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The Self-Proclaimed Bimbo Doll

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27-year-old Alicia Amira, originally from Denmark, is a self-proclaimed professional bimbo who says she aspires to look like a sex doll. To fund her body modifications - Botox, breast enlargements, and eventually a hip enlargement, removing a rib and sewing two fingers of her hand together to look like a doll hand - she makes private video content for her fans and is about to launch a new category of bimbo porn. She is also a feminist. WATCH NEXT: Making the World's First Male Sex Doll — https://youtu.be/GKFHZuCvvS4 Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideo Click here to get the best of VICE daily: http://bit.ly/1SquZ6v Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Download VICE on iOS: http://apple.co/28Vgmqz Download VICE on Android: http://bit.ly/28S8Et0
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Text Comments (2032)
VICE (8 months ago)
"A lot of people feel sorry for me, but there's really no reason to pity me... I think it's important to understand I''m not unhappy with how I look... to me it's art. I see my body as an art project." WATCH NEXT: Making the World's First Male Sex Doll — https://youtu.be/GKFHZuCvvS4
Kristin Ross (6 days ago)
Billy Benham (1 month ago)
She’s fit , you are all deranged
Adeles Toy Reviews (2 months ago)
yeah I pity the fool that pitys this girl
ZxxCries (2 months ago)
I’m happy for her, it is a lifestyle she has embraced but at the same time she is not oblivious to all the negativity or response from people. In fact she keeps going because she’s comfortable and aware of the image she wants to portray and she knows what and how she wants to create an image for her pursuits. That’s not a bimbo just mindlessly chasing a dream. That’s a woman who knows what she wants and how to market, advertise and conduct her brand.
Kuny Kuny (4 months ago)
sincerelymajestik (1 day ago)
Imagine a world where we all were ourselves and expressed it in the way we looked 💖
Kira the Kitten (5 days ago)
Yay Another Beautiful weird Danish girl🖤
Charell Winfield (6 days ago)
Her teeth throw her off
Klaus Sperger (7 days ago)
not attractive to me. But freedom for all i think.
chuchi chäschtli (8 days ago)
In my language "bimbo" is a houseslave or a very dumb person..?
McKayla Dill (11 days ago)
I kinda like what she looks like. I like looking at her. We've seen much worse
KrackaJax (14 days ago)
She is so sexy
Darwin Ceballos (14 days ago)
Im Mexican , and O my God , She So Gorgeous and Sexy 😍😍😍 I love everything about her and her accent is a turn On 😍😍😍
Ms Tergelsar (14 days ago)
This is my first time hearing about bimbofication.
Hey Hru (20 days ago)
I respect her.
rebecca (22 days ago)
I'm laughing at the fact they think england is tropical
Joseph Schexnayder (22 days ago)
once you defeat all the thots this is the final boss
rob catalunya (22 days ago)
i wonder how this guy will feel when he reaches 50 ..60 and then i wonder how he will feel..
LittleRainGames (24 days ago)
All her surgery makes her look pretty ugly.
p (28 days ago)
But she needs to get more work done... she looks like a Bimbo Doll from a bad batch
levian (29 days ago)
nordics calling england tropical 😂 yall really dont want to live in tropical country, its really fucking hot in here honestly
Tarvos Trigaranos (1 month ago)
I can't wait to see part two of this when her fingers are sewn together...
Allison Linner (1 month ago)
She looks like Gigi Gorgeous if Gigi Gorgeous was a man.
Allison Linner (1 month ago)
5:59 I know she's saying "for me" this is the definition of feminism, but that's not even remotely what feminism means. There are connotations of words, but you can't change the denotation of a word just cause you feel like it lmao. And it's not a translation thing, German was my first language so I was listening to it.
Dragon Fox (1 month ago)
If she’s happy with herself I can’t stop her for following her heart. All I can do is give positive support and maybe a little advice
Liatris Luna (1 month ago)
While Great people trying to put a mark in the world.. this thot over here is trying to be an object, what an achievement
Derek Derek (1 month ago)
Luchie Palma (1 month ago)
I like her attitude
Horrace Black (1 month ago)
What a bleak looking environment they live in.... i guess even someone like this has to basically be themself by themself
Matt Censullo (1 month ago)
Mental Illness in full living color
Alcatraz Gaming (1 month ago)
Ok, who gives a shit. Give me some good content fml
sportbikesandterps (1 month ago)
2:42 Really "tropical" 😂
sportbikesandterps (1 month ago)
Hugh Hefner was a miserable, lonely old man who never found love. Dis gusting.
LeRoy Jenkins (1 month ago)
Wonder why she didn't have her bf tattoo her
I Tried (1 month ago)
Damn dude I just wanna know who the hell did those sick ass tattoos
Justaguyyoutubin (1 month ago)
Damn they are gonna look fucked when they get older hahahaha. The skin begins to sag but those modifications dont... Ehhhghhhhghhhh.... yucky.
Therese Mark (1 month ago)
i gotta say, i looked up her brand on instagram (beabimbo) and i'm sold.
mini pao (1 month ago)
Sus labios son bonitos, arreglados claro, pero no se ve tan "boca de pato" como otras....
Texas Studios (1 month ago)
3.14159 1 (1 month ago)
Put a bag over her face then smash perfect strategy
Terence Smith (1 month ago)
ich bin eine dumbkopf, immer eine dumkopf, total waste of flesh.
grace sento (1 month ago)
she forgot her nose
dollly_unaykorn (1 month ago)
Wow she actually looks kinda good and not overdone like many
Oktaviani Charra (1 month ago)
yep the boyfriend also showed up on vice's face tattoos video
Michelle Williams (1 month ago)
She is confident, nice,
Elizabeth Reed (2 months ago)
She's actually really pretty, and I love ninja!
I mean I'd fuck her, but she looks like she's around 45... at least shes happy with it
Julia_aaa (2 months ago)
No offense but she had all that work done but no braces?
Some Guy (2 months ago)
Isn't her boyfriend the same dude from that “My face tattoos aren't scary” video they made?
Sasha (2 months ago)
I love Alicia 💗
Dolce Luxe (2 months ago)
I love everything about her
TheWeardale1 (2 months ago)
shame her face reminds me of a man..
Raven (2 months ago)
When she speaks and I see her huge front teeth, all I can think is when Bugs Bunny would cross dress. I just don't think she is attractive. She was better looking before all the bad surgery.
lissah tate (2 months ago)
Volkyrian boii (2 months ago)
Of course she's danish.
nidaliti (2 months ago)
Basically she got old and washed up in the porn industry now she reinvented herself as a bimbo doll
BeautyObsessed (2 months ago)
Gigi gorgeous????
PLASMODESMA66 (2 months ago)
Pretty much looks like any American girl to me lol
Kazza Namsoo (2 months ago)
what would she look like in 10 years?
Lucinda Kittel (2 months ago)
her boyfriend is a female to male.
John Smith (2 months ago)
John D (2 months ago)
Lack of roots and not understanding her history.
James Wainne (2 months ago)
Bimbofication...wtf ...what next?....a kick up the butt and send to rehab and to help our elders no?...
Adlai Newson (2 months ago)
ohhh that's what ratchet means
Mental Mutiny (2 months ago)
She looks like every other chick in L.A California but just a bigger nose lol
Styzer (2 months ago)
you better invest some money to your teeth correction
Zach tattoo (2 months ago)
aweful. im disappointed in Vice... the quality of your topics has gone in the toilet. between this and the lame chic who gets stoned at dispensaries... has got me ready to boycott Vice all together.
Albin Hillström (2 months ago)
Stockholm är bäst Hej alla svenskar!
barefootlovers (2 months ago)
She’s cool af
M. Cobretti (2 months ago)
All that pink makes my eyes hurt a little.
Julaine Fiasca (2 months ago)
All that money spent on plastic surgery, and no desire to get her teeth fixed? I don't get it...
Hung Nguyen (2 months ago)
Poor couple, Brexit's gonna hit em right in the face
Maricris Ulep (2 months ago)
If they are happy, who am I to judge
stormiu (2 months ago)
*society was lost long ago*
Shania M (2 months ago)
Until someone rapes her (god forbid!) but this is the type of mediocrity that sinks the human race.
// Ambarylola // (2 months ago)
I do feel pity for her. She really can't understand she isn't herself anymore. She is becoming a character, another stereotype, an "object for men" as she said... That's not life. That's called "living dead". Don't be like that, don't follow stereotypes. Stop changing your body, stop erasing yourself, it's stupid...
Canadian Gold (2 months ago)
Yeah not my proudest fap
WildNightBloom (2 months ago)
Female version of Bruce Campbell's chin. If Chins Could Kill: Confessions of a Bimbo sex doll
Moodalia (2 months ago)
She kept that pointy nose tho
SANJEET kumar (2 months ago)
And some people are trying to change the world by WRITING THEIR PhD THESIS. Damn I love this planet.
Sonia Lopez Lariz (2 months ago)
she is hottttt thoo
Olympic-88 (2 months ago)
Both are 2 different cases for advanced psychology.
Bet My Name Spooked You (2 months ago)
AbySheK (2 months ago)
Polymath central (2 months ago)
could someone provide me with her porn web link
johnnyscifi (2 months ago)
Lastly, i think the degree of where shes taken her obsession with body modification is very much body dysmorphia. I know because i suffer from it as well. I litterally stretched my lobes so fast that i almost snapped my left one in half. I went up to 2 inches in about 5 years...:( Now i regret it. If only id stayed at 1.5 inches a bit longer, id still have jewellery in my ears. I had to retire them until. Can get plastic surgery to thicken my left lobe enough that i can wear 1 inch jewellery again...:(
johnnyscifi (2 months ago)
Definitely smash!!
Wendy Grace (2 months ago)
Frank Smith (2 months ago)
People talk about this "I don't care what other people think" attitude but these two are physical living definitions of what it means to live for yourself and not care what other people think. I do what I want, but, deep down, no matter what I say, to some level, I let society dictate a little of what I do, how I act, and the choices I make. I don't care whether or not I agree with their decisions because it's their decisions, but I do care about the way they haven chosen to live their lives as their own. I have limitless respect for that.
MC1R Gene (2 months ago)
Revisit her in 40 years and see how she feels.
Kisman Payi Putra (2 months ago)
I love you💏
Giovana (2 months ago)
Had to be a fucking Dane
EmmaRobertsTV1 (2 months ago)
I love her matching pink outfit so much!!!
V Stormfeltwitch (2 months ago)
I wish she would take up body building to enlarge her hips and butt - brazilian butt lifts are SO bloody risky! 😰😧 Love everything else about the video. I am going to start building my own niché porn brand as well, and individuals like her are a massive inspiration just for being so different. Also I have a friend that had her lowest ribs removed for part of her transition and it was INCREDIBLY painful but she's happy she's got it done. Make sure you're in pristine health for that one as it's stressful and, again, very painful.
DirtyBluesStank (2 months ago)
Comment section haters assemble
Arnold May II (3 months ago)
More power to her.
Michael Andersen (3 months ago)
Ohh God, she makes me cringe to be Danish, like them... not because of how they look, but by how she acts...
grant gilmour (3 months ago)
these ones that go to the extreme if you look at them they are on the wrong side of plain, take away all the hair etc you have a woman with a big face, its a way of making money because they couldn't make it as a conventional model they are too ugly
Ludvig Skovly (3 months ago)
Wife material
K034A하하하 (3 months ago)
twistedsith (3 months ago)
i hope she enjoys it while she can... we haven't quite cured aging, yet...
Albus Dumbledore (3 months ago)
I don't find this interesting it seems pretty regular to me. Just another person finding themself in a crazy world. I don't think it's worthy of a piece on vice.
Crunchsnap (3 months ago)
I guess some women just want to be fuckdolls, I'd donate some nuterino for sure. Godspeed barbie!
Rogue Love (3 months ago)
At first I was like "This is dumb", but after watching the whole video I'm happy for her! She's doing what she wants and is happy doing it, and she's right about the surgeries and such being no different from "regular" body modification. I also love that she likes her nose and her crooked teeth, they give her a very cute appearance, and more importantly, it's HER face. I do think sewing your fingers together is a horrible idea. You don't realize how much you use your individual fingers on a daily basis until you can't anymore.

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