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HOW TO USE A HAIR DRYER | BLOW DRYER | Men's Hairstyle Tutorial 2018

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Men's Blow Dryer Tutorial 2018 ● MY FREE NEWSLETTER - http://bit.ly/2JlJmcX ● FOLLOW MY INSTAGRAM - https://goo.gl/jmK8if ● SUBSCRIBE TO ALEX COSTA - https://goo.gl/RQdFEH ● LEVEL UP COMMUNITY - https://goo.gl/EuK3c6 ● TWITTER - https://goo.gl/ML7aaw Topic of discussion: Do you use a blow dryer to achieve your current hairstyle? You guys asked for it so here it is! A men's hairstyle tutorial teaching you how to use a hair dryer / blow dryer properly. Watch the video and let me know if your hairstyle looks better tomorrow! My hair dryer: http://bit.ly/2P1ljnc OGX Argan Oil: http://bit.ly/2yfopMr Y/S Park Brush: http://bit.ly/2JEeaqa MoroccanOil Round Brush: http://bit.ly/2JG9fVG Vented Brush: http://bit.ly/2yfe6I3 Original BluMaan: http://bit.ly/2JHI4Kr Keune Prep Spray: http://bit.ly/2ygALDZ Similar Clay to Mine: http://bit.ly/2JQv8xD Hanz Hair Spray: http://bit.ly/2JMKROe Check out my other videos: Men's Outfit Inspiration Summer Fashion 2018: https://goo.gl/r3NzXQ 3 Easy Spring Outfits for Men 2018: https://goo.gl/rqZR6g 8 Things Men Should do Everyday: https://goo.gl/W9wDVx My Morning Routine 2018: https://goo.gl/a4nWj3 Healthy Hair Tips For Men: https://goo.gl/M1YiZj 5 Shoes Every Guy Needs to Own: https://goo.gl/Npjv9D How to Get Straight Hair Permanently: https://goo.gl/3IBiIB 4 Easy Winter Outfits for Men: https://goo.gl/HQGXcX Best Men's Hairstyle 2018: https://goo.gl/UUIBXk How to Use a Hair Dryer | How To Use a Blow Dryer Men's Hairstyle Tutorial 2018 On my channel you will find videos about men's fashion, men's hair, health, fitness, overall lifestyle, and of course, my personal life. This includes my friends and family, so please be mindful of that and maintain a positive atmosphere in the comments section. Don't forget to subscribe and make sure to hit that like button if you enjoyed the video!
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Text Comments (619)
Alex Costa (7 months ago)
Hope you guys like the tutorial! Have a great day, everyone! - Alex
Rajeev Kumar (3 months ago)
GAMEBOY STUDIO (3 months ago)
I love your CHANNEL
YS Vlogs (6 months ago)
Alex Costa hello can you make a tips how you should to be when you are going with the first time with your girlfriend to eat in restaurant
Rahul Mehra (6 months ago)
Alex Costa Whichever product I uses on my hairs, they gets down in half an hour🕤 What should I do😥? Please tell me🙂
Harley Quinn ch (7 months ago)
Can you make a video about Fancy cream plz
Nuri Shikiin (4 hours ago)
Silly question ...is a cool setting is literally cool air? ..I never use hair dryer before.
Zeeshan ali mannur (3 days ago)
Heard you thank you 😜
Crybaby 07 (4 days ago)
My little brother loves this hairstyle I just got a blow dryer not the same but almost the same, so now I get to try it out on his hair for this Saturday!
Kartik Kaushik (6 days ago)
It's soo quick n easy I loved it❤
Brendenisholy (8 days ago)
I choked when i saw the price for the dyson hair dryer
Affan Khan (10 days ago)
Worst hairstyle
Mike Angeli (11 days ago)
Alex can you make a video on hairdryers that are some what affordable that actually work?
i feel u. (14 days ago)
casually checks out his biceps at 3:34 lol
Manish Maurya (14 days ago)
Many many love from india !!
Web Online (14 days ago)
how minutes hair dryer takes to completely dry full head with wet hair
Ansari bakka (21 days ago)
You are handsome but your hair is same
glock chris (22 days ago)
Wow i just blow dries my hair and ive never had better/ straightened hair!
Bing bang squad BbS (1 month ago)
this thing causes hairfall
Ashwin Achu (1 month ago)
Am your big fan ...Please replay
Ashwin Achu (1 month ago)
Hai Alex Am From India
Nora Fatehi (1 month ago)
What's your face shape
Bimugdho Gaming (1 month ago)
who else is watching this with wet hair
Md. Anisur Rahman (1 month ago)
Hello, I am from Bangladesh. I love you.
Ye cream & oil lagana jaruri h kya
RAYQUAZA_MASTER (1 month ago)
When iever try to blow dry my hair just blows up lop
Jayant Dhond (1 month ago)
There's scarcity of hairs on my head 😅 Not for me for sure
Orlando (1 month ago)
Are you always suppose to you use a prestyler? I only use paul Mitchell reformer
Ninad Mayekar (1 month ago)
This guy looks like Gurumann from gurumann fitness😂
Grant F. (1 month ago)
them cheeks though
Clash NOOB Royale (1 month ago)
You are Român?
shahid mehmood (1 month ago)
Alex please 🙏 a good video to set hair without wax and any iteam
Brain rich (1 month ago)
Could you get similar results with a tooth comb?
Rahul (1 month ago)
Can we use coconut oil over argan oil??
Lamborghini (1 month ago)
I do this and my hair don't stay like that😪😭 probably because my hair is naturally wavy but i can't get a blowout because well in only 15 years old and have no way to make money.
Honestly I hate my hair. I have cowlicks at the front of my hairline and it pisses me off so much because my part has to be so far over
A P BHUDEV (1 month ago)
Very bed
Rinaldo Cullen (1 month ago)
A P BHUDEV Wow! Check yours hairstyle! Omg! So nice👏👏👏
ONE PIECE (1 month ago)
Thanks 4 the tip using oil before hair dry😎😎
ssr all rounder (2 months ago)
Very nice bro I am impressed
R J Samrat (2 months ago)
Hey bro, I just wanna know that can a hair product like wax, spray or anything like that can damage someone's hair in the long run......
Wardenkout (2 months ago)
You are looking great
Ominous Blast (2 months ago)
Mr. Stark.. my hair doesn’t feel so good.. I don’t want it go Mr. Stark.. :( You look like like a young Robert Downey jr. :)
Ahsan Afridi (2 months ago)
Please suggest the name of your Hair Color Alex Costa
Manuel Lulu (2 months ago)
Thanks for the Idea mr. Costa 😃
Zain Wadood (2 months ago)
Cool 👌🏻 Aoex bro u n blumaan is awesomeness 🔥🙌🏻
mon2x2 (2 months ago)
@Alex Costa what is the difference between argan oil penetrating oil and argan oil extra strength penetrating oil? Can I use either of those two?
Shaik. Imam (2 months ago)
Bro to use hair dyer hairfall are come
AmonsRealm (2 months ago)
do you need to have a concentrated nozzler
Karl Moor (3 months ago)
I'm too fucking dumb for this.
Football Planet (3 months ago)
"Argan oil Morocco " im very proud of it
apologies yourself (3 months ago)
I am seeing Tony Stark, In this Video 😁😁😁😊
shilpa vekaria (3 months ago)
plz make video on your hair clay how to make at home
Maruf Mazumdar (3 months ago)
Is hair dryer for daily use??
Uttkarsh Sharma (3 months ago)
I think you should have to launch your own product and remember that its delivery is also available in india because i did not trust none of other product except your product.
alx214 (3 months ago)
Great tips! Liked and subscribed!
Sugar Singh (3 months ago)
Just subbed, dig the humble approach you put out
Harsh Shah (3 months ago)
Can you make video about your alex costa clay
K Kak (3 months ago)
Did anyone notice that he looks like Robert Downey Jr.
Harmanify (1 month ago)
+14. baqlawa nope
ash ans (2 months ago)
I actually came here to see this😆
14. baqlawa (2 months ago)
regenosis (3 months ago)
There are so many style channels giving tips on how to style hair with hair dryers and products, but I wish there was one for Asians. We have completely different hair and they do not brush and dry like that. Our hair are much harder and thicker and don't style the same way with the cotton-like hair that you guys have.
Jerald Brian Relos (3 months ago)
This is awesome! I need a blow dryer.
Nirvaan Desouza (3 months ago)
Where can I chick out your news
HaRish Lee (4 months ago)
My hair is curly please help for best hair cream no hair fall
Uttkarsh Sharma (4 months ago)
Why you don't make video on QNA
Jakopse Jak (4 months ago)
bro i am from morroco and this is argan oil that you are using to your oil its so rare and expensive it used on a lot of important things like cures and skin care routines and you are using ti protect your hair from heat lmao
Ben Rulon (4 months ago)
Blow drying doesnt work for me. If I blow dry after putting in product then it looks like I never put anything in at all. If I put in product afterwards it is so dry that I need to use an exorbitant amount of product to get it to do anything or need to put water in it and get it wet again, which is a pain. What am I doing wrong here?
DJ Jelly (1 month ago)
Sounds like the same problem I was having. Try trying your hair with a towel and blow drying it slightly. Then when it’s damp, throw some mousse in it. Then proceed with the method in the video. And finish it off with clay.
Ruchir Shrikhande (2 months ago)
+Ben Rulon also try using bear shampoo it works wonders for dry hajr
Ruchir Shrikhande (2 months ago)
+Ben Rulon even I used to have dry hair What I did is I used to oil my hair before shampoo and I minimized product usage and now my hair feels a lot better
Ruchir Shrikhande (2 months ago)
+Ben Rulon don't do it daily brother.its harmful .maybe that's why your hair's health is deteriorating? Also try going easy on products .
Ben Rulon (2 months ago)
+Ruchir Shrikhande I have to do it daily. My hair gets really gresasy and product doesn't work if I don't clean it.
Sourik Das (4 months ago)
Hey alex, Is is good to use blow dryer regularly once?
Hey It's Elijah (4 months ago)
Hey alex, Growing up I was always bullied for not having any sense of fashion. (It might sound shallow but it totally kills your chance with ladies) but when I came across that video you made about how to properly dress and proper use of accessories, I learnt how to look good with just the clothes I own that I didn't even know would look good. My dad never taught me these things, So thanks alot for helping me with that.. More power to you and more power to your channel!
Elijah Goble (4 months ago)
When is your product projected to come out ?
sushant tiwari (4 months ago)
I want hair colour like you please make a video on hair colour
Varun Sharma (4 months ago)
Bro how I can buy your products in India??
Suman airy (4 months ago)
boy hu ma
Suman airy (4 months ago)
bhai straightner sa mid hair ko kesa banai wax sa our bina hair dryer ka plzzzzzzz
Sub Man (4 months ago)
Can i put clay on my hair with oil on it
Vaibhav Patel (4 months ago)
Loved your newsletter
Somnath Adhikary (5 months ago)
When to use Cold air button?
Scorch Gaming (5 months ago)
Works well on natural straight hairs , but in my case , i got Puffy afro hair , i can't use a blower , i need to let it dry alone in order to straight em , cuz the blower makes em so much worse lol
Freehand Tree23 (5 months ago)
Thanks ;)
Hi Alex...which hairdryer you generally used
Aditya Dhar (5 months ago)
can i use coconut oil before blow dry ???
Sunny Dhiman (5 months ago)
Gud .but if i try to do the same it results something wierd
Muhammad Ali (5 months ago)
Hahaha, in the starting alex had a brazilian ish english accent
Abhishek Pawar (5 months ago)
Sir please tell us how to u the product
Pablo Guerrero (5 months ago)
Oi I like beans
Meera Pfeffi (5 months ago)
Hi bro, u r damn good😄😄😄
Zaharah Abdul Aziz (5 months ago)
Can wavy hair be straight hair using blow dry, Alex ???
Ajay Ashok Gaonkar (5 months ago)
Heyyyyyy Tony Stark 😍
ay mane (5 months ago)
Moroccan argan is the best for the hair and the skin because it's natural . i m from morocco 😎
joseph andrews (5 months ago)
Awesome bruh
Ehtesham Khilji Khilji (5 months ago)
Love u sooooo much bro
Aryan Roy (6 months ago)
Does anyone know what hair color he is using? Its looks amazing!!
Cototion (6 months ago)
What’s the black thing called on the hair dryer can you buy it separately?
Gaming Facts (6 months ago)
can i use the hair dryer daily
Jawad Ahmad (6 months ago)
Hey bro... Do we really have to use oil before hair dryer....
Ankit Srivastava (6 months ago)
Hey alex i have a question for you... May I know your face shape?? Please try to reply my question...
Daniel Calle (6 months ago)
Conair Pro Titanium Tools Ceramic 2000w or VAV 1875W, I don't have a lot of money to spend, so I need the best budget hair dryer
augustin jeba kumar (6 months ago)
Inspite of argon oil shall I use Coconut oil.
Ole Aditya Morewood (6 months ago)
Great tutorial! You just earned a new subscriber. Thank you so much! :-)
h wtf (6 months ago)
Foreplay - Jalen Santoy Best song ever made.
Tarun Rathore (6 months ago)
Plz make a video about how to add volume in men hair
Ton Borges (6 months ago)
ele é brasileiro?
cole blackmon (6 months ago)
you always looks high lmao
Ashu Das (6 months ago)
What is that ac cream
Wan Amirul DanialX (6 months ago)
Can i use olive oil as the heat protector
MEhboob PrinZce (6 months ago)
i didn't use any hair product not use any heated prouduck still my hair is falling plz give me a solution to control it

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