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Elephants Run To Greeting A New Rescued Baby Elephant

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Watch a whole herd run to greet a new rescued baby elephant, "Dok Geaw", at Elephant Nature Park. Dok Geaw is one year and nine months old. He is an orphaned child...but it looks like he will not have too much trouble finding a new family. Learn More : http://www.saveelephant.org/ Follow us on FB : https://www.facebook.com/elephantnewsonline/
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Text Comments (3897)
rabbit&fish (2 hours ago)
Love elephants so much
WestNileSnipes (2 hours ago)
That was precious.
Moldavite Angel (3 hours ago)
LOVE LOVE LOVE....Why cant we humans be like this?
Patton Kirkpatrick (7 hours ago)
That is so cool!
pi namaste (8 hours ago)
Thankyou for being so kind to my elephants. They really appreciate it.
A I (8 hours ago)
Elephants are good folks 😇
Qanonada3301 (1 day ago)
I feel like I am being driven to fodora. For views. Adblock here I come
Jollybell Chua (1 day ago)
1sec later, *Runs over baby elephant and towards the food
Tensa Zangetsu (1 day ago)
Thesr youtube recommendations are getting AWESOM
Matt Piavis (1 day ago)
These are all Asian elephants, right? Are African ones just as caring?
Paiman Yousafi (1 day ago)
One of them had an erection lol wtf
Elijah Bradshaw (11 hours ago)
Why don't you take a seat over there Mr. Elephant?
Jerry Shea (1 day ago)
Fascinating how such giant creatures are so sensitive and intuitive!
Exiria (1 day ago)
Oh my God wow, I love earth
Tori Sexton (1 day ago)
They sound like the t-rex growling on Jurassic park
Guitar Player (1 day ago)
Everybody, if you really and truly liked this, then go to their website and donate, even a little will help.
Oliver Schwammel (1 day ago)
Ryan Khan (1 day ago)
ding dong (1 day ago)
This is weird
Teresa Rodriguez (1 day ago)
Love 💕
Crisco 0101 (2 days ago)
Battle of Zama 202 BC colorized
Maria Posse (2 days ago)
Hopefully this orphaned elephant was rescued from.that dreadful "co SriLanka wild elephant" place.
Barbara Hammer (2 days ago)
the whole herd ran fast , to see the baby. i never saw the whole herd run that fast in my life. wow they was moving fast.. wow.. thank you .. i like it the show..
Vy Vong (2 days ago)
It sounds like a dinosaur.
rexsolomon (2 days ago)
My dear Humans, this is how other species display HOPE, and acknowledge their awareness that without the YOUNG, EXTINCTION is not far away. That they RAN shows their awareness of URGENCY. These elephants are far more appreciative of LIFE than many humans are. Think about it.
Joseph Buckhoff (2 days ago)
*Awesome... Totally Awesome, Elephants are so Loyal to each other :)*
cheryll hamilton (2 days ago)
I love animals so much more than I do people. Wonderful video.
Roger Adams (2 days ago)
"Elephants run to greeting" Whoever wrote that is a low IQ individual, huh?
Courage Wilkerson (2 days ago)
You just saw them run (race-walk) to a baby. Imagine what would happen if they charged at a car
vicious0111 (2 days ago)
Awww that was cute!
센 ♡ (2 days ago)
aww they’re so excited 😊
Detskalldaltas (2 days ago)
My favourit animal in the World.
cshula1 (3 days ago)
Oh that is so precious!
hollow hype (3 days ago)
I actually love elephants
Clay M (3 days ago)
Do male elephants kill other male elephants young?
Lord uRN (3 days ago)
I swear that baby is smiling! I needed to see that today 😁
HumorHouse (3 days ago)
This is so precious :)
abobjenkins (3 days ago)
1:17 Somebody pooted
IVlog Melife (4 days ago)
To make this video good to bad.. plot twist all the elephants are pedos
Rigel (4 days ago)
Im surprised that they didnt use rollout
TheAstrius (4 days ago)
The poor things they love each other but are smart enough to realize the fragility of their own survival, such a sense of urgency in their greeting.
OnlyAwesomely (4 days ago)
Please be Dumbo! Please be Dumbo!
CenturianEagle (4 days ago)
Why is there 1000 dislikes? If you dislikes this, you have something very wrong with you and need help
Corey Johnson (4 days ago)
That was humane
Cassius Clay (5 days ago)
T. rex noise. Used elephant affection
Mar (5 days ago)
The greatness of elephants
Jazmyn (5 days ago)
Wow that baby elephant toot took my emotions for a ride.
Dom Trussardi (5 days ago)
Elephants are so freakin cool.
Erickson Bruno (5 days ago)
1k dislikes damnnnn. Im amazed
Kerorofan (5 days ago)
If I saw that much weight barreling in my direction, my ass would be going real fast the other way.
Nadia Raymond (5 days ago)
Awww, i love the way baby Dok Geaw is being greeted by his new elephant family. 🐘
Ben Quinney (5 days ago)
Comply with your programming
Claudio Santander (5 days ago)
Be still my little heart 😢 💗
Sanjay W (5 days ago)
Everyone saying how cute animals are are the same ones eating animal flesh
Larry Your-Waiter (5 days ago)
These elephants are a bunch of actors
lol they're so fucking ugly
Immanuel Keivom (6 days ago)
Even animals know how to greet their own kind unlike some of us who don't even have manners to welcome new people.
Carolina Indiann (6 days ago)
.....And human beings thing whe world is about them because humans are the smartest!!!!!
Nayr The Slayer (6 days ago)
No camera does justice to how big they are !
Blessy C (6 days ago)
Simply very cute 🐘
Daz Capone (6 days ago)
ELEPHANTS are truly Pure Majestic
maracayg (6 days ago)
Los animales son maravillosos
mike smith (6 days ago)
When your teacher brings her baby in class. The girls be like:
Open Eyes (6 days ago)
Zoe Alexandra (6 days ago)
DAMMIT I feel like I’m watching Dumbo all over again and now I’m crying 😭
Kay Star (7 days ago)
tamsinthai (7 days ago)
I 'liked' this video, with some hesitance. A baby elephant should not need to be put in this position, along with the other elephants, of having to be 'rescued', but humans being what they are, it is. I'm in Thailand and have seen the way elephants are treated here. NEVER ride on them, without tourist money this would go some way to ending their exploitation. The elephant's name translates as Glass Flower btw.
Curtis Powell (7 days ago)
Very good clip!😇 You done good with that story.
Loki Schudlt (7 days ago)
Too bad black fathers can’t grasp this concept.
MCES LEX (7 days ago)
This video should have been longer.
Jason Willis (7 days ago)
If your friends don’t greet you like this then get new friendzzzzzz
teppolundgren (7 days ago)
Georgi Aldev (7 days ago)
How many of u first world animal lovers actually don't eat meat, considering the abundance of food choices in our fully stocked supermarkets? Plant based since 2012. Spread the compassion towards all living things
I wish these poor animals could live in the world instead of being surrounded by a fence
Symphuzic Bey (7 days ago)
That one family member that only came for the free food 0:52.
jizzy b (7 days ago)
Welcome to thunderdome bitch
Verónica 21 (7 days ago)
I wish my sons were treated like that at school
Bella Terra Tarot (7 days ago)
So sweet 💕💕💕
Bella Ford (7 days ago)
My heart breaks everytime I see these beautiful creatures and the evil that man did to them. Man is indeed like satan when corrupted. Useless assholes. BUT thanks to the good ones. 😒
Olivia Bell (8 days ago)
Other species are other people. Respect them as yourself.
Richard Espinoza (8 days ago)
Wow! That was beautiful. How can such sick people hunt these beautiful and majestic animals. That was beautiful. The human race is a disgrace.
Just out of curiosity, why don't they have tusks?
spydermanw (8 days ago)
A sight u do not want to see in the wild @ 0:24
ola wale (8 days ago)
I'm the elephant that went straight for the food..🙈
MaxPro (8 days ago)
0:20 - 0:32 = The GOP when Congress announced the prospects of border security.
Bella Kobusingye (8 days ago)
Now im in a cute elephant vid spiral !
Ryne Mcgriffin (8 days ago)
Trony Tigno (8 days ago)
what is up with the fake background animal noises?
lalalulerzz (8 days ago)
This is pure love. This was incredible. Such loving animals.. we could learn a thing or two from them
Solved 911 (8 days ago)
I love them so ,much I love to play guitar for those wonderful elephants
Marcus Mackey (8 days ago)
These animals are so careing, smart, and loving. Wow!!!
Dimitri (8 days ago)
Frankie Girl (9 days ago)
What happened next? After the baby elephant was released?
m m (9 days ago)
I love elephants 🐘😘
Gregory Knight (9 days ago)
Shame humans can't follow suit
will Grello (9 days ago)
Ron nono (9 days ago)
How Europeans are when we see one of our own in a no go zone. :(
Korey Bryl (9 days ago)
Gang gang
Raspberry Enwoo (9 days ago)
Elephants are so loving, even to a stranger
Zenarcher (9 days ago)
That was beautiful
Breanna Sosa-Lopez (9 days ago)
Look at the baby!!! So cute!!!! They know before they see the baby that they will love it amd take care of it!!!

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