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The B-52's - Give Me Back My Man (by Karmadoza)

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From Karmadoza's 2007 album, "The K-52's: A Tribute to the B-52's", available at Itunes and Amazon. https://www.facebook.com/karmadoza
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Text Comments (50)
Rikkousa (2 months ago)
Amazing song, video, and editor
ram29jackson (4 months ago)
no live video of these people?
Stephane Vigeant (4 months ago)
Only doing an original https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mt-sVGQovWo
Meegs B (4 months ago)
Please research the flat Earth!
CrucifyRobinHood (5 months ago)
Wow. Fuck.
JohnnyChicago (1 year ago)
This song doesn't let the tension build up, it's too fast, and sounds like a really bad cover of a great song, and an awful attempt at that. The screaming in the middle of the song doesn't help. AND WHY OH WHY IS IT SO FAST??? 2/10 for the intention, but at least you somewhat tried. Somewhat.
CrucifyRobinHood (5 months ago)
Guess you had to be there. This is pretty much pure art to me. No need for the buildup here. The decades of angst behind the song speak for themselves. The buildup is implicit or you wouldn't have clicked, right? The tempo and added vocals, vicious guitar crunch and the rest of the touches completely violate the purity of the original but add the richness of the nineties to the low key cool of the eighties. I like it. Gonna check out the band.
JANXDPDX (1 year ago)
Dave Hoagland (1 year ago)
Excellent! Beach Blanket Bingo almost. Yeah that is the 52s if you think about it. So 60s LA via Athens. waIT THIS WAS A COVER, wtf ?
MrNessyBear (2 years ago)
Amazing!!! Very good cover!!!
tienle355g (2 years ago)
love that guitar emphasis!
Frostgbv (2 years ago)
so awesome ! one of my alltime songs (and vids at yt ! ) ,,,,, we are soulmates, i bet !
THEREALCANNA (3 years ago)
A great tribute to a great song and band....
Tbone Calahan (3 years ago)
what a shame on Beyoncé the last dance moves at the end . She used on a video and made it seem like it was her own moves . 
CJ Clontz (4 years ago)
IM looking this band up right NOW!!!!!
CJ Clontz (4 years ago)
W O W !!!!!!! I Freaking LOVED IT!!!!  What was this movie?? I must own it!
CJ Clontz (4 years ago)
Stephane Vigeant (4 years ago)
Pajama Party
henry landivar (4 years ago)
Great cover
troy delaine (4 years ago)
super cool...didnt know about the album..alright!
MalkavianWeezil (4 years ago)
Love the outro solo at the end! \m/
Tom Garvia (4 years ago)
Great tribute to an amazing, unique band. Love it bitch.
Robert Ramirez (4 years ago)
U.N. Owen (5 years ago)
U just made me doubly happy. I LOVE Pajama Party. The scene @ the dress store w/ Doethy Lamour (I LOVE [email protected] song she sings) features two GR8 women as models; the choreographer & singer of 'Mickey,' Ms. Toni Basil, & known for (amongst many things) bs'ing Ms. Lincoln in the Gary 7 episode of Star Trek as well as being a Shindig dancer (along w/ her good friend, Ms. T. Basil!), Ms. Teri Garr. Watch when Ms. Basil comes out & does her dance - the other models can't believe her dancing - it's WILD!
kelkun (5 years ago)
Thx...the video footage though is from a 1964 movie, "Pajama Party" ;)
U.N. Owen (5 years ago)
Wow! I usually can't stand when people try 2 'recreate' a song, esp one w/ a well-known video, but, this is jaw-droppingly well done! The band AND the dancers (this IS a recently made video, correct?) is spot-on.
theghgh (5 years ago)
Kick ass, really excellent!
Robby Rodrick (5 years ago)
Love all the way and I have seen the B 52's three times, you guys rock....;-)
kelkun (6 years ago)
Hey no prob, thx. ;)
Todd Weber (6 years ago)
I apologize, that's really good, it sounded like the girls from B-52s so I thought... sorry, once again, great job, I am humiliated. (luckily I'm used to being humiliated, so...ugh)
Todd Weber (6 years ago)
ok, I'm sorry, very good! my bad, was dead on.
kelkun (6 years ago)
Dude, that's entirely our band covering the B-52's, including the vocals.
Plywood King (6 years ago)
I'm clappin' for the editor. That moment is hilarious
hetjaar (6 years ago)
real nice job on the song and the video editing is first class. THANKS!
hetjaar (6 years ago)
0:18 - haha!
hetjaar (6 years ago)
real nice editing! great version of song!
The American (6 years ago)
Very good I like it
ronpaul2008rocks (6 years ago)
This is really great! I love a woman's voice mixed with heavy rock. The guitar work on this reminds me so strongly of Failure's "Fantastic Planet". Anyone who likes this guitar style should also check out Failure's 1996 release. (Do a youtube search for (Pillowhead"!)
LordWellfleet (6 years ago)
Wow ... wow ... wow. What a cover! I want to live in this video!
Volker Deml (6 years ago)
wie geil
Steven Mercy (6 years ago)
Can anybody explain this video to me? I thought I understood the Athens, GA pop band "B-52's" but who are these dancers? Is this some sort of crazy, nutty mash-up of something or another?
Steven Mercy (6 years ago)
Matthew Wade Darsey (6 years ago)
AMAZING Indeed, this is a COVER? They are really good! I couldn't tell till way into it..and I was listing knowing it wasn't them. This is the kind of stuff Youtube rocks for!
goatinstein (6 years ago)
well now i just have no choice but to sub
Celina Vieira (7 years ago)
malibu? i love this, american way of life
Dave Duvalier (7 years ago)
can you do planet claire? that would rock even more
Dave Duvalier (7 years ago)
awsome! Im a B 52`s fan and this fuckin rocks
kelkun (7 years ago)
@tuareg1100 Pajama Party
Tom Yaz (8 years ago)
terrycrusader (8 years ago)

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