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Cardi B Sings The Cover Of Selena Dreaming Of You!!!!

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Cardi B Sings The Cover Of Selena Dreaming Of You!!!!
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Text Comments (41)
Lauren smith (13 hours ago)
She not serious
Selena Ontheradio (3 days ago)
Horrora pobre selena se ha de estar revolcando en la tumba
Benjamin Deleon (10 days ago)
Fernando V Candanedo (19 days ago)
Selena = elegancia Cardi B = corriente
David Ntiamoah (21 days ago)
I'm a fan of cardi b
Salma Mohamed (29 days ago)
I miss Selena
CherPsKy (1 month ago)
Ni se la sabe la pendeja desafinada.
Osualdo Cedano (1 month ago)
Lmao you wish you could sing like selena n you ugly ass heck to
Chris Johnson (1 month ago)
No don’t mess with Selena’s song with ghetto lyrics
Melanin & Magic (4 days ago)
Toysrusganggang (1 month ago)
Can that Bitch in the back shut the fuck up
Joseph Rubio-Picazo (2 months ago)
If you gonna sing a Selena song, do it right. Don't switch the lyrics up.
quackgansoonYo (22 days ago)
Joseph Rubio-Picazo (1 month ago)
+Jessica Nicole i dont if you heard her say "Im still here alive because of....... Like who does that? Especially knowing that the original artista died.
Jessica Nicole (2 months ago)
Joseph Rubio-Picazo I swear some of y’all Selena fans are so annoying I’m a Selena fan too but some her fans are so annoying when it comes to celebrities singing her songs or dressing like her like we should be grateful that ppl or even celebrities even know her or are trying to keep her legacy alive I mean sheesh she wasn’t god
Maurine Sagomba (2 months ago)
Cardi b some people are just jealous of the rate of your fame has taken to aquire.its taken some bitches a long time some might even pass their expiry date without any acheivement
Cisco4kid1990 (3 months ago)
I swear if I was her I would kill who ever recorded her cuz she fucked that shit up
abdullahi abdullahi (3 months ago)
i love cardi b
Terra Realm (3 months ago)
Me too 😊
Ilana Ali (3 months ago)
she talking to Nicki Minaj lol
stanbalo (3 months ago)
Exactly! But it seems most did not get it. Everyone thought she was simply covering the song but she changed all of the lyrics. i agree to what she said and i love that she credits the Lord all the time for her success!
ladyluc26 (3 months ago)
What fool singing in the background messing up Card I B
Benjamin Deleon (10 days ago)
They both needed to think 1Billion times before this
Benjamin Deleon (10 days ago)
ladyluc26 you act like cardi did better
StrangerThings Guru (2 months ago)
That's her Sister😂
Rellz Tv (3 months ago)
ladyluc26 hell cardi done messed it up anyway
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Skinny Potatoe (1 month ago)
+Rellz Tv right
Rellz Tv (3 months ago)
On god ima have your channel deleted u fucking spam bot
Samantha Eaton (3 months ago)
ABSOLUTELY!!!!!! U Go GIRL!!!😘😍😘 I. Want U To Come Back With Some FIRE. TIME. Take Care Of Your Baby FIRST..😘😘😘
Yolanda Marka (3 months ago)
What a beautiful song
diane long (3 months ago)
It's hard to do a Selena song tho I love ❤️ Selena Jlo does a great job tho wtf is that in the background lol her sis
Boys for boys (3 months ago)
diane long eww fuck that stupid jwhore
Ieyam who Ieyam (3 months ago)
I love that song.
Doughgirl Natural (3 months ago)
You better sing 🎤 that song Cardi
Jinx Clegane (3 months ago)
You funny bitch
Jessica Badachi (3 months ago)
Hennessy too she 😎
Jessica Badachi (3 months ago)
Bad bitch .. 😘
Terry Smith (3 months ago)
Get it. Go Cardi!
Angel Maldonado (3 months ago)
The ol keep-a-nigga-baby, FACEASS!!!😂😂😂
deidre trusty (3 months ago)
Love u cardi b 😘

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