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A Day with a Russian Billionaire

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To see how the .00001% lives, we met up with infamous Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenko and spent quality time hog-hunting and helicopter-joyriding at his private estate outside Moscow. Watch more VICE documentaries here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Documentaries Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (13967)
Dead Daniel (1 hour ago)
Вообще хз кто это
Daniel Rotar (1 hour ago)
I’m Russian LMAO born an raised in the US of A’s baby!😂😂😂
YuGo Asap4Ever (2 hours ago)
His wife is a gold digger
Chris Anderson (8 hours ago)
Guy has billions, I have $50. Long live mother Russia 👍
Param Talia (8 hours ago)
Ckya blyat
Anmol Gajurel5 (9 hours ago)
So much v-bucks
KA Ahmed (10 hours ago)
hes really nice
SativaSnow (12 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
Nancy Smith (13 hours ago)
"business & finance is closely tied", a Western concept? A CORRECT concept about Russian oligarths.
John Christie (15 hours ago)
"its a western perception that russia is corrupt" -american "in the words of putin 'corruption is everywhere but it prospers in here'" -russian oligarch lmao
Kiara Galarza (17 hours ago)
We all know his hot wife is a gold digger
Daily Videos (18 hours ago)
His wife is a gold digger
Stefan Drugarinovic (21 hours ago)
you got slapped with some branches by half naked billionaire .. not many people can say that
Вонючий похититель! Жалкий хуесос, какой обокрал госсударство! Нихуя он не заработал! И кожа эта ебаная, отправила бы его, а этак ради бабок на подсосе
Ben Kang (1 day ago)
roses are red violets are blue in post communist Russia, *the billionaire massage you*
Joseph Sullivan (1 day ago)
Oh yeah yeah
James Zeier (1 day ago)
Are you fucking stupid the subtitles are covered but speaking Russian
Teung Tumb (1 day ago)
Being massaged by a billionare :) It would be in my bucket list
Zac Gan (1 day ago)
he seems like a pre chill bloke imo
Sid J (1 day ago)
and he's got himself a trophy....typical
Shiba Sinha (1 day ago)
Hence it's proved beautiful women makes for money
Nagara L (1 day ago)
Neptune (1 day ago)
this is fake.. *he had no adidas suits nor shoes to* *show his validation as a Rich Russian*
HanFei (1 day ago)
Your vocal fry is awful, you are never going to be a professional journalist if you don't remove your vocal fry.
summerBesien xx (1 day ago)
Hate him after I found out he hunts
Kendall White (1 day ago)
Um, can I please interview a Russian billionaire. It seems awesome.
Jude Corlette (1 day ago)
Lmao I got witch doctor/shaman vibes when he beat him with bush in the sauna
i love being smacked by a bunch of steamed leaves too, man.
Benjy52 (2 days ago)
Can I have a rich friend too :D
7:21 *B E A T T H E M E A T*
Napalm HD (2 days ago)
I’ve got a Ukrainian friend like this but he lives in the US
Luke Mordent (2 days ago)
he got tiddies like double d size
Matthew Pierce (2 days ago)
The wife is a gold digger
Yessir (2 days ago)
how to do clickbait right
owen peterson (2 days ago)
a day in the motherland is 8 minutes
SCHILLY (3 days ago)
Seems like a good bloke
Official Real Trailer (3 days ago)
I click cause of Picture
Risian (3 days ago)
Coming from a Russian guy this is really funny to watching
B Thomas (3 days ago)
why is everyone at Vice an idiot?
This guys wife has an American accent. And I think she is a gold digger
GuitarSolos (3 days ago)
omg all the complaining in the comments, just shut up and drink a vodka shot :D
derunbekannte ! (3 days ago)
can i also interview him ?? XD
Cheech Whit (3 days ago)
lol damn hes actually kinda humble.. He has no problem patting the american down with a branch of leaves.. figured a maid or something was doing it, and then i seen his face.. lol and giving him a bath... haha he dont seem to bad..
Camila Vasquez (4 days ago)
7:42 Lmaoo
Djorup (4 days ago)
Damn Serge thicc
Ar itz (4 days ago)
Disgusting, so disgusting.
gaming greg and more (4 days ago)
Raul Zzzz (4 days ago)
5:59 that communist logo on the hat lol
nicolas devalck (4 days ago)
His wife is now married with Ondřej Brzobohatý a 35yo actor
Luca Capezio (4 days ago)
"Should I be concerned about the wolves and bears we don't shot?" "Alright, vodka is the answer" :D
Vaibhav Pate (5 days ago)
6:07 He is definitely bi
MAG DC (5 days ago)
His girlfriend is Putin's leftover.
Redhotpeppernoob (5 days ago)
*casually walks throught the middle of 10 Russian monuments*
The Troll King (5 days ago)
"Sergey the shovel" -Fpsrussia
blueaxolotl (5 days ago)
'it's not gay if it feels good'
Pratama Putra Wijaya (6 days ago)
I just can not believe that you guys still have not move from 1940. It's 2019 damnit. Oil and Refinery make you rich
avanade0424 (6 days ago)
Privet! Comrades!
Tovarich Stalin (6 days ago)
Cyka blyat!
Richard 77 (7 days ago)
money = pussy
Gold fish (7 days ago)
Probably Putin’s friend from high school.
Memo (7 days ago)
7:51 catch cock
Royal Paris (7 days ago)
Serve coffee the way it's done at the palace. www.royalcoffeemaker.com
TheGodKing (7 days ago)
In America you hunt bear In Russia bear hunt you
Etai Avni (7 days ago)
Neerad Bhuyan (8 days ago)
Oligarchy is awwwwwesome !!
boy In sky (8 days ago)
Not wtf russia thads is finland u lieary ryssä homo hanki elämä homo
Justin Loomis (8 days ago)
Crazy fucking Ruski's
Lost in my thoughts (9 days ago)
Asshole hunter.
Zappiturtle (10 days ago)
6:44 it's not gay if it feels good
Douglas Deane (10 days ago)
... its the same in the US
Winston (10 days ago)
Green Pickle (11 days ago)
Not gonna lie... looks like a dream vacation to me....
Ryan Simpson (11 days ago)
Bad choice in thumbnail.....
Parth Sankhe (1 day ago)
That's the best fucking choice you could have made for the thumbnail
CloudyVex (11 days ago)
*byka clyat*
someoneforone1 (11 days ago)
Russian Billlionaires was erased by events of 1917. It is just kingpin, yesterday's redneck!
Kim Jong Un (12 days ago)
this is russia. at the end you just said Jesus Christ...
jane wolf (12 days ago)
They can't afford to tie their boots.
ian muoki (13 days ago)
This has to be the coolest billionaire to hang around with.... so chilled out and fun....
Weeaboo Generator (13 days ago)
his wife is very attractive probably his great personality
francesco lops (13 days ago)
what da fuck tho, you became an interstellar priest at 5:55 xD
Digambar Chougale (13 days ago)
Gold digger.
ynk exe (13 days ago)
0.0001 ... one out of 10000 not quiet rare
avbro tune (14 days ago)
забавно, блять.
Tacoma FAN (14 days ago)
this Dude millions of people made beggars, indirectly affected hundreds of thousands of deaths It turns out, ala: "The picture is funny, but the situation is terrible
Charles Hamilton (14 days ago)
You can tell so much about a country/ethos by how it’s very wealthy (and the very poor) live. All I can posit about the Russians...they are so fucked. The very worst of humanity.
Neobicno (14 days ago)
4:26 vodka is the anwser
anhidric1 (14 days ago)
Russians are trash.
maisa Lk (14 days ago)
I thought he is a thug but he is not ....there is nobody like Arab thugs...
Յaqrob (15 days ago)
Her pussy ATM
Scorch428 (15 days ago)
Haha, he's gay as fuck!
gajdhy (15 days ago)
The fact that one can be so calm and easy-going in the company of a murderer is quite interesting.
srpska crnja (16 days ago)
Did he say fuck off at 8:02 haha.
Herr Tunichtgut (16 days ago)
The Thumbnail described almost the picture in my mind when i think on an russian billionaire the only things that are missing are 5 liters of finest vodka and an gold ak 47
Marcel Mersch (16 days ago)
Billionaire with way younger Mrs. World is too cliche.
LIL - UZi٠٠ (16 days ago)
Sandy Kool (16 days ago)
Being rich is getting married to someone your daughters age.
Shane Sambo (17 days ago)
What a hospitable and humble bloke
Giacomo P (17 days ago)
At same point he stopped to reply in English because his brain was so fucked up. Too much vodka 😂
Fathan Al Azka (18 days ago)
That T H U M B N A I L
F H (18 days ago)
What is the point of subtitles if there is unnecessary garbage blocking from reading..? Stupid fucks

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