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10 tips for buying a used car from a dealership

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http://www.cadillacnorwood.com/ Chris Fousek of Cadillac Village of Norwood talks about 10 tips for buying a used car from a dealership.
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Jim Cooke (3 months ago)
I’d rather not take tips on buying a used car from a used car SALESMAN
Nonamus Gaming (4 months ago)
Tip 1: don’t buy a Cadillac, Chevy, GMC or any other American car unless it’s the F150
He just tells questions you should ask yourself with no damn advice. Pointless video
JUDDY Vlogs (5 months ago)
Open your eyes yeha dude
Maney Spencer (6 months ago)
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Makinja (10 months ago)
So tip #1 and 6 are the same: where'd the vehicle come from?
Lee Roy Davis (1 year ago)
"Try cities used cars . Com
Coiled Steel (1 year ago)
Love how the salesman says "pre-owned" instead of used!🤔
Hugo Sanchez (1 year ago)
Michael Chevreaux Ok..
Coiled Steel (1 year ago)
Hugo Sanchez No it's NOT the same! I've been buying used since 1968. Buying from A QUALITY, ESTABLISHED, NEW CAR DEALER - WITH WARRANTY, IS THE ONLY WAY I WILL GO NOW!
Hugo Sanchez (1 year ago)
Michael Chevreaux pre-owned is the same as used so what's the difference..the way it sounds? Or too long to hear or say? What's the problem lol
No Name (1 year ago)
Carfax is not free
Cali Sav (1 year ago)
All these points are fucking useless. This will not help anyone out at all. Selection? Where it came from? Do research?.
check vahan (1 year ago)
Used car inspection, pre purchase car inspection services all over Bangalore we inspect 100+ check list point's and give detailed report . We also cover vehicle document verification as per RTO records and theft verification. You can book your appointment through checkvahan.com for more details call 9740246629
Top Shelf Innovations (1 year ago)
Tip number one.....deal with someone who can open their fucking eyes. Tip 5...... your employees are trained by the used car factory? Wow.... I didn’t know they were in business still. Here’s some real tips! 1) Do as much research online as possible. Before you even think of going to a lot or calling or sending an email. 2) Once you have a couple vehicles picked out that might fit your wants and needs, look around....odds are a co worker or a friend has one. Ask them about it and see if they would be willing to let you look at it and check out the features and options........ and of course get their opinion. 3) Go to your bank or credit union and get pre qualified for your loan. That way you know exactly what your payment will be. There is a chance that the dealership F&I guy might be able to get you a lower rate but you better prepare yourself for all the backend product that they are gonna try and shove down your throat. The F&I are the true scum of most dealerships. They are there to maximize profit. That’s it..... nothing more. Their knowledge will be poor, the odds are they haven’t worked at the dealership very long. And they are there to screw you out of as many dollars as the bank will let them buy whatever means they have to. Dealer cost on gap protection $160 appx. They sell it to you for $895 because the bank ‘wants’ you to have it. Complete bullshit...... banks don’t care about anything of that nature. They only care about loan to value. 4) If everything falls in line and you feel like you found the correct vehicle...... do an overnight or 24 hour test drive. Every dealer can do this. The only reason they wouldn’t is if they had something to hide or if they didn’t think they can get you approved on the vehicle. 5) don’t be afraid to walk away 6) avoid used cars that are current model year or really close. Odds are you can buy a new one for same money or less. 7) the best time to buy new is usually the last Saturday of the month.....especially if it is one of the last days of the month. It gets even better if it’s the end of their quarter and they are short on their goals to hit bonus structure with the manufacture. Same thing on year end..... it’s nothing for a dealer to sell a unit and lose thousands if they need that sale to hit their goals and get $250,000 kick back from the manufacture for that quarter. These dealerships cost big money to build and keep going...... and profit is not a dirty word. In order to stay open they have to make a profit..... just don’t let them make all the profit off of you! If you do your research and use these methods once you find the right dealer you will build a mutual respect for each other and the odds are buying your next vehicle from them could go even better. They are less likely to try and pull all the bullshit tricks on you if they know you won’t and didn’t fall for them in the past.
Jennifer flint (11 months ago)
Casey Cros8ii1
JH P (2 years ago)
Lolll this is all lie or half truth. This is not a tip. Trying to rip you off and all these tips are useless
Coiled Steel (1 year ago)
Very good! As the Old saying "Ever hear of a perfect crime?" No. WHY? "Ever buy a used car?" Ha Ha!😀😆😅😁😂
BunnyLovesHam (2 years ago)
Tip number one never trust a dealer haha xD
KooPrang (3 years ago)
Did someone spit in his eye?
Great video. I bet this helps some first time buyers!
Great video, this can really help buyers out there.
jess sagalow (4 years ago)
what a fuckin sales pitch that was!
Jovani Morales (4 years ago)
Wow he sounds like he wants to rip you off
TheDigitalKing82 (9 months ago)
Jovani Morales how and he is giving tips
Coiled Steel (1 year ago)
+Ryan Kelley Is it "Dealer" or "Stealer?"
ahmad malik (1 year ago)
Jovani Morales 🤣🤣
Ryan Kelley (2 years ago)
i was thinking the same exact thing lol
Joshua Stern (5 years ago)
LOL what a load of crap. Tip number 5 for buying a car is to make sure the staff is properly trained.... Really!  This sounds like a sales pitch for this dealership. 
Dennis McBride (5 years ago)
If buying a $2000 used car, most of these tips are not important. Price and a mechanic check is all that is needed.
Sinaloa AirJordan (5 years ago)
Sweet vid
Michael (6 years ago)
what did the pervious owners like to eat for dinner...you forgot that one

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