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Ismo Leikola - The Most Important Word In Finnish (English subtitles)

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Ismo tells us what is the the most important word in finnish language. Ismo Leikola suomen tärkein sana
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Text Comments (462)
Rockboy2014 MSP (9 days ago)
XD noni
Garen Nomana (20 days ago)
In polish equalivent word is kurwa it has similar meaning
Zen Fox (28 days ago)
I'm trying to self.leqrn the language, and this gave me a huge laugh!
Finnish Guy (28 days ago)
you should visit finland for sure. the atmosphere of finnish winter and the spirit of finnish nature is something youll never forget!
Zen Fox (28 days ago)
Finnish Guy Many thanks! I'm already seeing the difficulties, but looking forward to learning. Especially since I want to visit in Oulu at some point!
Finnish Guy (28 days ago)
good luck with that! finnish is very difficult but not impossible. you need a lot of practice to keep up a good conversation. it may take more than 2 years to learn the basics
Finnish Guy (28 days ago)
Valery Leonard Vilmont (30 days ago)
Lmao since my friend Lotta showed me this video,i can't stop watching it,NONiiiii From Haiti!!!
lintu25 (1 month ago)
Thumbs up for the translator here :D Nice work! Noniin, osasin sanoa hyvän sanan.
GG epic (1 month ago)
Noniinhän se on tärkein sana
Hippity :] (1 month ago)
Thirsty ? (1 month ago)
Nelli R. wiki m. R. (1 month ago)
Ei ole minä olen virolaine mä osan😎😛😜
Finnish Guy (1 month ago)
Tere kuidas sul läheb :D
Jackson221787 (1 month ago)
is he rapping?
Finnish Guy (2 months ago)
He is just talking in finnish
anna telaranta (2 months ago)
No nii, tää on paras!
ฬ๏ŁF (2 months ago)
spider7ven (2 months ago)
Nonii! Finnish is easy
Pappa Peruna (2 months ago)
*KASNIIN* -Suppo Taalasmaa josKus
Pappa Peruna (2 months ago)
Koko vitu suomi on niitäynnä tällasta yli-isänmaallista soppaa. Mut oha toi ismo nii hauska😅
Finnish Guy (2 months ago)
Anteeksi mutta mitä on yli-isänmaallisuus?
Rasmus Tikka (2 months ago)
Finnish Guy (2 months ago)
Hyvää juhannusta ;;)
Sander Mesila (2 months ago)
And then you come to Estonia and it means "like so". Although, now that I think of it, it's kind of a multitool in Estonian too.
Eric R (2 months ago)
Is there a word in english with the same equivalency?
Finnish Guy (2 months ago)
Not really. I cant find as practical word as noni in english. Noni can be used as "right", "correct", "okay", "hell yeah" etc etc etc
Vyjz (2 months ago)
Nonii voi vittu
William (2 months ago)
This is true, but I never realized it xd
Luja6 (3 months ago)
LOL. This is so true. I spent an entire year in Finland on No Niin and Kiva.
a doggo (3 months ago)
Joonas (3 months ago)
Peter Griffin (3 months ago)
I can't stop re-watching this video...
_awesome_ (3 months ago)
Lakuster (3 months ago)
Nonii mikäs tääki on?
AdroitWaterBear (3 months ago)
Noni! (The next time I meet a Finn, I'll be ready.)
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
AdroitWaterBear nonii
AdroitWaterBear (3 months ago)
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
AdroitWaterBear no im not ismo
AdroitWaterBear (3 months ago)
Are you Ismo? If you are Ismo, contact via inthetide.com-I have idea.
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
Nonii you met already
Ksenia Kolyadina (3 months ago)
Learning Finnish :)
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
Tine (3 months ago)
Larissa Laisla (3 months ago)
We also have a word like this in Portuguese, it's "eita" and it means everything you want, with the right intonation, if you want you can use some curse words to make it better, but it works perfectly alone.
Viljami :D (3 months ago)
Video end Noni
Vlad (3 months ago)
Now i learned something new in Finnish,Noni,the only i thing knew so far was Suomi Perkele
Iida Tervo (2 months ago)
why do I feel that ’perkele’ is almost the only word nobody (except of course the Finns) knows in Finnish.
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
3 important words 👌
theytoookourjobs (3 months ago)
Noni cunts
Mati Muti (3 months ago)
Mää käytän kyllä aika paljon pelkkää niin sanaa
Peter Griffin (3 months ago)
I'm Finnish and this is so true!
Wass Grey (3 months ago)
Nonii :--DDD
Clauril (3 months ago)
90% nuorista kirjottaa "Venäjäläinen" vaikka se on "Venäläinen"
Jermu (3 months ago)
Clauril Nyt puhut kyllä paskaa.
420 kyl sä tiiät (3 months ago)
muumi peikko (3 months ago)
heiluttaa tota mikkii ärsyttävästi
Lukenator_01 (3 months ago)
Junky punk (3 months ago)
Sami Hedberg is better
Saku ツ (3 months ago)
Lotta Hartikainen (3 months ago)
Aina mä palaan tän videon pariin😂👌
Jaakko Raunio (3 months ago)
laelra ze finn (3 months ago)
I live in Finland u read my name didn't you.
XxKitten QueenxX (3 months ago)
Hhhhhhmmmmmm Aliötävävätägätä Yee I don't speak Finnish
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
Nonii perkele
bebeli555 (4 months ago)
PerttiPortion 616 (4 months ago)
Nonii ismo leikola sanoi että nonii on tärkein sana suomen kielessä nonniih :)
Noni seuraava video
Finnish Guy (4 months ago)
Olisko ideoita? Kesällä kyl vois tehdä uutta videoo
Kevin Garnica (4 months ago)
He's kinda like the Mitch Hedberg of Finland.
Kevin Garnica (4 months ago)
I used to call my Italian grandmother Noni. LOL
Kevin Garnica (3 months ago)
I'm sure it wasn't spelled the same way, but it sure sounds the same.
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
Mistrex (4 months ago)
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
Tómppá (4 months ago)
? (4 months ago)
Näin tän laival😂
Wottles (4 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuXR53ex4iI ;) <- the most important word in Vienna :oD
Finnish Guy (4 months ago)
Thanks for sharing :D
Aleksi. P (4 months ago)
Noniin (katsotaanpa tämä video) Noniin (video alkaa) Noniin (video on lopussa) Noniin (video loppui)
Coflorin vaimo (4 months ago)
Nyt Jumalauta (4 months ago)
Ei nonii va perkele!
Elias B. (4 months ago)
I thought it was gonna be perkele
Elias B. (2 months ago)
Iida Tervo Because that's true :D
Iida Tervo (2 months ago)
Elias Britschgi why do I feel that perkele is almost the only word nobody (except of course the Finns) knows in Finnish. :D
SuperPikachut (4 months ago)
Gabriel Drake (4 months ago)
Isn't Perkele the most important finnish word?
Iida Tervo (2 months ago)
Gabriel Drake i would say ’perkele’ is the most used word.
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
Gabriel Drake second becuz u can use noni with perkele and much more. Nonii perkele
Finnish Guy (4 months ago)
One of my favourites
EpicAtom (4 months ago)
Ender - Chan (4 months ago)
Bokomoblin (4 months ago)
Anime dude: Omae wa mou shindeiru. Ismo: Nonii.
Otakumies (2 months ago)
Jermu (3 months ago)
Go somewhere else with your anime shit.
Angel 666 (4 months ago)
Nonni. Siinä on nyt suomen tärkein sana👍
Suvi (4 months ago)
Mylläri (4 months ago)
Yks puuttu! Opettaja astuu luokkaan sisään. Luokassa melutaan. Opettaja sanoo: "Noniin!"
Doxario (4 months ago)
Alotin kattoo tätä videota: noniin videon jälkeen: Noniin
Matias Sulin (4 months ago)
Noni onki pieraisee😂
OsefKincaid (4 months ago)
Omae wa mou shindeiru
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
Banonda - Overwatch (5 months ago)
Emanuela Catarra (5 months ago)
Incredible. I didn't think that this guy could be funny for me also in finnish (cause I can just understand english subs) but here I am, laughing as loud as ever! Love it!
John Trent (5 months ago)
Here in France sometimes we don't need any word to speak, we have some sounds and mouth noises... ;)
TriviaBot (5 months ago)
Monet ulkomaalaiset ystävät kans huomannu ton että paljon käytetään "nii, nii" ja "nonii".
gemstash (5 months ago)
Hyvä idea, toteutus surkea.
Can Bekaroglu (6 months ago)
Suomi is NOT a difficult language and I find it rather easy to learn as a Turkish speaker. It is just DIFFERENT because all the other languages around are either Germanic or Slavic, whereas Suomi is Uralic, with a very different mentality and logic. A Danish person will of course find it easy to learn Norwegian or Swedish than Suomi as they are already half way there! The same legend goes for Turkish (as an Altaic and closely related language), though it is by far the Easiest Asian Language.
Finnish Guy (6 months ago)
Agreed. Thank you very much!
Can Bekaroglu (6 months ago)
Either way, I love Suomi. It sounds and feels so "natural" to me. It is what you exactly hear, and for some reason, there is this magical connection between the words and their meanings. Even if I would not always understand the language spoken, I would FEEL the conversation. Thanks for doing this, and the world needs a different perspective like yours! Much appreciated!
Finnish Guy (6 months ago)
I personally find uralic languages much more complex when compared to germanic ones
V for Venediktos (6 months ago)
Big like from Greece ✌
Slight (6 months ago)
Abhi Garg (6 months ago)
What a cool language
Koaalaee Aj (6 months ago)
Being estonian is so wierd, because finnish souns so familiar and easy to understand, but you cant understand it
Mr J. Kottari (1 month ago)
Koaalaee Aj I know. To Fin person estonian sounds like if someone afatic or really drunk is trying to speak finnish. Tone is all similar but words make mostly no sense :D After all, our native tongues are the closest "cousins" inside Fenno-Ugric language family.
Droolpuppy (3 months ago)
I know what you mean :) the words are similar but the sentences don't make sense because the meaning of the words is different. Examples ; "Ai täh" means "excuse me what?" in Finnish :D Raamattu (-t Book in Estonian?) means The Bible, Piimä (milk in Estonian?) means sour milk, Suitsuttaminen (-t-n smoking in Estonian?) means incense and sometimes to brag and/or talk someone up. However, you'll be fine until you say "istu mun kyrvälle"(sit next to me) to someone. It means "sit on my cock" in Finnish.
AAPURI 2 (4 months ago)
Koaalaee Aj So does Estonian.
The247Official (6 months ago)
Nonii rittäsköhän jo ?
extensive furfaggotry (6 months ago)
Here are all of the different versions Noni Nonii Nonni Nonnii Nonniin No niin
Leo Partanen (3 months ago)
No nii-i :)
Ulf von Weißmüller (3 months ago)
You can divide all of them in 5 more versions by adding punctuation marks. No niin. No niin... No niin! No niin? No niin:
Ev Ze (6 months ago)
Klassikko :D
Robson Neves (6 months ago)
- "Omae wa mou shindeiru"
Otakumies (2 months ago)
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
Daezeth (3 months ago)
Sinisentalon Nalle (3 months ago)
ArcaneSiren (7 months ago)
Sounds like "nani", meaning "what" in Japanese. My mind keeps translating it as "what" whenever he says the word
Noni Mursidi (7 months ago)
It’s quite interesting knowing my name has a meaning in Finnish language. This guy is cool 😂
xooperz (6 days ago)
ravennn (2 months ago)
Noni Mursidi ohmygod
Elias B. (2 months ago)
Noni Mursidi Nonii
Drunk Yoda (3 months ago)
Noni Mursidi Nonii
Eedit (3 months ago)
Noni Mursidi how cool is that your name is the most important word in Finland
Oddeyeful (7 months ago)
otaku freak (7 months ago)
Noniiiii=hurry up NONI!=about time Nonni=something bad happened Nhoni!=positive
Fridzz 1003 (7 months ago)
on se Ismo hieno mies
Gerner Werner (7 months ago)
Ya Boi Shadow (7 months ago)
Omae wa mou shindeiru *Noniin!*
Wolfmaster (7 months ago)
Learning Flemish (7 months ago)
Hienoa !!!! nonii :) Love it !
João Sapo (7 months ago)
VanukasPelle (3 months ago)
Shadepoopie (7 months ago)
8iaventri (23 days ago)
I was looking for this
Alper Tek (2 months ago)
Shadepoopie OMAE WO MU.... SHINDEIRU! Noniin...!
Denzel Angweita (7 months ago)
and then there is NANI?! (what)
The Jolly Roger Show (7 months ago)
It's the equivalent to the English word... F#ck! Haha!
yorgunsamuray (7 months ago)
Some parts, I recalled the Japanese word for "What", that is "Nani" and this "Noni" word usage sometimes fell into that "nani", with the same attitude even.

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