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A Day with a Russian Billionaire

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To see how the .00001% lives, we met up with infamous Russian oligarch Sergey Veremeenko and spent quality time hog-hunting and helicopter-joyriding at his private estate outside Moscow. Watch more VICE documentaries here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Documentaries Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (13337)
Robert Barden (14 hours ago)
I'm going to steam him out now
A. G. (23 hours ago)
встречайте - депутат гос думы
Sandy Coil (1 day ago)
I bet he was thinking in the sauna I hope this mad Russian don't get freaky with me their is only a towel between us!!!! And if he jumped on me I would be fuxked literally 😩🙏👀
Mohammad Manumbilao (1 day ago)
fuck his wife
meltman818 ruiz (1 day ago)
When you mary 💰
WAKA FLAKA JAMES (1 day ago)
Guess you don’t get paid much as Mrs World
UX Ama (2 days ago)
Did he fuck you aswell ?
Juan Sepulveda (2 days ago)
I still have hope that communism will take over the world 🇨🇳🇻🇳🇦🇴🇨🇺🇰🇵🇻🇪
me+food〈3 (2 days ago)
Lmao had to click because of the thumbnail
Im GaLeTo4S (2 days ago)
8:00 *-"Cheers"* *-"Cheers"* -Fuck off
Texas Texas (3 days ago)
He’s Russian, some one put a bullet in his Commi Ass
Anna xoxo (3 days ago)
You should make a video about gold diggers in Russia
Profik 1 (3 days ago)
Russian oligarch is big thiefs and liars!
XIIIphobos (4 days ago)
this guy just casually goes hunting with a dragunov :D goals
Bonnalyn Suerte (4 days ago)
He drinks vodka everyday cus he rich af
AaronThicc (4 days ago)
The host voice gets deeper when he knew she was Mrs.2006 lol
Tom big (4 days ago)
Damn, I think saw Trump hiding in the closet 😂🤣😃
Majic (5 days ago)
Lol in Russia for a Billion dollars you can live life like a middle class Texan
john ayacko (5 days ago)
so, that nigga got a $200M collection of fake white Jesus? 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Nicholai Senchuk (6 days ago)
this guy is awesome aha
Lil Bootleg (6 days ago)
Cyka blyat
Elohim Crasus (6 days ago)
Nice translation, he didn't say "we are gradually becoming more westernized" that is huge fucking propaganda VICE - he said "we are becoming more civilized, you american dick sitters, i'm guessing china is also becoming more westernized? wtf is "westernized" roflmao, i bet sergey wouldve fed you to the boars if he realised thats how you're gona translate what he says!
Jay Fires (6 days ago)
Hey, my respect sir, can you please send me money, I'm poor and struggling to pay rent.
jason4275 (6 days ago)
The way this video was made it seems like this Russian is only worth a couple hundred thousands, because he was doing nothing that an upper middle class person does here in america.
gmail user (7 days ago)
She is a gold digger. She looks like his daughter.
I think his wife is a gold digger
Im No Hero (7 days ago)
This guy is fucking awesome! xD
BlackMamba132 (8 days ago)
not gonna lie he seems like a cool guy lul also "Fuck off"
General Potato (8 days ago)
Wheres the vodka collection?
Chris (8 days ago)
That was the lamest Billionaire lifestyle I've ever seen. Geez Dan Bilzerian blows this dude out the water and he is just a millionaire. And I'm pretty sure Serge had his way with him in that sauna room. Never seen a billionaire do the massage work themselves.... He must have had alterior motives. But let me quit talking shit about him before I get served a high dose of Radon 67.
Quasar 1229 (8 days ago)
Seems like a really nice, surprisingly down to Earth guy in some ways
EM0tional Goose (8 days ago)
gold digger alert
Hercules Zeus (8 days ago)
pussy woman
LONG LIVE ART (9 days ago)
He had the black Madonna painting in his museum
Steven Stone (9 days ago)
The first time I saw the sweating and steaming thing was when Fedor  did it  back when I first got on YouTube .  Seems like along time ago .
Steven Stone (9 days ago)
She should have  been given at least a decade as "Ms World"   Dayum  she is smokin . She looks  like Audrey Hepburn and Victoria Justice combined .
His wife did not marry him for his looks or personality. She married him for his money. Damn right .like of you agree
Vigor (6 days ago)
Money is result of personality
Stephen Zancheez (10 days ago)
Lol thats rich in Russia come to the us to get more
matsyendranath (10 days ago)
"I assume that wasn't the case huh Sergey?..." .....silence.......
Bul Mnstr (10 days ago)
pig and a whore
Fellix Brenden (11 days ago)
The american guy,look like Fin Balor so much.
Salty Vibes (11 days ago)
I want a russian billionaire to be my friend
Bepis Man (11 days ago)
Sofia sounded like the least russian woman
george ce (11 days ago)
a"trophy" skank wife and a communist born oligarch.....fkn pieces of shits....oh well, the common thing is both made their money from sucking cock!
Hsakib Chettri (11 days ago)
she got married with old ass only because of money this$$$$$ ahah
Potato Guy (11 days ago)
dammit ris is lynx not fox :D
Crohns Disease (11 days ago)
burry them all,oligarhs and monarchs... They are just a pawns with more money than ordinary people what suppose to support thsoe who control everything
Kenneth Diaz (12 days ago)
He can get any girls with all that money but not real love.
tamerlan2708 (12 days ago)
Comrade Lenin! Although you tried so hard, with pain in my heart and tears on my eyes, I want to say that your project has failed! Your diligent work is now nothing! All deaths during Revolution for better life is nothing now too! I am Kazakhstan citizen, who read all your books and works, in country under AWFUL power. Our president is just Monarch!! He took every businesses and divided it among his family members! But not only I am suffer like this... all people from post Soviet are now suffering under these conditions! Now I am not even life in my country because of our president's corruptiin policy! It is also shame for me to say that I am from Kazakhstan, not just because it was of USSR past or communism , but rather for our nice leader and inner policy! And people from Russia, Ukraine, feel the same! Thanx Dear Comrade Lenin but u FAILED! You wanted to make us life better but we ended up in the same shit! Thanx to USA too! You wanted to free us from "DICTATORSHIP" but made us just suffer more! Nice job US! Your ideas were good and loyal for us, which I admitted , but in reality you just made us poorer!
cheesus1986 (12 days ago)
Spent a day with a Russian billionaire and have only 5 minutes worth of footage to show. This seems pretty weak.
Kwayn (13 days ago)
g o l d d i g g e r
carl harrison (13 days ago)
I wish the interviewer would clear his throat. It's like he's got a cock stuck in there
Edward Endo (13 days ago)
I'm Russian and I'm ashamed of this animal
Joseph Gallaнorn Sr. (13 days ago)
Awesomeness haha!!
Satan (13 days ago)
Nice person, humble to ground... respect
I hope you understand that all this is a great stereotype. I am Russian and live in Russia. Its not like that.It is very embarrassing to watch
Daniel Shultz (15 days ago)
а еблю групповухой в случае чего эти люд одетые монашкой и попом тоже бы не отказались замутить?) Просмотрел далее-конечно от него бабушка может удалиться за минутку за янки. Это ле ни твой крест, чмо. Придворные и шалава.
Sam Scrapla (15 days ago)
Hilarious how kids want communism here because it will work this time....
Tenzing Hyolmo (15 days ago)
His wife, oh! Hot and young... And yup, vodka? Oh they do drink it like water...
frank rumble (15 days ago)
And he sounds a garbage too...8:03
frank rumble (15 days ago)
That English guy looks like junky garbage with those tattoos.
Jacob Hoke (15 days ago)
can i just be this guys body guard
Vasu Kohli (16 days ago)
I am leaving for Russia...
StarFruit69 (17 days ago)
If I was a billionaire i'd sure as shit never get married. Because the second my wife decides to divorce she gets more than half my stuff!
BigGucci Nola (17 days ago)
Seems like a lot of fun hanging out with him. Where do I sign up to best buddies with this guy?
5:30 - 5:36 -Блять.... извините.
Jason Davila (17 days ago)
This is what happened when the us put Yeltsin in Power.. Suck ans disgusting.. May communism return
KalaMiDeviL (18 days ago)
Big fuck up by the translators. He didn‘t say russia is becoming more westernized, he said its becoming more civilized.
Rain RedFox (18 days ago)
No one here pay taxes..... hmmm... i smell more freedom in russia
RZ. lalrammawiia (18 days ago)
invite me...?
XXX KAII33KS (18 days ago)
Just looking at him eat before drinking vodka" like I empty out my belly before I drink, just so I won't puke! sheesh.
The Black Acilles (19 days ago)
Блять что эта за хуйня, отчего Навальный не сделал про него расследование ?
Daulet Koichumanov (19 days ago)
Дядя, млрд ворочишь! А в баньке веники дохлые конечно и пар видать слабенький..... Докатились
Massimiliano Veschini (19 days ago)
She was impressed (and in love later on) because of his bodyguards. Ok.
Chico Malote (20 days ago)
this guy is a looser
William Howard Taft (20 days ago)
4:38 bruh I thought that dog got decapitated. I had to rewind that shit.
Desiree Jacobi (20 days ago)
he seems so funny!!!!
Eric Sajid (20 days ago)
wife 50 °
STEALTHkiller210 (20 days ago)
The only billionaires in russia are politicians
Omar Ahmed A-omar (20 days ago)
That epic thumbnail is what attracted almost 90% of the viewers
yeeezus (21 days ago)
Bruh cut all the BS she’s only with him for the money 🤣
Jorge Guerrero (21 days ago)
Man, my Russian human ran away
Kyle Irvine (21 days ago)
Ya like she didn’t know who he was 😂
AsianBoi 69 (21 days ago)
*Why i$ $he there. $uper wierd, $he mu$t be after $omething. $he look$ fine a$ hell but why i$ $he datung a rich old dude??*
Tom Ahrensfels (21 days ago)
Fuckin love vice sometimes
MrTpeppers (21 days ago)
This guy is hilarious
Shinso (22 days ago)
He must have ton of vodkas
nathaniscakinit (22 days ago)
yeah, there is no way that girl isn’t a gold digger
HispanicThots (22 days ago)
Yooo can you buy yo broke ass nigga black ops 4
Allen Brown (22 days ago)
Let us read the subtitles
Bonrad Binos (22 days ago)
WTF did I just watch? I cannot believe this is real. HTF does shit like this happen?
Soviet solider (22 days ago)
You get massaged by richest man in world be happy
Lucas Katz (22 days ago)
Who ever killed that polar bear for a rug sucks
Taters And Gravy (22 days ago)
Almost 10 million
Марио Лопес (22 days ago)
Glory to the USSR
Tyxe G (22 days ago)
Good luck on your 10 million subscribers
2:53 пздц у него глас рычит 😐😐😐
PoskokTV (23 days ago)
So,basically you got drunk with a Russian
Elena Dobreva (23 days ago)
Looks and acts like 1980s porn star. Their culture is like 30 yrs behind west
SugoiP (23 days ago)
I would to drink all day long with you buddy.

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