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From Psycho Killer to Painter

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Check out the Best of VICE here: http://bit.ly/VICE-Best-Of Peruvian artist LU.CU.MA spent 27 years in jail for the murder of his brother, among other crimes. After his release, LU.CU.MA—short for Luis Cuevas Manchego—swore to turn himself around. He traded the machine guns, hand grenades, and knives that he once used to ambush buses for art supplies. VICE traveled to Lima, Peru, to talk to LU.CU.MA about his life, how he uses art as a way to repent, and why all his paintings involve things like corrupt politicians being beheaded by snakes. Check out more Fringes episodes here: http://bit.ly/1kXrcf4 Subscribe to VICE here! http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com
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Text Comments (1973)
BMWMED1 (10 days ago)
She paints O K.
127ajr (16 days ago)
Qu'est-ce que c'est?
- paultilyoufall - (18 days ago)
Good for him
Aditya teacat (18 days ago)
He's lovely now aww
Richard Siahaan (18 days ago)
9:02 was a perfect shot
Mr. America (19 days ago)
Looks like a woman
Robin Jang (19 days ago)
I really want you to burn in hell forever. I really do.
Robin Jang (13 days ago)
+Estarossa I don't see any of those in this video. Sounds like every people in their country is in dangered. Is that mean every people should kill each other for survival? Kiss my ass you dumb fuck.
Estarossa (13 days ago)
+Robin Jang check out the conditions he is living in, for survival I mean to not get robbed/raped/drugged or get in human trafficking
Robin Jang (13 days ago)
+Estarossa If it's for survival. In modern days. Seriously?
Estarossa (13 days ago)
Why tho, killing others isn't much of a sin if it's for survival
Robin Jang (19 days ago)
+Yu Nii I am not a Christian.
Work'n Load (20 days ago)
ok boys we got confesion get they jacket he is going for lifetime FBI is going to be happy
Mark P (21 days ago)
If this tool tried to rob me I wouldn't know whether to hit him to the ground or laugh to death .....cmon now
VorteX GameR (21 days ago)
I thouth it said Ligma Peru
Matúš Korvín (21 days ago)
He is fake, just like those pub stories of his.
CIA (21 days ago)
Ive never heard a wise man saying that he is wise...just saying
Kerstina Zhao (22 days ago)
Imagine his agony of being alone. :') Let's give him the benefit of the doubt. Thanks for this documentary, we get to see one being turning a new leaf.
Doyun Kim (22 days ago)
Lima more like Ligma
kamarul adam (23 days ago)
When bad guy try to change to be a better person and if this is movie someone will probably kill him right now what a sad story. Hope it will never happen
Buddha (23 days ago)
Not a psychopath but a sociopath. There's a significantly higher rate of sociopaths in rural areas and underdeveloped countries, and in this case, Peru. Psychopaths are genetical but sociopaths are circumstantial; his past explains that. Nurture vs. Nature basically. Also, sociopathy can be cured since it's created by the situation, much like trauma.
Yu Nii (19 days ago)
Yes. I knew he was a sociopath. With a little bit of narcissistic personality.
Flex Tape (24 days ago)
Once a killer, always a killer
JAY got 4gb RAM (24 days ago)
"He fucc with the wrong guy" Daaaaym
ManuelXd gamer (24 days ago)
Damn axe his brother on the brain... danggggg.... son
SteenDeVader (24 days ago)
Im wanna drink. A beer with him
pew pew (24 days ago)
the epitome of human scum
Sandy Mclellan (24 days ago)
If this guy didn't piant we would all think of him very differently
Angelina Sam (24 days ago)
You sir will become a saint i believe in you
Mountain Wolf (25 days ago)
interesting but scary
RaZoR ShArP (25 days ago)
This was what x was going thru exept he was a singer and not a painter he wasn't a murderer but he has killed people and robbed and beat people he was trying to be a different person
MegaSocky (25 days ago)
Hes actually good at art. I wonder how long hes been doing it or if he had been doing it in his earlier years. I wonder if he ever showcases his work or sells them
dread knot (25 days ago)
I bet his painting skill is a killer
Alien #42 (25 days ago)
more of this guy
dingleberries (25 days ago)
ooo he's an aquarius hmm
mathiassdall (25 days ago)
Psychos typically lie alot. I wonder if any of those prostitutes went missing
Yu Nii (19 days ago)
He's not a psychopath, though. He's antisocial because of the nature around him.
Lil Aniki (26 days ago)
if he could be better.... can i be better too?
ManOfMoss (26 days ago)
Nice Vancouver Grizzlies jersey!
Ajit Biswas (26 days ago)
when monster become painter....
ArminFlexs (26 days ago)
I like the outro music can someone tell me the name of the music.
john doe (26 days ago)
This is some Real Shit....
Despacito But In Blue (26 days ago)
Bro, how badass do you have to be to be able to say that death was running away from you?
Carnation PHD (26 days ago)
YUNG ZAL (26 days ago)
Bob ross aint got nothing on this guy Jk one love bob
Henry Zepeda (26 days ago)
Even to the pepole who are reading the comments on youtube to the trolls you can still change!
gabi numb (26 days ago)
oh shit he bought an M9 bayonet
aram V (26 days ago)
That's what is amazing about Mankind we can adapt to almost anything!! This man although he has extreme pain and horrible past he learnd how to leave with it ... So really nothing is impossible. Creative video
Valak the demon (26 days ago)
At least now we know where did the paintimg knives came from
Joemil Maestrado (26 days ago)
Worth watching.
Big Head Studios (27 days ago)
badass...he beat the shit out of the black man, self defense
SiiLeNTs CLiiPs (27 days ago)
I’d love to sit down with this guy and hear his story
Legendadm (27 days ago)
You try to rape me YEEET
SaltyStorm (27 days ago)
It should say “Psycho killer to Electric Chair”
Luka Trdina (27 days ago)
So no one here thinks he's making shit up? I mean, "Dracula", "Frankenstein"? He just loves talking about himself and then he adds some stuff to the story. He does that thing with prostitutes because he just wants to tell someone about himself
Aero Zero (27 days ago)
Los muertos me visitan en la noche.
Leroy Revin (27 days ago)
i wanna get high and saw those paintings
Site Bene (27 days ago)
RIP. He died yesterday at 67 years old.
Schizhoe • (28 days ago)
Bet his red paint is his victims' blood
Gabe Waite (28 days ago)
insert 'back in the old days when vice was good' comment
What song is playing at the end of the video
MA RK (28 days ago)
I thought he was the one who is in the meme video " ay bikam so nam"
Kristal Idk (29 days ago)
Hes actually a sweet man with allot pain inside of him. he needs someone there with him even if it is a pet. Just something to keep him company. Rip to the victims he made🙏🏾
Jamie R (29 days ago)
Wow what a great story to bad all the kids in untied States can't get away with killing their sex offenders
Aaron EM (29 days ago)
Where the fuck did he get a Vancouver Grizzlies jersey.
Sumihilivi Chishi (29 days ago)
What an interesting character..
Linkee Marie Bartonico (29 days ago)
Shannon Sharpe (30 days ago)
He could be an actor.... Cool actor
Shannon Sharpe (30 days ago)
Hollywood should make a movie about this guy
Shannon Sharpe (30 days ago)
Crackerz GD (30 days ago)
Thats cool and all, but damn, no need to yell.
Leia Jiang (30 days ago)
He needs to watch more bob ross
Deadeye Lincoln (30 days ago)
GTA Peru
Henry Lucas (30 days ago)
His work looks somehow similar to the art of Joe Coleman......
AD FO (30 days ago)
He killed his own brother
Juho P (30 days ago)
Kinda like Juha Vasku. Less emphathetic though.
Joseph Bellemare (30 days ago)
Ayahuasca to purify also psilosibin. Commune their Brother.😠🐉🐲🔪🔫🍄🍀🌲🌳🍃🙏✌
Lukas Adamsson (30 days ago)
always pathetic how ex-criminals want to both get the beneficial treatment of a rehabilitated person while keeping the tough guy persona
Nanah Queen (1 month ago)
he's a happy little soul. His smile warms my heart UWU
Ichigo TRILLONATOR (1 month ago)
That fucker is soo dangerous 😰 and walking the streets fucking smh peru!
Commander Aroku (1 month ago)
This is the exact reason I love Vice, it is because they actually have the guts to look and find these people, in other documentaries with things the faint hearted may be afraid of, the journalists may show that they are afraid but if they were truly afraid they wouldn't look for or try to contact these people. This is why I respect the journalists at Vice, this is why I appreciate the things Vice does and this shows me that the world isn't always a fun and nice place, you may meet new people, sometimes they are good and sometimes they are bad. I know I was kind of dragging on my comment but I was just speaking my mind. Thank you Vice for educating us about these things.
Morena G. (1 month ago)
“They visit me at night.” That’s deep. When your past comes back to haunt you in your dreams.....
Lauryn Mottley (1 month ago)
Free my guy bronson. Do a documentary about a real one vice.
Jenny Oyster (1 month ago)
“I’m wiser than you who are listening to this!” Okay, big fella. But I love his story and I’m glad he changed. I’m absolutely happy for him!
Julieta Diaz (1 month ago)
We all deserve a second chance
???? ???? (1 month ago)
No one who chops a body up n feeds it to orphans is rehabilitated you know there's still some crazy in the back of this niggas mind
George Toro (1 month ago)
Trump was right then stupid Mexicans
Keenan Green (1 month ago)
Emily Georgiou (1 month ago)
Qu'est-ce que ç'est
Justice for mumkey
PLASTIC PILLS (1 month ago)
He’s 69.
DisappointingPorn (1 month ago)
Beautiful story....annnnnnnd, about 5: 19, shit gets real. Happy guitar music changes a bit for a reason... (But don’t skip to that part! Watch from the beginning!)
Chew Pie Die (1 month ago)
www.youtube.com/add_contact?c=Ke--Jg_V8hA3sQHKyvGh6uvkqduJEw. Only pakistanis do this. Please subscribe
Eli Aura (1 month ago)
Dyve Poodle (1 month ago)
uh who else thought he speaks too fast..
noah Loar (1 month ago)
Andy Cruz (1 month ago)
From blade to brush sounds nice too
The red comes from dead people
LOved Forever (1 month ago)
Correction: psycho killer that likes to paint
Janiyah Merrick (1 month ago)
They should make a movie on him
Stefan Jensen (1 month ago)
not sure you can blame your weight, on their respect :'D https://youtu.be/I6WK60sb2Ww?t=156
Fortnite Highlights BH (1 month ago)
Qu'est-ce que c'est  Fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-fa-far better  Run run run run run run run away oh oh
I like him n i like the 1 painting where they turn n2 snakes its cool as shit
Dalton Phelps (1 month ago)
Id call him a product of his environment, not a psycho.
Simon Moodicus (1 month ago)
Biggest load of bull lmao
Jorge Ruiz (1 month ago)
It looks like something out of super jail!

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