvidia provides by far the best graphical performance under Linux.
Jezza Clarkson (28 days ago)
If you got Jones on FP I’d be on FP
FallingTitan (28 days ago)
King NXT (28 days ago)
22:25 and this is where linus gets it wrong. Messing with the enviroment was in the betas, now it is more like a closed off strategy black ops 4
Lex Sal (29 days ago)
Linus get your f--Ing shirt on d00d.
Maikel SZ (29 days ago)
Have you all forgotten about Wolfenstein: Ray Traced and Quake Wars: Ray Traced and Intel demos on Larrabee? You should try to get these two examples and see how they work in modern hardware. that was in 2010
Jeff Cummings (29 days ago)
Sounds like the Dennis thing could turn into it's own channel, and be packed with action!
Robert T (29 days ago)
Twitch has booted plenty of others for not streaming games, even with tens of thousands of viewers
Robert T (29 days ago)
Instead of the notch, I’d rather just have a very thin speaker camera bezel, which would be thinner than the notch.
Tim Leijten (29 days ago)
Rick Herron (29 days ago)
Gotta work on your sound man! can barely here you guys this time
utkarsh shrivastava (29 days ago)
Is it just me or the video lags a bit sometimes
Zombie Terrorist (29 days ago)
love to try savage jerky but no way to get it here without shelling out a ton of money
Robert Hollar (29 days ago)
just an idea for the float youtube live not live video. You should implement something similar and call it episode releases.
Joel Crocker (29 days ago)
And Nvidia Bought RTX & it's three years & they did not make it them selfs - it is an old tech
Matt West (29 days ago)
Guys! Come on! It just works okay?!
Luca Veronese (29 days ago)
Linus, we all suck the first time we do something..
thor van nieuwenhoven (29 days ago)
Hmm, i guess you are forgetting about a game like crysis. a revolutionary game that just doesn't give a fuck about what consumers average pc will run and wont run. I presume somthing like that might happen with RTX.
MrDragonfyr (29 days ago)
4:50 yea, the audio was loud
Stardustchild01 (29 days ago)
The moment the video started and I looked at Linus, I was like: .......wtf am I looking at? Why is Linus half naked? XD
Adam Krause (29 days ago)
Reflections to see enemies behind you. That would be cool.
Bryce Cassagneres (1 month ago)
I could see ray tracing and RTX cards very, very useful and beautiful for simulators such as X-Plane.
KingofCabal (1 month ago)
Those who preordered these cards are morons. Performance gain is so minimal from previous gen. Especially when considering the price point. We waited more than 2 years for new cards, and they are pretty disappointing so far.
Ernest Pierce (1 month ago)
Henley Deng (1 month ago)
i was rocking gtx 295 since i built the pc 7 yrs ago.. they were supporting the driver til late 2016.. nvidia gets my respect for that.. can't wait to have rtx csgo, overwatch, bf5 etc... haha.. it will not be pleasant to the eye.. rtx is great technology but its very eye candy purposes.. just like how ragdoll for cs source was when it came out... its all eye candy..
jb888888888 (1 month ago)
Not seeing a link to the rules on the JORD giveaway page.
Bryon Hulcher (1 month ago)
but can it run second life ? lol
Frosty. (1 month ago)
linus becoming a titty streamer? i like it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
SgtSkullFog (1 month ago)
and when you put shirt on it gets more bright lol
SgtSkullFog (1 month ago)
you totally should have messed with the lights
Tony Lujan (1 month ago)
I am a graphing whore when I am gaming offline and a FPS whore when I am playing online
kp90 (1 month ago)
Love the video guys. I've been debating between gettiing the new 20 series or a 1080ti and I think I'm going with the 1080ti and I'll just wait for the 30 series for ray tracing.
Tony Lujan (1 month ago)
I don’t give a f%€k... since I am still saving up for my dream gaming pc.... I want the RTX .... might as well get the newest and coolest since I don’t have a gaming pc anyways.......
Droid 16 Beta (1 month ago)
These glasses are really cool.If you look closely, it reflects blue a lot more than the other colours.
Savant PCs (1 month ago)
Thats rediculous cus a single 1080 plays 4k at 60fps max on every game I have tried... Weird Nvidia
CallMeRabbitzUSVI (1 month ago)
RTX it's not a Game changing feature, it's a Market Changing feature
CallMeRabbitzUSVI (1 month ago)
Nvidia use of RTX and it's exclusive Ray tracing tech is to further exclude AMD cards from the market. I.e. you have game Devs and companies that will just use RTX and not waste Dev hours (Which are expensive) and not bother with baking in lighting, the only saving grace for AMD is that they are heavily integrated in the console scene but Nvidia is also getting into that market as well with the Nintendo Switch
M J (1 month ago)
RTX Shirt amazon.com/dp/B07HFR9DD6
Johnny Greene (1 month ago)
Linus trolls Nvidia, I love it.
Mr. Anubis (1 month ago)
Just got here and Linus had his shirt off😂
Eric Witte (1 month ago)
I'm on the fence for rtx because of the performance hit and being new but I'm excited about less hit with hdr, good async compute, dlss, etc.
MCC - VIDEOS (1 month ago)
The Nvidia graphics are great, but they can not deny that they FORCE customers to BUY new graphics cards. Last year I bought a GTX 1060 6GB. To say an example (I always use the same game to test). Dirt 3 AVG FPS Driver 371.xx (4K ULTRA ~130 FPs) Driver 397.xx (4K ULTRA 111 FPs) Driver 398.xx (4K ULTRA 115 FPs) Driver 399.xx (4K ULTRA 107 FPs) I have worse performance in the games every time I update the nvidia driver. Another example: My Old GPU (353.62) vs New GPU (399.24): GTX 660 → PayDay 2, 4K Ultra 70 FPs. GTX 1060 → PayDay 2, 1080P Medium 50 FPs (WTF!?). GTX 660 → Killing Floor 2, 1080P High 50 FPs. GTX 1060 → Killing Floor 2, 1080P Medium 45 FPs. GTX 660 →ETS 2, 720P LOW > 150 FPs or 4K High 40 FPs. GTX 1060 → ETS 2, 720P LOW or 4K ULTRA I get the same frame rate (40 - 50 FPs). Something is wrong with NVIDIA.
Pizzles Tech Time (1 month ago)
Zelda really aggravates me. I stop playing it after I kept freezing and dying. then, I came back and realize I could cook food with the game never mentions it. It's one of those games you have to do hours of research just to play.
Walt Kowalski (1 month ago)
rtx on and your cash disappears
Rotorage (1 month ago)
The intro is shit altogether!
ChrisEngle87 (1 month ago)
that ending tho, haha
Ronny Japutra (1 month ago)
It's hiding those bitcoins.
ap3x2005 (1 month ago)
If my laptop speakers ever get damaged because of your loud intro I will start worshiping Satan and dedicate my life praying to him to give you genital herpes! Get your fucking sound level straight. I am using a chrome extension to boost the volume but then the intro comes in and everything goes to shit and my speakers are about to explode. WTF guys!
Bound4Earth (1 month ago)
I still don't get the appeal of early access to video, it seems strictly superficial. You know more for bragging rights. Because if everything just comes out early, the release dates are exactly the same, just pushed up a week. You do not get anymore content or earlier content really because once you start using floatplane you wouldn't have need for YouTube, for the most part, because everything but live content is already old. It is just artificially held back to make the service viable in the first place. It is just a bad business model to push as a main feature because it is a dick move to begin with and doesn't provide any real benefit. Pay me money to watch our videos that have been made into a week early schedule to milk money out of you. Instead you should talk about the services that it provides that add value. I think what makes more sense for Floatplane, or whatever good name eventually replaces it, is the exclusive content similar to what patrons get, but on a platform that supports exclusive content properly. Instead of say, releasing unlisted videos because they can be shared as most patrons do right now. So push the features that just work and have actual mass appeal. Like actual 4k content untouched by algorithms or other features that Youtube doesn't support properly.
Daniel Stefanov (1 month ago)
1. RTX is mostly a developer feature - it makes games significantly easier and more streamlined to develop. 2. It is NOT ready for the spotlight. It is currently a gimmick. Like what PhysX was at launch.
Mr. Blunt (1 month ago)
Damn this video is SO LATE. These graphs came out like almost 2 weeks ago.
J Y (1 month ago)
Actually saw a 1080ti aorus extreme go on sale at a good retailer here for €649
dewalt calitz (1 month ago)
i want intense fluid physics
Ajay Resco (1 month ago)
R.I.P headphone users on intro😂
Sebastian Ullrich (1 month ago)
That intro is *always* so freaking loud.
Zipp4Everyone (1 month ago)
11:50 Flexible process-core allocation is incredibly cool. I really hope we get technologies that allows for that to happen more easily. One of the biggest limiting factors when it comes to performance and game complexity is the allocation of more threads (cpu) and cores as such a venture can be quite difficult and time consuming to do on a per game basis.
dogoneshame (1 month ago)
Hahahaha. Luke in there like, 'wait, this looks bad'. "Wanna clarify why?"
yesterdaysguy (1 month ago)
I'd bet it's CSGO....
IAmPattycakes (1 month ago)
Nvidia makes my life hell with an older business chip because of Linux. I'd buy AMD desktop if they had a good offering, but the 1080ti is too good and has enough support with Linux and probably will for the next 5 years.
Corrupted Cyborg (1 month ago)
that ending though with the huge donations.
Beerenmüsli (1 month ago)
Starts Video. Sees Linus with his shirt half of/on. Starts laughing myself to the floor^^
lendial (1 month ago)
They could price it 2080 USD and there would still be people who buy it. I really hope the leaks are true and the 2080ti is only 35% faster than 1080ti.
adam rule (1 month ago)
HEY NVIDIA...Get in touch with EUCLIDION.( an aussie software company...see youtube clips for view of their holodecks)..INTERGRATE THEIR SOFTWARE WITH THE 2080 RTX..LESS PROCCESSING BY CPU...AND BEST OF ALL...LESS PROCESSING HEAT FROM 2080 RTX CARD..
adam rule (1 month ago)
who cares...I am getting the 2080 RTX..ESPECIALLY WITH AMD 2700X AS MY 8 CORE CPU..
2muchjpop (1 month ago)
Switch is like PS3.5
SnowMexicaN (1 month ago)
Probably crysis lol
2muchjpop (1 month ago)
We need a Verge bashing from Linus
DeadGenesis518 (1 month ago)
What the hell.
Shaniqua Johnston (1 month ago)
Never buy 1st gen shit.

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