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A Day with a Russian Billionaire

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To see how the .00001% lives, we met up with infamous Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenko and spent quality time hog-hunting and helicopter-joyriding at his private estate outside Moscow. Watch more VICE documentaries here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Documentaries Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (14643)
How Much For A Gram (2 hours ago)
This guy is a pathetic waste of resources. Fuck him. Fuck his family. Fuck Russian oligarchs. Fuck all you clown ass losers riding his dick. Pathetic.
Kingsley Frizzell (9 hours ago)
6:46 so your saying if a guy fucks a guy its not gay cos it might fee good
abid syed (9 hours ago)
Abbie Heller (10 hours ago)
Very sorry, found this boring.
Mof Daddy (10 hours ago)
I expected a pool filled with vodka
Im outside your house (10 hours ago)
"In Russia money spend you'
Thelitden (11 hours ago)
Vice you are liberal trash
Cole McLean (11 hours ago)
Looks like former ufc heavyweight champ stipe miocic
Yobro Ribery (12 hours ago)
I'd actually understand if his wife married him for his personality. He seems to be a great guy lol
Kitri Abernathy (14 hours ago)
They said foxes when he said Bob cats.
Kitri Abernathy (14 hours ago)
София and me both have the same name and she was crowned Mrs World the year I was born.
Abhyuday Singh (17 hours ago)
7:53 the mic man had to run out of the frame 😂
Lance Hondrade (18 hours ago)
*B L Y A T*
Mivias (19 hours ago)
meh idk i dont think being rich is a problem , good for him ! that s why i love the way we fight to get the best job so we can have money , if let s say every rich guy would be asked to give his or her money to the poor i don t think it will be good i mean yeah , then all the people will have money to live and stuff but there are people that maybe don t deserve that money , i mean imagine if crazy people from africa got money . they would buy more guns and continue to shoot eachother so yeah i am perfectly fine with the way the world is , i don t envy any rich guy and also many rich guys donate money to charity , like the richest guy in france donated 200 mil to rebuilt notre dame . so yeah i will try my best in life to be richer , i will search for opportunites and stay out of bad stuff. becouse that is the way and if i ever have a lot of money i will be sure to give money to other people that have a hard time but i will also choose wisely and mostly donate to CHILDREN that are poor becouse children are pure and if we donate so they have a better life when they are young they will surely become great people! you go sergey , live your life at its fullest, you were very polite with this guy even when he talked about sketchy things like economy and stuff and even if some times u understood nothing he said! very nice video
Yayha Assaf (1 day ago)
hot golddigger
Hydraxtic (1 day ago)
He’s not a snobby rich person, he seems to be very nice and have good etiquette.
Pacymeme YT (1 day ago)
Everyone talking about negative points of living in Russia and living in America and living in Nigeria, and all these collected are pretty similar (if not better conditions) to life in Albania xD
logan larsen (1 day ago)
6:13 us Alaskan natives have that kind of stuff but its sometimes over 300 degrees we stay there 5-10 min and sweat then go out the porch and cool off the name it has is MAQII or MA-QII
logan larsen (1 day ago)
The intro ❤
markcovka (1 day ago)
That plant is called kropuva shit burns like crazy
Bajoobie Cuzican (1 day ago)
Dude! You're way too excited about Serge! And that's NOT hunting, asshole!
vSeniorClutch (1 day ago)
Also has a hot wife but like age gap??
vSeniorClutch (1 day ago)
This guy crazy but nice tbh
Josalyn Lawrence (1 day ago)
“It’s not gay if it feels good”
AngryPasta (1 day ago)
A fun day with a billionaire with his hot wife, and vice didnt sent any weak effeminate guys for once.!lol
mrHook (2 days ago)
Im surprised he didn’t say cyka blyat
Orbit VybZ (2 days ago)
Wtf is this
Oh, wow, a barking pig?
Harry Squater (2 days ago)
He´s a billionare but technically lives in the woods and takes care about pigs
me me (2 days ago)
It’s all about money. There’s no love here. Every woman has to suck cock. For sure. This is a fact . So she opt for a rich cock. To me you can have money but you still have a shit body.
Monk TOS (2 days ago)
Me:puts subtitles on YouTube:[SPEAKING RUSSIAN]
L' (3 days ago)
These niggas keep going in my homeisland with der boats and try to buy all our ground get the fuck out of my country
Booty Consumer (3 days ago)
Holy Jesus 2013
maddix hunt (3 days ago)
Some Russian kids dreaming to meet this billionaire * random American YouTuber shows up starts massaging him with leaves*
newbies gaming (3 days ago)
In Russia billionaire massage you
NickEvershedMusic (3 days ago)
His wife is a gold digger, no suprised
NickEvershedMusic (3 days ago)
But he is handsome
NickEvershedMusic (3 days ago)
Fatal Dose (3 days ago)
literally a nun had a shot of vodka in the beginning of the video
jay knight (3 days ago)
i forgot those niggas exist
Mahin 73738 (3 days ago)
When I was born in 2006
Mahin 73738 (3 days ago)
DarLuck (3 days ago)
In Russia, be sure to drink at least 2l of vodka a day
jens larsen (3 days ago)
She isnt in love with him but he.s money
Reed Hirby (4 days ago)
This guy is a living legend
Jordy 229 (4 days ago)
No one: Slav: 1:18
Molemo Kgoele (4 days ago)
Vodka yesterday, vodka today and vodka tomorrow.... that’s all you need to know
Kris Winkler (4 days ago)
This is what you did with a billionaire? You let him molest you then went home?
Dead Mexican (5 days ago)
Where is his asimov p90?
smol (5 days ago)
Milo Godeke (5 days ago)
"lolo it's not gay if it fels good?"
Tazz (5 days ago)
I can't take this seriously 😂😂 I just can't I'm sorry 😂
Ilya Greenstein (5 days ago)
Quackety Quack (5 days ago)
Where is my gun
ゼロS A M U R A I (6 days ago)
She looks like a villain of gta
RecoN (6 days ago)
Mr. G- Dub (7 days ago)
Last clip Sergey: Cheers! (Offers vodka) Interviewer: Jesus Christ. Cheers! FUCK OFF(silently) 😂😂😂
Brett C (7 days ago)
Has anyone else got to the point where they live long enough to say fuck money it really doesn’t buy you shit but misery and it’s so irrelevant to a good life that’s disgusting
Raja Arora (7 days ago)
Thanks for telling those are Gunshots otherwise I would have thought that's the cameraman Farting!
Cy Void (7 days ago)
The dude looks like little big.
Myles Hallett (8 days ago)
4:39 who else thought the bear ripped up the dog
Damien D. (8 days ago)
TheClearwall (8 days ago)
Interesting to see how a clear communist is making the comment that western society and capitalism is "the way it should be"
Bruno Qirim (9 days ago)
Get this man on Joe Rogan.
KittySnicker (10 days ago)
Please keep your shirt on, Sergey! Anyway as a Russian American, this was very entertaining.
Ian Gonzalez (10 days ago)
how hard you must say it would be to convince this guy to give you $1.000.000 just for the lulz
Alice Sultan (10 days ago)
I think she was mrs world because she doesn't look Russian :/
WhiteSkull (10 days ago)
At 5:29 listen carefully. You will hear a 'BLYAT'
shit photography (7 days ago)
Yea nah
Sprayground Vlogs team (10 days ago)
Does he play csgo
Stephen Zancheez (11 days ago)
I would put a bounty on him for assasination
Neurons At Work (12 days ago)
At #2:00 , Gold Digger Spotted!!!
Jay D (12 days ago)
In Soviet Russia, billionaires massage you
TheMadJarl (12 days ago)
Another reason why I wish I was full-blooded Russian and lived in Russia.
Justin Akers (12 days ago)
I can’t help but want to be friends with Russians.
Jalen Caldwell (12 days ago)
How do I join VICE
ur family gay (15 days ago)
5:37 **blyat**
BJ (15 days ago)
Absolute gentlemanly hospitality 💎
William Dunn (15 days ago)
Billionaires on the fringes
Ryan Lewington (15 days ago)
A ain’t saying she’s a gold digger
Pranay'z' Vlogs (15 days ago)
cyak blyat!
Glorious Thapa (17 days ago)
He might be billionaire, but does his phone have a headphone jack ?
Veik 0 (18 days ago)
4:22 can we make that a meme
Alex Campion (19 days ago)
he may have plundered a good portion of the world's wealth, but he's actually a rather likable guy.
Samuel Byron (15 days ago)
Alex Campion
Riad (20 days ago)
Very rich, Very ugly and Very ignorant …. Viva Russia
Lion Syla (20 days ago)
2:48 he looks like hes resisting the urge to strangle the american
Silverclaw Ria (20 days ago)
"Ok, let's finish it" *tired and kinda drunk* "Jesus Christ" "cheers" "Cheers"
Kaizoch Beats (23 days ago)
Rich blyat
Joshua Chong (24 days ago)
Lol St Spyridon of Trimithous doesnt help businessman He helps businessman who helps the poor and the Church
Dec Oy (25 days ago)
2:58 he was making some weird noises 3:31 he kinda sounds like Tim Storms talking
Quin Haines (26 days ago)
so she was 14 winning mrs.world
Travis Bowden (26 days ago)
Shit this guy was cool.... They can collude with us whenever they want if I get hang out with guy.. lol
Hans Jürgen (26 days ago)
Very good
Taino Lolino (26 days ago)
''Actress/ Sergey's wife'' what of the two tho? 👀
Lamb Sauce (27 days ago)
In Russia, vodka is always the answer
AloisBlazit 005 (28 days ago)
Broke ass dont even have airpods
Weebist K (28 days ago)
4:24 When you don’t hear someone saying something so you just hope it wasn’t a question
Winter (28 days ago)
I want to be his son
Milana Lofton (29 days ago)
7:51 oopsie🙈🙈
Drew Minatti (29 days ago)
What a fun puff piece on a gluttonous criminal billionaire!
Miguel Guerrero (29 days ago)
You could look like the bottom of my shoe and still get a model with money
VIEWS FROM THE FOUR (30 days ago)
There’s no telling how good or bad someone is, even there Russian. It’s kind sad Americans see Russia in such a terrible light...... niggas act like sergay killing 100 people a day.
Blake B. (30 days ago)
"Should we be worried about the bears and wolves we don't shoot?" *Laughs in vodka*
Blake B. (30 days ago)
Reporter: "Should we be worried about the bears and wolves we don't shoot?" Russian badass: "... hehaHEHEHE" *drinks vodka* Reporter:"...okay, vodka is out answer our answer"

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