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Polygamist Mafia: Escaping The Kingston Clan

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Although the mainstream Mormon church abandoned polygamy over 100 years ago, many splinter groups across Utah still practice plural marriage. One such group is the Kingston Clan, known to members as The Order. The Kingstons live in Salt Lake City and run their religion like a secretive business empire. VICE meets Joe Robinson, a young man banished from The Order and trying to build a new life around his true passion: being a magician. WATCH NEXT: The Mexican Mormon War: http://bit.ly/25O3utU Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag
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Text Comments (4540)
zack worrell (5 hours ago)
These men should be eradicated like leaches! Bullet to the head or whatever it takes. They are disgusting and easily the worst humans in America. Joe is a victim and deserves a better life as do all victims of people like this. It's unfortunate their aren't terrorist attacks on the fucking monsters.
Ella DeRose (6 hours ago)
um you don’t choose to be gay man
B V (14 hours ago)
Mormons are the worst
Kirstine Termansen (1 day ago)
I was thinking that's refuges step, is only strong,, ====. Leaders, management, you see
Kirstine Termansen (1 day ago)
And kick from side to side Religion. Or. Commercial sx
Kirstine Termansen (1 day ago)
Hope you feel better today
CphT Mary (2 days ago)
Yes! The children have no choice so the choice is baloney!
Gwen Scott (3 days ago)
The pathetic cult leaders live high while cult members are forced to go dumpster diving for food. Well karma's about to have them answer to the courts for all their dishonest behavior towards members and government. If they were really of God they would not steal from their own members to buy sports cars while the members go hungry.
Emi (4 days ago)
oops hes hotttt
Aggie Seth (4 days ago)
I don’t see how you can make it illegal? It’s obviously bad but it seems like a weird law.
S Myers (4 days ago)
It hurt my heart to watch Joe talk. You can tell how much pain he’s suffered.
carramello (4 days ago)
How the hell can you stay skinny and have a baby every year
Charles Crandall (5 days ago)
Too many white children. Problematic.
Leslie Horn (5 days ago)
I think people are going to be in polygamist relationships whether it's illegal or not but if it was legal then maybe we could focus on the abuse these women and children go through .
Lazy Gaming (6 days ago)
his eyes are insane its like its seen so much
Lazy Gaming (6 days ago)
omfg the bell is so creppy lol
Mateos Mind (6 days ago)
We should have hunting season for Mormon leaders. Instead of points on their racks, the more wives they have, the better trophy their head is.
unknownpleasures (6 days ago)
mormons = scientology/freemasons.
Amy Bee (7 days ago)
I am so happy his sister survived. Her story is horrific. Men have been breeding women to death for all of history. And this cult gives us a view into the past to see how awful it was, and still is for lots of women. This is why women controlling their own fertility is so crucial. Otherwise men have this horrible power over them.
Wheat Penny Collector (9 days ago)
Fuck Mormons. This cult needs to be abolished.
Dallin Durrant (9 days ago)
Guys I promise this is not how the LDS church is. This is gross
I love the interactions between the polygamists and the interviewers
Maxx Davis (10 days ago)
The whole time this was playing I wanted to reach through the screen and give Joe and his oldest sister a big comforting hug. Their old lives sounded like a living nightmare and I can see the pain in their eyes, especially Joe he seems broken.
N0va123 (10 days ago)
Riverdale Alexandra (10 days ago)
its weird cause in Islam polygmy is actually allowed but only for males and you can only marry until like 4 wives
Andrew White (11 days ago)
Can't you say the same thing about children who didn't choose to be born there argument? Kind of playing devil's advocate there, but just saying
Clayton Clarke (11 days ago)
This isn't exactly accurate
zachcam1918 (2 hours ago)
What's inaccurate
Katelyn Lingle (12 days ago)
Just like you choose to be gay, LOL. What a bunch of brainwashed people. Waste of space.
banananutmuffin (13 days ago)
"Just like you can choose to be gay." yeah and aren't y'all the same motherfuckers that tried so hard to keep gays from being able to get married and adopt? lmao
Potassuim_Cation (15 days ago)
The children in families across the globe did not choose to be born into families with whatever familial structure. That's not what this is about. Children can suffer terribly in monogamous straight cis marriages too. There is little doubt that children with single working mothers suffer too, but no one is pushing legislation to force them to get married. The government has NO PLACE in marriage. Period.
Justin (15 days ago)
that stare. 13:23
John Pedder (16 days ago)
Americans are nuts. How you guys allow this shit is beyond me. This lad should come to Australia and work here, start a family here and just live life to the fullest here. Fuck the USA, look at these clowns accepting this and just thinking this is normal.
Cheryll Scott (16 days ago)
Themooselair (16 days ago)
Priscilla let me get those digits girl, I’ll make you feel better and show you what a real man is ;)
10:35 did that bible fucker really just say that being gay is a choice?
Blaire K (16 days ago)
I felt so bad for Joe when he saw other members at the rights protest
Cody Patino (16 days ago)
That house is in cottonwood heights. I drive by it everyday.
HeyLexxxie (16 days ago)
Isn’t there a way to arrest his dad like they did Warren Jeffs. Isn’t incest illegal in Utah?
DStri pem (16 days ago)
Only in america
Jorge Torres (17 days ago)
Under age girls have in sex is call rape dumb fuckers
Cape Fear Family Law (17 days ago)
Go Joe! You are awesome!
Jaydor IV (17 days ago)
Bruhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, come on, what cult is weirder than Mormons? Wannabe targaryens...
Theo H. (18 days ago)
Tops Alabama definitely
Alec nolastname (18 days ago)
Mommysister, why does daddyuncle spend all his time with auntysister?
hiiminafield (18 days ago)
"Like you chose to be gay." Yeah. Keep thinking that mate
Mandy Hall (19 days ago)
This shit is absolutely insane what a group of ignorant individuals how sick is it to marry and have kids with family ! I wouldn’t wanna be them on judgement day🤭🤭🤭🤭
Gwen Nield (19 days ago)
10:28 "Just like if you choose to be gay"
Malerie Ayala (19 days ago)
I bet there are tons of miscarriages in the Kingston clan because of the rampant incest.
BigCooter.com (19 days ago)
If Women ever make up a Religion ... the Men better run!!!!!
Nicholas Palacio (21 days ago)
That woman is truly incredible. Wow. Thank god for people like her.
vero (21 days ago)
HIs mom and dad have the same father.. WTF
Lianet Chavez (21 days ago)
Polygamy and Polyamory are not the same thing
Shevek X (21 days ago)
Pay to get back in group? Means Father needs money. But why does he have 107 kids anyway? What's the point of that? And why government doesn't do something about it. Clearly it's hard to support children financially and psychologically.
Sage (24 days ago)
“Come back son. All you need to do is pay up to $5000. That’s it.” You May have donated the sperm but you are NOTHING of a father.
C00kii0 (24 days ago)
Just...wow the disgusting things people do under the mask of religion is just despicable. The inbreeding, the emotional manipulation, the expectation to pay them?! Like what the actual fuck?
Phil Gawthrop (25 days ago)
These men are greedy garbage. They should be paying child support for each child with their DNA, period. Separation of church and state!
Zachary Smith (25 days ago)
These people are so screwed up, there is nothing fundamental or holy about polygamy. Mormons are not Christians by any means.
Samantha Green (26 days ago)
Yes because we can CHOOSE to be gay! Just like I choose to have my period yeah totally love my choices yes
S R (26 days ago)
Mormons have NOT given up polygamy. It’s just practiced in private now. In their Temples. It’s not criminalized because it’s still practiced in private. This was a good video and ALMOST entirely accurate.
Minnesota Fatz (27 days ago)
This is one of the most shocking videos I've ever seen. It doesn't have the gore and violence of half the videos on worldstar, but this is so horrible.
lil GUCCI (27 days ago)
Ron Clarke (27 days ago)
Who cares about polygamy...why are you judging Vice? You suddenly have a moral code?? Lolololol...stfu
Cristina Bergara (22 days ago)
Ron Clarke who even are you
K W (27 days ago)
Damn. Can we get a take two without all the stopping and staring off into space? This video would have been five minutes long.
Of course the its the mormons. Always the mormons. Good lord no wonder they were put into Utah and thank go they were so we don’t have to see them anymore
Alex Parker (29 days ago)
They look inbred...
Megan Perkins (29 days ago)
Polygamy isnt the problem, inbreeding and sexual abuse of a child is the problem.
YumexxxChan (29 days ago)
Imagine being born into a polygamist family like this one. You are one of a hundred siblings. You might only have seen your father a couple times a year, he only interacts with you once or twice. Your mother is your primary parent and she is forced to keep having children after each pregnancy, meaning less time to spare for you. You will not have any proper bonding unless you are a firstborn or a favorite. If you are female, you will be married off as a teen and become a breeding sow for your husband (likely a relative). If you are male, your outcome depends on your birth order. If you are the youngest son you'll get nothing. The firstborns will get many wives, second sons get a couple, after that you are just a statistic. A score count for one man who invests nothing into the lives of his kids. God help these poor people. End polygamy.
Sadam Amir STREAM (29 days ago)
So you mean #THE_ORDER which is series Base on reality? . The order and the magic? Do they also have ware wolves I want to became One😂😂
The Aussie Nerd (30 days ago)
Polygamy itself isn't the problem; When people use polygamy as a tool for personal gain like this, that's the problem. I'm a believer that if everyone is on the same page and everyone truly loves each other, then it's fine. Not this.
Pic Pro (30 days ago)
This is coming from a Latter Day Saint or as most of you call a “Mormon”. This is not ok, the things this Kingston klan is doing is terrible and unacceptable
Lolli M (1 month ago)
Of course this is all white people
J Jimm (1 month ago)
Utah is full of inbred racist shits
Whitney Dahlin (1 month ago)
Polygamy shouldn't be illegal in my opinion as long as it's between consenting adults it isn't the governments job to come in and say how your relationship with your family should be. BUT these Mormons are marrying young girls who are 16 and younger and that's FUCKED UP. The law they SHOULD make is one that forbids marriage for ANYONE under 18 even with parental consent it should be illegal for under age kids to get married. I think we can all agree that it's sick and abusive what they are doing to these girls and that behavior shouldn't be tolerated.
Chad Thundercock (1 month ago)
I got 17 girlfriends
Edward Lomaseng (1 month ago)
U cant go back to stone age practice. Wake up Kingston .
Vihemba Jeremia (1 month ago)
just like you chose to be GAY
Kevin Nguyen (1 month ago)
Pro-choice my ass. I doubt any of these teenagers had a choice. Even if they did, it's either take it or leave it.
yasaman (1 month ago)
best wishes for Joe.
Matthew Coolness (1 month ago)
This is sad...
MORTEX X-VISION TV (1 month ago)
Bunch of PIG'S.. 😒 They should be in jail..
Madelyne Vankirk (1 month ago)
Oh gosh. As a christian, the Mormon belief is very much a cult and a terrible life for those trapped inside.
Abi Pereira (1 month ago)
These young adults are amazing. The fact that they’re up, dressed normally, talking, and working towards goals is so impressive. I wish them all the best 💜
Iprodeltaelite (1 month ago)
This interview sucks
Caroline (1 month ago)
im gonna go marry my dog
OurLittleHomestead (1 month ago)
Ugh someone hug the poor guy.
Keenan Thomas (1 month ago)
Those people are going to need a good psychologist. Not a county social worker but a consistent psychologist to lean on for years to come.
Keenan Thomas (1 month ago)
I hate people with cognitive dissonance. The men were threatened by the young men, and contemporaneously needed young men to earn income and do the heavy lifting.
Tahira Mehmet (1 month ago)
Polygamy is illegal. Why are all these men with multiple wives not in jail or being fined at the very least? It's abusive to the children raised in it, it's abusive to the women trapped in it and it's abusive to the boys who are abandoned or attacked to reduce competition for women. Polygamy always goes hand in hand with reliance on social services, more kids then the family can support, and often child neglect and abuse. It needs to be punished.
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
Utah is fucking retarded.
Hana Joyner (1 month ago)
Tell me the leaders of this cult are in prison? These so called church leaders think that they are above the law.
Mike Tat (1 month ago)
CheshireKat666 Z (1 month ago)
They should'nt recriminalize polygamy... They should impose that fathers are to 1) financially provide equally to all their children and, 2) each child should be provided a minimal amount of money, based on the same rates as child-support in divorces. Polygamy would disappear over night! It's easy to have 15 wives, when you're a deadbeat dad...
Shayna Richardson (25 days ago)
I completely agree especially when there's non religious polygamous relationships that don't become toxic like this.
Goddissgirl (30 days ago)
CheshireKat666 Z you better know it!!!!!
merenutts (1 month ago)
Good on you Joe. You are stronger than you know. Keep pursuing your dreams and one day they will be yours. Sending love and good thoughts from New Zealand mate 💕
Abara Nihei (1 month ago)
Ey Joe, fuck them. Your on to the good life now nevermind the rest. That being said, dont forget about his big sister aswell. I think she´s one of those who silently falls under the radar. yeah shes overweight, she has way to much children for her own good and probably will be looked down upon for the rest of her life BUT!!! i dearly believe that she loves ALL of her children and she took Joe in eventhough she was already at her limit. The Past mustve burden her still aswell, being left alone with all the children noone to reach for help etc...
Bob Saget (1 month ago)
Damn so messed up. I feel for this kid. Especially when he's talking about how he was born of incest. So messed up.
George Williams (1 month ago)
Growing up in Amish country you get exposed to all kinds of things but at least they don't practice plural marriages!
Lost Martyr (1 month ago)
George Williams Utah freaks apparently call knocking a random woman up and leaving her marriage.
kristopher gray (1 month ago)
Anybody in this clan or supports it walks near me will be shot on spot. You don’t treat women that way.
captain Tattertot (1 month ago)
Bullet Tacos (1 month ago)
Polygamy isn’t wrong or bad! But This cr**p is beyond messed up an gross!!
Niobe (1 month ago)
Wherever this young man is I hope that he is safe , happy, and fulfilled and not in this cult anyone. How could a father say to a child I’m selling all your dead mamas belongings ,and if you want to come back you have to do what ,I say AND pay x many of $$ a month !

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