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www.DieAntwoord.com Album: TEN$ION Directed by NINJA and Terence Neale Director Of Photography: Alexis Zabe Edited by Saki Fokken Bergh at Left Produced by Zef Filmz in association with Egg Films Post production by Blade Titles and special touches by Pushbak Next Level gear supplied by Panavision and Media Film Service KEZIA EALES runs this muddafucka
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Text Comments (172636)
************ (16 minutes ago)
Че за хуйня?
Miro sarbast (21 minutes ago)
ugly girl and ugly boy also ugly family
Patrick Johnson (32 minutes ago)
wack ass song
Nathan (1 hour ago)
while watching this... i realised i was looking like being hypnotized... fuck
General Grievous (1 hour ago)
So was widerliches habe ich schon lange nicht gesehen und gehört! Der Dreck verkörpert den Niedergang der Gesellschaft wie wir sie kennen. Alle Leute die diesen Video einen Like gegeben haben sollten ihr Leben überdenken.
lacey (2 hours ago)
What is this
ZxDreamy Dru (2 hours ago)
One day in America
Its Galaxia (2 hours ago)
I love the movie called "Chopy" Liks the robot thingyy
Nicole Ebken (5 hours ago)
Hello please takeout English books let's go let's go to the doctor okay please
Она такая ужасная
Itskevin Martin (7 hours ago)
Wth did I just watch
ERKAN konacoglu (8 hours ago)
turkler burayı ele gecirememıs
Krampus (8 hours ago)
Sykedelik (14 hours ago)
Weird incest vibe at the beginning:/
SUPER ZERO (16 hours ago)
zFlicks (16 hours ago)
So Many CrackHeads🤠
2NE1 pilots (18 hours ago)
Why is this so catchy
Gaming with A GORL (19 hours ago)
hopefully he did look at the girls tits 0-0 that nasty as hell 🤮
2019 ?
Norma Rodriguez (20 hours ago)
That’s ugly
Norma Rodriguez (20 hours ago)
That’s not cool
Evan Webster (22 hours ago)
0:28 mom I need something to drug me
Caitlyn (1 day ago)
Mica Thai (1 day ago)
I can't stand this woman omG she's so annoying her voice her face her behavior ew
jikook seagull (1 day ago)
what i'm doing with my life
Math40M (1 day ago)
Ma quanto sei fatta
Кто из 2019 и из российских?
Ukrainian byte https://youtu.be/So7zwmSAiaQ
HESHAM DIAB (1 day ago)
مشاهدات كثيرة
Havoc dhindublin (1 day ago)
Typical day in russia
Patryk Robacha (1 day ago)
WTF is this??
Fnaf Gaming352 (1 day ago)
Logan Hayden (1 day ago)
Who actually thinks these ugly albino fucks and their terrible music is good, there is a special place in hell for people who do
GhostCobra (1 day ago)
How old are you????
Rainbow Diamond (1 hour ago)
Look, it's Herbert!
CHUN LI (11 hours ago)
she's 34
Emma Bajraktarevic (1 day ago)
tim Pelletier (1 day ago)
Same shorts as movie bad batch any else notice
Ferhat (1 day ago)
her camel toe is so visible in the blue pants omg
paula serna (1 day ago)
aaaaaaaaaaaaaargh mis ojoooooooooooooooooooos
Alex Vaughan (1 day ago)
if i heard someone playing this in a car. i would probably rear end them
aidanj123 (1 day ago)
Ronald Garcia (1 day ago)
She is evil and Hermosa como siempre.
6:04 *Cosmo and Wanda have entered the chat*
Amya Tottress (1 day ago)
Fix your hair girl
pubg egitimi (1 day ago)
219 million views wtf?
pubg egitimi (1 day ago)
It' s crazy song and group
MM VVV (2 days ago)
Boton de inicio 2:35 2:35 2:35
-bdh (2 days ago)
3:54 на паузу, у неё пизду видать
martin kasse (2 days ago)
Die Antwort? Thats German ans means "the answer"
The savage Cookie (2 days ago)
I saw this when I was 9 and now I’m 16 this makes me rethink my whole childhood
Game Nerd (2 days ago)
The girl has no eyebrows and looks 12
soti vog (2 days ago)
Είναι κούκλος αυτός με το τσιγάρο πιστολι
Evee Wagner (2 days ago)
The heck did i just watch
TIS TIK (2 days ago)
Türkler kendğni gömmüş cıslfkepvkdpfk
Emm Vol (2 days ago)
WTF is that
r h (2 days ago)
Yolandi is friggin adorable.. *FACT*
Xxmason WalkerxX (2 days ago)
*i showed this to my baby sister now shes on fire 0_0*
Connor Hammell (2 days ago)
Um I’m so confused
Callum Reid (2 days ago)
Mia Reyes vaquero (2 days ago)
Carlos Ferre (2 days ago)
No me gusta su contenido
Nicole Stevens (2 days ago)
Boring as bat shit, dead antwoord.
Nia M. Barrett (2 days ago)
I love it my name is nylah
Charlie Richo (2 days ago)
i showed this to my water it’s now vodka
Doğu Aktulga (2 days ago)
gregmasterx (2 days ago)
These guys are disgusting child grooming pedophiles, look up what they did to Zheani.
Paola Yuyes (2 days ago)
Alice Capraro (2 days ago)
The solution is fuck in another place 😊
stupid asmr (2 days ago)
She like 16 years old Sound like 13 years Realy age is 34
Manye Kwablah (2 days ago)
if you slow it around 6:22 and increase the quality u can see his dick
FireSquad_ Gaming (3 days ago)
You can see her vagina.. that's how tight her shorts are lol
Blas Eduardo (3 days ago)
Que mierda acabo de ver ?
Kali Rundle (3 days ago)
Babies on fire!
Kadi Oscar (3 days ago)
leonela ponce (3 days ago)
Cómo llege asta acá? ???
Lal ve Vera (3 days ago)
Why did i watch this
Nadja Jankovic (3 days ago)
I liked that girl then she had her eyebrows and hair but not she is a bit creepy
Tiffany Hall (3 days ago)
Y'all going to hell
Magnus Fisker (3 days ago)
How old is this Girl looks like she is 12
Magnus Fisker (3 days ago)
She is ugly
Levi Lawson (3 days ago)
Germantė Diržytė (3 days ago)
What??? This is Fuckkkkkkkkkkk.... 😤😤🤬🤬🤬😠😠😠🖕🖕🖕🖕
Какая она срашная
DaRkAlieN (3 days ago)
Lotte Weel (3 days ago)
ze ziet er uit als een kind😅
Выпей сухой поёк
Govno polska kurwa
Ты чё куриш
notfoundlol xD (3 days ago)
What have I just seen?
Cookie Melody (3 days ago)
1:40 pause
Alex M (3 days ago)
Jod Life (3 days ago)
flame on motha fukaz
SALLI FACE (3 days ago)
Мне одной слышится Биби суп поел
KROME62 (3 days ago)
percival plays (3 days ago)
Eyebrows have left the chat😶
Sc0rpsss (4 days ago)
Mr.T has left the chat
Если против Путина ставь лайк
Rem Dor (4 days ago)
my last brain cells screaming
мега хайпер (4 days ago)
Hello tik tok

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