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The Mobile Love Industry

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In this episode of Love Industries we’ll look at the ways in which mobile apps have become an essential part of our search for the next hook-up, true love, and everything in between. The smartphone has become the crucial link in modern relationships, it facilitates far more connections than real-world interaction ever allowed — from dating app geniuses who use data and game theory to hack the system, to the darker side of digital love, where app addiction runs rampant and users find themselves endlessly swiping in an empty search for more. Karley Sciortino will take on the task of determining where the human search for love is headed in the 21st century. She’ll meet with the brains behind these dating apps and try each of the most promising apps out using her own love life as a testing ground. Click here to subscribe to VICE: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE Watch Now: The Japanese Love Industry: http://bit.ly/1PkfJoV Check out our full video catalog: http://bit.ly/VICE-Videos Videos, daily editorial and more: http://vice.com More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos Like VICE on Facebook: http://fb.com/vice Follow VICE on Twitter: http://twitter.com/vice Read our Tumblr: http://vicemag.tumblr.com Follow us on Instagram: http://instagram.com/vice Check out our Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/vicemag
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Text Comments (3253)
Smoove B (3 hours ago)
Seduction is manipulation to a certain extent...wow
Rolo Tomasi (5 hours ago)
It is all about shock and awe. Being mysterious and unable to be predictable. I've done all this Facebook, Tagged, Tango, Voxer, POF, Black People Meet, Afro Romance, Moco Space, etc. I hooked up all over in different cities across America. Girls weren't interesting in knowing me. They wanted to know that I was the fantasy they dreamed up in their head. Girls just want a guy to not fuck it up and just be what they need for that moment. I never used my real name I never kept any page up for more than 4 months at a time. I could have ran a seminar. Young 20's mid 40's, Latinas, Black girls, white girls,l Asian girls, Euro girls didn't matter all women were looking for the same thing.
Dock Gee (6 hours ago)
Well I think she's hot as hell, so are a lot of women, all fine in there own right
Peter Rhines (11 hours ago)
"And that's bad......" ugghhhh, this chick
Frank Chileshe (2 days ago)
Dammmmme!😎........ I would hit that(the presenter)
R I (2 days ago)
is she a he? toes are long af
MrChubhub22 (4 days ago)
Why bother with profile part. the good photos is all you need. Follow the rules of this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFizcg0wn1c
aluph shahim (4 days ago)
she just dragging you to her views
John Cassidy (5 days ago)
Lord knows I’d smash...
Johnny Gonzo (5 days ago)
alex c (6 days ago)
She was in our chapter house once
iWoof Gaming (6 days ago)
all i can see is a girl with a thicc ass
illustrious1 (6 days ago)
This is just an advertisement for dating apps.
Brad Carroll (6 days ago)
“Let’s see if we can crop the guys in bed with you out of the picture”. LoL
Texasbiology (6 days ago)
who would want this girl?
hmcg020 (7 days ago)
The best is when someone comments on her or the 'documentary' unfavorably for whatever reason, and then is immediately labelled a lonely douchebag who hates women and is threatened by sex. How about the show was just a garbage advertisement with constant ridiculing of people who want to reserve their sexuality for someone special. "you don't want to talk to a stranger about fucking strangers... the world has a long way to go in terms of sex-positivity". There's places in the world for people who want to swim in sex. It doesn't mean it has to be everywhere, jesus! And yes, women have absolute control over sex in both real-life and this pretend life. This is why when a woman gives it up in the first date, most men will lose interest in anything but sex; they're showing they have no desire/will to control it, or need so much validation that they're willing to give sex for companionship. It's women who file for divorce 75% of the time, and 90% of the time it's because she's fucking someone else. She's disgusted by the fact that men don't like sluts who fuck strangers immediately, but is eagerly ignorant of the fact men and women play two different games when it comes to sex. She seems a little detached from reality, resting purely on the fact she's attractive with no concern for finding love. I wonder what ideology she'll subscribe to when her looks fade...
Mateusz Magiera (8 days ago)
How’s her relationship with her father?
Erik Grahn (10 days ago)
Oh god I love the slut Eva girl.
Mang ng (10 days ago)
she's hawwt
Eric Hodges (10 days ago)
This girl is so up her own a---e and unfortunately not the sharpest tool in the box.
Troppy -Trip (10 days ago)
Do you have WhatsApp? Here's my number in WhatsApp. Text me or I lick you 👅 +639451380786
elnubnub (12 days ago)
Can I meet Karley throught a youtube comment ? I wonder, this is an experiment, have you ever seen Montréal ?
Daymn (12 days ago)
Benjamin 7.5 (14 days ago)
fuck your fone
First Last (15 days ago)
Hot host alert.
typedeaf (15 days ago)
These apps are sex apps. Yes, we can reduce humanity to reproduction and sex, but do we really want to? Are we really that similar to a single celled organism? Why do we have such relatively highly evolved brains? Is it to create apps that make having sex easier? But, ofcourse this video was made by a typical liberal feminist who aims to normalize whats not normal by broadcasting it out as much as possible. This has worked for pretty much everything in the past, so why not continue to yell, "Hey, the minority should be have the majority rule!" Women want to have as much sex with as many partners out of spite or rebellion; adults acting like children.
Cocovens (15 days ago)
The host of this show is terrible
Austin Norflet (16 days ago)
when you pause at the 1:50 time mark just to check her out for a good min
Shar (18 days ago)
yall came for 1:49
Millsy Kooksy (18 days ago)
French guy was à douche
why such a long face though? she has horse teeth and an ugly nose. she has bad posture. she is not pretty or sexy. I think people havent seen what a hot sexy euro girl looks like. whos a real blonde.
Long duk dong (20 days ago)
Sex has been the driver of tech since the beginning. Don't kid yourself this is nothing new.
WEI GAO (21 days ago)
Dating while interviewing how Convenient
Michael D Baltimore (21 days ago)
Sluttier lory greiner
Gary Weaver (23 days ago)
Ppl are so predictable. The future is always to be feared and the past is always romanticized. Laugh at ppl bc they're the joke.
Brian Bechtel (28 days ago)
Vice reporters are retards
GameWAVE17 (29 days ago)
Swiping, categorizing, more and more shallowness & less real connections, in real life situations. But I can see the benefits
James Scott (29 days ago)
So basically this girl is a slut and has no self worth? An STD factory I feel sorry for her.
Jonathan Soko (30 days ago)
You people have no moral base. It is your problem.
Cristian Peralta (30 days ago)
Damn she thicc
Cory Bendig (1 month ago)
alfred englishhhh
Murtuza Bhabhrawala (1 month ago)
Used Tinder for several months. Did not find a single fucking match
Harambro 420 (1 month ago)
Phase 1: get ripped. Phase 2: Join tinder
Revolver (1 month ago)
6:15 Good luck sleeping
Dutch Prepper (1 month ago)
Dating apps like tinder are really fucked up. I got plenty of likes from woman but I got almost no matches. I think they put you somewhere behind if you like someone and you need to swipe your ass off before they show the person who have liked you. I think why because they want you to see a hole lot of ads and they get a lot of mony from that! I continue to play the old school way and approach women or let them approach me in real life.
Anthony Misiano (1 month ago)
That vocal fry. Jesus.
jackalman718 (1 month ago)
someone needs to make an app for transgender folks cause i'm tired of seeing them pop up on tinder and bumble. hahaha #cashcowapp
The Dudelino (1 month ago)
I was surprised she picked an average looking guy for her tinder date :O) You'd expect the classy L.A. guy that looks like Zac Efron. She is also the perfect host for a documentary about anything sex and love related because her personality is extremely positive. I don't know a lot of people who literally smile all the time and that's very attractive.
PsychoPapi (1 month ago)
She was caressing the wine glass. She wants the D.
Vanessa Alberto (1 month ago)
The blond woman host is trans. I guess she don't disclose that on tinder, other dating apps or dates.
rach3lBby (1 month ago)
"Since the invention of the internet 30 years ago" whoa
Zadran Khan (1 month ago)
Keitron Wallace (1 month ago)
This is pathetic
Lyqe (1 month ago)
Damn, the host thicc as fuck
empty soul505 (1 month ago)
Dating apps seem to push the hook up culture I think they make it easier to find sex but not love
mark ski (1 month ago)
I love Karley she's so HOT!💋💘
Stronedogs animations (1 month ago)
Guys I spotted 2 UFO at12:29
Martin Bryan (1 month ago)
Less divorce due to dating apps, or less divorce due to less marriages due to dating apps?
amanda Derp (1 month ago)
I was in a volatile relationship that ended in physical abuse I joined a dating site when I was ready to look for someone local and my now boyfriend who lived 800 miles away messaged me it’s now been six years and we live together I definitely believe in love and faith
Troppy -Trip (10 days ago)
Wow! If it's ok to ask. Can you give me a good dating site?
endwido (1 month ago)
I see Karley and think she’s too good to pull out...cream pie
I seriously feel that I have a bad stomachache after watching that video
Simon Toro (1 month ago)
I really hate this girl she want to be slut but you have to have something to be sluttyyyy her smile and nose ruining everything
Blue (1 month ago)
0:59 - Was that Tom Cruise?
Strawberry Syrup (1 month ago)
Karlleeyyy 💜💜 breaking the stigma that's my gurl
Robin Garvey (1 month ago)
is anybody else dying for a good upskirt of her
Gabriel Kraft (1 month ago)
This online dating expert doesn't get that every man swipes right on every girl that is somewhat fuckable.
Hyper Eric (1 month ago)
She had a threesome
Priscilla Mwale (1 month ago)
Met my boyfriend on tinder and we are 3 years strong so it's not all bad :-)
Don Ingles (1 month ago)
Had to turn it off after a few minutes because of the reporter’s disinterested apathetic valley girl voice.
Hardcore Crypto (1 month ago)
Not everybody wants the marriage thing. Makes my life easier. I can focus on my work and get laid at will. Go Tinder Go!!!
nathan ward (1 month ago)
There is a huge reason that divorce rates are going down, and absolutely without a doubt it is NOT because dating apps are matching the correct people and they're so happy and happily ever after. It is because marriage rates are significantly dropping. It is because dating apps have reinforced the idea that there is a 110 percent perfect for you person out there, who has absolutely no flaws, and is going to be you're complete other in every single possible way. That's not how the real world works, that's not how people work, every single person is flawed, and the people who do find someone they truly love and cherish, who actually do have a very successful marriage, they know the art of compromise and how to live with someone who is in fact flawed. Dating apps only show off your most positive qualities, the qualities that those people choose to show. So when people actually do meet in person, and the person who they're meeting isn't completely perfect and doesn't match the persona they've crated for themselves online, their date says, "oh they're not the perfect person I'm looking for, better ghost them and never talk to them again so I can find my perfect hubby wubby baby boo" rinse and repeat. Dating apps in no way find you your perfect love, because that's not a thing, that's why over 50 percent of marriages fail, because it's a flawed concept that only works if those two people can stand the flaws you don't notice until you've been and lived together for countless years. Dating apps are the exact opposite of what they advertise, and people should realize it.
Requis (1 month ago)
T.V host is a mad slut. Whats her Webcam name? exdee
Knight Glint (1 month ago)
Paying to take down negative reviews is always the scary one. It's like how small businesses can pay yelp to remove all negative reviews about them and promote only good ones. Think about how that would look on a dating site. The thought is frightening.
david saada (1 month ago)
Karley is so hot ^^
shane murphy (1 month ago)
Next time you cover online dating apps have a guy do it instead.
BasicRatings (1 month ago)
the interNAT
Sabrina Unruh (1 month ago)
Love when she’s in the bathroom covering her hickey before her French date 😂 live ur best life sis
Skyy (1 month ago)
I don't use these apps because of my low self-esteem
Shawn Terrell (1 month ago)
Bitch is a total slut!
Stella Rose (1 month ago)
Can you guys do one of these for Seeking Arrangements / What's your price!? xx
WelfareChrist (1 month ago)
I'm immediately going to delete my tinder profile. Was that the desired response?
Justbrowsing4lunch (1 month ago)
negromermaid 420 (1 month ago)
god this chick has an enormous rack.
Rob Marcelletti (2 months ago)
The past 3 relationships I’ve had are ALL FROM INTERNET DATING since 1999 I haven’t dated anyone who I hadn’t met online
hisham alsaleh (2 months ago)
Who would swipe right lol, not that attractive
Claire Karin (2 months ago)
god the vibe from this is a bummer.., as if theres nothin fuckin weird and off about tinder apps and if u think so then ur a fuckin moron scared of change apparently
Claire Karin (2 months ago)
kill me now ew at when that co founder thinks phones in our brains will enhance real life.... i can tell hes not human.. just go camping w ur friends ppl real life is fine
DeadMarine1980 (2 months ago)
I've met my current wife online.
Mitelly ABC (2 months ago)
Yeah, it’s an addiction like any other social media trend. Next thing you know, your sitting next to a friend who is swiping constantly, and checking for messages and they don’t even know how to just sit with a person they aren’t trying to bang.
Nuradil Konok uulu (2 months ago)
They advertising tinder?
divat86doll (2 months ago)
This doc is a little fishy.....seems more like a commercial and promoting the gay agenda 😒
divat86doll (2 months ago)
@7:15 the truth!!
Marjorie Chavez (2 months ago)
Yes my husband is being a scam off and hang out by a woman that she just told him they got a business so he could put her father’s estate and his name all he has to do is say he’s married send her lawyer information of him he did his job his license and much much more I need help with this please someone help me reach out to me my name is Marjorie Chavez his name is Aaron Chavez
Jeffrey Reichel (2 months ago)
Sexual double standard? Who paid for dinner? Was it discussed at all?
ANT (2 months ago)
Shapely ankle
sabin irfan (2 months ago)
Slutevers karley sciortino and her recent works with vice channel is nothing less than a kind of subtle sex movie ... its a kind of hideous hypocrisy...where in the real motive is not to educate masses rather than its to get peoples attention and youtube views and likes and hence money and other stuffs and fame by provoking sexually
Henry Provis (2 months ago)
Did the girl real have a threesome
Jessica Buford (2 months ago)
Tired of her pushing the " 60s sexual revolution all over again" agenda. It isn't. From the few seconds they allowed people of substance to speak, most searching for any connection with lasting potential did not expect someone to sleep with them immediately. Are you talking about the mobile love industry or the mobile sex industry? Info on either is fine, but don't lump them together, then shame anyone who doesn't hop into bed with strangers as "non-progressive" or unenlightened.
Dejuh Vuh (2 months ago)
As someone in their 20s, it is so hard to meet guys! They’re only comfortable talking to girls through a screen. Super annoying. It’s very difficult to meet people in person and have a connection.
flygirl0516 (2 months ago)
How did she match with a gay couple?? Did I miss something? I love the video though :)

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