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Top 10 Most brutal K.O in street fights (Warning Violence)

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Text Comments (20265)
Felipelisboa Lisboa (31 minutes ago)
Esse safado fugiu
Noah Görmezer (35 minutes ago)
First one was fuckin Saitama!
leandro henrique (2 hours ago)
The 1st place. Seriously, the skinny black guy thought it would win the fight?
Dennis Rodriguez (6 hours ago)
HOOLLLY SHIIIT dude! He killed that bro hahahaha
عشب (6 hours ago)
Jarrod Ornelas (7 hours ago)
Night night mothafucka
Richard Mcginnis (9 hours ago)
everybody's a badass til they get knocked the fuck out. i'm glad i went through all that back in the late 70's before everyone thought being a man meant packin a gun
Jerson Mateo (10 hours ago)
Nunca se metan con un luchador si no se saben defender consejo sano.
Mike Lester (10 hours ago)
Not everyone wants to fight . But sometimes you gotta .
_Usergui_ (10 hours ago)
danashane (10 hours ago)
1:20 this is when you remove your helmet, start swinging it, and knock everyone the fuck out
Oscar Nirto (10 hours ago)
Deva Longnecker (12 hours ago)
Literally none of these people can fight properly
lovecity lovecity (12 hours ago)
10:28 일어났다 일어났다
Ian Sinaga (12 hours ago)
Number 5 fuvk to helper
NANI (14 hours ago)
Tf did I just watch
shokuh bozorgi (14 hours ago)
Mateus Lima (15 hours ago)
No 5 aquele barulho no final foi um tiro?
Loona Raven (16 hours ago)
Cool ( 7:36 ) ;)~ Give me a kiss ( 9:07 ) ;)~
Jake W (17 hours ago)
The last one was hilarious 😂, skin and bones, all talk. You could tell just by looking at them who was gonna win.
Da Foe (18 hours ago)
Very Nice
Canta Libre (20 hours ago)
El Guapo (21 hours ago)
“Should we help that guy? No just make sure you get video. That’s the important part. What you want to do is get good video. Once you do, leave them for dead. It’s the American way.
Grigorio Fabrosi (21 hours ago)
I only come on youtube to watch videos of fights and boats getting sunk by massive waves.
filou léo (22 hours ago)
Nul nul nul !!!!!!!!!
Lamarque Damasceni (22 hours ago)
O my good
James Parker (22 hours ago)
That's what happens when you just selling wolf tickets number 1....!!!!!
Blessing (22 hours ago)
7:35 Chris Benoit (WWE) would have been proud of you. RIP Chris.
Rayed khan (23 hours ago)
Now u will not call it terrorism but humanity on its rise.
Lennox1492 (23 hours ago)
The 9:01 makes me sick. Ughhh everyone wants to be a "gangsta" and tough . Talking all that shit and saying nigga over and over, sounds ridiculous and stupid. I would kill my own kid if they started talking like that
Bobby Holmes (23 hours ago)
#3 THAT nigga died on impact🤤
Jimin Park (23 hours ago)
That's not even brutal that was brutality!!
이후야 (1 day ago)
선빵의 중요성
Крутое видио !))) на моём канале кушать что добавить по этому поводу )))
Loren Hui (1 day ago)
Real Street Fighters!
Ronny Pomayaan (1 day ago)
Takeshi Mozato (1 day ago)
Mortal Kombat Theme plays
donger007 (1 day ago)
Work on your editing skills
Cully Cullen (1 day ago)
number 5 was the worst!!!!! never in my my life seen something so shocking
? (1 day ago)
im pretty sure that the first one hide very well his cadaver,,,, ; D hope nobody saw that ILL KEEEP WALKING
L P (1 day ago)
El 7 fue brutal, el cobarde incluso le siguió pegando cuando el otro ya estaba en el piso inconsciente
Jorge Tuyu (1 day ago)
Dont get in a Mexicans face like that my boi..our uncle cartels take heads off for shit like that n feed you to the dogs afterwards
Paulo Silva (1 day ago)
Há três regras nas artes marciais :Atinja forte,atinja rápido e atinja muitas vezes.
El flaco Perez (1 day ago)
Hola mi canal en YouTube es. El flaco perez. Suscríbete
Shiro Nagami (1 day ago)
Ive seen worse on bullies get owned :L
Aka Wolf (1 day ago)
3:40 ???????
Aka Wolf (1 day ago)
*BOP* 0:05
Mochi The Cat (1 day ago)
9:06 two boys did that in my class and they accidently kissed XDDDDD IT.WAS.SO.FUNNY
Zeni Moreira (1 day ago)
Kkkkkkkkkkkk kade os br
3.45, are they fighting or making out?
Don't put your helmet on the ground, moron. Hit him with it, side of the head, out cold. End of.
DK k (1 day ago)
Every time a head hits the floor = concussion. Yikes!
Jack Mundo (1 day ago)
No. 2 has a real future in this game.
Ben Earley (1 day ago)
loudy loudy (1 day ago)
أَفَحَسِبْتُمْ أَنَّمَا خَلَقْنَاكُمْ عَبَثًا وَأَنَّكُمْ إِلَيْنَا لَا تُرْجَعُونَ Then did you think that We created you uselessly and that to Us you would not be returned?" فَتَعَالَى اللَّهُ الْمَلِكُ الْحَقُّ ۖ لَا إِلَٰهَ إِلَّا هُوَ رَبُّ الْعَرْشِ الْكَرِيمِ So exalted is Allah, the Sovereign, the Truth; there is no deity except Him, Lord of the Noble Throne.   The holy Quran -Sura Al-Mu'minun, Ayah 115/116
Eu não sei quem é mais idiota ,quem ta brigando ou quem ta filmando.
fiio fh5 (2 days ago)
Honor 7s (2 days ago)
The first guy beat the shit out of him wow impressive
is it ? was it ? (2 days ago)
Like watching a bunch of illiterate chimps in a zoo
Shaun (2 days ago)
im happy to drink my beers at home
Scenes and co. (2 days ago)
1st person is really a nice guy . Hope the world gets more people like him
El Guapo (21 hours ago)
AlchemistNZ Soapmaker True. Most people today would place him in the road in hopes he would get run over. Oh and go through his pockets too
+Scenes and co. besides, did you hear the cracking sound after that hit (before he fells on the ground)? That is what I was talking about 😨
+Scenes and co. well that's true, it's just that hit on the back of the head would of been fatal it's like a swing of a hammer right on the skull
Scenes and co. (1 day ago)
+AlchemistNZ Soapmaker really what i meant
Scenes and co. (1 day ago)
+El Papalote Mágico de ZLAYER hey , there must be another side of the story . You can't tell whose bad and he is afraid bc the other guy fainted , so he got him out of the road .
SuperUltraSugarShit (2 days ago)
Half of these are sucker punching bitches
Tarclasp (2 days ago)
Ok, don't touch a person who is incapacitated unless they are not breathing or bleeding profusely. there could be spinal cord damage and you could paralyze them. if you do move them, you have to control their head. and faggots who suplex guys on cement are evil bastards. they should be executed.
Issachar (2 days ago)
Lol number 1 was clean but cheap, but as Floyd Mayweather once said, “defend yourself at all times”
Issachar (2 days ago)
I’m never throwing the first punch
Issachar (2 days ago)
Sometimes fighting ain’t the answer lol
Issachar (2 days ago)
No way #3 ever fucked that girl again after getting body slammed and ko’ed like that in front of her
Issachar (2 days ago)
Nothing like watching some good ol brutal knock out vids at midnight on a school or work night lol. Why do we as humans like watching this shit?
xJamesxKingx (2 days ago)
5- they break up a fight so they can fight them?
Christonite One (2 days ago)
“Warning violence” the fucking dumbest thing I’ve heard...
Diogo Apolinario (2 days ago)
7:28 FODAA 😮
Diogo Apolinario (10 hours ago)
+Sebastião Felipe Santiago baixinho luta muito mds 😂
Diogo Apolinario (10 hours ago)
+Sebastião Felipe Santiago sss 😂
WWE purinho!
Nego Durva Play (2 days ago)
O primeiro mato e ocultou o cadáver kkkkkk
charles cooper (2 days ago)
A .45 auto would have settled all these arguments so much easier.
Carlos Silva (2 days ago)
Essa foi boa
Violeta Osaka (2 days ago)
A mulher sendo carregada kkkkkkkkkkk é eu levando minha dignidade
Spooky Noodles (2 days ago)
5:26 Fucking russians man.
P O'Neill (2 days ago)
8:40 classy girls laughing. Trash.
Phantom John (2 days ago)
El número 3 ... jajajaja
igor magno Music (2 days ago)
Motherfucks 👮
Christina Mata (2 days ago)
Top 10 gayest k.o's And you sir are the "#1 in my Top whackest waste of my time channels" For that you get a dislike and if I could spend the next 2hrs disliking and undisliking your video just to dislike it some more I absolutely would
Orospu çocukları sizi, Türk milleti olmaktan guru duyuyorum
O Baqui ta LOk (2 days ago)
9:50 ele vai bater ou beijar esse cara. kkk
Судя по америаанским стычкам, я поеду в америку и всем пизды наваляю.
xCobi (3 days ago)
the last one was epic ... but leftis will say: "wihte trash knocks out poor black boy"
claudio camilo camilo (3 days ago)
Вот это разнимальщики сами по лицу стукнули
Agent Smith (3 days ago)
Double knockout lol it always looks funny No matter who it is
** ** (3 days ago)
I’m mixed martial art but now I pact heat...I can’t take chances I’m not strong anymore...
raamponnur ponnur (3 days ago)
I feel sorry for this video
ShotgunXStanbo (3 days ago)
One punch one banged head bye bye freedom.
Hilton Barriga (3 days ago)
Demery Williams (3 days ago)
10:30 when u tell her you think condom slipped off😂😂
Trevor Vecchio (3 days ago)
As a person who boxes you can tell non of these guys know how to fight
sirfer6969 (3 days ago)
What gets me is all the losers who get that last cheap shot kick to the head in on a guy already defeated. Is there any need to inflict probable learn term brain injury on someone who cannot fight back? I don't think so. May they burn in hell. #3 could have been killed
Joshua Smith (3 days ago)
Number five is so gay.WTF
Kelly Jones (3 days ago)
all funny til someone dies whacking their head on the pavement
John Jacob (3 days ago)
Bunch of pussies.
10:13 so many years of school left to be THAT nigga...... u prolly ought to move away
su ka (3 days ago)
F americans are crazy. Animals. Guy is down but he still punching him. Pus....

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