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MATHS TEACHER (Mark Angel Comedy) (Episode 118)

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This very FUNNY VIDEO is a message to our schools. It will make you laugh and teach you a lesson. Please share this video with your government and all school owners. Subscribe to Mark Angel Comedy Official YouTube Channel: http://goo.gl/gnzgW3 http://www.youtube.com/MarkAngelComedy Enjoy! #MarkAngel #MarkAngelComedy #Emanuella #DenilsonIgwe #NigerianComedy #MathsTeacher
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Text Comments (3789)
Tanmoy Sarkar (1 day ago)
X^2 - x^2 always will be zero. So both LHS and RHS are zero. No need to simplify that equation.
Tanmoy Sarkar (1 day ago)
After addition and subtraction directly to algebra ? 😂😂😂 Also how 1 = 2 ? After watching this I forgot the subject mathematics.
Toini Gift (2 days ago)
I love this episode so much it reminds me when I was in school
Mauli Ako (2 days ago)
I feel for you kids...I feel like floating in the air after a week off from a flu and then looking at that thing in the board😂
ѕnιper кiиб (2 days ago)
What the heck is that teacher!?! (like if you agree)
Clara Clara (3 days ago)
akhil penneru (3 days ago)
I will tell you where the mistake is... Cancelling (x-x) Ex : 2x0=1x0 You can't cancel 0s on both sides and say 2=1
ghie_ FORCE (3 days ago)
I cant even solve that problem😂😂
bhupender singh (3 days ago)
What the teacher (1=2) hahaha
Charity Appiah (3 days ago)
Gab Dela Guerra (3 days ago)
Its 10
Christy Okafor (4 days ago)
Teacher are dull
Maame Ama (4 days ago)
when you annoy your teacher before he starts teaching💀
isabellaa NOPE (4 days ago)
Has anyone solved the answer
Karesz (4 days ago)
Guys. I just found your channel today. You are amazing. You made my day. I was never laughing that much before. 😂😂😂 I'm watching you all day
LJ COOL (4 days ago)
At the end he sounded American
Inah Oliva (4 days ago)
SlimeTV (4 days ago)
*Люблю вас глядеть Like!*
benj daitol (5 days ago)
This is why you dont be a math teacherXDDDDDDD
benj daitol (5 days ago)
benj daitol (5 days ago)
Anybody here hates math?i do,i call math mental abuse
Ashira Mashurubu (6 days ago)
Hahaaa from the last term
The Youtuber (6 days ago)
Who like this mark angel Ike
FATBOYS COMEDY (7 days ago)
Please suscribe to my channel guys and I will do the same 🙏🙏🙏
edge villaflor (7 days ago)
The answer is 10 ahaha
LeVi AcKeRmAn (8 days ago)
x + x is 2x not x^2 JEEZ WHAHAA
lyhthegreat (3 days ago)
x times x is x^2
Velle Abregado (9 days ago)
where is emmanuela? your new videos are always with success!!! emmanuela is more funnier.
Marie Michel (10 days ago)
I'm American but l love this
Estherqueen Wakandwa (10 days ago)
Why is the maths teacher so mean
Matilda And Adina (10 days ago)
Emeka will have diabetes😂
Pooja Dutta (11 days ago)
Nice math teacher🌹😂😂
1 Justrandom (11 days ago)
Everyone shout me out and sub plz
Ethan Rules (11 days ago)
Wow most viewed Emmanuella video ever in Mark Angel comedy
Tic Toc (11 days ago)
Whahahahhahahah so funny
HistoryArchiver (12 days ago)
in what universe does "1 = 2"????
lyhthegreat (3 days ago)
Manu. R (12 days ago)
love from india...😍😍😍😍
Adan Contreras (12 days ago)
Do you mean math class not maths class.
Puck Sheet (12 days ago)
In the benigning
horrible flipaclipper (13 days ago)
"Emeka will have diabetes." XD
Ava Saganoki (14 days ago)
Its not funny when she says it...only when emmanuela says it..0:41
STAIRS TV (14 days ago)
sharian blagrove (14 days ago)
swear that is me in math class😲😲😲😲😲😢😢😢
Elizabeth Mitchell (8 days ago)
Algebra is a hell of a of a step from addition and subtraction. The normal next step is multiply and divide right?
Naga Stoner (15 days ago)
Same problem can't understand 😂😂(+_+)
Eszaime Mateo (15 days ago)
I can't understand
Weiyu Tan (16 days ago)
I don't understand x Bydawae 50-40 is 10 not 2 lol The teacher not qualified to be a teacher
OdiaTek TV (16 days ago)
From last semester
Mariasebelebele Maria (16 days ago)
Imagine from last term haaaahaaa
Mariasebelebele Maria (16 days ago)
Math is hard people
Aljanes rwiza (16 days ago)
Wow everytime I watch angel Comedy it brings me back to the first time I watch Mark angel Comedy bye guys amazing and funny all of you may God bless you in the name of Jesus amen
Aljanes rwiza (16 days ago)
TreLaNiRas (16 days ago)
Uncle,if she licks 40 cubes of sugar, she has diabetes
That's why I hate maths
Rakim Raza (19 days ago)
teaching small kid's algebra
joy joy (20 days ago)
hahaha. Dang no patience.
Saleh Sami (20 days ago)
Emmanuela is the best
XiiZh YarE (20 days ago)
Give Me Like All My Brothers❤
Jandemo Y (20 days ago)
How will Emmanuela look like if she grows hair
Kiki-san (20 days ago)
Ricky Bayer (21 days ago)
So now sir do you understand too? Hahaha
Gaming Kid 171 (21 days ago)
You children a dum listen and learn
Tiana N (2 days ago)
You sound illiterate
Shah Jee (22 days ago)
hawa hawa mujhye ko oorah ly nice song and nice accters
Juanitta Dinnard (22 days ago)
good video
toniann sisco (23 days ago)
Ralifo Nasario (23 days ago)
The idea is that Maths can be very difficult for students. Maths is made compulsory in most school curriculum I presume, not like Physics where students get to choose. However, a funny and realistic video of what happens in most Maths classes and a lesson to learn for all Maths teachers around the world - make your lessons interesting please.
Emma Bakre (23 days ago)
'Uncle I don't remember anything from last term'😂😂
KING SEOPA 1967 (23 days ago)
One cannot be equal to two because only two can only be equal to two.
KING SEOPA 1967 (23 days ago)
X²-X²=X²-X² (X-X) (X+X) =(X-X) (X+X) 0=0 Thus X is an element of real (X€R)
KING SEOPA 1967 (23 days ago)
Math is really hitting Nigeria.
Abdisalan Mohamed (23 days ago)
That algebraic expression and the answer 1= 2 , I am dead
Sakib Ahmed (24 days ago)
Yusriya Mohamed (24 days ago)
50 did not eat them
Henie Bustamante (24 days ago)
In Mah opinion the answer is 10 days for diabetes
chris mardz (24 days ago)
I love your jokes since the beginning... keep it up!
Jaikaran Ramroop (24 days ago)
She will have (10) ten cubes of sugar
Elementary Phoenix (25 days ago)
The equation on the board didn't make sense lol. We need more!
Queen Mercy (25 days ago)
The teacher did it wrong. how can u teach small kids algebra. Emanuela did not understand from the beginning Hahahaha 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Ayotunde (25 days ago)
Math teachers are like that all over. I had to teach myself because when I'd ask a question the teacher would make me feel dumb for asking or another student. 😔
『Ralph』 ツ (25 days ago)
1:22 me trying to understand math
lukas alkauskas (26 days ago)
I'm about to go to year 9 and I still don't understand this bull crap xD Our teacher didn't teach us any of this ******
Naomi Hurier (26 days ago)
Answer is 50 cubes cuz she only licked 40 cubes she did not eat the cubes
Pearl Tay Jing Wen (26 days ago)
Pearl Tay Jing Wen (26 days ago)
From last term
Noelle Plaingue (27 days ago)
Dum teacher
Bhagavathsingh (28 days ago)
Haha haha......nice nice.... hahaha
ANCY SEBASTIAN AR (28 days ago)
Who all observed that the maths teacher is left handed
babatee4real (28 days ago)
What a teacher. That's totally rubbish. He solved rubbish.
Tiana N (2 days ago)
It's called comedy
Gautam _1 (28 days ago)
1=2 WOW💯😂
Pinyo Prabsakool (12 days ago)
Gautam _1 hahaha Yeah I assume you understand!!! 🤣🤣🤣😁😁😁
TypicallySlimy Cats (29 days ago)
What kind of algebra is this
Gontran Kalubi (30 days ago)
Way Big (30 days ago)
2018 anyone
Asad (1 month ago)
1=2 ??
Akhtari Momin (1 month ago)
So nice, keep it up👍
Akram Mussa (1 month ago)
from last term
Estrella Sonreír (1 month ago)
What kind of maths??😂1=2 ha ha hhaaaa
Hemrat Mohabir (1 month ago)
NeW bEgInNeRs (1 month ago)
Damn their math is for Highschool
Earl Librero (1 month ago)
Its easy 50–40=10 just making your life harder😂😂😂

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