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The Life and Sex Scandal of Chinese Star and Streetwear Icon Edison Chen (Part 3/3)

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WATCH THIS ENTIRE FEATURE NOW ON VICE.COM: http://bit.ly/1J4nxcQ In February 2008, Edison Chen (aka EDC), a Canadian-born Hong Kong pop star/streetwear entrepreneur, was involved in a sex photo scandal - a series of his intimate photos with various female celebrities got distributed over the internet after a computer technician leaked them online. While netizens were busily distributing the photos through email and forum, the scandal also led to the very first moral debate over celebrity privacy in China's pre-social media era. Before this, Chen was a cult figure to many Chinese youth who were born in 1980s and early 1990s - as he was possibly the only counter-hero icon in the Chinese entertainment industry for introducing hip hop music and street culture to the country's mainstream. After the photo scandal, Chen stepped away from Hong Kong entertainment industry due to overwhelming public pressure, and started focusing on his streetwear brand and more recently, art collections. Almost eight years later after the photo scandal, VICE China follows EDC on a 19-day shoot, revealing his business routines, reminiscing his influences from hip hop music, and talking about the irony of stardom in Chinese showbiz. After VICE aired this documentary in China, video view broke into 40MM in first week - people are showing full support to EDC, and no one's blaming him for being a womaniser anymore - again, the irony. Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag
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Text Comments (958)
brad rosser (7 days ago)
Dude at beginning is full of shit lol, his ego is super high and thinks 2 paintings that's worth a million lmao good front homie but not flying with everyone except these interviewers
Troppy -Trip (9 days ago)
Anyone can give me a good dating site? Thanks 😘
aaron reed (11 days ago)
he's full of himself ! get over yourself bro !
Tommy Zhao (26 days ago)
When I was a kid I thought he was luck sleeping with other celebrities as the scandal being exposed. Now I realize he might had been messing with some more “powerful” people’s “pet” and thus was expelled from Chinese movie industry indefinitely. Anyway, I love his present attitude and it’s cool to see how he has transformed.
Bass Monster (29 days ago)
He is high on amphetamine
Douglas Edwards (30 days ago)
For the life of me, I can't figure out what he did. Lol damn, blonde moment.
Suh Dood (1 month ago)
Before you judge, understand both sides of the situation first and try seeing the point-of-view in both sides. With that said, if I were EDC, I would start a business that deals with the back-end of the entertainment industry. No matter how hard he works, there will always be a stigma on his name. I don’t see him ever getting back into starring in films. Maybe one day but it’s been nearly a decade... he does have a lot of knowledge in that field so maybe signing a 360 deal on a upcoming star and make him a prodigy in the industry to stay relative to the entertainment industry.
Shawn Abegglen (1 month ago)
What is the scandal they never said
jiyeooooo (1 month ago)
I like the video. I like how he tries hard in what he does..I'm curious what happened with the old man and him on the airport tho lol
Jane Lee (1 month ago)
Sex scandal as a video name without much of the news is not good tho
Monica Lum (1 month ago)
I wanna be friends w Edison
Jay Xiong (1 month ago)
It’s crazy that in China a scandal can impact your career so much. Here in the states you almost get more famous lol. Mistakes happens and you learn. Edison, I’m proud of you. I’m glad that your still progressing. You are my first Asian crush and will probably remain my only Asian crush lol. Don’t focus on the negatively. It’s hard but you’ve done great. Good luck in all you do.
Laura Pascua (1 month ago)
He’s so hot
thebloomgirl (1 month ago)
Narcissistic personality disorder.
chris thomas (1 month ago)
EDC can't wait for your next movie bro. Don't let em stop you
BJ Gurung (1 month ago)
Twins fuc***😂😂😂😂😂😂
TAKUMI (1 month ago)
I just hear he speaking and instantly felt disgusting af. this guy is disgusting.
ButTheToes (1 month ago)
this video and comment show how the west and asia thinks, 2 totally different mind and the way of thinking, i can tell whos asian and whos a westerners in the comments
Michelle H (1 month ago)
loved thissss
Irene Yung (1 month ago)
Keep going!!! I wish u success. Came Canada..... we love hip hop too!
Moonface00z (1 month ago)
edc is not really success. To be honest i can see that he has ongoing depression disorder going on.
Corgan Yoong Wai Sow (1 month ago)
Dude freaking looked like Andy Lau now
Hruaii ralte75 (1 month ago)
watching all parts... Best vice video
lavie maintenant (1 month ago)
His Mandarin is terrible.
TheSungod666 (1 month ago)
Da best interview!
Trung (1 month ago)
Coked up Eddy
Dru Eldorado (1 month ago)
Sad that he needs validation to make his life happy. Hope he finds solace one day.
Chris Jacob (1 month ago)
Its good to come from money and do all these things...but I agree with him, don't say shit unless it's positive...
TrisnoTube (1 month ago)
Reminds me of the life I was living when I was in a band and signed to a label. Thank you for this vice
Keenan Thomas (1 month ago)
Will some please give me the time stamp and which part of the 3 tells me about the fucking scandal?!!!!! Before I flag the other two posts.
giggie (2 months ago)
Am i supposed to know who this guy is ? And am I supposed to think he’s cool ?
S Palabrica (1 month ago)
giggie no you don't.
Bo Yang (2 months ago)
dope dude
D V (2 months ago)
This dude is on coke big time
Discharge Summary (2 months ago)
I’m an American GOD DAMMIT!!!!!!
S Palabrica (1 month ago)
Discharge Summary you sound like one.
0812rs (2 months ago)
It’s the dude from initial d live action
Cia Lu (2 months ago)
I’m 99 percent sure he’s got fillers lololol
Sea Creature (2 months ago)
Chen W (2 months ago)
Honestly he didn't do anything wrong. He didn't force these girls to take the pictures and videos. He also wasn't the one who released them. All my dudes out there, you know we at least kept 1 vid of an ex or chick you banged.
bond 007 (2 months ago)
Idiotic haircut, piece of shit!
bond 007 (1 month ago)
Brown Gal of course you're the idiot here.
S Palabrica (1 month ago)
Frans 007 LOL I can be a bitch, yes. At least I know how to use proper punctuations. Who's the idiot now? You. 😂
bond 007 (1 month ago)
Brown Gal idiot bitch
S Palabrica (1 month ago)
Just like yours.
bond 007 (1 month ago)
Brown Gal stupid comment
Jia Mu (2 months ago)
His English is better than his mandarin.
Jia Mu (2 months ago)
Geraldine Lim (2 months ago)
Hope he reach his goal in his life in a more positive way.
Ericka Edwards (2 months ago)
🤨🤔🤨🤨😶😶😶I know this is old but ummm who is he and I'm pretty sure he forgot his meds, umm I dont remember seeing him in any movie, tattoo dude looking like he's full of it... you know he hired his friend to act like they were paparazzi 🤣🤣🤣
S Palabrica (1 month ago)
I look like I idolize him? Lol I'm not even a fan of him. Your stupid comment just irritates me that's why I responded. Girl clearly you don't know what opinion means. Did you read your comment? If that's your opinion, it really shows how insecure you are with his lifestyle. If you post a stupid comment like that, don't be surprised if you'll find someone who'll disagree with you.
Ericka Edwards (1 month ago)
Brown Gal you look like you would look up to someone like him lol I'm pretty sure you dont have an identity of your own that's why your so concerned when someone has an opinion, hes trying to hard to be relevant I'm pretty sure so do you 😂😂😂
S Palabrica (1 month ago)
Ericka Edwards lol he's sooo much more than you'll ever be. No wonder you don't know him and don't even bother. Its useless with shallow minded people like you, you don't comprehend well. 😂
Meth Emeth (2 months ago)
4:26 how the heck that kind of painting cost so much!? even me can draw better than that. lol
LIly Justine (2 months ago)
No hate but he sounds a dick
S Palabrica (1 month ago)
LIly Justine lol no hate but you sound like a dick too. At least he's making something with his life.
Victor Chong (2 months ago)
Its Jackie Ma
Al Liu (2 months ago)
it be cool to meet Edison one day. Chillin guy.
Dolli Melaine (2 months ago)
i like this guy....he is living...learning...creating and get on with it...he wants to be an example and for the chinese he is breaking through the norms big time...but still being righteous...fuck it he is living his life...
S L (2 months ago)
Still remember the sex scandal that greatly shock HK entertainment. It was serious damn.
tomchoi74 (2 months ago)
So he wants a "Lifetime Achievement Award" to prove he is more than a kid with fashion sense who makes musics, etc...." but he doesn't mention what are the things he did "more"? He is basically saying he is financially successful still so he should get the award...
Shifty (2 months ago)
Holy fuck this guy is a douchebag LOL
Ryan Rentfro (2 months ago)
Good to see ricegum is still out there doing is thing.
inker man (2 months ago)
Zzzzzzzz. Boring guy
aznnubbyboy (2 months ago)
Still so much hate for this guy LOL everyone just needs to drop it. Good guy bad guy who cares. People don't know how to separate a good actor and his personal life. In the end, he'll be more famous, and what he had done a decade ago still gets people talking about him. He's the one making money. The more you hate the more nedia he gets and the more famous he gets LOL jokes on all the haters. Why can't you just mind your own business and let him do him?
latinsizer (2 months ago)
I read into his sex scandal and all I have to say is who cares?! So he had sex with some girls and people freaked out uuuh lmao. Seriously did people think they were virgins? They handle the situation all wrong, if they were smart they all be having reality shows and making millions ala kardashian style. Oh one more thing, girls love douchebags and this guy is a perfect example. XD
Akane Sasu (2 months ago)
Dragon ball sculpture and painting.😍😍😍
No Face (2 months ago)
“I’d rather be married and have kids by now.” *2 minutes later...* “I don’t know if I want kids.”
alexine (2 months ago)
Wait, why all the girls get white make up tho like.... Seriously
alexine (1 month ago)
Brown Gal ikr but why tho like what for, uhm
S Palabrica (1 month ago)
이Alexine part of the mv they're making. Lol you should be able to see it the first time.
ActionOverWordz (2 months ago)
Mid life crisis time
Mak CK (2 months ago)
Aye, what happened to the guy my Sister had a crush on? I only rmb he had a sex scandal with another HK pop star in “TWINS”. I’m just thinking what did she sees in this guy man...
C N (2 months ago)
whatever y’all think of him. This mf can act like his life depends on it.
Jhas Jhis (2 months ago)
woooow I previously thought he was just another victim of an unfortunate hacking, Be it his scandal revealed how sleazy of a dude he was but now I know he is BATSHIT crazy....i think he knows it too. Anger management issues, slightly schizo, neurotic, self absorbed, he either has serious mental health issues or is on drugs or both.... I really hope he gets help. I don’t want him to hurt others or himself, man. Ill pray for the lady that has to deal with him.
S Palabrica (1 month ago)
Jhas Jhis Lol your psych study with him is a piece of shit. I think your description is more like about you and not him.
i.am.superdoll (2 months ago)
National disgrace.... opportunistic and a phony. just another riding the wave of the success of pioneers.
Jonathan Vaughn (2 months ago)
It's an american plug, if I plug it in, it explodes... Then get a transformer and plug it into that no?
7 subs but no videos? (2 months ago)
Nicki Minaj could learn something from this guy...(I ain't never. Get nothing done"💀💀💀🙂
yoku wakaran (2 months ago)
Imma Rahma (2 months ago)
Apa salahnya dia show off toh dia yang beli sama uang nya sendiri.
Go Kill Yourself (2 months ago)
his english is good, but its fcking irritating. sounds like some uneducated prick from highschool
Shuai Zhou (2 months ago)
Best star in China who can speak perfect English and who is not allowed to be shown in China’s tv ..
Jhas Jhis (2 months ago)
Shuai Zhou are you kidding me? His English sucks. He speaks like some uneducated coked out hood rat.
Mike Koh (2 months ago)
isn't he the one that secretly films models that he have sex with, some even drunk or unconscious ?
Andy Ng (1 month ago)
Mike Koh no it was all conscious and consensual
john tran (2 months ago)
So is career in china or hongkong mess up yet? I wonder if any chinese celebrities will ever date him since they might think he will video tape every time they have sex or even hidden cam lol
Nick Wu (2 months ago)
I miss him a lot. But I’m not a big fan of fashion brand lol
Andrew Lee (2 months ago)
This is a flaming retard
Kween Dee (2 months ago)
My nigga
WHOA LALA! (2 months ago)
I only could say only God can't make mistakes, that's all. I'm not saying his things was fine.
Don’t touch My Jin! (2 months ago)
I don’t get the video.
Thomaskeith (2 months ago)
I like this dude. People love to hate on rich and famous people. Not saying he’s perfect but I respect what he’s done for himself.
m h (2 months ago)
This guy has such a punchable face. Fuck this dude.
leghairs (2 months ago)
I thought they were mannequins because they are so pale
nullpointer66 (2 months ago)
is it just me or the girls looks so pale?
Luis (2 months ago)
Dude is a bit off..poor dude :/
soon-ae 수나ㅣ (2 months ago)
reminds me of a person who has so much to say but no one to say it to... lonely but doesn't want to be
king-tut Vaaj (2 months ago)
He on that white powder he keep touching his noses
Ace Hygge (2 months ago)
Yo this chigga seem depressed.
BoA Yoon (2 months ago)
I still don’t understand what this nigga does or sell.
crazzylee (2 months ago)
He's cool for thinking positive about china but America and Israel are truly the future. Communism will be no more in the future. The future has been told says the Holy Bible.
Hui San (2 months ago)
He bought non important things instead of saving his money to get married. I think he contradicted himself when he talked abot 50:50 work life balance.
LinkyParky (2 months ago)
spoiled kid
Natasha Robert (2 months ago)
He has issues..... Seems bipolar or something like that
John L (2 months ago)
Edison Chen. This guy has nudes with Cecilia Cheung and a whole bunch of other girls. He pretty much banged every Hong Kong media whore. Legend.
JAUST Y (2 months ago)
The guy following in the car seems scripted
miz fitry (2 months ago)
his successful man now.. have girlfriend have cute baby girl.. establish company.. and his grown up man..almost 40year old already.. his wayyy different from edison 10 years back... lol all people make mistake, and some says he have bipola or what ever ...thats the effect u get when ur in insane pressure in the young age.. just my thought ...
Nina Star (2 months ago)
he's Chinese Leo D
PewPew (2 months ago)
So he was involved in a scandal that stagnated his career and I had to look in the comments to figure out what is was after watching him go on and on and on about his music and business for 75 minutes? WTF kinda "documentary" is this?! Please label these videos correctly -- as ADS.
ayanami808 (2 months ago)
I remember Edison, he did some great stuff in the past. Infernal affairs was awesome. I wondered what happened to him. Dudes kind of a strange in real life.
Rong Liu (2 months ago)
More like American exported Asian Charlie Sheen that little Chinese girls chew up and spit out long ago.
Rachel Wang (2 months ago)
why does he sound so uneducated when he speaks english...humm....
J M (2 months ago)
His vice documentry(Chinese version) was the first vice video I have ever watched, essentially he brought me to VICE, I hope you can get a idea of how big he was, and still is in China although he has despaired for decade
Buggeroff (2 months ago)
“Waking up everyday to prove them wrong” must be hard.
eremidalv_ GAMING (2 months ago)
TF you seyin the future is china, there is no future, in the future will be all dead soon, and immoral chinese can't be the future.

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