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Guerlain L'Homme Idéal Eau De Parfum Fragrance Review: An Intense & Contemporary Men's Cologne

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This fragrance is from Guerlain's L'Homme Idéal series, including the original L'Homme Idéal, this Eau de Parfum, and 2018's Intense. Watch our review to learn about this polarizing release from the respected perfume house. BUY NOW: Amazon: https://amzn.to/2r1Mlfp Download the Bespoke Unit Fragrance Formula which you can use at home: https://bespokeunit.com/fragrance/formula/ Visit our Fragrance page to read reviews, learn to use fragrance, and more: https://bespokeunit.com/fragrance/ Guerlain L'Homme Idéal Eau De Parfum Fragrance Review: Resident Guerlain perfumer Thierry Wasser developed the L'Homme Idéal series in collaboration with Delphine Jelk. Though they are in the same line, each L'Homme Idéal fragrance has an entirely different composition. This eau de parfum in particular starts off with a bitter and citrus head and finishes sweet and powdery. [00:57] Part 1: Composition Firstly, this fragrance's head is very intense, with bitter citrus elements of bergamot and blood orange. Also faintly present are aromatic and herbal rosemary, thyme, and black pepper. The heart brings a light touch of rose and an almond note reminiscent of amaretto. Besides this, there is sweet and woody frankincense. Finally, the base is quite intense and invigorating: tonka bean, sandalwood, and birch tar. Because of this, the base is predominantly sweet and powdery. [02:48] Part 2: Seasonality Because of the intensity and spiciness of this and other L'Homme Idéal fragrances, they are first and foremost winter fragrances. This eau de parfum's woody oriental amber scent is most reminiscent of the festive season. During the hotter seasons, this would generally be too cloying to wear, also true for L'Homme Idéal Intense. [3:42] Part 3: Wake & Strength L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum leaves an intense sillage and has strong projection. Therefore, great care is required to avoid applying this fragrance too heavily. The longevity of this fragrance is also quite powerful, easily lasting from morning into evening, or even the next day. [4:37] Part 4: 3rd Party Feedback This is a very polarizing fragrance, with an interesting and contemporary twist on the Oriental fragrance family. Some wearers of the fragrance find it overly synthetic in the head, or rubbery. Women's assessments of the scent place it as either alluring or overly, cloyingly intense. Fans of this fragrance find it intense, invigorating, and immersive. [05:43] Part 5: Impressions This fragrance's spicy, leathery character makes it contemporary yet mature, suited to men in their 30s. It is a good fit for evening formal functions and, if your date is well-disposed to the scent, romantic occasions. Although Guerlain is traditionally known for its unisex fragrance, L'Homme Idéal Eau de Parfum is very masculine. [7:27] Part 6: Presentation This eau de parfum has a very contemporary bottle and package design, befitting its scent. The bottle has a geometric, bezeled design and is topped with a rubber knurled cap. The atomizer gives a very light mist, appropriate for the fragrance's intensity. The box artwork features a black-and-white design that resembles a QR code, but is actually a stylized tagline. It reads "No Need To L'Homme Idéal Anymore, Have Your Fragrance." This fragrance is rather pricey, since Guerlain is a highly prestigious house. Each 50ml/1.6 oz bottle is around 60 Euros, or 70-80 USD. [09:05] Part 7: Conclusion This is an extremely distinctive, polarizing, and bold scent and, certainly, unexpectedly contemporary, coming from a venerable traditional perfume house. L'Homme Ideal Eau de Parfum certainly has enough character to be your favorite scent. Before you buy it, be sure to test it, in order to find out if it's for you. Regarding 2018's L'Homme Idéal Intense, it is similar to the Eau de Parfum. It distinguishes itself with cardamom and chili in the head, labdanum in the heart, and a vanilla and patchoulli base. Subscribe to see our upcoming full review of L'Homme Idéal Intense! REMEMBER to comment! We'd love to hear your thoughts on this video! Yours, The Bespoke Unit Team Guerlain L'Homme Idéal Eau De Parfum Fragrance Review: An Intense & Contemporary Men's Cologne: https://youtu.be/IJ2gIouJ4dk
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Text Comments (15)
Artyom Musaelov (4 months ago)
So how was with longevity and projection of Ideal L'Intense? Some people stated, that it's not strong at all.
Artyom Musaelov (4 months ago)
Bespoke Unit (4 months ago)
Hi Artyom, I talk about intense at around 09:40 before concluding the video. However, I don't think I mentioned performance as I just tested it for composition. Nevertheless, if memory serves, I don't think the Intense flanker projected or lasted quite as long as the EDP and was actually quite similar aside from the cardamom and chili in the head notes. Meanwhile, the difference between the EDT and EDP is very noticeable. Overall, I'd say that the EDP is the better flanker with everything taken into account. Best, CP
Jason Icasiano (5 months ago)
How about lhomme ideal edt? Do you think it can be an office scent during summer spring months?
Bespoke Unit (5 months ago)
You're very welcome - and it's great to meet you! Yes, L'Homme Idéal Cologne would be an excellent choice for tropical countries. Best, CP
Jason Icasiano (5 months ago)
Thanks sir. I'm new to your channel. I live in a tropical country. May lhomme ideal cologne would be more suited. Thanks for a quick response
Bespoke Unit (5 months ago)
Hi Jason, Although I haven't fully reviewed it, I have tried it. I'd say it's more a fall/winter fragrance that should also be fine during the early spring. However, it's a little too heavy for the spring in my opinion. Maybe you could wear it at the office in those seasons instead? Best, CP
Michael Bullock (5 months ago)
Great review and I enjoyed it and I wanna try it
Bespoke Unit (5 months ago)
Hi Michael! I highly recommend that you give it a shot. It's a great fragrance! Best, CP
Ray Zhong (5 months ago)
Very good review! Very well-structured and detailed! You will become one of the top reviewers on YouTube soon if you continue like this!
Bespoke Unit (5 months ago)
Thanks, Ray! That means a lot! Take care, CP
Jordan Thompson (5 months ago)
Love this fragrance, most complimented by far
Bespoke Unit (5 months ago)
Agreed! I really wasn't sure at first but it's become a firm favourite in my rotation! Best, CP
RealJoshTv (6 months ago)
Great Review Bro! 😀
Bespoke Unit (6 months ago)
RealJoshTv Thanks! Best, CP

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